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title: fever dreams
series: echoing dream
autor: raven pyralis (raven @ steelsong.com / darakuCUBE @ hotmail.com)
rating: nc17 'n stuff
category/warnings: lemon/lime, yaoi, permanent mangling of pilots, people
being real people... or at least what i'd like them to be, sap, pov in some
parts retardedness on the part of the writer, other stuff. just read the damn
thing already.
disclaimer: please let me play with the pretty boys? i'll return them in
relatively mint condition. they might have a few bumps and bruises, and
they might be hopelessly attracted to each other when i'm done. but who
says that's a bad thing?
note: this whole thing was a dream. remind me to eat at KFC more often. this is also a bribe... i'm hoping that a few people will like this *coughcoughcoughSTEELJANAOTHERPEOPLECOUGHCOUGHCOUGH* will like this... and therefore WRITE MORE. oh... and sparkle, i demand more of mushroom child. i wrote something, that was the deal that we made... what? two years ago? something like that. MORE I SAY! *kiss* i love you sparkle ^^;

Blood and other things covered his hands. There was blood under his fingernails, splattered across his face and arms. He was a mess.

Burning blue eyes stared down at the broken figure on the floor. The ruin of the once human throat shone wetly in the dim light. His eyes traveled along the figure, noting every unnatural twist of a limb, every blood stain.

The boy had been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Or had it been the right time? Heero couldn't decide. He was dead either way, so it didn't matter too much. Heero decided he wouldn't fret over it.

The sight of the ruined throat, the wet gleam of bloody spine, brought back memories the Wing pilot thought long forgotten.

He had stood on a large rock, watching the blood defuse in the murky salt water. Gritty sand and hard rock grated under his feet as he shifted into the wind. His hair whipped back from his face, the strong sea breeze pulled on his tattered shirt like an insistent lover.

He couldn't remember how old he had been, standing there watching snakelike entrails float in the current. He could have been eleven, he could have been six. It didn't matter.

It wasn't the first person, or thing, he had killed.

Heero shook his head and turned away from the dead boy. He couldn't have been much older then Heero himself. But he was dead now, and Heero had an eager lover to return to.


"Heero's coming back today. Why so glum?" Quat asked, looking adorable as ever.

"I guess I just wont believe it till he gets here," I sighed. Heero was coming back. He was gonna get some serious welcome-back sex.

Heero's mission had lasted a week longer then expected. The target wouldn't stay in one place long enough. So Heero had to follow him. The chase finally ended, so it would seem. It had been hell. Absolute hell. I hate sleeping in a cold empty bed. I hate not waking up with someone there.

It got so bad that I finally gave in to 'Fei and let him stay in my bed. He was good about it. No touching other then cuddling, and he was always back in his own room before Quatre or Trowa could suspect.

Don't get me wrong. I still have a thing for 'Fei... But it's a different kind of thing. I love him, as a brother... I wouldn't hesitate to drag him into a threesome if I knew Heero wouldn't be upset. But it's just different somehow. I don't want to lead him on, I don't feel hurt that he might not love me completely and totally anymore. I think we just grew up.

Maybe that was why I could finally admit, if only to myself, that I loved Heero. It was scary. I'm still not sure if growing up is a good thing.

Quatre sighed and gave me a regretful look. Poor kid.

"I'll be fine Quat. Once he gets here I'll pounce on him, he'll grunt at me and we'll spend the rest of the day in our room." I grinned wickedly at him. He knew the routine well. He and Tro did something very similar.

The kitchen door swung open, and closed with a crash. I jumped up, knowing who it was, but fearing to believe.

Heero walked into the living room, dirty, tattered and smelling of sweat and gunpowder. At the time I thought he was the most beautiful thing in the world.

I got up, moving slowly, as if I was stuck in the echo of a dream. I walked cautiously to the dirty boy that was Heero. One of my hands moved to his face, brushing the burned and bandaged palm against his dirt and grease streaked face. He caught the wandering hand and cradled it in his.

Cracked lips brushed the heel of my hand, leaving a dirty blood smear in their wake.

The house was completely quite. For once I couldn't find words to express the things I was feeling. Heero seemed loath to break the silence as well. We moved together, silent, anticipating. He knew where this would end, but I wanted to prolong it for as long as possible.

He seemed to be a little impatient though. He took me by the wrist, gently yet firmly. Somehow we managed to climb the stairs without attacking each other. I snickered at the thought of fucking on the stairs. It would have been extremely uncomfortable.

