Heero Yuy - Relena Peacecraft - Various Other Characters From GW

Written by Pilot02 - Directed by Pilot02 - Pilot02 Films, Inc.

Only the original part belongs to me, GW and Titanic do not belong to me, so don't sue me. It's not like I'm getting any money from this!

* * * * * *


Heero Yuy- Rose (Just bare with me, ok? He just plays that PART, not that PERSON. You'll understand, hopefully.)

Relena Peacecraft- Jack (Hehehe, do you know why I did it this way? No? You'll find out.)

Dorothy Catalonia- The person who was going to marry Rose (I can't remember his name. Oh well.)

Duo Maxwell- Jack's friend that came on the ship with him (I know, Duo and Relena- friends? No way, right? Well, hopefully I'll make up for that later in the story.)

Trowa Barton- A random guard

Quatre R. Winner- The captain of the ship (What's his name? Maybe I should've researched a little before I did this.)

Zechs Merquise- A random passenger on the ship

Trieze Kushrenada and Lady Une- A random couple that hangs out with Rose's parents

Wufei Chang- The person in the lookout tower thingie that yelled "Iceberg!!" a little too late (Hehehe…)

Howard- Random guy in Jack's party

The Scientists- Random passengers on the boat

The Manguanacs- More Random passengers on the boat (Can't have enough random passengers, can you?)

* * * * * *

The tension was thick in the air as the card game continued. "Do you have any…. Sixes??" Relena asked another player.

"Go fish," they replied. She reached into the pile of cards and drew a single card. After placing the card in with her other ones, she grinned broadly.

Then she put all of her cards on the table and said, "I'm out." The other participants in the game groaned at the realization that they had lost, with two tickets to get onto the TITANIC on the line. Relena grabbed the tickets and her friend, Duo, stuffed the money into his hat. Together, they ran out of the bar and toward the great ship, the TITANIC.

* * *

A state-of-the-art motorcar pulled up to the loading platform of the TITANIC. Out of one side, Dorothy Catalonia climbed out. She then went around to the other side, where she opened the door and helped Heero Yuy, Dorothy's soon-to-be husband, out of the car. Heero glanced up at the ship and said, "It really isn't all that big. Our family's ship is about as big, isn't it?" Dorothy replied,

"Dear, it is several times bigger than your pathetic excuse for a ship. There is much more room on this ship. That means more people on board, which leads to more drunken brawls! I can't wait!" Heero just shook his head slightly and proceeded to walk up the ramp to get onto the ship.

* * *

The two teens barely made it onto the ship before it pulled away from the dock. Breathlessly, they raced down to their room and deposited their meager belongings, before running back up to the deck to wave goodbye to the shore and the people on the shore. "I can't believe you won! That was so great, `Lena!" Duo exclaimed, waving energetically to the crowd on the shore.

"I didn't think I'd win until I got that last card! I'm so glad one of us did win, though! This trip will be great!" Relena shouted back to Duo.

* * *

"Heero, please refrain from smoking. It's not at all what a young gentleman should be doing. Go on out there and socialize, dear," Heero's mother (Who I have conveniently forgotten to cast…. We'll say it's Mrs. Noventa, ok?) said. Heero shot his mother a death glare, and then complied, although against his will. As he was wandering around on the deck, he came across a person who just about knocked him over. "Relena! Watch out," was what he heard before being slammed into he wall by a blonde girl.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! Gomen, gomen, gomen! I wasn't paying attention!" She looked up at the person she had slammed into, and her breath caught in her throat. He had the most gorgeous cobalt blue eyes she had ever seen, and the unruly mop of hair on his head only improved his looks. She was in love. (What? Don't get it? Ever heard of `Love at first site'? Well, that applies here.)

Heero said, "Watch where you are going, miss. You could've hurt someone. What's your name?"

Relena finally got her voice to work and say what she wanted it to say. "My name is Relena. What's your name?" She asked him in reply.

"Heero. I have to go now, my mother's calling me." And indeed, his mother was standing on the top deck belting out `HEE~EEROO~O!!! Time to come II~IIN, DEE~EEA~AAR!! Supper's REE~EEAA~~AAADY!!' And, with no further ado, Heero ran up the stairs leading to the deck from which his mother was calling.

Duo finally made it through the crowd, (If you need a visual, think of the Manguanacs all mulling about on one small part of the ship's deck, then fill every square inch of the ship's deck with that many people. That's how crowded it is, and so that's why it took so long for Duo to get through the crowd.), and found Relena staring up at the top deck of the ship, with a `I'm in LOVE' type of look on her face. Duo shook his head and carried Relena (because she couldn't walk, she was so love-struck) back to the room.

* * *

The next few days went by fairly quickly, and Relena always found ways to track Heero down. So love-struck was she that she didn't even notice that he seemed to be avoiding her. When Duo questioned him about it, he answered, "She sticks to me like a lovesick leech. I don't even like her! Hey, I don't even like my wife-to-be, either. Oh well. I don't like my life either, but I have to put up with it, I guess."

