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Title: Choshizen no Gensho
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings: so far: Trowa x Sally, Quatre x Catharine, Wufei x Dorothy
Contents: Het Weird AU Lime Yaoi
Summary: Everybody is what they claim to be (sort of...)
Rating: 5/5
Status: Incomplete


Choshizen no Gensho: Part 2


"Are you sure?" Quatre asked.

Trowa nodded, "Sally sent a tracker."

"So he'll be alright?"

Trowa nodded again.

"Who did she send?"

"Someone who could do an adequate job-"

"TROWA!" Quatre protested.

"Dorothy Catalonia."

Quatre was speechless.


"It's not complete!" an enraged female wailed.

She paced back and forth across the lavished bedroom. The room was empty of people, save the upset woman pacing and a laidback general, who had ten years over his pacing lover, reclining in a lush armchair.

"It will be soon," he confirmed.

"Hn!" she snorted imitating Heero and stopped by a window, contemplating that idea. "We couldn't get that damnable tenshi! How the hell will this be different?! I tried everything! Even seduction!"

The general got up quietly and joined her at the window. He looked clear over her head, out at the Thames River. Trieze wrapped his arms around her waist and chuckled, "One would never guess to look past the pacifist to the sadist beneath."

Relena looked up at her beloved as he looked down at her, "That's what you love about me."

Treize gave her an adoring smile and led her over to the bed that matched all the other lavish decor.

"We will have our dragon," he gently pushed her against the fluffy bed sheets.


Wufei woke up from his nightmare with a jolt. He could not quite place the details, but it had to do with the individual screams he heard as his colony, his colony, exploded. The colony he had been assigned to protect with Nataku. He could hear every civilian scream, every single one...

It was unjust for him to be the sole survivor of L5, but he was happy with a new love. That too seemed unjust to Meiran. On the other hand, it had been several years...No!

He finally started to pay attention to his surroundings in order to get his mind of Meiran and L5. What grabbed his attention first was the slight weight on his chest. It slowly clicked in his sleep fogged mind that it was Dorothy and they were lying on the dampened earth among the bracken ferns.

He looked up at the full moon marred by the leaves of the surrounding trees, judging that it was a little after eleven. He felt weird and continued to place the feeling coursing through his veins as he looked over the rest of his surroundings.

He remembered that he was in his glen. Whenever he wanted to escape from life, the war or his fellow pilots he always ended up here. This was where he found Dorothy for the first time, after all he was in her homeland, and he found out that she was not human (well, completely human). He sighed. Nataku would never forgive--

Pain flared to life in his bare shoulder. He yelped and jumped into a horse stance, prepared to fight. In the process he dislodged the sleeping Scot, who groaned into wakefulness.

"Mn! Wufei! What's the-"

"Shh!!" he hissed.

Dorothy followed his order.

His eyes slowly, calmly looked over his glen. The Chinese youth blinked and the irises of his eyes spread, forcing the white out. Not finding anything unusual, he snorted.

"Mm...nice tattoo," a deep voice purred behind him, "and the purple blood is just ravishing."

Wufei whirled around expecting a large man, instead he was face to face with a five inch tall faëry, his wings whirring at a hummingbird rate.

He had dark, wild hair that was half attempted to be tied back, but still whisked around his broad, bare shoulders. He was wearing nothing in the way of clothing, just a bit of jewelry. All he wore was a gold-thread anklet hanging just below his left ankle, a small feathered wing above each ankle, a Celtic ring tattooed on each of his fingers, a gold armband and a ruby droplet hanging from his left pointed ear. He sneered at Wufei, exposing silver needle-like teeth in both width and sharpness. How so many teeth could fit in one mouth, Wufei didn't care to think about. What he did think about was that those teeth were dripping with a light pastel purple blood: his blood.

Wufei's eye were restored to their normal black and white state as he glared at the bronze-skinned faëry covered in his blood.

