Title: Soul Trial
Author: raven pyralis (raven @ steelsong.com [no spaces])
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Category: Angst, OOC, lemon/lime, AU, yaoi/shounen ai, POV, bad plot and bad writing.
Pairing(s): 1x2/2x1 4x3(implied-ed)
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Rating: Srong R to NC-17
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Notes: Uhhhh... This was the first fic I ever wrote, and of course it ended up being really long (or at least it will be if i get off my ass and write some more). But anyways, Duo is really crude, blunt, bratty and well... Me... In this. For some reason I seem to put alot of myself in to poor Duo. Oh well.
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Why is it that whenever you go somewhere - and you just happen to be nervous as hell - you keep thinking that everyone you see is staring at you? It has to be one of the worst feelings. Well that and being blown into itty bitty pieces. But I guess Heero would know more about that than me.

Wufei walked into the diner first, he seemed to think it might be dangerous or something. Quatre and I followed. I swear, every set of eyes in the whole place followed us.

I don't like the feeling that I'm being sized up. Now I know what the meat feels like in the supermarkets. I don't think I'll be able to eat meat any more. Ok, so , I can still eat meat.. but you get where i'm coming from, right?

Well needless to say we got out of there as fast as we could. I didn't get anywhere near enough to eat, but I really didn't like the feel of that place. Come to think of it, I was starting to not like the feel of anywhere. Just walking down the street was becoming uncomfortable. All the people, with their hunched shoulders, they all seemed to be walking awfully fast. People are weird, ne?

"Why are they all looking at us?" Quatre's nervous whisper barely reached my ears. In answer I just shrugged and kept walking.

Then, with a sudden sense of foreboding, the crowd seemed to get thicker. Bodies pressed against us from all sides, and they all seemed to be going in the opposite direction of us. I caught a glimpse of one of their eyes. They were red, and that CAN'T be natural.

Quatre squeaked from somewhere near my shoulder. He was having trouble fighting against the swarming bodies. I caught him by the arm and half dragged him behind me. I started elbowing people out of the way, wanting nothing more than the get the hell home.

A woman bumped into me, much harder than necessary, and I lost my balance. I toppled into the woman and ended up in a tangle of limbs on the hard concrete. I landed on top.

The woman squeaked faintly when we landed. She probably got the wind knocked outta her. I got up as fast as I could, trying not to look at her while muttering apologies.

The lady giggled, and I stopped stammering abruptly. People who just get fallen on by some one larger and taller than them (and I'm short and skinny so that's saying a lot) don't just start giggling. She picked herself up with no trouble at all and smiled at me.

I just looked at her, my jaw must have been brushing the floor. People just didn't act like that. I kept staring at her, as if seeing her for the first time. She was really very pretty, she had olive skin, large deep brown eyes, and long black hair that was coiled into a slightly sloppy bun - but that could have been due to the fact that I had just fallen on her - the coat she was wearing was slightly wrinkled, the hem fell past her knees, covering the tops of her lace up boots. She smiled wider, so that her strait white teeth showed.

"Er ... I'm really sorry about that." I said nervously. Did she have to keep smiling like that?

"Your awfully pretty for a boy." She said.

I felt my face go hot. "Erm .... thanks...?" I meant it more as a question.

She walked closer, on arm outstretched towards me. An olive finger brushed my cheek, two large brown eyes looked straight into mine, unblinking. I tried to take a step back, but she caught my wrist and whispered "No, I think I'll take you with me." She narrowed her eyes in what was a very successful seductive statement.

I tried to struggle out of her - seemingly more than human - grip. But she tightened her grip and the bones in my wrist grated together painfully. I let out a yelp of displeasure, and then wanted to smack myself. Going and whining wouldn't help the situation any. Knowing my luck it most likely would have made it worse.

"Hold still lovely." Whispered the woman, she was still staring at me, but her eyes had changed. I hadn't noticed in my attempt to get away, but they were red now. The brown was almost completely undetectable.

I grimaced, trying hard not to make any kind of pathetic sound. All I could do was wait until she loosened her grip so that I could get away somehow.

And then, in only a few seconds, my only hope of getting any help vanished with a squeak and a grunt.

Wufei and Quatre had been taken down. I could see them out of the corner of my eye. Wufei was struggling under the wait of a very very large man. Quatre had been pinned to the wall by another woman. This one was taller than any of us, and almost as large as the man sitting on Wufei.

"Leggo!" I said in a voice that sounded very pathetic in my ears.

"But if I do that then, my pet, I wont be able to take you to master." She said in a honeyed voice. Her eyes misted over in what looked like an statement of pure bliss. I took the opportunity, by wrenching my arm out of her relaxed grip.

