~Heero's thoughts~
-Duo's thoughts-
\the Boss's thoughts\
::The Wise's thoughts::


Angel p 10


The little boy slumped down in the hollow of a large tree at the edge of a forest, exhausted and pushed nearly beyond his limits.

He had been on the run all day since his mother's demise, and by some twist of fate, he found himself at the edge of a large forest that he had not even known existed. Lacking strength and practically dehydrated, he choked back dry sobs as the weight of the recent events fell on his stress-fogged mind. Eyelids wearily closing, he fell into a fitful yet needed sleep.

* * *

As soon as the telepool's surface returned to the normal dark water as it usually was, Duo let out a low moan. Heero's hand was doing delicious things to his lower body, and Duo melted into the touch, pushing his hips forward, hungry for more of the contact. Heero was more than happy to oblige, stroking just a bit faster. The dark angel's head was metaphorically swirling, overcome by the sensations brought forth by his companion. Duo moaned louder and rocked his hips back and forth. Heero gasped as his erection came into contact with Duo's rear and he pushed against it. Both boys were breathing in short gasps and moving together to an unheard beat.

Craving a more intimate contact, Heero reached his hand to the waist of Duo's pants. Duo noticed the movement and wiggled his hips, lifting them off the chair slightly to aid the action. Heero unfastened the pants and slid them down, exposing the pale skin inch by inch until they reached his knees. Before Duo even had a chance to sit down again, Heero's hands were back, stroking and massaging the dark angel's length. Duo panted out incoherent words; by now the experience had eliminated the ability for rational thoughts, let alone speech. Duo twisted his upper body around and sought out Heero's mouth with his own, their tongues sparring eagerly.

In the midst of the moans and various other sounds of passion, a soft buzzing ring was heard, and Duo's preoccupied mind eventually identified it as the telepool. Not wanting to break contact until absolutely necessary--namely, until the telepool was activated-- Duo fumbled blindly for the object on the desk. However, luck was not on his side, and his wandering hand only succeeded in tipping the telepool over the side of the table where its contents spilled out of the bowl and onto the floor, rendering the device useless.

The two angels paused to give the former communications device a halfhearted sorrowful glance before returning full force to their previous activities; this time without the impending interruption of the telepool.

* * *

Circe let out a disappointed sigh as the telepool she had been hacking into ceased to exist. "Sir, I had a connection, but there was a slight technical difficulty when something or someone on that end destroyed the telepool."

The Boss raised one eyebrow. "Oh? And how exactly did you get this connection? As far as I knew, they weren't answering."

"Oh, not to brag or anything, but that was really simple. I just hacked into it by sending my psyche into the plane that the telepool operated on, and then followed the thread from this one to that one. It was fairly simple, but alas, I fear I bore you." She grinned and feigned distress. "Seriously though, I doubt that's really what you wanted to know about, so I will continue on. I wasn't connected long enough to actually see anything that was happening because, as I said before, the telepool was destroyed. So, the fact remains that your message is still undelivered and they are uninformed. I will go there personally to make sure that it gets there."

The Boss nodded in agreement. "I will send help down after you return, so hurry Circe."

Shaking her head, she responded. "No, don't wait for me. The demons already have the advantage of time, and we shouldn't delay." She spread her wings after stepping out of the door. The Boss watched as she took off, then moved over to a dusty bookshelf and studied the gold letters on the leather-bound spines. Apparently finding the one he wanted, he pulled it off the shelf.

* * *

Duo hissed as he lowered himself onto Heero's length. Shortly after the telepool incident Duo had turned himself around so he was straddling the light angel's lap. Heero moved his hands to rest on Duo's hips, but when the dark angel suddenly captured his mouth with his own, he moved them again to wrap securely around Duo's shoulders and lower back. The slight changes in position had such an effect on that it was all he could do to hold on, enjoy it, and show his pleasure by moaning--all of which he did.

Neither of them really knew what to do at this point, but after a few hesitant experimental movements they unconsciously repeated the most pleasure-inducing actions.

Heero rolled his hips and moaned quietly; the movement was bringing about such wonderful feelings--even more than physical ones. There was a warm tingling sensation in the back of his mind, and he was certain the same could be said for Duo, though how he knew this, he couldn't say.

To Heero's credit, Duo was experiencing the same feeling, though it had already spread to the front of his mind; but there were so many more overpowering thoughts he didn't pay attention to it. He focused more on the stunning angel moaning below him and the motions that were bringing so much pleasure to them both.

Duo lifted himself up a bit, and both met in the middle; Heero thrusting his hips up, Duo slamming his down. This made them both gasp for air and they repeated the motion over and over again.

With every thrust the boys were brought closer to climaxing, and also the tingling feeling in their heads grew stronger.

For several deceptively long moments all that was heard was the sound of skin-on-skin contact and the panting moans from both angels. Eventually a knocking sound forced its way to the fronts of the angels' minds; at first their passion-clouded minds concluded that it was the chair knocking against the floor, but that theory was shot down when the knocking stopped and they hadn't.

A muffled gasp that neither of the boys recognized made its way to their brains, and they ceased their activity to look, despite being so close to completion.

"Please, make yourselves decent," said Circe as she stood in the doorway hiding her eyes, wings slightly spread in surprise.

Duo's eyes widened and he threw his arms and wings around the equally startled Heero, who returned the favor for the dark angel. Heero, being the light angel he is, was extremely embarrassed about the situation, and this was apparent by the red tint on his face. Duo noticed and pulled him closer, glaring at Circe.

"What do you want, Circe? I doubt it was worth interrupting us," Duo said harshly, still having trouble catching his breath.

Circe shook her head and uncovered her eyes. "Duo, I wouldn't interrupt something like this if there were no good reason and you know it. I tried to contact you via telepool, but as you know, yours is out of commission. I was sent to tell you both something. Are you willing to listen?"

The boys nodded, and at that minute the chair gave out.

"Well, I guess they really don't make things like they used to."