"YOSEI!!!" he growled as soft, blue lights started to appear, each was born by a faëry. (1)

"Ano...Wufei?" a sheepish tone asked.

Dorothy! He had forgotten all about her. Now he would have to explain his tattoo and his blood. How fitting, this was where he found out that she was choshizen no gensho, and now she too found out that he was choshizen no gensho here.

"You are bleeding really bad," she continued.

He turned to her, she sincerely looked worried, but somehow all the worry was counteracted by the evil, reflective glare in her eyes.

She drew him close, snaking her arms around his back and waist. She bent her head over his shoulder and started licking it clean, clearly ignoring the catcalls from the faëries.

After Wufei's faëry bite was taken care of, Dorothy glared at the faëries, a low growl admitting from her throat and pointed canines bared. "What do you want? Why did you bite him?"

The faëry glared, "Okami no onna, I am sure you have noticed what tonight is."

Dorothy matched his glare, "I am well aware..." Her statement turned to one of understanding, "That is why..." she looked down, then returned to glaring, "but you could have woken us up nicely so that we could get out of your ring."

"Ring? What ring?" Wufei looked at his feet. Sure enough, through the ferns he could see that he and Dorothy were standing in the center of a circle of giant, purple mushrooms, about two meters in diameter. Each mushroom was don with a soft blue light and a faëry, both male and female.

"We shall leave you to your festival," it finally dawned on Wufei that tonight was midsummer. (2)

After picking up their clothes, Dorothy carefully stepped out of the circle and Wufei proceeded.

The unlikely couple disappeared into the night.


Heero bolted up right in bed, awakened from a deep sleep by his laptop beeping. Duo was already awake, cursing at the computer.

Heero padded up behind him.

"It's for Wufei," Duo sighed.

"What and where?"

"Kill Treize Khusranada. He is currently residing in London, across the city from the base, in a fortress castle."

"That's the second mission he's had to kill him."

The computer beeped again.

"K'so!" Duo swore, "I'll take Fei's mission, you take the next one."

Duo picked up his duffle bag and left the room before Heero could object.

"Baka," he muttered under his breath as he read over the new mission. "There is no way that I can pull this off-" Heero stopped himself, realizing what he had just implied. "Ninmu ryokai."


"I just contacted Heero," Trowa stated as he walked into his sister's trailer. His eyes twitched visibly and he made a calm but hasty exit.

"It's your fault," Catharine purred.

"I know...but he could have knocked..." the Arab panted, "I'll talk with him tomorrow...Now, we finish what we started."


As soon as the acute hearing of the okami no onna could no longer pick up the gay mandolin, she stopped to give Wufei his pants.

"Here and please explain." She touched the purple oozing from his shoulder.

"I think we should wait until after midsummer. I still feel anxious."

"Oh really?" Dorothy quirked an eyebrow while grinning wolfishly. "You want more? Well wait a while, I can still feel that stone digging into my back."

"Well, let's go to the city," Wufei pulled his pants over his erection.

"It would be more comfortable to sleep in a bed for once," the blonde smirked again as she too pulled on her clothes.


Quatre exited his lover's trailer, adjusting his loose shirt.

"Here," Trowa stated from his perch on the trailer's steps.

"Gomen nasi, Trowa-kun," Quatre blushed.

"Wufei is nowhere to be found and he received a mission. Duo covered for him. Then Duo received a mission and Heero took over. So we need to be prepared to cover Heero's missions as well as our own."

Quatre nodded, "Ryokai."

"And about my sister," Trowa changed the subject.

Quatre blushed feverishly.

"I am happy for you."

The blonde smiled as Trowa turned, "Arigato, Trowa-kun!"

Trowa turned around and attempted a smile. "It makes sense. The two people in the world that mean something to me, that have not tried to do me harm."


Upon his arrival at London, Duo checked into a hotel and after a short nap, decided to scope out.

