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Title: Choshizen no Gensho (the super-natural)
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings: lets just say that there aren't any stereotypical couples
Contents: Het Weird AU Lime Yaoi
Summary: Everybody is what they claim to be (sort of...)
Rating: 5/5
Status: Incomplete

Choshizen no Gensho: Part 1


Heero was in his room clacking away on his laptop and all of a sudden he stopped but kept his eyes on the screen. "Okaeri. Your trip successful?"

"I still wanna know how you know how you always know I'm here!" Duo complained from the open doorway. He and Heero shared a room in the current safe house that Quatre provided. His leather pants and fishnet top - well something that slightly resembled a top - had been replaced with his uniform priest garb.

"Did that girl prove useful?" Heero asked, his gaze still fixed on the now empty screen.

"Not to me," Duo grumbled as he collapsed unceremoniously on his bed.

"Maybe she might be useful for..." Heero turned around, he looked almost worried, almost, "me...Duo?"

"Mm?" Duo lifted his head from his position on the bed. "Daijobu desu ka?"

"Hai, naze?"

Heero pointed at Duo's neck. With a quizzical eyebrow raised, Duo lifted his right hand to his shirt collar, then pulled it away and stared at it. His hand was sticky with brick-red blood. "That BITCH!!!!"

With the help of Heero, he peeled off his black over shirt and white - now a shade of deep crimson - undershirt. Heero scurried to the bathroom. When he emerged he was wielding a wet, white towel and plopped down on the bed next to Duo. He started to thoroughly clean his chest and neck until he was free from blood. Duo just sat there quietly and very confused by Heero's actions. This most defiantly was not like Heero, even remotely.

When he was finished, he placed the towel on his lap and examined Duo's neck. Duo knew his fellow pilot found what he was looking for when he snorted.

"That's the Heero I know!" Duo laughed.

Heero got up and moved back to the bathroom with the bloody towel. "You should be more careful. You gave in too easily."

When Heero reemerged from the bathroom, the blood-stained towel was replaced with gauze and medical tape. He dropped down next to Duo again. Careful not to cut off the American's circulation, Heero taped a rectangular bit of cloth over the wound on this neck. If he noticed Duo's sluggish pulse, he didn't say anything, just kept working.


Trowa opened the hatch of Wufei's beloved Nataku with the emergency release valve. He had not expected the Gundam to be in this bad of shape. The mission had been a trap that he and Wufei had been sucked into and now Wufei was paying the price. Sure, they had been trapped, but that did not mean that Wufei had to self-destruct! Wufei was the sane one, he would never characteristically try to kill himself, he was not Heero!

Trowa's foot eagerly tapped as the door slowly swung open. The second the hatch was open wide enough to squeeze through, he was in examining the extent of Wufei's injuries. He was badly banged up and half of his face was charred, but oddly enough there were no cuts or blood. Strange, when Heero self-destructed there was blood everywhere.(1) The cockpit was littered with thousands of what seemed to be caramel-colored paint.

Trowa ignored them as his hands searched Wufei's body for broken bones. Not finding any, he scooped up the limp body.

Get him to a medic! his mind screamed, Get him to Quatre's sister! Get him to Sally Po!

At his mind's mention of the Chinese doctor, Trowa relaxed a but, but his face was still as impassive as ever.


"Sally Po." Trowa kicked open the door to the medical ward.

Sally looked up at this commotion and upon seeing Wufei draped over Trowa's strong arms, she jumped up and started examining the body.

"What happened?" she asked in a monotone.

"Mission was a trap," Trowa responded, matching her tone.

"You were with him?"

Trowa nodded.

"I'll hand him over to one of my attendants. They can handle him." Trowa raised an eyebrow. "I need to make sure that every part of you is in working condition."

She grabbed his waistband and tried to pull him off in the direction of her private quarters. Trowa didn't budge, he did not like the idea of his teammate dying while he was scoring with the doctor that was supposed to be helping him...

