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Pairings: 1x2x1, 5x4, 3x6
Contents: AU Angst Yaoi
Summary: Ra has left Osiris for the skies and Osiris
plans for revenge through his son
Spoilers: n/a
Status: Incomplete

Ankh: Iroas

An honorary banquet for the pharaoh could be nothing but the best. Servants were running in all directions to prepare every nameless task that needed to be preformed for the special evening, like all evenings, for every evening was special. Being the son of Ra did not just happen to everyone, only one in the world could have the honor of being the mortal son of the almighty creator.

For Heero, however, there was nothing worse, people everywhere kept bowing down to him, never listened to him as a person, and just flat-out irritated him. Another night, another banquet to pretend to like people. ‘Where was the justice in that?’ as his advisor and friend would say.

“Iroas, it is time to prepare you for tonight.”

Heero hated that name, he was not a hero and that name wasn’t even in his native tongue, so how did he ever end up with it?

“Must I attend, Dorothy?” And just how was ‘Dorothy’ Greek? If she insisted on calling him by a Greek name, she should have one as well.

“Yes, heavy jewelry and light silk, nothing better, am I correct?”

“Don’t forget the eye makeup,” he drawled.

“Oh! How could I forget?” she smiled.

“You enjoy this too much.”

“There is nothing wrong with enjoying my job.”

“Primping like a mortal, ch’!”

“Now look, you may have been born a mortal, but you still are the Son of Ra and therefore must perform the duties of a god. That means you put up with your mortal skin and take care of it, do you understand?”

“I am not the Son of Ra!” he shouted.

“Don’t you start that argument with me again, Iroas, you hear me?”

“Yes, he grumbled. //Where is Wufei when I need him. Damn woman.//


Osiris – now referring to himself as Duo – crept through the palace unnoticed. He would need to become familiar with the maze of rooms and hidden passageways if he was to get in to kill the Son of Ra and get out undetected.

When the hallway he was traveling became abandoned he removed his sandals as to continue as quietly as possible.

“Shh, over here,” a deep voice whispered.

A light giggle was given in return.

Duo froze, then hid behind a wide pillar.

“Do you think that he will find us?” the lighter voice asked.

“Don’t say such things,” the first voice hushed. “Iroas will never find us.”

What followed, Duo mused wryly, was probably a make-out session, judging by the noises the two were now emitting.

Walking stealthily past the two, Duo noted that they were both male; the taller one was dark and obviously royalty or of a high position and the other one was light and judging by his clothing, a slave from the East. No wonder they did not want the pharaoh to find them.

He had a lot of searching to do and no need to worry about this scandal at the moment and he continued on his quest.


“Wufei! Where have you been?” The half-clothed Heero exasperated.

“Stop wriggling!” Dorothy ordered.

“I was attending to some much needed business…”

“Which is why you have lip paint all over your face and neck?” Heero raised an eyebrow.

Wufei averted his eyes.

“Honestly, Wufei, I never thought that you could do that without a severe nosebleed.”

Inwardly, Wufei relaxed as he wiped the lip paint from his face and neck, another day had gone and the pharaoh was still unaware of the scandal the former had created.

“Everything is now prepared for this evening, Heero, the only thing now needed is your presence.”

“Well, that’s good, I’ll be right there.”

“No you won’t,” Dorothy interjected, “Not until I put kohl on you!”

//Damn woman,// the minds of both men chorused.


The banquet was run the same as all of the others, only Heero felt as if something was off. He even tried mentioning it to his advisor, but Wufei was too busy flirting with a blonde slave. Oh, Heero knew of those two, but there was no reason to deny Wufei of his happiness if it did not interfere with his work. So that left him with his friend – his only true friend without a job in the palace – Miliardo, even if his sister had tried to court him. He was only fifteen for Ra’s sake! Although most pharaohs before him were already married by then...

“Do you sense something wrong?” he whispered.

“I do, Heero, but it is nothing,” Miliardo shook his head. The blonde was the only one, other than Wufei, that called him by his true name and did not give his crap about being ‘Iroas’ just because he was the Son of Ra. He was the Son of Ra no matter how much he denied it, but being born did not warrant hero-ship and apparently only other gods recognized that.

“What is nothing?” Heero insisted, scanning the hall.

“To be answered at another time, the god in you is impatient, but wait.”

Heero snorted.

“I know that you don’t like to be considered one, but you are a god.”

“The son of a god,” he corrected. “The son of a god that must hate me so damn much that he made me mortal and stuck me with these fools who think that I like having people throw themselves at my feet.”

“You’ve been inhaling kohl again, haven’t you?” Miliardo asked incredulously.

“Dorothy always puts it on too thick…”


Duo sat with his back against the wall and an eye on the pharaoh. Soon Heero would become fed up with people kissing his feet and feigning politeness and he would retire to his chambers. Just like every night previous. Soon, after that, Duo would follow him and then kill him. It was a simple plan that would inimitably work, although not for what Osiris had planned.


As expected, before the main course Heero apologized for his excusal and left for his chambers.

