Peanut Butter & Jelly
by: Pheonix
Pairings: 1x2, 3+4 (hinted)
Content: yaoi, silliness, lemmon, sandwiches (if you don't like sandwiches, this is not the fic for you. )
C&C (+&-): yes plz!!

*NOTES: This is my first 1X2 fic. It came to me while I was getting ready for work and I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All sanity was lost and all that remained was this fic. It started out to be just a *ha-ha, funny, that's cute* fic, but ended up being mainly a lemmon. I have no idea what happened..... so I hope you enjoy it!

.....on to da fic!!!.............


Duo had just come back from a mission and wasn't really tired, but very hungry. The box-lunches that he had in his Gundam were not enough for the three day mission. Containing only two cheese sandwiches, fruit juice, and an apple, it wasn't nearly enough to fill him up properly.

"From now on I'm packing my own box-lunches!" He grumbled to himself, while his stomach did the same. "Never again, Quatre." he only let the blonde boy pack his lunch, because he such a joy out of doing so. Quatre loved to prance around the kitchen in his pink, floral apron, making sandwiches especially for each pilot.

Heero had a roast-beef, his precious Trowa, he made three Club sandwiches, Duo had three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Wufei he knew wasn't going to eat much so he made him a simple cheese sandwich. With that he finished them off with juice, salads, candy and other vegetables and fruits.

The mission was requested a day earlier by Sally Po, and as everyone scattered around the house, picking up their gear and lunches, Wufei grabbed Duo's lunch on accident, therefore leaving Duo with his mere lunch.

"Stupid........Dragon....Wufei!!" he screamed out load, but no one heard or told him to "shut the fuck up baka!!" He soon realized he was the only one back at the house.

"Wicked..." he smirked and then an idea came to mind.

He started ripping off his clothes. When his chest was bare he snickered to himself. "he he he he he he...." Then he unfastened his belt. "Won't be needing these!" he said proudly as he slipped his pants down to his ankles and kicked them off. He went to go take his blue briefs off but stopped. * They might come home soon as well* he thought to himself.

So there he was, in his little blue briefs, and very very hungry. He jumped over to the fridge and opened it, looking in he spotted the strawberry jam. * what a waste* he thought. * stupid Wu-man not gonna eat them..... What a waste* he mentally cursed again.

He picked up the jam jar and set it on the counter, then headed over to the bread bin.

*1.......2..........6..........8....* he counted to himself for a moment. * 8 slices of bread equals 4 sandwiches.*

" EIGHT!" he yelled out. He quickly whipped around to hear a scolding but quickly remembered he was the only one there.

" Shut! Up!" He tried to do his best impression of Heero, but in a more girlie voice.....and he didn't know why, for some unknown reason he just did. He noticed it and started to giggle. " Aw, Hee-chan, I would pay to hear that!" he muttered the girlie statement in his head again, and again, and every time he did his laugh grew louder and more hysteric.

He suddenly felt and heard his stomach growl. He quickly thought to himself where the Peanut Butter was kept, and rushed over to the 'stash' in the cupboard, above the sink.

"AHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH!!" he screamed, and started fumbling with the lid. The huge jar was 10 inches wide and 14 inches tall. It wasn't even a peanut butter jar at all! It was used to ship smaller parts of Deathsythe in it. The first thing he said when he found it was, "Man, I bet you can put a lot of PB in there!" and that's just what he did! He bought peanut butter in bulk and other smaller jars, and spent a day off filling up the enormous jar with the brown, sticky substance. The other pilots just chuckled to themselves as they past through the kitchen, and saw that braided boy concentrating so hard to get every last morsel of peanut butter in it.

Duo had to chuckle to himself as he remembered that day. He continued making his sandwiches. "But I did it!" he voiced arrogantly, as he finished putting the top on his last sandwich. He quickly looked around one more time, and then grabbed the peanut butter jar. He looked in. "mmmmmmmmm.." A grin slide on his face and he plunged his hand in the jar. He grabbed as much PB as he could. "Come to papa.....KOUP!" He fiercely tried to shove his whole fist in his mouth, and surprisingly succeeded.

He pulled it out when he heard his jaw click and started licking his paw like a kitten.

