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Title: Soul Trail
Author: raven pyralis (raven @ steelsong.com [no spaces])
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Category: Angst, OOC, lemon/lime, AU, yaoi/shounen ai, POV, bad plot and bad writing.
Pairing(s): 1x2/2x1 4x3(implied-ed)
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Rating: Srong R to NC-17
Spoilers: This thing is so weird... and it's grown legs and run away on me. I really don't have any idea what's going on... I'm just as confused as all of you. Blah.


I had to go back. There was no question, and less thought. I just went.

It took a few minutes to find my jacket in the dark without waking Heero, and a few more to make a mad dash for the library.

The police had been there. Funny, I hadn't heard any sirens. But there was caution tape strewn all about the place. I put on a pair of tight leather gloves I've had for a while, not wanting to muck up things with my finger prints. Being arrested for a massacre is just a little too close to the truth.

I squirmed my way through the yellow tape and hoisted myself up through a conveniently unlocked window. Coincidence?

"Christ.." I cursed under my breath. Oh it was nasty, the police hadn't cleaned up a bit. It was worse at night. A shadow could have been a blood stain, a lump of some body part could be something lurking in wait. The creep factor had risen enough that every creak of the floor boards made me jump out of my fricking skin.

I was suddenly wondering why the hell I had come back. There was nothing for me to see. At least nothing I hadn't seen earlier. Oh yes folks, fun stuff.

"Hullo love. I knew you'd come you little devil you."

"Holy fu-" I jumped and whirled around. My stomach was in my toes and my heart was in my throat. Christ I hate it when people do that!

"Now now, no need to leave your skin behind." A very tall woman stepped out of the shadows... or was it a blood stain? "Don't worry love, I'm not any kind of big bad. Have no fear."

"Pff. Like I'm seriously going to listen to you." I said, rolling my eyes at her, then dropping down to a more stable crouch.

She chuckled, and suddenly I felt silly for not believing her. I wanted to. I REALLY wanted to.

Her electric blue eyes flashed in the darkness, and she grinned, showing a row of perfect white teeth. Other than her height, she looked quite normal. But when I looked closer, I noticed that her hair seemed to shift and dance... and... glow? I swear, it looked like it was giving off it's own warm golden glow.

She stepped closer and I realized just how damn tall she really was. She must have been at least seven feet tall. It was either some kind of illusion, or I was standing nose to navel with a seven foot tall, fire-haired English chick.

"Ok lady, what's the deal?" I said, trying to keep a little dignity while craning my neck to it's limits. I was gonna have a stiff neck in the morning.

"My dear boy, what makes you think there's any rhyme or reason to our meeting, hmm?" She chuckled again and again I felt really stupid.

"There's no rhyme to anything lady, but there's always a reason. I'm not a big believer in coincidence, if you can believe it." I kept my voice light, with just a hint of confidence. Maybe if she saw that she couldn't make me wet myself then I would have the upper hand... or maybe just a little bit of hand. I'd have settled for half a hand.

"Well, there is a reason for me being here, and mine is likely the same as yours. As for me being here at the exact time you are. Well, that's a different matter. We knew you'd be here, and I was sent to.." She coughed politely, "Greet you."

"I see. Well, while I'd love to know who 'We' is, I'll save that for.. er... later. Who and what are you, and why do you give a fuck about me?" I gave her a rather impatient look. These stupid 'guess who I am and what I want you to do' games were getting so damn old.

"I can answer all your questions dear boy." She smirked at me, "'We' are investigators of the... odd, if you will. This," She took in the room with a sweep of her arm. "is odd, so here I am. I am a demon species, but no worries. My race was engineered to do just what I'm doing. As for the hair, well... lets just say that demon science-mages are rather eccentric. My race was designed to be fast, intelligent, and highly efficient.

"And now we come to you. You, child, are too important to be left unwatched. If we lost you, then we'd be in deep shit, to be blunt. I'm afraid my orders are to be highly cryptic and unhelpful though. Many apologies." She made a mocking bow with that maddening smirk still on her lips. Damn wench.

"I think I'm going to have to sleep on all this.." Sleep? I was going to need a week of sleep just to process all this strange stuff. This was not the kind of thing that's usually on your daily agenda.

"Good idea lad. Now you shoo and let me do my work." She patted me on the shoulder and turned to a particularly large blood stain, or was it a shadow? I couldn't get another word out of her. There was nothing for it but to head back to the dorm and try and sleep a bit.


"Where were you?"

"Damn Heero, like it isn't obvious. What? You think I snuck over to Q's to have a little threesome fun without you?" A wicked grin crept across my lips. If I worked him up enough, Heero could provide a most enjoyable distraction.