"He'll be fine," Sally Po assured, seeing the direction of Trowa's gaze and he let himself be led...(2)


You are to protect our colony with me, Wufei. You are to wed me, Wufei. Where is you sense of integrity, Wufei? You are too weak, Wufei! You must do something, Wufei! You are the last of our clan, Wufei! Wufei! WUFEI!!!

"NATAKU!!!" Wufei woke up with a scream.

A soft hand touched his. "You're Gundam will be fine soon," the voice reassured.

"Kisama! Not my Gundam! Nataku!!" Wufei corrected as he looked towards the voice and into pale, but shining lavender eyes.

"Onna!" he accused. He noticed the IV in this arm and growled some more as he yanked it out.

"Well that was a quick recovery."

Wufei shot a heated glare towards the other, deeper voice. He hated the fact that Trowa practically never talked, but he hated the fact that when he did talk he always made jokes at his expense, especially around Sally Po.

There must be something that I'm missing, he pondered.(3)

"He's right, Wufei, nothing human could recover within twenty-four hours. It took Heero a month to recover. Even your charred face is back to normal."

Wufei glowered at her and realized that her hand was intertwined with Trowa's. He snorted. "Seigi no ryu recover quickly." (4)

"Ah-ha..." Trowa and Sally nodded mockingly.

"My clan!" Wufei spat out.

Trowa and Sally just nodded again at Wufei's hasty, but very flustered recovery.

Now that I think about it, they do make a good couple, both very mild and unphased and, Wufei smiled slyly inward, they all thought I would be the be the one to end up with her!

"Wufei?" The pilot on the bed in the medical ward was pulled out of his thoughts by the doctor he was musing about.

"Mm?" he answered calmly, he was prone to mood swings when he was in uncomfortable environments.

"You need to put that IV back in you arm," she said quietly but forceful.

"Onna! NO!! It's poison!" He spat out, very flustered again. He felt his face grow ever so slowly hotter.

"Wufei!" Sally lectured, "You need to put the IV back in!"

"No, onna!"

"Why?" Trowa asked with soft stealth.

Wufei bolted.

Trowa started to go after him, but Sally squeezed his hand, stopping him.

"Don't, Trowa," Sally closed her eyes.

"But, he's not fully recovered," Trowa protested.

"If it would make you feel better, I'll send a tracker after him."

Trowa kissed her forehead, "Gracias, mi amante."(5)


"Trowa?" Catherine asked, worried about her brother. Ever since he came back from his mission, he was more stoic than normal, if that was even possible.

He just looked up into her purple eyes. While he did so, she searched his for any sign of emotion that might serve as a clue for his turmoil.

She pulled away from his stare finding nothing, just emptiness and sighed. The only one who could get a reaction from him is Quatre...

She hustled to locate the nearest telephone.


Catherine and Quatre just watched as Trowa fed the lions.

"He seems normal to..." Quatre turned to the girl next to him, "me..." he whispered into her silky hair. He found himself entranced by the sent of her shampoo.

With a sharp intake of breath from the European girl, Quatre's lips found her ear under a mass of thick curls. He nibbled thoughtfully on her earlobe and his tongue found itself in the shell of her ear.

Catherine closed her eyes and was virtually purring.

"Ahem." Trowa was standing in front of the busy couple. They stayed, unmoving, Catherine opened her eyes and Quatre's eyes shifted towards his tall friend.

Trowa passed the two, leaving them alone. Quatre did not take advantage of the situation though, he went after his friend.



"Daijobu desu ka?

"Hai, little one."

"My uchuu no kokoro says different. What is wrong?" (6)

Trowa sighed. There was no way he was going to get out of this one, Quatre was so damn persistent!


"Wufei?! Is he-are you...?"

Trowa's mouth twitched slightly upward. "No, he self-destructed..."

"About a week ago," Quatre finished, "Are you sure that you are not...?"

