No Name Face


//I remember. I remember my past, my whole life; it flashes before my eyes like a sick parody of a home video.

I was born a no name face in a dingy corner somewhere on the L2 colony. I don't know where exactly, but it doesn't really matter. I grew into a nameless little brat, raised who-knows-where, most likely on the streets somewhere.

An unknown street rat is what I became next, after meeting up with Solo and his gang. They were somewhat hesitant to let another into their group, but Solo made them let me in. He even took me under his wing; took care of me and taught me all he knew.

Solo died because he was already ill when the disease hit. Most of us had good immune systems, so we were able to avoid getting it. Solo's system was too preoccupied with by a common cold to fight off the disease. He was dead by morning.

I became Duo that day. Before then I had always been "kid" or "sport" or "hey, you," or some variation thereof.

I met Sister Helen and Father Maxwell a while later. I stayed with them at the orphanage until I screwed up. I made a mistake and everyone--men, women, children--under that roof paid for it. I went to steal a mobile suit for the soldiers so I could avoid the exact thing I caused. Ironic.

Professor G found me then, stowed away on his ship. He convinced me to steal Deathscythe and make my own missions. I did. This is another great example of one of my many screw-ups. The only good thing that came from it is something I don't deserve. Heero Yuy's love.

I really do love him, with all my tainted heart and soul, but I don't deserve to have those feelings reciprocated. With all the times I have messed up and let everyone down, what makes him think I won't do the same to him?

Sure, I'd try not to, but there are some things you just can't avoid. Such as this. I know now that in the end, everything comes full circle. For now I die, a no name face, just as I was born.//

Duo's thoughts were cut short as the OZ soldier's bullet tore through his gut, effectively knocking him unconscious. He had time--a split second--for one more thought.

//Heero...I love you...I'm sorry...//
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