Once away from the creepy lady, I took a flying leap at Wufei's very large attacker. And believe me, even a troll will feel a flying kick to the ribs. It gave Wufei enough time to scramble away.

We looked at each other, nodded, and ran at the woman - who appeared to by trying to unbutton Quatre's shirt - knocking into her with our elbows. She keeled over, clutching her sides. Quatre squeaked and fastened his shirt as fast as he could.

As we were running ... er ... retreating, I looked over my shoulder. The olive skinned woman was staring after us. Her eyes narrowed menacingly. Her lips were curled into an evil smirk.

We were being hunted, and she didn't think it was going to be very hard to catch us again.

Oh yes, we were in deep shit now.


"What happened?" Heero asked the second I walked into the door.

I looked down at my feet. I was ashamed of being frightened, ashamed that I hadn't been able to mask it, and ashamed that I was more worried about Heero and my relationship - or lack of, whatever the case may be - than I was about leather boot clad, troll-like minions hunting us down. "Nothing. We just went out for dinner. I would have asked you but you weren't around."

Heero grabbed my shoulders. "Duo, talk." He steered me over to the bed and sat me down, then sat himself down next to me. "Talk." He said again.

"All right geez." I said finally. He looked like he was about to start poking me or something "We went out, and then on our way back these freaky people with red eyes jumped us. They said they wanted to take us back to "master" whatever the hell that means. There I told you, now do you think I'm insane or what?" I looked at him accusingly.

"Are you all right?" Was all he said.

I just stared at him - I seemed to be doing that a lot.

He smirked at me, and brushed a finger down my neck. I shivered and looked up at him. Then finding some sudden energy, I jumped on him. He pinned me, but once again, I'm not complaining.


I woke up happy as a clam, but slightly sore. But once I got my bearings, and the day before started to seep back in, the feelings of badness came flooding back. Some one was out there trying to find us, and they had done that already. We were so fucked.

I groped around in the covers, and found Heero. He was a few feet away from me, curled up in a small fetal ball. I touched his arm and he flinched. His eyes snapped open and he groped for a gun that wasn't there. Slow realization crept over his face.

"Heero? What was that all about?" I asked, grasping his shoulder.

"Just a dream, go back to sleep." he said, and tried to roll back over.

"Heero, we have to go to class." I poked at him, waiting for him to jump up, wrestle his clothes on and run down to classes. He didn't move. "Heero...?" He rolled back over. The covers had slid off half way, revealing his naked skin down to his hips. He looked at me, and sat up. I poked him in the stomach, right above the covers pooling in his lap.

"We have classes. Get dressed." He said, kissed me lightly, and then got up. We got dressed in silence. Walked down the hall in silence, in fact I think the only time we talked that morning was when Heero bumped into me and grunted. Hey, with him, that counts as talking.

Our classes passed with out anything really noteworthy happening. I dropped my pencil, and Heero and I both bent to pick it up, causing a very awkward moment. But that's really about it.

"Heero-kun?" One of the wide eyed Heero worshipers had plucked up enough courage to talk to her dark haired, blue eyed god.

"Hn?" Heero said in his usual cold tone.

"Um ... never mind..." She walked off looking very let down.

"Heero, you don't have to scare them all off like that. Most of the girls here are really nice. I bet a little female companionship would do you good." I poked him in the ribs, and took a step back to avoid the back of Heero's hand.

"Duo, shut up." He glared at me. "I don't want female companionship."

"Sorry, geez." I slumped in my chair, trying to hide behind my heaping lunch.

"Hii~~!" Quatre sang from behind me. He and Trowa had just walked into the lunch room. Wufei stalked in from the other side, looking disgruntled.

"Hello. What's up?" I asked when they all sat down. Wufei was scowling like some one had just pinched his ass. Quatre seemed cheerful as ever, and Trowa just looked .... quiet.

Quatre was the only one who answered with words. "I'm fine. We just had a quiz in history. I think I passed. What have you guys been doing all day?" He asked, looking more cheerful than anyone had a right to be.

"Absolutely nothing. Heero has been quiet as usual, and he just scared off a fan. Just another normal day." I sighed and started shoveling my food down my throat.

Quatre looked a little crestfallen, but he perked up when Trowa said that they should all get pizza or something that night. Anything social will perk Quatre up. He just seems to like to chatter. Oh wait... I just described myself. Oops?

And for the rest of the day nothing happened, until Heero and I got to gym.

People kept bumping into us while we were changing. And it was really not fun. I was in a room full of guys, who seemed to be going out of their way to trip over something and catch themselves on me. Heero was having the same problem.

