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Title: Soul Trail
Author: raven pyralis (raven @ steelsong.com [no spaces])
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Category: Angst, OOC, lemon/lime, AU, yaoi/shounen ai, POV, bad plot and bad writing.
Pairing(s): 1x2/2x1 4x3(implied-ed)
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Rating: Srong R to NC-17
Spoilers: This thing is so weird... and it's grown legs and run away on me. I really don't have any idea what's going on... I'm just as confused as all of you. Blah.

***EXTRA NOTE: this part is pretty icky... so, don't come after me if you get all weirded out. i *did* warn you, after all.

"Duo? Can we come in?" Quatre queried, just moments before bursting through the door. His hair was wet, and dripping in his eyes. Quatre certainly was bold after sex.

Trowa followed right behind his blond lover, he was toweling his hair dry and trying to keep his bang our of his eyes. Fat chance.

I 'meeped' as the door flew open and dashed over to my dresser, trying to look busy. I was really just finding an excuse to turn my back to the others. For some very strange reason, blowing people I'm in love with seems to get me hard. It's terribly strange, don't you think?

Yes, a change of clothes was definitely in order. "I'll be with ya in a sec." I said over my shoulder as i rummaged through my pants drawer. After some shifting I found my baggiest pants. They were black - of course - and so long that I could have tripped over them easily. They rode low on my hips, and the legs concealed my feet, with room to spare. They were my most comfortable pants, but to look right, I would have to change my shirt.

I opened another drawer, and found my favorite black fishnet shirt. I could tease Heero, and be comfy at the same time. The memories of the years when clothes like that were necessary came flooding back, but I squashed them.

Tonight was for fun, just us five. No fan girls, no stupid classmates... Maybe I could get Heero drunk enough to make out with me while the guys were still around. I could already see Wu's nose bleeding. Oh yes, it was going to be a good night. And that's not even counting the nookie I was guaranteed later.

I slipped out of my clothes, and into the black outfit just as Wufei walked in, carrying a large pizza box. "Maxwell, what are you wearing??" He asked with a disdainful sniff.

I turned and gave Wu my biggest 'give me love, cause I'm just too cute' eyes. "You don't like it Wu?" I said, sniffling pathetically.

"Maxwell, you could hide a Gundam in those pants. And as for the shirt, you might as well just take it off for all it's concealing." He said with a snort.

"Aw, what's wrong Wu? You afraid you wont be able to control yourself? You gonna jump me or something?" I drove the tease home by raising my hands above my head and swaying my hips to the beat of a song that only I could hear. The motions caused the pants to slip a little lower, and the shirt to ride up above my stomach.

Some one growled, and I had just enough time to squeak, before I was hauled out the door and down the hall and into the little boy's room. I was confronted with two icy cobalt eyes.

"Mine." Heero said roughly, digging his short nails into my arms.

"Well, sort of." I said casually. It was time that Heero knew how things were gonna be. "I'm yours in the sense that I wont go and fuck some one else. Look Heero, I love you. Ok? I'm not gonna fool around. I was just teasing Wufei, seeing if I could get him to bleed a bit. You know how I am, it's just something I do. And I do it damn well. Just have a little faith in me, please?" I cupped his face with my hands and kissed him tenderly.

When we broke away I looked into his eyes and smiled. The poor guy looked so confused. Heero was going to need a crash course in dealing with Duo Maxwell. But that could come later.

But, two of my favorite things awaited us back at our dorm room.

Grabbing Heero's hand, I started back down the hall to our door. The others had already started on the food, Wufei had settled at the foot of my bed, munching away. While Quatre and Trowa were being so sweet I almost lost my appetite. Quatre was sitting on Tro's lap, feeding him. Only they could make pizza so damn romantic. I felt a sharp pang of jealousy, but stomped on it. Heero just wasn't that type. I could deal with that.

Honestly, I wasn't one for mush anyway.

"So.. Who's got the beer?" I said while dragging Heero through the door. I let go of his arm and dove at the pizza. I made sure that we got all the good stuff on it: extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions and olives. I grabbed two pieces for me, and one for Heero. He took it and started eating, not caring that the pizza was still really hot. I set the two slices down on the top of the box and started rummaging around for the booze.

"I've got more than just beer in my suitcase. You can go grab that if you want something with a little more kick." Quatre said, looking far to innocent even for him.

I bounced up from the floor and dashed out the door, only to be knocked on my ass. I looked up and found two girls looming over me. Two girls who didn't belong there.

"Hi, Duo!" One of them said, sticking out her hand to help me up. I waved her off and levered myself up. "I'm really sorry! We were in a hurry." She said before the two of them dashed down the hall.

Two girls in the boys' dorm wasn't all that odd. If Heero and I could screw like rabbits then why couldn't other couples? It's not like we're the only ones with over active hormones.

