People the evidence we'll soon be read today
Heero and Duo I'm sure have to say
Here it is, biggest 1X2 event
And the quotes you'll find heaven sent!

>>(All quotes are real, official, ect.)<<

Heero: "Duo?"

Duo: “I'm sorry. I'm good at sneaking in.”

Heero: "Hn."


Duo: “We must be idiots.”

Heero: "Hn."

Duo: "But I'm a boy."

Heero: "Assumptions lead to mistakes."


Heero: "Hit me now."

>>NOTE: He means the good kind of hit *wink*<<

Duo: “What a guy!”

Heero: "Of course I can do it. I'm a Gundam pilot, aren't I?"

Duo: "Right I almost forgot."

Heero:"Hurry up."

Duo: "Alright you asked for it."


Heero: "I've been counting on your skills right from the start."

Duo: “For a quiet boy, you put on quite a show.”

Heero: "same to you."

Duo : "That always satisfying to hear."

Heero: "Hn."

(Exploring each other)

Duo: “I'm surprised, Heero. You really turn up in the most unexpected places.”

Heero: "Is that all you've got to say?"

Duo: "If your joking thats cruel, but if your being sarcastic thats even worse!"

(Noin and Relena walk in to a surprise)

Noin: "DUO!... and Heero?"

Relena: "HEERO!"

Heero: "You're in the way! Get lost!"

Duo: “This is so not cool...”

(Noin escorts a shocked Relena back out the door)

(The mood is gone)

Heero: "Is this the end?"

Duo: “So long, partner.”

(Duo leaves)

Heero: (vows to Relena) "I WILL kill you."



If all this proof is to much for you permit me to advise
More reruns your surely in for a surprise!

Cute? I'm a newbie and I hate giving introductions.. so I won't. I look forward to everything here. Tell me what you think plese.^^


- -Raye Tajiri