"Some good shit." he said, mouth full of the gooey stuff.

Finally he put the jar back to it's original hiding place and picked up the sandwiches. Three in his arms and one in his mouth. He carefully wobbled over to the kitchen table and set them down. He quickly remembered he stole, (yes stole) a boom-box from his last mission before this one. He'd already had cds, but his stereo was taken away by Father Maxwell in exchange for choir practices and 'praise and worship'. He quickly ran upstairs to his room and retrieved the stereo, and plugged it in, in the kitchen. He popped in one of his favorite cds.....

~ * I'm too sexy for my love, to sexy for my love, love's going to leave me....*~

Duo started frolicking around and shaking his ass. Wiggling it to the beat of the song. He started singing along, but changed the words to his liking.

"I'm too sexy for my Hee-chan, too sexy for my Hee-chan, so SEXY IT HURTS!!"

He picked up one of the sandwiches and started using it as a mic. And, when he didn't know the words he would take a bite. But when the chorus came he started to make up the words again.

"I'm Heero's boyfriend, you know what I mean, and I do my 'La-Heero' when he wants it.....AOW!!"

Even though it wasn't a Michael Jackson song he added an 'AOW' and started grabbing his groin.

Right Said Fred took over singing for a while, and Duo thought of something even more silly. He quickly took his braid out and shook out his mane. Then rapidly thrust his head forward, bunched up the hair and fastened it with the elastic. He shot over to the toaster to check his new 'Do'.

"Very cheerleader!" His hair was just that, all up at the top of his head. If you gave him a mini-skirt and some pom-poms, he would fit right in. His hair cascaded around his face and down his back, swishing from side to side while he shifted his hips to the beat. He jumped around, eyes firmly shut, as he moved to the rhythm. He pressed his palms to his chest and moved them way down as he arched and whipped his head back. As the hands went to move lower, another pair jetted out and grasped both of his wrists, pulling the youth upright and into their chest......

Duo's eyes shot open and fixed on the stranger scent. " Heero........?"

"Hey Baby." Heero whispered in a low tone against Duo's ear.

Duo's heart skipped a beat.

"I've been thinking about you."

"I can see......." Duo implied, feeling Heero's manhood against his bare thigh. "You missed me? Huh Hee-chan??"

The pilot started licking his boyfriend's ear. Drawing moans and short gasps from Duo.

"You don't know what it's like when your sitting in your suit, and your dick's rock hard and blue from thinking about the night before." Heero explained, forgetting his partner was also a Gundam pilot, who also has 'needs'. " God, you think your gonna die the next day... at any givin' moment..."

"Yah, so you fuck your brains out until your FINALLY tired and then curse yourself for not getting killed!" Duo finished.

"Nothing's worse than sitting in your Gundam, in the back of the forest with a hard-on the size of a shuttle, and not being able to jack off. Cause at any givin' moment they could pick you off."

"Yo.....Hee-chan....?" Duo whispered.


"Shut the fuck up, man!!"

A smile curved on Heero's lips. He released his devotee into his view. "What the fuck is with your hair!?"

Duo blushed.

"You look like a damn girl!"

"You really think so?!" The beauteous boy asked with a cheerful ogle.

Heero looked down at him. "I hate girls, take it out."

The smaller boy frowned and drew a hand up to his hair. "Ok..." And with that, he let loose his beautiful chestnut tresses.

"That's much better, baby. You know you look really sexy with your hair down." He claimed, moving closer to his handsome beloved. Before Duo could get away, Heero grasped his waist.

"You hungry?"

"Hm. You better believe it."

"No, I mean, I made some sandwiches. Peanut butter and- AHHHHHHHH!!" Before he could finish, Heero Launched him on the kitchen table, barely missing the sandwiches Duo had put there earlier. The japanese boy quickly followed, straddling his truelove. One hand supporting him over Duo, he hooked a finger around the waistband of Duo's briefs. He gave them a little tug, asking, as he drowned a glazed look into Duo's eyes.

Duo could see Heero's hard, flexed chest heaving with desire. He forced his head up and linked an arm around the other boy's neck. He licked the sides of his pilot's mouth and then jabbed his tongue in while Heero removed the underwear from his hips.

