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Title: Soul Trail
Author: raven pyralis (raven @ steelsong.com [no spaces])
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Soul Trial
Part 2

I was woken up by Quatre's soft boyish voice in my ear. "Wake up, Duo. C'mon."

I cracked an eye open and looked at the blond boy hovering over me. "Quatre! What time is it? Do I have to go to school?" He winced at my instant onslaught of questions, but his only answer was to tousle my hair.

All that Quatre and I had was friendship. I love Quatre like I loved Sister Helen, and Father Maxwell. I want something totally different with Heero relationship wise. It's really very simple, excluding the fact that Heero and I are both *male*.

My bed gave slightly under Quatre's butt when he sat down. He leaned back and rested his head on my stomach.

"You can stay in bed as long as you need to. And today is Saturday anyway. No school. It's my turn to watch you, Heero stayed up all night to make sure you were ok. Did you know that?" He sighed and rolled over. Digging his elbows into my stomach and resting his head on his hands. He looked at me from the corner of his eye.

"Iie... I had no idea. Why would he care?" I asked, not wanting any false hope to grab hold of my heart.

"He cares about you Duo. It's just that for him, everything is set aside except the mission. He'll come around eventually." He patted my arm in a comforting/reassuring manner. "Trowa used to be like that, cold and distant. But it was only because he didn't think I would feel the same way. He was nervous, and I can see the same feelings when I look at Heero that I see in Trowa's eyes." He paused, a giggle bubbling from his lips. "If he doesn't come around then I'll get drunk and go flash passing cars." The giggle turned into a snicker, and soon we were both clutching our stomachs, filling the room with our mirth.

When the laughing subsided I noticed an itch on my head, right under the layers of gauze. I made sure to scratch only around the itch, so as not to disturb the delicate new scabs and inflamed skin. Little brown flakes rained down on the pillow. I took a hand and lifted a chunk of my jagged bangs, focusing on it intently. It was a rusty red color.

My dismay showed clearly all over my face. "K'so! This is going to take *forever* to get out! Why me? Why always me?"

The blonde laying on my stomach made a suggestion. "You go take a shower, I'll take care of the sheets. Kay?" I nodded and tried to get up, finding him still on my stomach.

"Your going to have to get off me first." I pushed at him and wiggled a little.

He started at my words and motion and promptly removed himself. "Gomen, I was day dreaming..."

I finished his sentence for him, "...about Trowa!" I snickered and hopped out of the bed. Noting that Quatre's cheeks had gone pink.

"H-hai..." He flushed a deeper pink. Almost the color of his shirt.

Satisfied, I walked into the little bathroom and turned on the water.

I fiddled with the knobs 'till I got the water just right and then stripped off my boxers and the rust copper bandages around my head and body.

The first thing I did was to get all the flaky blood out of my hair while it was still in the braid. Then I let it down and washed it three times. Once I was satisfied that it didn't smell like blood anymore I poured conditioner on my head. I let it sit for about a ten minutes and then grabbed the comb in the soap dish, working it deliberately through my hair, making sure not to touch the delicate skin around the new scabs. After I had finished with my hair I worked on cleaning the scabs that were pulling at my skin.

I came out of the shower, dripping wet with only a too-small towel on my head and another around my waist, to a slightly snoring Quatre and a freshly made bed.

I smiled at my sleeping friend while I toweled my hair and put on clean boxers.

It didn't strike me as out of the ordinary until Quatre snorted in his sleep.

//Why is he so tired?// I pondered that thought for a while, dredging up all the possible answers. Finally I decided that everyone was just tired. Which was very true.

Quatre snorted again and stirred awake.

I smirked at him, his eyes were bleary and he had a half conscious look on his face.

"Now who's the one sleeping? Why are you so tired Q-man?" Is it just me, or do I give every one stupid nicknames?

"Whaa...? Oh, that was a short shower Duo." He rubbed his eyes and stood up.

"I took an hour and a half long shower Quatre. How long have you been asleep?" I got out a red tank top and jeans, and as I wrestled myself into then I wondered how the hell Trowa could manage to do it every day. I would feel terribly restricted. But my jeans were loose and baggy.