We reached our room, and began undressing. One of us was still thinking enough to close the door and lock it, but I can't remember who it was.

My shirt came off and hit the wall with a soft thud, followed by Heero's muddy socks. He had left his shoes by the kitchen door. The rest of our close landed elsewhere, to be found later and cleaned. Right now all that was on my mind was Heero, standing right in front of me. Nude and already hard, skin flushed and warm to the touch.

And touch I did.

I pushed him against the far wall, next to the closed and shuttered window. He splayed his fingers against the cool plaster and paint wall, his arms by his sides. Those perfect arm muscles tensed, nails trying to find purchase on the smooth wall.

I knelt before him, taking in the tilt of his head as he rested it against the wall, the flush of his cheeks and chest. His pebbled nipples stood our proudly from his chest, begging for attention.

I lowered my eyes to stare straight at his heavy cock. I could feel the heat of his boiling blood, radiating from between his thighs.

In all my years of sex and sin I had never seen anyone equal to Heero.

I patted him on the thigh, and he looked down into my eyes. He nodded, and I reached into the bedside table drawer and pulled out a gleaming pair of handcuffs. Heero presented his wrists and I shackled them. Without being told, he lifted his arms above his head, standing on his tiptoes and hooked the chain between the cuffs over a sturdy metal hook put there for just that purpose.

His feet came down to rest on the floor again, and he rattled the cuffs to make sure they were secure. He's such a good boy.

I rewarded his cooperativeness by running my tongue along the underside of his cock, swirling it around the head. I lapped at the pearly beads of precome, relishing the strangled moan that tore it's way from Heero's throat.

I rose, capturing Heero's mouth and sharing the salty taste with him. He moaned into my mouth, making me shiver. I took his lower lip between my teeth, worrying it before letting it slide from my mouth. Before he could make a sound of protest I was back on my knees, licking at his erection.

With one of my hands at the base of Heero's cock, to keep it and myself steady, I rummaged around in the drawer for the lube. My hand found the cool tube and I grinned to myself before taking Heero's cock in my mouth.

Without slowing my mouth I uncapped the tube and coated my fingers with the cold gel. Without preamble I slid my middle finger past the tight ring of muscle between those perfect round cheeks.

My soldier boy moaned desperately and tried to push down on my finger. The cuffs strained and jangled, but didn't give.

I slid in a second finger, and a third. All the while Heero begged with moans and choked whimpers. He was more then ready, and I wasn't going to last long either.

The dull ache of my burned hands didn't register through the lust and anticipation. I forgot about them completely during our lovemaking.

In nearly one motion, I removed my fingers and hooked Heero's leg over my hip. I coated my cock with the remaining lube on my hand and in one thrust, seated myself inside my lover.

We stood there, panting and seeing stars. It couldn't last long, nothing that good ever does. But I was in no rush. We stood, Heero's ass against my thighs, his leg hooked over my hip. We got our breathing under control.

Heero tried to raise himself off of my thighs, and I knew he couldn't stay still anymore.

I took his hips in my hands, relying on the cuffs to keep us both standing, and trust into Heero as hard as I could. He cried out through clenched teeth and a bitten lip.

I found a rhythm, but didn't get to keep up the pace for long. Heero's stomach fluttered as did my own.

Two more savage thrusts and it was over. Heero came, hard. Hot liquid coated our stomachs. Heero's inner muscles clamped down on me, and suddenly I was lost in white hot pleasure.

Faintly I heard the snap of metal, and I was enveloped in strong, sweaty arms. My hands started to ache fiercely and I whimpered deep in my throat.

Heero picked me up, not a wobble in his stride, and carried me over to our large bed. I snuggled down in the soft featherbed as Heero gathered painkillers and a glass of water. He was back beside me in an instant, handing me the pills and water.

I took the pills and wiped my mouth. Before I could roll over and fall asleep I felt a warm cloth on my stomach. Heero cleaned the two of us up before joining me on the bed and entangling his limbs with mine.

I grinned weakly at him. He was still dirty and mussed. The sheets were going to need a good cleaning on the morrow, but it didn't matter then.

I could imagine Quatre wrinkling his delicate little nose when he saw the sheets tomorrow. I snickered and brushed a matted lock of Heero's hair away from his face. it fell right back.

I cupped his face in my hand and kissed him thoroughly. He tasted of stale blood and sweat, smoke and sex. When we broke away he was smiling. It was a tiny fragile smile, but it was beautiful and warmed me to the core.