"Oh god I miss you." Heero whiffed, gaping, eyes still glazed over, at his mate's phallus. "Oh god how I've missed you."

"It's only been three days!"

Heero didn't respond. He just gawked at Duo's lil shinigami. (well it wasn't that small.)

The buff boy sprang off the table and began tearing off his clothes off his sweaty, yearning charged body.

"..........ok......." Duo said to himself. He turned his head to the side to find he had two of the PB and Jelly sandwiches left. He licked his lips and grabbed one of them. "I'm so lucky! Peanut-butter and Heero!!" he soughed. He looked at his partner for a second. He was still trying to pry his spandex off, but was too sweaty to fulfill his hopes of a quick pull. *One bite won't hurt * Duo reflected. So, he took a considerable bite. "mmmmmmmmm." he groaned, "Fantastic sandwich."

Heero looked up. Duo hid the sandwich behind his head. "What??"

" Ummmmmmm, I said Fantastic..uh...package!!"

"Hey!! You better not be jacking off!"

"No, no, NEVER!! um...you need some some help with those." The boy impetuous boy on the table inquired, pointing a finger.

Heero leaned over and pressed his chin against the digit, still delving towards him. "No.." He engulfed the finger, sucking at the flesh and then looked painfully at his lover's still straining segment. It was turning a blue-ish, purple color from lack of.... well Heero. He hastily battled at his spandex again.

"Fuck Heero!! Just let me-" Heero swiftly pounced back onto the table, bestriding his beloved again.

"That won't be necessary, honey." he growled, now free from the grievous war of spandex. Heero studied Duo's fake smirk and his hands, hiding something behind his head. "What's behind your head there, Duo??"

"Just....uh....um, fixing my hair Hee-chan!" Another falsify smirk, that again Heero saw through.

"don't lie to me, baby. Especially now, when I have you in a very, VERY vulnerable position." literally. He kept glaring into Duo's midst.

The fibber huffed and revealed the provision, from behind his head, looking 'puppy-dog' at Heero.

Heero chuckled. Then, Heero..........laughed!

"Oh! Damn, baby! He laughed. "A sandwich! You were hiding a damn sandwich!" He continued laughing.

"Yah...I.....I thought you'd get mad."

Heero stopped laughing and cupped his silly, little baka's right cheek. "Duo..........my prodigy." He beamed. "I've missed you so much." he gently placed a kiss on the lips before him.

"It's only been three days!" Duo avouched again.

Heero covered Duo's mouth, and peered once again, into the pools of violet. "I don't care how long Duo." He doffed the hand and depressed his head down, grazing Duo's lips. "I need you." he drifted his hand down his partner's stomach, drove his knuckles back up his sides and back down again. He let his thumbs press into the boy's hips.

Duo still clutching the sandwich, looked up at Heero for an answer.

"Yes, eat your 'aroke' sandwich baka!"

Duo's face shawn with gratefulness. "I'm just really hungry, cause Wufei stole my-"

"Just shut the hell up and eat." He forced, pressing the sandwich up to Duo's mouth. He smirked. ", While I do the same." He reared back and started licking Duo's neck. He made his way down his lover's body, trailing kisses, throwing them all over his chest and abdomen. He finally got to his definitive objective.

Duo held on to the sandwich for dear life. To prevent himself from yelling, he started eating away again, at the PB and Jelly. He felt Heero start to caress his thighs, kneading away at his aching muscles. "Oh sandwich!!" He bellowed out. He shot his eyes open and realized what he just said. He just hoped that Heero didn't take it the wrong way.

Then he felt a tongue prodding at his aching shaft. "Whoa, he we go!' he said, with a mouth full of peanut butter.

Heero took in Duo's rod half way down, and stopped to flick his tongue around the cock head.

"DAH!!" The assailable soul shouted. He bit into his sandwich harder and whined into the bread.

Heero grinned, and removed his mouth, crawling back up to Duo. He crossed his arms on his gilding youth's chest and grinned. "So, what now Sweet Stuff??" he could feel his dick rubbing against Duo's very iniquitously.

The weary boy detached the sandwich from his gritted teeth, and offered it to his love. "What some?" He asked panting, his chest heaving, causing Heero to motion up and back down with the heavy puffs.

