Duo and Heero forever!! *waves Duo and Heero flag*
Warnings (I've always wanted to have warnings!!): The only warning I can think of for this fic is this; IT IS WEIRD! I have warned you, it is weird, so don't get to the end and say "she didn't warn me it was weird". Or do if you want, but it won't be true *^_^*.
I did think of a few titles (varying in sappy rubbish-ness) for this, but I've decided it really is better left untitled. "Piece without a name" is the above having been short-and-sweet-erised by me - it's one of my (many) specialities, doncha know…
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. And I hope you understand it…

"I love the sea."

Duo sighed happily, kicking the stones of the empty beach with a bare foot as he nibbled on a strawberry ice-cream. Heero, sitting next to him, drank from a bottle of water and gazed around him, peace and contentment in his eyes that only a year ago you wouldn't have known were missing. Neither looked at the other and the only thing to show that they were even friends was their hands, clasped securely together between them.

"I know." Heero smiled, just slightly. "It is beautiful."

Duo nodded. "It is. You know, it's so reassuring, it's such a comfort to be by the sea…because it's always changing, never still and never the same and yet it's always there… It's…I don't know how to explain it, but…" Heero was looking at him curiously. "It…it's alright already, but…I just know everything will be alright, always, in the end - it tells me."

Heero kept on looking at him for a minute.

"You're very strange Duo Maxwell," he said seriously. Duo grinned, his eyes sparkling as if they were reflecting the ocean he loved, and leaned over to give Heero a quick kiss on the cheek.

"So are you Heero," he said, still smiling. Heero's smile widened and Duo squeezed his hand tightly, then looked back out over the shimmering water. His dark-haired lover watched him adoringly for a moment before turning his gaze in the same direction. "You know what else?" Duo whispered reverently, and Heero moved a tiny bit closer. "It's like a mirror, for your emotions. However you feel, in here…" He reached over and lightly touched Heero's chest, then touched his own. "That's what that is…" He pointed at the sea. "That's how it looks, that's how it feels, that's how it IS…"

"A mirror…"

Heero looked mystified, and stared intently out at the water. He listened too, to the waves, to Duo's soft breaths, to the gentle breeze that blew the clouds across the horizon…

"How do you feel, Duo…in your…heart…now?"

Duo's only answer was a serene smile.


Duo pulled Heero close to him, his arm firmly around the other boy's waist. Heero rested his head comfortably on his shoulder.

"It's singing…" Duo said in a low voice. "The wind is singing, the waves are playing…it's laughing - don't you hear?"

Heero looked again, listened again.

"…yes. Yes, I hear."