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Title: Choshizen no Gensho
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings: lets just say that there aren't any stereotypical couples
Contents: Het Weird AU Lime Yaoi
Summary: Everybody is what they claim to be (sort of...)
Rating: 5/5
Status: Incomplete


Choshizen no Gensho: Prologue



The small, sleazy motel room reeked of cheap beer and sex. There were two bodies on the only bed in the room, the form with the longer hair stirred. His long chestnut tresses flowed around his spent body as he almost reluctantly got out of the small bed. He gazed at the lax body on the bed that he just left, then grabbed his black leather pants and slipped them over his unclothed legs.

It's a pity, he mused to himself as he got dressed, she could have been a powerful ally.

He looked on last time at the defenseless figure on the bed. She was a friend, it didn't take much to get her into his bed.

Oh well, he thought as he started for the door, Another release, another death.

He had his hand on the door, ready to leave before anybody found the corpse he left. "Leaving so soon, Maxwell?"

Duo froze in sheer terror. How the fuck?!!!! He spun around.

"How?!?!?!" he growled with so much fury, Wufei would have been jealous. He summed up two questions with one word: How are you alive? and How do you know? His intense unwavering gaze matched the girl's as he was careful not to stray to her naked body.

"Is this a hit and run affair?" she responded cheerfully, torturing Duo by stalling her answer.

She got up from her position on the bed. As she did so, her purple bangs got caught in her gleaming purple eyes and she brushed them away with an elegant finger. (1) She licked her lips with anticipation and she had the most devious glint in her eye and if Duo didn't know any better, he could have sworn her canines seemed more jagged than normal, but that must have been his fear making him delusional.

Duo thought he would die from the silence by the time she spoke again and he wished she had not. "You can't kill something that's already dead."

He cursed himself for not noticing earlier and his source for being wrong and leading him astray. He did the only thing his mind could handle: he bolted.

"You can't run forever, Maxwell! Check your neck, you're mine!" she yelled after him.

Duo just kept running with one thought on his mind: Get away!


1. Three guesses as to which one and the first two don't count!