Duo analyzed the General's tower from every possible angle he could find. He stayed at the Tower until after it was dark, then analyzed it again.

He noted when the guards changed, where they were located, the amount of electronic security, where Treize was throughout the day and where he slept, the quickest entrance, and quickest exit.

With the largest amount of information he could store without forgetting anything vital, Duo returned to his hotel.


In his room, Duo pulled his laptop out from under the bed, where the maid could not find it and booted it up.

Heero will just love this info, especially of a known pacifist sleeping with the main enemy in this war.


That damn beeping started again. Heero swore and collapsed on his bed. He had just returned from the mission he was covering for Duo and he had not slept in the last forty-eight hours. And he'd be damned (which was pretty hard, considering his stature) if he was going on another on so soon.

"Damn it, Heero!!! I'm not a fucking mission!!" Duo yelled over the laptop.

"Hn." Heero painfully got up a walked over to his laptop.

"Nanda?!" he growled.

"You want the arrangements for Treize?"

"You on a safe line?"

"I'm on your laptop," Duo commented wryly.

"Later, just do it and I'll catch up with you."


Heero fell back on his bed and was asleep before impact.


"'Just do it!' he says. 'I'll catch up with you!' he says. Feh!" Duo blew irritably at his bangs as he packed his bag. "There is a difference between me killing and Fei killing."

He slung his bag over his shoulder and locked his hotel room behind him.

Out of the hotel, Duo found the nearest tube station.

"Stupid bitch of a mission."


"I've sent out your false information, Treize-sama," Lady Une confirmed as she entered the general's chambers.

"He's not here, Une-san," Relena called from the sole bed in the room.

"Forgive me, Relena-sama!" Une bowed, hiding her blush.

"Daijobu desu ka," Relena smiled, "So how long do you estimate until he will be here?"

"Pilot 05 was last confirmed on the colony L04538 over a week ago. It is calculated that he will arrive at the London base within three days."

"Three days!" the princess complained, "I can't wait that long!"

"Patience, Relena-koi."

"Treize-sama!" Une gasped.

"Treize!!!" the blonde squealed.

"By the way you sound you'd think you hadn't seen me in years. Did you miss me?"


"Really?" Treize leered.

"If you excuse me..." Lady Une slipped from the room. She did not feel like watching her commander make love to the pacifist.


Duo scaled the wall with an air of expertise. When he landed he turned his head from side to side, making sure that no one had seen him and made his way to the General's chambers, dodging security as he went.

He found Treize's room shrouded in darkness. All the better.

He concealed himself in a corner and waited for Treize's return.


"God damn that infernal beeping!" Heero growled as he woke to his laptop going off -yet again.

"Shimatta! another mission."

The more Heero read about the mission, the harder his eyes became.

"Duo! Kisama! You said you took care of that bitch! Ninmu ryokai."


Duo did not have to wait as long as he thought for Treize's return. As soon as Treize entered his room, he said his carefully planned out catch-phrase, as he applied pressure to Treize's throat from behind, with a brutal looking knife.

"'Don't take life seriously, because you can't come out of it alive.' Warren Miller." (3)

"I've been waiting for you...Dragon."

That caught Duo off guard. "What did you just call me?" he blurted out, still keeping the knife steady at the General's throat.

"Dragon," Treize answered coolly.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Duo was quite positive that he was not a dragon.

"Oh, forgive me," Treize apologized with a twinge of sarcasm, "Shinigami."

"How?" Duo pressed the knife harder against the other man's throat.

"I'm just good that way..." The knife pricked his throat and a small trickle of blood slipped down his neck. "Well, I guess my koi will not be getting her dragon today, but now she will be ecstatic to add Shinigami to her collection."

In one swift motion that was too fast for even Shinigami to see, Treize had Duo's knife in his hand, which was now pressed against Duo's throat.

"You know that won't work," Duo replied, wishing he had trained harder for his position than he had. Heero was never going to forgive him for this.