"Hai, little one. If you don't believe me, ask Sally Po."

"Sally? What does she have to do with...o~oh!" Quatre's eyes widened at Trowa's suddenly rose-tinted cheeks, well...er...cheek.

"So, ano...what exactly is wrong with him?"

"He ran away several days ago..."


The glen in the deciduous forest was breathtaking. That was the only human word that could describe its beauty. It was the kind of glen that one might expect to find faëries. It was only a few yards across. The leafy canopy let a few rays of golden sunlight spill over the ferns and soft moss that composed the forest floor. A small waterfall splashed a steady stream of water at the edge of the perfect glen, giving birth to a rainbow. The brook it created burbled and bubbled in uncertain curves across the glen. At one twist in the babbling brook there was a large granite stone, it's occupant: one emotionally confused Chinese Gundam pilot with his hair loose from an incredibly tight ponytail, whisping around his naked shoulders.

In his hast to leave the hospital, it did not even cross Wufei's mind to bring his clothes. He was only clad in his traditional white pants, which were now littered with black smudges from his failed suicide attempt. He had no shirt, no shoes and, what annoyed him the most, no hair tie. He batted at the black silk that strayed across his face. There was no one around, so he let his war mask drop. That made him even more attractive than before, eyes that could hold so much emotion...

He stared into the black pooling water of the brook and a creature stared back at him. The creature was long, slender and had green scales. It had pointy horns placed above busy orange eyebrows that crowned intelligent onyx eyes. A long gash ran down the left side of it's face, through the eye, leaving purple scar tissue. A long, elegant, forked tongue darted out towards Wufei, remembering his scent and quickly darted back onto it's mouth between sharp ivory teeth. Behind it's head a pair of green wings could be spotted. They were bat-like, the skin in between the green bones was a blue green.

Unhappy with what he saw in his reflection, Wufei snorted. All my honor and integrity is gone, taken away by a foolhardy suicide attempt!

"Where is the justice in that?!" he shouted at his reflection.

A soft out take of breath shocked him out of his self-degrading thoughts. Not only was someone spying on him, but they were laughing at him! That was too much for poor Wufei to handle. His forked tongue darted out to taste the air. What he smelt confirmed his fears. The scent was dominance, a creature that struck fear in the hearts of billions.

"You always come here. So this was the first place I looked. Isn't this place beautiful?" a husky voice asked from behind a tree.

Wufei snorted, "It was until now..."

"They sent me," the voice replied, ignoring Wufei's sniping, and stepped from it's place behind a tree.

Wufei turned to face the voice, he was confronted by a pair of sky blue eyes, boring into his skull.


"Sally Po and Trowa," the blue eyes sparkled, "They were worried about you, though I don't know why..."

Wufei looked rather irritated. With a swish of platinum blond hair, the owner of the eyes plopped down on Wufei's lap. "Don't get me wrong," the husky voice explained, "You can fend for yourself."

Wufei did something very unexpected (well for Wufei); he kissed the tracker passionately. When they came up for air, Wufei gasped, "You know me too well, okami-koi." (7)

"I'm surprised you can do that without a nosebleed," the owner of the husky voice and sky blue eyes laughed.

"You've seen me do much more without a nosebleed, Catalonia." (8)


1. Well, according to Toonami, when Heero 'self-detonated' there was no blood...well in the edited version at least...

2. Ha! You all thought I was gonna pair up Trowa and Wufei! Don't deny it! You did!
Just wait'l you see who Fei's paired up with. *maniacal snickering*

3. Duh, Fei-Chan! They're lovers!

4. Seigi no ryu = "justice's dragon" or "dragon of justice"

5. gracias mi amante = "thank you, my lover" in Spanish. Trowa's Latin and since I don't speak Latin, I had him speak Spanish instead.

6. uchuu no kokoro = "space heart"

7. okami = wolf

8. Don't they make a perfect couple?! Think about it! They're exactly the same! I am to~o evil!