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"This was never part of the deal. How could you compromise the situation by sending those...beasts to Earth? This deed shall not go unforgiven." The speaker paused, giving the being on the other end of the telepool (1) a chance to finally speak.

"You blame me even though you have no evidence to support your case. Why?" he said, sincere yet sarcastic at the same time, a tone only the dark Boss could achieve with such perfection. "Are you really so eager to start another war?"

The Wise (2) inhaled softly. "No, no. But you mean... You didn't send the accursed beasts?" The Boss shook his hooded head with the infinite patience needed to teach a small child, shadows covering his features. "Well then, who did?" The Wise said, growing worried. ::If there is another down there capable of producing such evil creatures...:: He let his thought trail off.

"I am already several steps ahead of you. I have tracked down the point of origin of the...beasts, as you say, though I personally see them as children of mine." The Wise stared in amusement at the one who could consider the creatures children. "In the house, I found the concoction from which they spawned, and the creator as well."

"Did you interrogate the one responsible?" The Wise asked, glad that the matter could be promptly cleared up.

"How, might I ask, do you go about interrogating a pile of gnawed on bones and tufts of hair?" The Wise's eyes opened wide. "It's true, they were hungry and after getting their orders, they consumed her." The Boss shook his head slightly. "Poor delusional young one. She wanted Duo to be hers. She had no idea. She thought the Hellspawn would help her win Duo over?" His voice held a questioning tone. "Perhaps..."

"What if she figured out our deal? All of our plans?" The Boss shook his head in a negative reply.

"No. Had anyone here figured that out, I would not be talking to you right now. They would have turned on me faster than a dehydrated man would kill for water. You and I both know that. This is dangerous for me, because if this gets out, there will be a full-scale rebellion and I will be unable to stop it. No, it was something on a slighter level." After a thoughtful pause, the Boss spoke once again. "What if she saw what went on between them? Heero and Duo's closeness?" The Boss abruptly left the viewing area of the telepool with a swish of his robes.

The Wise strained his ears to catch the muffled fragments of speech that came across the telepool. "...Circe! ...Yes...house...viewing...quickly..." (3) As the Boss entered the viewing area again, the Wise sat back in his seat, pretending to have been there the whole time. "You really don't need to try and hide it, I know you were trying to listen to my conversation just now." The Wise blanched; it was not a good thing to get the Boss upset with you. "No need to worry, I understand completely. Had I been in your place, I would have done the exact same thing, although with greater success, no doubt. I sent my assistant, Circe, to the house to check for any viewing devices so we can eliminate or confirm one possibility." The Wise nodded and settled back in his seat, waiting for the girl to return.

* * *

"We don't even know what they're here for, let alone how to stop them! Face it! We're gonna die!" Duo said, waving his arms about in wild gestures. His voice held a slightly hysterical tone. Finally he paced his way to the couch and collapsed, face down, onto it. Heero came over and sat on the edge, near Duo's chest. He began rubbing Duo's back and shoulders in soothing circles.

"Duo, koi, we will make it through this. The odds may not be the best right now--" Duo snorted, the sound muffled in the couch. "--But I know we will make it through. Even if we have to give up to them and be reborn together." There was a small grin on his face, showing that he was joking. That possibility hadn't even crossed his mind. "We need to compile what knowledge we have of them and then try to come up with something."

"Heero," Duo's voice was still muffled from the cushions on the couch. "We've already tried that, remember? And all we came up with was that they are Hellspawn and they are out to kill everyone, and there's no damn way we're going to be able to stop them." Heero lightly whapped the back of Duo's head in disagreement.

"Duo, optimism is not necessarily a bad thing, you know. All we need to do--" He was interrupted by Duo, who rolled onto his side so his words were no longer muffled.

"I don't know how you can possibly say `all we need to do' when talking about these things. There is no `all we need to do' about it. If this were the movies, then I can imagine that all we'd need to do is call in backup from the High Powers and then go kick some demon ass, but it's not, and I think that you, m'love, are becoming confused and the difference between the movies and real life are now indistinguishable for you." Heero's eyes widened and he leaned down and gave Duo a long, passionate kiss. "Hee...Heero, what was that for?"

"Now I need a reason to kiss you? I hadn't realized things had gotten that bad between us," Heero said, feigning injury. Duo gawked at his partner and love, not comprehending what he had said to get such a reaction. Heero grinned and fell onto the couch next to Duo and sloppily kissed the tip of his nose. "Duo, my violet-eyed koibito, I do believe that you have just solved all our problems. We are going to contact the Ones With Power and request backup, just as you said. With us up against such powerful enemies, there's no way we can beat them ourselves, and they know it."

"I was just joking... But, if me joking around gets that reaction, you can bet I'll do that frequently." Duo smiled and wound his arms around Heero's neck. "Now, we'd better put the plan in action. Perhaps when it's over and done with there will be time to have a little fun." Heero kissed him once more before disentangling himself and getting off the couch.

"Gomen, koibito, but it is now time for work. It wouldn't do to have the demons come and eat us before we even put the plan into action. Besides, there wouldn't be any time for these fun activities you seem to be planning."

* * *

Circe came back into the room, breathless and practically demanding attention. "Sir?" she asked, then continued without waiting for a reply. "Sir, I've confirmed that the girl, Hilde, did have a viewing device. The device is an old telepool-type viewer, but it was so outdated that no sound could be transmitted. I also confirmed that it had been used prior to the creation of the demons. I managed to find the location that was last viewed using the device, and as you had thought, it was a spot on the path that Duo-san and Heero-san would've had to take to get to the safe house. So it is a safe conclusion to draw that yes, Hilde did witness the interactions of the boys."

The Boss nodded and turned to the telepool once more. "I think we should get some forces ready to combat these Hellspawn."

"I agree with you on this issue." The Wise caught sight of Sally standing outside the door. "If you will excuse me for a moment..."

"Of course." The Boss said, then leaned back in his seat and got comfortable.

The Wise got up and strode over to where Sally was standing. "What is it, Sally?"

"Sir, there's a call for you. It's Heero--and Duo."


1) telepool n. a small pool of water kept in a bowl used for communication
2) Yes, still the same one. ^^;;
3) Just read the Odyssey in English class... I liked that name


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