His eyes narrowed and burned with their own light. I wasn't sure if I had really pissed him off, or if he was just playing along.

I got my answer though.

He grabbed both my wrists in a vice grip and backed me up against the water-stained wall, effectively pinning me. He lowered his lips to mine and I opened my mouth for him. Our tongues sparred in a lazy dance, and Heero released my wrists. I took the freedom as an invitation and started exploring as much of Heero as I could. I pulled his shirt from his waistband as he fumbled with the zipper of my pants. We divested ourselves of all clothing in record time, only breaking the kiss when our shirts came off.

"Heero.. anywhere." I whispered breathlessly in his ear, before taking the soft skin between my teeth. He gasped and pulled away.

"Here." His voice was harsh, and he was as breathless as I was.

I gaped at him for a minute, wondering where 'here' was, but before I could ask he grabbed my shoulders and swung me around to face the wall. He braced himself against my back - crushing me against the wall - while he rummaged around in the drawer of the nightstand.

Heero made a quiet exclamation of triumph when he found what he had been looking for, and turned his full attention back to me. I heard the unmistakable pop of the lube cap and the squish of the clear liquid as Heero coated his fingers.

I spread my legs to make things easier and braced myself against the wall. Heero isn't the most gentle of lovers and as exciting as that is, precautions have to be taken in order to keep my body in one piece.

He pressed his warm sweat-slicked chest to my equally slick back and brushed his fingers over my opening. The bastard is such a tease. Not that I'm any less of one.

I growled at him wordlessly, pushing back on that teasing digit. For once the pig-headed bastard obliged and worked that maddening finger inside me.

I relaxed all my muscles around Heero's intruding digit and moaned softly. He pulled out and added a second finger, then a third. I winced, forcing myself to relax and let Heero work his magic. Pain was soon forgotten as he brushed that spot. My hands flexed against the wall, trying to find something to clutch as my knees turned to water.

Heero seemed to think I was sufficiently stretched, because suddenly I was aware of the absence of his fingers. They were quickly replaced by a much more satisfying fullness though. Heero pushed the flared head of his cock against my opening and we both had to contain ourselves.

There was a moment of pain as the head of my lover's erection passed the ring of muscle, and then my knees turned to water again. Heero wasted no time finding my prostate and nudging it. We both held still for as long as we could without going mad.

I pushed back on Heero's length, telling him that I was more than ready. He pulled out almost completely, plunging back into me at just the right angle to hit my sweet spot. He found a rhythm and we both moaned through clenched teeth and bitten lips. No need to let the whole building know that Heero and Duo were screwing their brains out.

He rocked me against the wall, pushing my whole body up. My skin slid along the wall easily, sweat ran down my neck and chest slicking the cold surface of the dorm wall.

Heero reached around me and gripped my cock, using the pearls that beaded on the head to slick his hand. He pumped me roughly while increasing the pace of his thrusts, bringing up both higher.

I came first, muffling my scream in the crook of my arm, spraying hot jets over the wall and Hee-chan's hand and my chest. I can't seem to be neat in anything I do.

Heero came immediately after me, filling me with jets of liquid fire.

Heero pulled out, and I slid down the wall. I crawled to the bed - yes, crawled - and lay down on my back staring at the ceiling with my eyes half closed. Sex standing up is tiring man.

Suddenly Heero was in my line of vision. He handed me a towel to clean myself up. I hadn't heard him cross the room.

The bed dipped and creaked it's protest as Heero joined me on the bed. He rolled over onto his side to fling an arm over my chest and pull me close.

I sighed. "Next time I get to shove you against the wall."

My only answer was a wicked grin.


The next morning I woke the the buzzing of the most evil clock-radio in the known universe. "Well fuck," I sat up and scratched my head. I looked over at my lover, who was scratching his head and blinking kittenishly. He smacked his lips, looking so damn cute I just had to tackle him.

I propelled us both out of bed to land in a pile of limbs and blankets. I grinned and snuggled up to Heero's chest, enjoying not getting my braid tugged for being a tad forward. I looked up to see Heero gazing up at the ceiling, absently brushing the tip of my disheveled braid over his lips.

"Heero," I said, tracing patterns over his skin with my finger, "We smell suspiciously like sex."

"That's because we had sex last night." He said lightly, running his hand down my braid.

I stuck my tongue out at him. "Well duh. I'm not stupid. But we should shower." Upon seeing the evil gleam in his eyes I added "Separately." in a dry tone.

Heero friggin pouted.

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