"Oh. I guess I stayed up too late last night." I cocked an eyebrow and waited for him to continue.

"We all stayed up worrying about you. What the hell could have done that to you Duo? Wufei said that it was totally unjust, or something like that. I think he was just really worried."

"You all seem to forget that I, Duo Maxwell, am a Gundam pilot! People are after me TOO you know. Why doesn't any one remember that?"

Quatre held up his hands as if warding off an attack. "That's not what I mean Duo. If it was OZ then they wouldn't have slashed you up and left you there. No, they would have captured you and interrogated you. This just wasn't OZ's style." He looked seriously concerned.

I stared at him, there was nothing I could say.

"I really don't know what happened." Then a thought that had been nagging me surfaced.

"How the hell did you guys find me anyway?"

"Well, you usually go out to that bench, or to the bagel place. Really Duo, you're getting too predictable." Quatre said with a chuckle.

"Yeah yeah, so ya can tell exactly what I'm gonna do. I get it."

"Heero was really worried about you." The serious tone in his voice told me that he was being totally truthful.

I dared to believe it for a second. But it was a short second. Heero was Heero, and I'm me, that's just how it was. But a grin surfaced. I couldn't help it.

He rubbed the back of his neck looking a little shy, but a large and uncharacteristic grin was plastered on his face.

"You seem to feel better now!" He ran his hands through his golden hair.

I sighed and flopped on my bed, tugging at the towel to keep it from riding up. "What are we going to do?" I raised my head slightly to look at him.

"I don't know, I really don't." He looked down at his shoes, defeated. "I want to find out what the hell is going on." Stern resolve showed in his crystal blue eyes. "Lets go grab Wufei and go out for some air or something. Getting out with friends will do you good."

"Aa, lets go find him." We headed out in search of Wufei. The first place we went was to Nataku. He liked to meditate or something at his Gundam's feet.

"Oh Wu~~u-chan! Are you here?" I ran around the place where Nataku was hidden, shouting out to Wu.

"Urusai! Do you want the whole campus to know about this place?" Came Wufei's aggravated response from out of no where. Then he stepped out from behind a large tree. I took a flying acrobatic leap at him and tackled him to the ground. He landed with a resounding thud on his back with me sitting on top.

"Wu-chan! Quatre and I are gonna go out somewhere. wanna come?" I gave him my big shiny puppy eyes and toyed with the end of my braid. He gave me a dark scowl and then punched me. It was only in the arm but it threw me off balance and I toppled over. Wufei got up and put his foot on my braid. When I tried to get up my head jerked backwards and I fell down to the hard overgrown forest floor, yelping with pain and pure surprise.

"I'll come with you." He latched onto my shoulders and hoisted me up to my feet. I clutched my aching head and glared at him.

"You bastard! I have a scab back there! That HURT!" I made a well placed kick to his shin, but it didn't even make him twitch.

I grumbled as I massaged my poor head. Every one seemed to go for my head.

Quatre, being in charge of damage control, piped up with the best suggestion a person could make. "Who wants food?"

I bounded out of the woods, Wufei in tow by his pony tail - let's see how he liked being yanked around by his hair! - and Quatre by his fore arm. My head ache was suddenly forgotten in the mad dash for food.


"how 'bout we go t' th' library?" I babbled around a much too large mouth full of sandwich. Wu and Quatre knew what I was saying after over a year of hearing me talk with food in my mouth.

Don'tcha just love my manners?

Wufei put down his rice bowl and glared at me. Manners were considered part of your honor or something. With Wu-man I really can't tell what will insult him. But just like you can't pick who you fall in love with, you can't always pick your friends.

"Duo, will you swallow and stop grinning like a maniac?" Wufei jabbed his chopsticks at me. "And what would the library do?"

I swallowed and rolled my eyes. "Well, I dunno, I just feel like going there. What you think I can't read or something?"

Wu hmph-ed and went back to his lunch.

The rest of our lunch went on similarly, without any real intrusion. Some girls came by and tried to sit on me, but once they found out that my lap wasn't big enough to fit five girls, they got up and each gave me a fare well hug.