Duo felt sorry for the teen, stuck in a life of richness and arranged marriages, and stalkers, which was what Relena had become.

* * *

"'Lena, you gotta understand me. Hee-chan doesn't like you. I was talking to him and he said it! He doesn't like you! `Lena, where are you going? `Lena, Stop!" Relena, upon hearing those words, took off into he depths of the ship in order to find some peaceful, empty room in which she could hide and cry and wallow in her self-pity. She got the key to just such a room, and she locked the door from the outside, and then closed herself in. Only after she did that did she realize that there was no way for her to get the door open, and the key was on the inside! (Hehehe, poor `Lena!)

* * *

"Brrr, it's cold up here. There are no icebergs anywhere near here. Why should I be stuck up here looking for nonexistent icebergs?"

Suddenly, Wufei spotted something out in the fog. "What the-" His cry was cut off by the sound of metal being ripped apart be an iceberg. "ICEBERG, DEAD AHEAD," he shouted, just a bit too late.

Heero and Duo, upon hearing the awful noise, abandoned their search for Relena, and headed up to the deck. When they reached the deck, people were running around screaming madly about abandoning the ship.

"Ack! The ship must've hit that iceberg, Heero! If we hurry, we can make it to a lifeboat! Come on!" Heero nodded and the two left in search of a lifeboat.

* * *

"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Relena screamed, hoping someone would hear her and come to her rescue. But, alas, everyone on the other side of the door was making too much noise on their own, and her desperate cries for help were not heard. (Hehehe, I didn't say they COULDN'T be heard, just that they WEREN'T heard, get my drift?)

* * *

With liberal use of death threats, death glares, and pushing, shoving, and swearing, Duo and Heero were finally able to secure a lifeboat. They were being lowered down to the water, but it was taking much too long, so Duo pulled out a pocketknife and cut the ropes, resulting in a free-fall to the water. Luckily, they made it in one piece, lifeboat included. Heero picked up the oars and they were rowing away from the doomed ship, when a shrill cry pierced the silence. (Ok, so there was no silence. Let's just say `A shrill cry made itself be heard over the commotion caused by the other screaming passengers.' Better?) Looking toward the boat, they saw Relena banging on one of the windows close to the water level. She disappeared from sight for a moment, and then appeared again, this time wielding a large metal pipe. Using that, she managed to make a hole in the window, which only helped quicken the flooding of that room as it was submerged, stifling the cries of the distraught passenger. Heero and Duo just shrugged, turned the other way, and continued rowing toward the ship that was going to rescue them.

* * *

"Blub glug glub gaa~" Relena muttered as the water closed in around her. (Translation: You will be in my heart, Heero, and my heart will go oo~on and oo~oon!)

* * *

Captain Dorlian (Whom I have forgotten to mention in the cast list as well.) directed his crew to pull his ship, (I don't know what it's called, so let's call it the Peacemillion. Hehehe.), the Peacemillion, up to the surviving passengers of the TITANIC. There weren't many, just a few here and there. The captain of the ill-fated ship, Quatre; a random guard named Trowa; the lookout guy, Wufei; and several other random people were among the few. As they were pulling away from the wreckage, they noticed two figures in a lifeboat, both of which were still alive. They were pulled onto the Peacemillion, and so rescued.

* * *

"…. Glup blop plagulp dullup glub…." Relena uttered her last words, as she died, quietly giving in to the water's will. (Translation: My heart will go oo~oon and ooo~oon!!!)

* * *

In the meantime, Duo was chatting everyone's ears off in an attempt to keep occupied. Heero, finally having enough of the braided one's loquacious(1) behavior, dragged him off into an unused room in the ship, from which they didn't emerge for several hours.

* * *


"Ahh, Heero, I love you, you know that, don't you?" Duo asked sleepily.

"Hai. I know that you love me. And I know that I love you, Duo. Now go to sleep. Those nosy reporters took longer than they said they would interviewing us."

"Yeah, but it is a shame that the documentary on the TITANIC won't be published. Don't ya think it was a bit harsh to shoot `em, Hee-chan?"

"No. I would shoot anyone who would interrupt us while we are doing something as important as what we were doing."

"Yeah, but with the amount of times that people have interrupted us, don't ya think we ought to come up with a different place to stash the bodies? I mean, the Rent-A-Storage-Shed is filling up pretty fast."

"Then we'll just rent another. Don't worry."

"Ok, Hee-chan. Hey, we never did finish what we started earlier."

"Baka, I don't think… OH!!! That feels good…."

"I thought you'd like it…"


* * *

(1) Hey i found this in the dictionary. It means talkative. ^.^ Fits, doesn't it?

* * *

This was one of my earlier fics. I hope it wasn't too horribly bad. ^_^