TITLE: Granted!

AUTHOR: Raye Tajiri

E-MAIL: rayetajiri@yahoo.com





He had known for sometime. The cold hard evidence had played over and over in his mind. He'd tried punishing himself; that didn't work. He tried blocking about possible problems; that was futile. For Wufei already knew what the problem was there before his recent mind wonderings during his meditation and prayer.

Wufei had tired ignoring the problem, but the "problem" noticed and was hurt but hid his feelings behind silence. This only made it harder for Wufei to forget about him and soon gave-up for the first time in his life. Then came the self beatings of course. That didn't help in the least. Soon, not only did his mind wander now, but it went so far as fantasying. The was something Wufei simply couldn't fight, it was an addictive habit, one that pacified reality's cruel urges.

But tonight was going to be different. This night, beneath the watchful eyes of the obsidian sky, Wufei would admit his recent sins.

And admit his secret love for Duo Maxwell.


The grandfather clock chimed its eerie melody signaling the five dwellers of the house that it was midnight. This safe house, unlike most of the others that the pilots had encountered, was large and quite cozy indeed.

On a two-person sofa, Quatre Winner had fallen asleep hours ago in Trowa Barton's lap. His chest slowly rose and fell and he drew breaths silently creating an image of the peace the boy wanted so badly. Trowa, since Quatre had been sleeping, had never taken his eyes off the blond and passed the time by gently running his slender fingers through his love's golden strands.

Upon the twin couch, a three-person sofa, Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, and Chang Wufei sat in silence watching whatever late-night trash graced the television screen. Duo was sleeping also, head cocked back resting on the back on the sofa. His mouth was open slightly, and his arms were still, despite unconsciousness, wrapped protectively around the party-size bowl of popcorn. The remote control was hidden somewhere in the bowl from a recent popcorn fight ('I hate that show!' 'Shut-up.' 'Take that!' Then came a fistful of buttery mess in Heero's curt face).

Duo had lost that battle.


All night long, through board games and low budget television, and food fights, Wufei had found himself unable to say or do much of anything. The hours seemed to tick by so slowly, even through the amusing highlights of the night. He tired to keep his mind off the boy adjacent to him. He just had wait until tonight. Then he could confess and, at the very least, get some of the guilty shame off his shoulders. But the want would still remain.

It was now five minutes past twelve a.m. and the real torture began.

Duo moaned in his sleep.

Heero looked over at him but not without his expressionless face. Wufei tired hard to continue to stare at the TV.

Louder the braided boy became.

Even Barton looked up as a small smile played across his face.

Wufei tired to block it all out by closing his eyes so tightly it hurt. This must be some sort of test. And what if I fail and give in to temptation? He is single. So am I. What's so wrong?.... STOP! I can't... I must fight it!

As if were an exam on self control sent from below with Wufei's name on it written in calligraphy, Duo began to snore and as an added bonus he continued to moan as he exhaled.

Quatre started to giggle like mad, still in Trowa's lap. He sat up and looked at his braided friend and just couldn't stop laughing. It was funny.

Heero bite his lower lip for a moment and then nudged Duo in the left shoulder.


"NO!" Quatre hissed in between his childishly cheerful giggle fit.

Heero gave him a quick glance and then nudged Duo again.



"Duo!" Heero pushed him in the shoulder.

Duo unconsciously slumped to the right side and rested on Wufei's chest.

The Chinese boy's eyes flew open so incredibly quickly he had to blink a few times to gain real vision.

Quatre would have fallen on the floor if Trowa had not sized him across the waist.

Wufei took slow breaths. Inhale..Exhale... Inhale... Exhale

"Uhhh..Mmmm." Duo moaned as he shifted a little, yet was still asleep.

Oh Nataku give me the strength!

Shinigami Indeed. The boys true nature may be the self proclaimed role as the god of death but another side shone when he slept. A tranquil image of innocence. Yet somehow, someway, was so seductive it was unreal. But that was what made it an obsession.