They're all nice girls, Ryoko is really pretty. She has piercing gray eyes and a really nice body, and Eko had the most amazing blue green eyes. Della and Erika both have long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. And then there was Ami, she had the be the prettiest girl out of the five. She was kinda like the head-honcho of the fantastic-fabulous- every-body-loves-them-girls. Ami had long flaming red hair and almost yellow eyes. It was striking and beautiful on her.

But, none of them were Heero, so it didn't matter. I still liked the attention though.

"Ja ne, Duo-chan!" Ami said with a wave and a suggestive wink. I grinned brightly at the girls.

"Duo, you shouldn't be such an attention hog. You go on and on about how Heero never talks to you, but how can he when you're surrounded by chattering girls?" Wufei's dark eyes pinned me down over the rim of his class.

"Aw your just jealous Wu! Just cause none of the girls like your pony tailed ass don't mean you have to jump on me for having fun!" I grinned at him in the most annoying way I could and poked him in the ribs. We ate the rest of our food as I chattered to no one in particular. Quatre would correct me or add one to something i was saying. But for the most part he was gazing all misty eyed in the direction that Heavyarms was, away in the woods.

Wufei was probably angry because he knew what tonight was.

Tonight was the night I went out and drew pink bunnies and the like on Nataku.


"Oi, Heero. Do you wanna come with me tonight?" I said lazily. Once we had finished lunch, Wu-man, Q and I had headed back to our own respective rooms for a nap or some silent contemplation.

Like hell. I don't do silent.

I didn't get an answer from Heero. So I tried again. "Heero! Oi, Heee~ro!"

That got his attention... well sorta.

"What Duo?" Oooo two words in one sentence! My lucky day.

"I said: Do you want to come with me to deface Nataku?"

He just glared at me.

Maybe it wasn't my lucky day.

"All right fine, I'll go by myself. Again." I flopped back on the bed with my arms laced behind my head.

"Duo," He said coldly.


"Urusai" He gave me another quick glare and turned back to his computer.

Now not being one to shut up, I thought provoking him might be fun.

"What did you say Heero? I didn't quite hear you." I sat up and propped my chin in my hands, grinning my cheshire grin.

He turned around and fixed me with one of his glares that kill.

I wiggled my finger at him and patted the bed. "Why don't you come over here and tell me again. So I can hear you." I wiggled an eyebrow at him, relishing the almost blush. The Perfect Soldier never blushes, but his eyes would glaze a little. He looked so cute when he was fighting a blush.

But it did not have the desired affect. Heero stood up so fast that he knocked over his chair, but he didn't notice the loud thud it made when it hit the floor. Heero crossed the space between us and grabbed me by the throat. He hauled me up with one hand and slammed my back up against the wall.

"Oi! Heero, leggo!" I croaked.

His grip tightened.

"H-Heero...!" My voice cracked as Heero squeezed harder.

I could tell that my eyes were round as saucers. Heero was the most frightening person I knew, and at that moment he was trying to kill me.

"I told you to shut up, Duo." He said coldly. He eyes were mean inches from mine.

I tried to say something - anything - to get him to stop, but all I could do was gurgle.

That must have jolted him out of his homicidal mood, because he loosened his grip. But he didn't let go.

"I wasn't trying to hurt you." He said in his cold monotone.

I just stared at him in shock and terror.

"This is what you get for tempting me." He looked right into my eyes as if for emphasis. "Maybe I should take you up on all the offers you've made." He grinned wickedly - well the corners of house mouth twitched upwards and his eyes glittered.

I looked right into his eyes. He didn't seem nervous or hesitant in any way. Just cool and calculating.

Just Heero.

Then, before I could take another breath, Heero assaulted me with his mouth. He slid his tongue between my startled lips; one of his hands slid up my shirt - the one that didn't still have a hold on my neck - and started roaming over my skin.

I thought it would be best for my health to just submit. Not that I had any kinda problem with that. Heero looked at the bandage on my wrist when he took off my shirt, but that was the only hitch of the night. He even let me keep the linens on.

Needless to say, Nataku stayed spotless.