Duo waited until after the main course before excusing himself unnoticed and left the palace dinning hall through the main door to avoid suspicious eyes. Once he was away from the din of the banquet, he turned around and made for the pharaoh’s chambers, avoiding all guards on his way.

The pharaoh’s chambers were festooned with the finest silk and everything from cosmetic bottles to rare parchments lined the brightly colored room with a pedestal bed in the center. Everything that another person of lower stature would never have even dreamed existed.

He observed the pharaoh preparing for sleep and arguing with his maid. She apparently was not happy with him for not staying through the entire dinner and lecturing on his duties as the son of a god and bemoaning that all her work on preparing him had gone to waste.

Duo concluded that he would wait until the maid had cooled and left and Heero was asleep before he did anything.


“Ambassador, how are you enjoying your stay?” Miliardo smiled at the prince next to him. “I am sorry that the Son of Ra had to leave so early, he said that it was important.”

“Everything is lovely,” he responded in a soft voice. The Ambassador from the Upper Nile Region had nicely cropped brown hair that somehow managed to fall over one emerald eye.

“That is good,” he continued to smile. “Again, I am extremely sorry that the pharaoh could not stay, he will be present tomorrow, I assure you.”

“I will enjoy it, I am sure,” he gave a ghost of a smile to the blonde.

“I am sorry, I don’t think that I got your name.”

He nodded, “That’s because I didn’t give it. I am Trowa.”

“Trowa…” Miliardo rolled the name off his tongue. “Trowa, it suits you.”

“How so?” he frowned.

“That I am not sure of, but the name fits you somehow,” Miliardo explained. //Just like Heero thought that there was something wrong and left…// “I must excuse myself now, too, to join the Son of Ra. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. If you wish, I could take you on a tour of our Nile Valley.”

“That would be wonderful.”

“Good. Then I shall see you tomorrow.” Miliardo took his leave.


It took longer for Heero to get to sleep than Duo had anticipated; Heero had done a million tasks before actually preparing for sleep. After he was asleep, however, and his breathing had evened out, Duo straightened from his current crouch. He massaged the kinks from his legs and drew his jeweled dagger.

Emerging from the shadows that concealed him, Duo approached Heero’s bed and raised his blade. Then he made the mistake of looking down at the pharaoh’s face. He looked too tranquil and exactly like his father…

He could not bring himself to destroy such an image. His past with Ra came flooding back to him, both the good and the bad. The bad urged him on while the good countered it and he kept raising and lowering his blade according to his current mental choice.

If he were to kill this boy, he would belong to the Underworld forever and therefore Osiris… He wanted to get even with Ra, not be stuck with his whining brat for eternity.

“If you are going to kill me, get it over with, but my father will not approve.” Heero spoke without showing any signs of waking up.

Duo was startled, but he recovered quickly. “Your father already is against me, therefore I have no qualms about that.”


“That is none of your business!” Duo growled, pressing his dagger against Heero’s throat. “You are not in a position to ask questions. Ask another one and you’re dead.”

“It is my business if you are trying to kill me,” Heero pointed out, opening his eyes. “Well, are you going to kill me or not?”

“Maybe I won’t… You seem too keen on your death wish.”

“Maybe I am,” Heero retorted.

“Damn, this is not going anywhere!” Ra’s son was too much like his father for Duo’s own well being.

“You were what I sensed off at dinner, Osiris.” Heero realized.

Duo went ridged. This was not supposed to happen, Heero was just supposed to die, not question him or know his name for that matter.

“Yes, Osiris, I know you now, I remember you. You were with my father, am I right?”

“That is none of your business,” he answered curtly.

“Shall I repeat myself about what exactly is my business?”

“No, that is not necessary. This is not over, Son of Ra.” Duo fled the pharaoh’s chambers.

“I guess that your hypothesis was correct,” Miliardo stepped out of the shadows on the opposite side of the room from where Duo had been hiding.

“I guess it was,” Heero mused. “Next time tell me about the threats on my life.”

“There were none, now were there?”


“Just call me if you need me, Heero,” Miliardo left the pharaoh alone in his chamber, tail swaying gracefully behind him as he went.


Miliardo stormed down the passageway and he was not in a good mood, no matter what he had shown to the Son of Ra. The palace cats followed him as he went.

Osiris was not supposed to show up. At all. Period. So what in all the hells was he doing in the realm of the living? Had something gone wrong with the underworld? No, he was specifically after Heero... So what did Heero do to piss off Osiris?

"Bast?" Wufei asked as the blonde stalked past him, "What is wrong?"

"Get Ma'at," his voice demanded no refusal. "And all of the other gods and goddesses in the area, we need to get together for an important meeting. Now, Thoth!"

"Yes, right away." Wufei hurried on his way.

"You had best do the same, my pretties," he told his feline followers. And they did.



Neko-Zechs! ^____^ Why do all of Koyasu’s characters look like they could become cats? Zechs, Aya, Hotohori, Touga… Sakano doesn't though... *shrug*

Heero – Son of Ra – Pharaoh (Iroas to non-gods)
Duo – Osiris – God of the Underworld
Wufei – Thoth – God of Wisdom
Zechs (Miliardo) – Bast - Goddess *snigger* of Cats

So? Did I screw it up enough yet?