"Tomorrow I'll help you get all that dirt and grease off." I whispered to him, my voice carrying across the dark room.

He nodded and kissed my forehead. "It'll be nice to be clean again."

We drifted off content and safe. I almost dreaded the morning, when things would be back to normal... At least normal for us.

I locked the night away in my mind, memorizing every amazing detail. And then sleep claimed me.


I woke to someone brushing my hair. I tried to roll over, but a strong hand on my shoulder stopped me.

"Just lay there and let me spoil you." Heero said gently. He resumed his brushing and I sighed contentedly. If he wanted me to enjoy it, then I would without complaint.

He brushed out every knot and snarl until my hair flowed through the brush like chestnut water. Somewhere along the way the brush was discarded in favor of Heero's hands.

He worked his fingers against my scalp, massaging and tugging gently. I was nearly purring. He lifted me up into a sitting position and settled himself behind me. My head lulled back against his shoulder as he started running his hands through my hair. He ran his hands from the root to the ends, twirling locks around his fingers.

I was on cloud nine and Heero seemed more then content to just play with my hair. It was a wonderful way to start the day, but we couldn't stay that way forever.

I sniffed delicately. Heero and I smelled strongly of sex. Stale sweat and musk.

"Nnnn.. Heero, shower time." I moaned into his ear. He swiped his hands through my hair one last time before helping me off the bed.

We grabbed fresh, clean towels and walked into the large bathroom. The far corner was devoted completely to a walk in shower. No stalls, no curtains, just shower head and tiles. It made showering very easy, especially when we needed to go somewhere and had limited time. We could both shower at once.

And of course it allowed for sex in the shower. But that was for another time.

I turned on two of the shower heads and adjusted the water temperature. Heero and I shared our love of very hot water. Not even my burns could change that. Although I did set the water a little cooler then usual.

The water felt wonderful. I'm sure it felt better for Heero.

He took control of the shower, despite my promise to help him wash the night before. He shampooed and conditioned my hair, making sure all the knots were out before rinsing. We soaped each other up, paying special attention to certain areas.

As it turned out, Heero's cock needed a good cleaning, as did mine.

We emerged from the shower clean, happy, and ready for breakfast. Heero's eyes were absolutely sparkling, and I had the stupidest grin on my face that I just couldn't seem to get rid of.

Not that I wanted to.

I wrapped my hair up in a towel and rubbed as much water out of it as I could. I let it stay down to dry. If I braided it while it was still wet it would never dry.

I bounded down to breakfast, my hair flying around me and Heero following at his own pace.

He fisted a handful of my hair and pulled me back against him. He turned me to face him and crushed our lips together. Right there, on the steps.

I would have jumped him again, if Trowa hadn't cleared his throat loudly.

"Breakfast." He said, trying to hide a smile.

Heero was never very affectionate in public, even around the other guys. It wasn't so bad though. I could understand the want to keep it secret. I used to be like that.

I unlearned all I had about shame though. There was no point in it. I had no problem with screwing in the park, on the dance floor, or even at breakfast. But Heero usually wasn't up for it. Unless I got him horny as hell right before.

I was pretty damn good at that though. I could get him hot and bothered just about anywhere, even on the battle field. But that was rather dangerous. And it pissed off the other guys.

"Hey Quat!" I yelled.

He poked his head out of the kitchen, bowl and spoon in hand. "Yeah?"

"What's for breakfast?" I asked, twirling a lock of my hair around my index finger.

He held up the bowl he had been stirring, "French toast. We have lemon and sugar too."[3]

"Sweet!" I bounded off the steps and into the kitchen. I helped set the table and started making some coffee.


"Why are we watching this?" Wufei asked, gesturing towards the TV screen.

"Be quite!" Everyone shot back, trying to enjoy the movie. It was a good one, even if Wufei had to complain about it.

It was about a doctor that thought humor was the best cure. He got to know his patients and everything. I guess that was unorthodox back then. It was a lovely movie though. A good mixture of comedy and drama.

The phone rang.

Heero answered it. It was a secure line, monitored by Quatre's family company. They had some of the best technology you could get.

I couldn't hear what was being said, but Heero didn't look happy at all.

I looked at the others. They all had the same look on their face. We all knew that nothing good would come of this.

[3] Some people eat lemon and sugar on their french toast. I believe it's from New Jersy, because that's where my gran'mum grew up. My family puts lemon and sugar on our french toast... And we got it from my gran'mum. ^^;;; that was a rather long explanation for something so simple. anyways try it, it's really fab ^.^
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