"Sure......." Heero grabbed Duo's waist and ground into him.

"Ahhhhhhhh, GOD!!! Heero!! ah! That FUCKING HURTS!!" he bawled almost a cry. He bit his sandwich again, muffling his sobs.

Heero had to also admit it hurt. It hurt like hell, but the perfect soldier didn't exhibit it. He slowly pulled out. "Opps, did I forget the lube, Hon??" He mockingly questioned in a mono tone voice.

Duo threw a back hand across his face.

Heero didn't move, not a twitch.

"AROKE!!" he screamed at him, "OFU!!"

Heero didn't move again.

'Iie Heero, that REALLY HURT, Ketsu!"

Heero finally spoke, still noticing his 'attacker' was still aroused. "Goman nasai, Duo," He put on his best pair of 'puppy-dog' eyes. "........kisu........koi...? koibito?"

Duo registered the japanese language that his lover was purring to him. He nodded his head in response. He sighed, ".......hai.........kisu. Kiss and make up..?" He half smirked.

"Make up?.....Iie.......ichaicha..." He inched closer to his koibito.

"Ichaicha?.......nani? What the hell does that mean?"

Heero slicked out his tongue and started licking Duo's chin, and trailed it up to his refine lips. He proceeded at the lushes doors, and whined his hot breath on the aperture. Duo opened his mouth a whisper, just so his mate could enter. His tongue greeted Heero's and they entwined in a sensual offering. Heero broke the kiss in a hazy gaze.

"Ichaicha...........makeout," he defined, "So, do we have to make up?"

"No, no, iie...........ichaicha." Duo inhaled, asking for Heero's lips again.

"Ii, hai." He quickly grasped Duo's with his and into his moue. His tongue mimicking the motion of fucking while his hips did the same. "Plz, Duo, mmmmmmm, I want you, shit! I need you.......now!"

"Kay........but get the lube this time!"

Heero smiled and stuck a finger into Duo's Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "Hm?" he questioned Duo.

"No way! Get the damn lube! Are you too lazy to get off your ass and go get it? Geez!"

"No, just anxious, waited long enough."

"Well forget it, I'll get it." Duo started to get up, but Heero forcefully pushed him back down.

"......here...." Heero held up his hand in front of Duo's face. He turned his palm around and flicked his wrist. Condom appeared between his index finger and thumb.

Duo snickered "So your a magician as well as a MS pilot, where do you find the time Heero...?

"Enough talk!" He ripped the condom rapper open with his teeth and passed it to Duo. He leaned back, looking up at the ceiling.

Duo took the lubricated condom and placed his sandwich back on the table. (yes he still held on to the sandwich!) With both hands, one holding Heero's striving erection and one holding the latex over the head of his cock, he slowly slide it on.

Heero arched into the touch, which made it easier for his partner to slip it on.

Duo watched all of his companion's muscles flex to the point of no return. The recumbent palms on the table rose to outstretched fingers, pillars of steal supporting the lust charged body. His drawn out neck divulged his adams apple gliding up and down as he swallowed and sucked the atmosphere back in. His stomach was heaving. Every time he inhaled, his stomach would fall, and then mold back into eight sections of pure washboard abs. His thighs displayed every curve of vigorousness and toned flesh. His cock still growing from disengaged tension. Duo could feel the aura of heat and testosterone, and thought at any moment his lover's dick would blaze a hole right through the condom. "...You ready?"

Heero twitched and sucked in more air.

The braided youth reached up, gliding his palm across the scorching thighs. They were even more tense then he looked, and now veiled in beads of sweat. He brushed his thumb over the rippling lamina and Heero heaved, causing his partner to stiffen more so. "Heero..?" he called again, "Heero, I'm ready...come on!"

Heero snapped out of his lust filled world when he heard his name rolling of the tongue of his koi under him. His breath skipped out and he relaxed his muscles as much as he could to poise himself over his intimate. Slowly but surely, he crept back over his Shinigami, shaking feverishly, eyes so glazed over now, that he couldn't see straight. He rested his head on Duo's chest.

"You ok, dude?" Duo asked, running his fingers through the sweaty hair of his soldier. His response was Heero's quivering hands wrapping around his ass positioning himself for the heat to come. Duo adjusted himself himself under his beloved and braced himself, locking his legs around Heero's waist.