Oh right... Booze.

Quatre and Trowa's room is downright frightening. Men do NOT wear pink, nor do they OWN anything pink. At least, that's what I was told. But I recall some one telling me that boys don't cry either... And I can remember sobbing like a baby on a few occasions.

Walking over to the closet I noticed some... Ehem... 'Books'... On Q's desk. I fought the warming of my cheeks and chuckled to myself. Innocent my ass.

The aforementioned suitcase was easy enough to find, and more than worth it. Quatre was packing vodka. And I was pretty sure I had some of that dried orange juice powder in my pack, standard military rations stuff. Screwdrivers. I grinned mentally.

By the end of the night, Heero and I were so hammered that we fell asleep on each other, trying to take our clothes off.


"Holy crap... Heero, are you dead yet?" I asked, trying to block out the little guy in my head who thought today would be a good day to play with a sledge hammer.

I got no reply.

"Oi, oi! Heero... You went and died didn't you? Mr. I'm not drunk." I kicked him in the thigh, or at least I think I did. It could have been my thigh for all I knew.

I rolled over, placing my body fully on top of Heero's. He blinked at me, scowled, and cringed. Oooo, Hee-chan didn't feel good. No sir.

I lowered my head to rest in the crook of his shoulder, trying to find some respite from that thrice damned sunlight. "Ne, what day is it?" I asked groggily, rubbing my eye against Heero's collar bone. Damn itchy eyes.

"Wednesday." Heero said, his voice clear and ungravvely. Stupid Heero.

I moaned and tried to sit up. Bad idea. Advil first. "Heero... Advil?"

He grunted and tossed the covers aside, levering himself up of the well used mattress. He retrieved the blessed Advil and a glass of water, and handed them both to me. No meds for him. He's freaky, let me tell you.

"It's Wednesday." I said aloud, for no real reason. I state the obvious when I'm in mid hangover. "That means school... School sucks."

"Get dressed." Heero tossed my clothes in my face. Ain't he sweet folks?


"Library." I said, taking a stray piece of paper out of my mouth.

Classes had been beyond strange. Everyone had been giving Heero and I strange sideways glances, sucking on their pencils. It was obviously an invitation. I went through every class feeling very, very cold. When I dropped my pencil and seven people bent to pick it up for me, well, that was the breaking point. I excused myself and hid in the janitor's closet 'till lunch.

Heero gave me a curious glance from the corner of his eye, but didn't say anything. I still think they don't know I can read. Stupid friends.

The library was - in a word - devastated. Laid before us was an absolute disaster area. It looked like a bomb had gone off, in fact, that would have been my guess, if there were any damage to the rooms.

The only damage that I could see at first glance was to the people. Or at least, they were people. Nothing but palm sized pieces remained.

"Oh God..." I gasped, standing shocked in the arch of the huge double doors. Heero's sharp intake of breath alerted me to his surprise.

"This... This is obscene.. " I whispered, feeling like talking too loud would disrupt the quiet spell on the room. Heero grunted his agreement and took a step forward. He had to know what had happened. So did I.

Our search through the rooms that made up the small library was a grisly one. Dental records were going to be the only means of identification for these poor souls.

Our feet squelched on the blood soaked carpet, and I slipped on things that I would rather not think about twice. God, it was more horrid than anything I had ever seen in a battle. These people were totally innocent. And this was obviously not a military attack. But, good God, I didn't want to believe that.

On further inspection, we found several books had been ripped to shreds the size of my thumb nail. And in four of the smaller rooms that linked to the main room had large gouges in the walls.

But the real damage to things other than people was in the room in the very back. There were only two people in the room, alone with bits of black clothes, and what looked to be a nose ring (with part of the nose still attached.)

Heero stood in the doorway, and wouldn't move any more in to the room. Maybe he felt something I didn't, or couldn't. But I was definitely drawn in to the room. But before I could reach anything in the room, a female voice tore through the silence. A girl was screaming at the top of her lungs.

We needed to get the hell out of there. Being found in the midst of a blood bath was a good way to get kicked out of school. I had to stick around to find out what was going on.

The next room over had a window, and we slipped out of it easily enough and beat a hasty retreat back to our dorm.

A shower later, I was feeling almost human again. But I didn't want to do much. Dinner maybe, some fresh air, and a bit of company.

Dinner was a quiet affair, Heero and I got take-out from the local Mexican place. We brought our guns with us to pick up the food, and didn't linger outdoors. I spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom vomiting up everything i had ever eaten. Heero held my hair for me.

I flopped in to the bed, feeling half dead, and looking like hell. I was as white as the sheets I was laying on, and damp. I hate throwing up.

Heero - being the sensible boy he is - didn't do anything but hold me.

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