"What the hell is going on?" I muttered out of the corner of my mouth so that the other guys wouldn't notice. Heero just scowled. He didn't seem to like this extra attention.

It was a good thing that gym was our last class, cause I was about to punch the next guy who bumped into me. And Heero's finger was twitching, pulling the trigger of a gun that wasn't there. This was not something that he was enjoying.

Well at least we came away from gym with only a few bruises, and a very disgruntled Heero. He was going to need a ruffled tail feather smoothing session. But I don't think a quick roll in the hay would fix it. He was unnerved. Just like me.

I patted him on the arm while we made our way back to the dorm. The promise of pizza and beer lingering in my head. Maybe that would help Heero out... maybe.

"Hey Q!" I shouted as Heero and I walked down the hall. Quatre opened his door - looking a little ruffled, and without his shirt.

"What? Are we ready to eat?" He smiled when he saw Heero's confused statement. Poor Heero never really knew about Tro and Quatre.

"I sure as hell am! Man, after the past few days, it'll be nice to unwind with you guys" I said, patting my friend on the back. I leaned close to him, my lips almost brushing his ear and said, "You might wanna finish up quick, Heero could use some alcohol to loosen him up."

Quatre grinned wickedly at me, a very rare thing, and elbowed me in the ribs. He wiggled an eyebrow and stepped back into his room, making sure we never got a clear view of what awaited him inside.

I grabbed Heero's hand and dashed down the hall, I'll be damned if I ever fail to see an opportunity for some foreplay fun. Heero got the idea, he burst through the door ahead of me and swung me around so that the backs of my knees were up against the bed.

"We can't." Heero said before crushing our lips together, "We can't do it now. No time," He said when we broke away.

"But that doesn't mean we can't have fun." I said in a low voice. He looked at me and smirked, before lowering us both towards the bed.

I looked up at him, and he nodded. That was all the conformation I needed. One more kiss, the long soul tasting kind, and then a few shirt buttons and I was licking and kissing my way down his chest. Stopping to run my tongue over a rapidly hardening nipple, and savoring Heero's sharp intake of breath. And then I was on my way down again.

I stopped again at his navel, dipping my tongue in the shallow pit, eliciting a low moan from my koi. I made short work of Heero's uniform pants, popping the button and unzipping them with my teeth. Heero hissed as my nose brushed against the rock hard bulge still hidden beneath pristine white boxers. I smirked mentally as I fished Heero's erection out the slit in his boxers. No time to take everything off. Getting caught in the middle of sucking my secret lover off wasn't my idea of a good time.

I lowered my head slowly, making sure Heero knew who was in control. His hands gripped my hair, his fingers raking trenches in my scalp. I stopped close enough to lick at the first few beads forming on the head. I let my breath wash over the hot flesh throbbing in the circle of my hand. A growl bubbled from deep within Heero's throat as he bucked, trying to gain the friction he needed for completion.

I raised my eyes, savoring the taught muscle, the smooth tanned skin, copper nipples, the perfect chin. Those cold, ice blue eyes, half lidded and dark with passion. That beautiful face. I was in love all over again.

Heero screamed hoarsely as I took him into my mouth, sallowing every inch I could. The head of Heero's manhood brushed the back of my throat, and I had to fight to keep down my gag reflex. I pulled back slowly, scraping my teeth along the hot shaft. Heero moaned, shuddered and hissed all the while, encouraging me all the more.

I took some time to swirl my tongue over the swollen tip - dipping into the slit at the top - before sliding my lips back down. Heero's fingers clenched in my hair, trying to hold my head still while he thrust mindlessly into my eager mouth. I looked up, to watch Heero's reactions, and found his lips stained crimson where his teeth had pierced through the skin in an effort to bite back the moans.

A few more thrusts and Heero's engorged erection twitched. I shifted my hand into those white boxers, squeezing the soft weight of Heero's sac in my hand. A scream found it's way through my koi's clenched teeth, and I did my best to cover his lips with a hand. The flimsy walls were far from sound proof.

Heero spilled his hot seed down my throat, and I did my best to swallow it all. I Lifted my head off his now highly sensitive organ, giving Heero one of my very best smiles. He planted his hand at the nape of my neck and brought our mouths together for our second searing kiss of the day.

I was the first to pull away, wiping my lips and making a face. "I'm gonna go brush my teeth. You might wanna find the button I popped off your pants." I said with a wink tossed over my shoulder.

I brushed my teeth quickly, listening to the sounds of Heero cleaning up. When I emerged from the bathroom he had made the bed, and was busily sewing the button back on to his pants. Man, you live with a guy and you think you know everything. And then one day you find them sewing. Who knew?