Heero hunched over, and glided his rock hard segment slowly into the boy below him. He dragged his face around Duo's neck, and urged his tongue on the heated flesh. Still quaking ferociously, he forced himself to pull out a little, only to dive back in.

Duo was surprised Heero didn't cum right there and then. He always admired the gaining and regaining domination his partner had.

Heero unleashed a hand from Duo's ass, slid it up his side, and under his arm.

"Change of plans." He grumbled. He quickly pulled out and flipped Duo to his stomach, swiftly driving his knees up with his own, so that Duo was bent on all fours. He reached around to Duo's trembling arms and gently placed them crossed over on the table, inducing him to snuggle down into his arms, his ass flying in the air. The tentative soldier, again, positioned himself. He brushed the sweaty hair, sticking to the back of his lover, to the side. He turned his head to the side, to find there was one, and one half eaten Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He picked it up and offered it back to his Shinigami. "Here! You eat, I fuck. Any problems?"

Duo grabbed the sandwich out of his hand and started munching. "Not at all." He murmured, with a mouth full of PB.

"Good." Heero seized the hips in front of him and indulged himself in the torridness between them. He soon started a rhythm within his grasp. He grunted with every thrust and pull, but he swore he heard Duo singing. Soon the words came, and it sounded like an old childhood song. He could just make out the words....

" mm, mmmmmmmm, m, m,m mmmm, and jelly....peanuuuuuuuuuuuuut, peanut butter and jelly!"

Heero felt himself provoke a rhythm to the 'song', and every time he thrust forward at the last part, Duo would choke out the word *jelly* . He had to admit the grunted word sounded erotic, so........ every time he heard that section coming, he jammed into Duo as hard as he could.

"Ahhhh! Peanut-Heero!!"

Heero smirked. He had complete control. And now, after the 'jelly' part, Duo would prevail little cries of encouragement to him.

"*Grunt* *Sigh* Peanut, AH!!.......peanut butter, hmmmmm, and JELLY!! OH Heero faster!"

Heero obeyed the craved wish.

Duo started to sing again. His voice stuttered uncontrollably and choking on air, surprisingly not on the sandwich. "mmmmmmmm, pe *choke*, pe *choke*, pe *sigh* , pe, peanut! God... HEERO MORE!!" He started to rear back. He quickly figured out Heero manipulating the time and words, so he hastily finished the part he was on, to get to the 'good' part of the song, "peanut-butter-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..." He gave Heero time, "JELLYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!", As predicted, Heero plunged in, hitting his target. Continuing his pace, he felt emancipate arise upon him.

Duo kept on singing, yelling the tune garishly. "Peanuuuuuuuuuut, OH! Jelly, um, Heero, Heero! Heero, I'm, I'm gonna JELLY!!"

"Me, Ugh! Jelly too!" He buried his face into Duo's neck and jetted tiny, breakneck speed pumps into him.

Duo released one hand off the sandwich to clutch Heero's scalp. With the sandwich still in his mouth, he smacked the other hand down to brace himself. He could feel his lover graze his teeth over the soft flesh of his neck and knew if he was going to cum, it would be now or never.

Heero felt his thighs go weak and his stomach and groin filled with eminence delight, sending current after current of heat waves down his spin and into his pelvis.

Duo took in the current and his head went airy. His toes coiled up as pleasure stuck his body like a jackhammer. "MMMMMMPHHH!!!" He roared, and something else that sounded like Heero's name, but was muffled by the bread in his mouth.

Heero thrust down and pulled Duo up at the same time. He shuttered, locking his neck around the hot, sweaty pilot beneath him, and released his liquid devotion into the Bishonen.

Fluttering back down on top of his devotee, he caught his breath and moved his head around to kiss his magical Koi.

Duo smiled, still stroking Heero's hair. "Man....that was some sandwich...huh?"

"....Hn. We should make some again sometime.... ne koi??"



* OK!!! my first lemmon, PLZ people, tell me how it was, gimmie feed back!! well, anyways, I hoped you all liked it. It was a bunch of fun writing! *Pheonix*

*sowy it was so late at night getting it up, I had to work late, sowy again!