"Of course," Treize purred. His arm snaked around Duo's front and turned the boy around, to finally get a good look at him.

Duo's brow was creased in anger as he averted his eyes.

"Look at me, Death."


"Fine, be difficult," Treize gave in to his sadistic ways.


A scream from Treize's rooms caused Relena to investigate. If someone was being tortured, she wanted in on the fun. She opened the doors, just in time to witness Treize puncturing some poor soul with a narrow sword.

As she looked over the victim, she placed him as the one who prevented her from adding her tenshi to her collection.


The boy in question lifted his head and glared at the princess. All he could do was growl and that too was cut off by a piercing scream as another sword entered his body.

Relena examined the boy in shackles more closely. He was hanging from the ceiling. Both hands and feet were bound. (4) He had four swords penetrating his body in all places, going right through his flesh and glistening in the candle light on the other side. However there was no blood emitting from his wounds.

The American wore nothing but several nasty burn marks on his back and cumulative gashes all over his chest.

Relena looked up and down Duo's body before asking Treize, "Why is he here?"

"He, my darling, is to be added to your little collection."

"Honto ni? What is he?"


"Aa, I knew there was something different about him," the pacifist smiled a diabolical smile that did not suit her at all, "Can I toy with him?"

"Go right ahead, koibito." If Duo had not been delirious with pain, he would have vomited at the thought of Treize and Relena have hot, passionate sex.

The blonde sauntered up to the chained pilot. Her head came up to his abused chest. The gaze she threw up at Duo made him shiver, The hunger in those eyes...

"So, we meet again, Duo," Relena purred. (5)

Duo ignored her.

"Well, I really don't think that you're in a position to be so rude. Especially since you kept me from adding that tenshi to my collection."

She breathed on his chest and again, Duo ignored her.

With a snort, she moved her way down, nipping and sucking at his chest, inching her way down.

"Relena, he doesn't have any blood, that wont work," Treize reminded her.

"You will never get him," Duo hissed.

"Oh, I disagree," Relena argued, "You seemed to be easy enough to capture."

Duo growled, deciding not to press that issue farther.

Relena grabbed a whip used for either painful or pleasurable torture, depending on the situation.

A second before the whip bit into a small space in between the swords, Duo let out a high-pitched four part whistle - long, short, short, short - then as the whip connected with skin, an agonizing cry.

A small shadow flew, unseen into the night.


"Heero!" a female greeted, her sapphire eyes shining, "I was wondering when you were going to finish Duo's job."


"So articulate!"

"You know why I came. I know what you are."

She grinned, "You can't expect to what he could not?"

"No," Heero confirmed, "He did not know what you were and therefore did not know how to kill you properly. I do."

"Or so you think."

"You'd be surprised..."


1. yosei= 'faëry' (I like the Celtic spelling better than the Webster dictionary spelling)

2. I didn't mean to make Wufei sound like an oblivious idiot. It just happened. Same with his pairing with Dorothy...it just worked out that way. Sorry to all the Wufei fans and Dorothy bashers. And while I'm on the subject of apologizing sorry for those ugly blue m and m's...My random quote from Daria. They've really butchered the whole Daria/Trent thing...*Ahem* Yes...Gundam Wing...

3. Corny, I know, but hey, the only one I could find that was better was "Death is more universal than life; everybody dies, but not everybody lives." A. Sachs. Aeh! they're interchangeable, but neither really fit Treize...but the first one suits Duo...

4. Tamahome style!!!! Nakago = bad evil (the not good type of evil)

5. So we meet again, for the first time, for the last time... Spaceballs, gotta love Mel Brooks.

Everything purple is explained in part 3. ha ha! Let's see...also in part 3...why Duo fucked up... and a random quote from part 3: "Thank God that bitch drained the rest of his blood - not that he needed it - so that Relena could not get a rise out of him."