Ninmu Ryokai



Heero crept along the dark hallway. Stealth was important. If he were caught, the mission would be compromised. //Just a little farther...// He had almost reached his destination when he was spotted.

"Heero, whaddya doin' out here this late at night?" Duo said, turning to head back to his room when he received no response. "Okay, fine...I'm goin' back to bed...You go ahead and stay up all night."

Heero still hadn't moved when the door softly shut. "Mission ongoing." He pocketed the piece of carefully folded paper that was in his hand and retreated into his own room.



Heero sat in front of his omnipresent laptop. More research was necessary. He would compromise the mission if he went back into it ill-equipped. //Just a little more...// His computer skills had almost gathered all the intelligence he would need.

"Heero! Whatcha doin'? Oh, on the laptop as usual? Wanna do something?" Duo's comment went unheard. "Okay then, I'll take that as a no. See ya later."

Heero's hand twitched from its still perch on the keyboard. "Ninmu shinkochu." ("Mission ongoing") He placed the hard-earned floppy disk into his pocket and left his room.



Heero walked through the doors of the grocery store. Field research was underway. Testing the information he had previously gathered was a sensible idea. //Just a little longer...// He had almost approached the point of no return.

"Heero! Look--jellybeans! I haven't had those for a long time...I only like the red ones, though. It'd be a waste of money to buy the bag." Duo's statement was met with silence as he checked his watch. "Oh shit! Come on, we've got to go! We're almost late for work!"

Heero followed behind the longhaired boy as he ran from the store. "Nimu shinkochu." He pulled a floppy disk and piece of paper out of his pocket and, using the disk as a writing surface, scribbled something on the paper, then returned them to his pocket when he was done.



Heero strode over to the previously visited areas of the store. Supplies were to be gathered. These supplies were crucial for the completion and success of the mission in hand. //Just a little purchase...// The pace of his traveling had almost brought him to where he needed to be.

"Heero? What are you doing here?" Duo's questions went unanswered as he checked his list. "Okay, well I have to go. Ja!"

Heero finished the journey to the shelves he had been aiming for. "Ninmu shinkochu." He grabbed several bags and made his purchases, then shoved the receipt in his pocket.



Heero sorted piles of items by color on his desk. Secrecy was to be maintained. This step of the mission preparation was unavoidable and completely necessary. //Just a little effort...// His quick movements had almost completed the task.

"Heero, I'm going out for ice cream. Wanna come?" Duo's inquiries were ignored as he started out the door alone. "Okay, Heero, maybe next time, eh?"

Heero moved his hands out of in front of the piles he had created. "Ninmu shinkochu." He dumped one pile into a bag and sealed the bag up the way it was before he opened it, then put it into his pocket.



Heero stood in front of a door at the end of the hallway he had first navigated in the beginning of his mission. Discreetness was no longer a priority. //Just a little nervous...// He was literally standing at the end of his mission.

"Heero, what...what are you doing?" Duo's hesitation was met with a bag offered shyly to him, and silence as he opened it. "Hee...Heero...Thank you!"

Heero returned the hug and let a smile come over his face. "Ninmu kanyro." He glanced at the table where the opened bag of red jellybeans had been laid, but only went out for ice cream with Duo, where he put the change into his pocket.

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