This comes from wa~ay too much History Channel! And also, before anyone else can claim the idea! (That was selfish, but I just found another pirate fic that came out *after* mine, and grrr) I’m changing the mythology around a bit so, no yelling…too much.

And those that are nagging me about Part 7 of Sabaku no Namida *cough* Amp *cough* well, it’s half way finished…I just need to write myself out of a corner…again.

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Title: Ankh
Author: Roseclaw
Pairings: 1x2x1, 5x4, 3x6
Contents: AU Angst Yaoi
Summary: Ra has left Osiris for the skies and Osiris plans for revenge through his son
Spoilers: n/a
Status: Incomplete

Ankh: Prologue

The sun beat down on his protected head, although his linen turban did not provide as much protection from Ra’s wrath as he would have liked.

Osiris had been wandering along in the desert for the past month on his return to his birthplace: Egypt. Everything he knew was there; everything and everyone.

He still had a score to settle with Ra for abandoning him and the world to rule the skies. Since he could not gain access to the heavens to murder the traitor, he would get at him through his only son; the boy that sat on the throne in Cairo.

Osiris was still a boy in body and his revenge seemed an almost childish whim, but that was now his mission.

Finally Osiris caught sight of the city and ran down the dunes.

“Ho!” A guard pointed a spear at him at the city’s point of entry. “You may enter no further!”

“I have business at the palace, with the Son of Ra,” Osiris spoke evenly.

“Who are you and what business?” the guard snarled.

“You may now know me as Duo and the business that I have to attend to is solely for the ears of the Son of Ra.”

The spear was lowered and Osiris was allowed to enter the city.

Within was his query, within was revenge, within was the biggest mistake that he would ever make.


Well? Should I continue or let it die? And three guesses as to whom the Son of Ra is and the first two don’t count!