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Although I didn't know it at the time, I was one of the lucky ones. Resurrected from the dank streets and placed in your hands. Once a child, now an orphan like so many others. My innocence was the price I had pay for life. Although I found safe hands or they found me I can never truly believe I am saved. Still, more and more suffer on the streets I left behind. I can't sleep without seeing their faces. Can't eat without feeling their hunger. Can't smile without summoning their tears. The friends I left behind.

Will we ever find peace that we lost so long ago? Will I? I can't say... I won't say. Everything is not as it should be, could be, this I know. There is an emptiness inside my forgotten soul. One I cannot fill alone. Is there a God? For where I should see miracles, I see death. Only Death. I am lost but not beyond help. Will these people help me? Two servants of God? Will they help me?... Will they help an outcast?

I don't know if You can hear me
Or if You're even there
I don't know if You would listen
To a orphan's prayer
Yes, I know I'm just an outcast
I shouldn't speak to you
Still I see Your face and wonder
Were You once an outcast too?

I don't think ill of myself for questioning the existence of God. Why shouldn't I? I've every right to. How can I believe? Instead of light, happiness, and salvation I see darkness, sorrow, and damnation. And death. Death. DEATH. Where are you God? Why do you fail to heed my prayer? Help me to see you, to feel you, show me mercy. Show us all mercy. Help the us in our time of need.

God help the outcasts
Hungry from birth
Show them the mercy
They don't find on earth
The lost and forgotten
They look to you still
God help the outcasts
Or nobody will

I may be damned but there are others who still have a fighting chance! They have faith in your presence and your coming to help them! They believe in you! I can not share others faith, not when you turn away your own children. I am lucky, I needn't ask anything of you. But they need your strength! Help them! Help them before it's to late!

I ask for nothing
I can get by
But I know so many
Less lucky than I
God help the outcasts
The poor and downtrod
I thought we all were
The children of God

Why? Why the death? The murder? The depression? Why do those who ask so little get so little? Why?.. I can not understand... Why do those with more money and power look down upon us? We've done nothing but die and pray, die and pray and still no light shines on us! Is this how the world works? The greedy are blessed while the poor without want are not!?!... I can not say... I don't know anymore...

I don't know if there's a reason
Why some are blessed, some not
Why the few You seem to favor
They fear us; Flee us
Try not to see us

God help the outcasts. Thus is all I ask of the almighty. This is my final prayer. Are we not your children? What is our crime? Why are we shunned? I've lost everything again. Is this the answers to my prayer? My reward for having just an once of faith in you? I can not wait any longer. I must move on and if it's without your help, so be it! I've lost my faith in a pool of blood and tears and souls of one's I think I loved! But I don't even know what love is! If you won't give it to me who will? I can't not figure it out! Why do you damn the outcasts?

All I know is Death. You are the bringer of life. So different are we, I will walk my own path. Death has claimed the souls of everyone who has ever showed me kindness. Death is my gift. So I will give it. And I will wear your mask. I will say this and if your there you will listen. One of your children has gone astray.

God help the outcasts
The tattered, the torn
Seeking an answer
To why they were born
Winds of misfortune
Have blown them about
You made the outcasts
Don't cast them out
The poor and unlucky
The weak and the odd
God help the outcasts
Children of God

Perhaps one day you will show me a miracle and I can stop pretending. I look forward to that day....

You'll know where to find me. The one soul standing in the circle of death.


~Duo Maxwell


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I hope some people liked this story but more so I hope some people got the message. At the end Duo finally admits he does not believe in God because he has never seen a mircale. In his last prayer he said he'll be the one soul standing in the circle of death. Is that not a miracle? ^_~