I'M BACK!!!! (pretty scary huh?) well anyway.. about a month and a bit ago I posted a picture I drew of Duo and Heero's son, San. I got some comments about it. One included a request for a fic about San. So here it is. I worked really hard on it. That's the main reason I haven't posted a fic in so long! lol well here it is and I really hope you enjoy it. If you didn't see the picture yet, I'll post it as well.

SpanX: *Pheonix*


( Growing up with the Yuy-Maxwells )
by: Pheonix
Pairings: 1x2/ 2x1, 3+4
Content: yaoi, sap, a lil angst, OOC, a lil bit of adult situations (but not really intended, lol), a lil romance at the end as well (jus had to sneek it in for all the 1x2 fans) ^__~
Summary: Duo and Heero decide they want to start a family. The fic is mainly about pin points in Duo and Heero's child's life. A coo lil ficcy that was supposed to be really short, but ended up kinda long. There is kinda more of a story line at the end, but it mostly views moments during their sons childhood.
C & C ( + & - ) : please ^__^


When San was brought into the world, it was the happiest day of Heero and Duo's life. They marveled at what technology could do for them. They has both of their sperm split and formed into one. A simulate egg and whom were produced, and for nine agonizing months the two lovers waited for their prodigy to come forth into their abiding world. The egg didn't have DNA of it's own. DNA was taking from both fathers and isolated in the egg and whom. Then the day came for a new child to be born...

As the doctors and scientists, for the thousandth time, birthed the child, Heero and Duo awaited next to the core. Arms and fingers entwined as tears rolled down their cheeks. A baby boy was taken out of a jelly-like substance and wrapped in a blanket, and passed to the waiting guardians. Duo's heart skipped beats as the doctor handed him the baby. Heero braced him, thinking he would pass out from joy. He stood behind his partner, clutching his arms, pressing his cheek against the other's. Salty tears mixed with salty tears as they gazed at the child with a liquid curtain glazing their eyes. Heero's shaky hand reached out and gently ran his index finger along his son's cheek. "We did it honey.." he sobbed.

"Dr. Henry did it dear." Duo choked cried. "Our son." He bent his head down and kissed his newborn on the forehead.

"Congratulations." Dr. Henry said, approaching the two. "I hope you two have a wonderful life with your new son."

"Our son." Duo whispered again.

The first few days was pretty rough for the new family. Heero worked during the day and Duo stayed home with the baby. Heero wanted so much to stay home with his beloved and their current child, but they desperately needed the money. The birthing procedure cost a lot, but they both agreed it was worth every penny.

They still hadn't named the boy yet. But soon they put two and two together, or 1 + 2 ( I should say ), and named their pride and joy San. After the number. 3 ( in japanese, Heero's country ) It also meant 'sun'. They both agreed that he brightened up their life, so the name fit perfectly with the adorable child.

On his first birthday, they invited the three other Gundam pilots to their house. Trowa and Quatre had an bonding ritual held for them not too long ago, and wanted to fulfill their wishes, with the same procedure that Duo and Heero had, to make their own baby. Wufei was still single and hated being dragged around to bars and clubs with Trowa and Quatre. But he always managed to sneek away when Quatre and Trowa were doing their own little 'thing'.

When San was five, the question "Where do babies come from?" was asked. Duo and Heero didn't know what to tell him, so they decided to tell him the truth. They sat down on the couch with both fathers on either side. They explained to him that when two people love each other, and modern science advantages help people that don't have the right 'equipment' to make babies, that little children are born into loving families. And, that his daddy's love him very much, no matter where he was born from.

At six years of age, San went to school. He made friends and had sleep-overs, and picnics at his friends' houses. That was when another question came up. "Why do I have two daddies and Kenan has a mommy and a daddy?" Duo plainly explained that Heero and him love each other, and that love has no limits, as in gender. And again they told him that they love him no matter what.

One night, when San was supposed to be over at his friend's house for a sleep-over, he forgot his pillow and toothbrush. His friend Chiki's mom drove him home so he could get them. He just turned eight now, and his fathers had trusted him enough to give him his own key to the house. He jumped out of the car and ran towards the front door. Taking the key from around his neck. He opened the door and proceeded to run upstairs to retrieve his belongings. Walking slowly down the hallway, being quiet, not to wake his parents. He heard a mumbling a knocking...... coming from his parent's room. He tip-toed towards the bedroom door and frugally opened it a touch. He froze in shock, as he saw his chi-chi mounted over his other daddy, thrusting a long pole, that came from his hips, into Duo. Duo was bent on all fours and repeatadly screaming, breathlessly, his mate's name.

"Heero, oh god!" he clasped his hand around his cross and squeezed it tight. "Mm, Fuck me, HARDER, UH! FUCK ME HARDER!"

San didn't understand what was going on. He thought Heero was hurting Duo, and his eyes filled up with tears, as he too, grasped the cross from around his neck. The cherished one that Duo gave him. "STOP IT!!!" He yelled. Heero kept on slamming into his lover, and Duo kept on wailing. San stomped into the room and launched himself upon Heero. "STOP HURTING DADDY!!!" He cried. "YOUR HURTING HIM!! CHI-CHI!!"

Heero registered San's voice calling his name. He forced himself to stop banging Duo, and whipped his head around, only to see San crying hysterically and trying to pull him off Duo.

"CHI-CHI!" He cried again.

"Oh, God.........San!" Heero too, reflexively started to cry.

Duo didn't know what was going on and why Heero had stopped. He soon heard the crying from San and Heero's sobs of sorrow. He felt Heero pull out of him and quickly turned around. "SAN!" Duo rapidly focused on San grabbing Heero's waist and pulling him back. Heero did the best he could to wrap his arms around their son, crying apologies into his soft brown hair.

San looked up to see his daddy was facing him and he hastily flung himself onto Duo's lap, arms thrown around his neck. "Why is chi-chi hurting you, daddy?" He choked. "Why is he doing this?" He continued to whine into Duo's neck.

Duo started to rub his back and whisper aiding words into his son's ear. "Shhhhhhh......San, honey. Daddy's okay. Shhhhhhh. I'm ok, baby boy." Duo looked up at his consort and saw him crying into his palms.

Heero cursed himself. He was even more upset because of his still burdensome erection. He brought his knees up to his chest and curled an arm around his legs. He felt he had betrayed his son in some way, even though it wasn't his fault, at all, that San had came in the room.

Duo continued to settle San's crying. "San, honey..? Shhhhhhhh. San....can you look at Daddy for a second.....baby boy?"

San wordily and slowly looked up, his father helping him by tipping his wet face up with his two fingers.

He looked concerned into his eyes. "Daddy's okay...okay?" San forcefully shook his head, slowly, still frowning from oncoming tears.

"SAN!?!??" A voice yelled from downstairs. "SAN!?" It called again.

"It's ok Reta!" Duo called back downstairs. "We'll be down in a second!"

"okay.." she hollered up.

As Duo reached to the bed side drawer, still clinging on to his frightened son, he pulled out two pairs of pajama pants. He threw one pair in front of the still sobbing Heero. "Heero...? Heero, love, it's okay, put these on." He gently scooped San up and crawled out of the bed. "Just a second honey." he said as he cradled the fragile petite boy down on the bed. He quickly pulled the pants on and opened out stretched arms. Willingly, San jumped into them, wrapping his legs around his long haired father urgently. Duo shifted him over to one hip and reached a hand out to his blubbering lover. Heero sniffled back approaching tears and grasped Duo's hand.

They made their way downstairs to find Reta ( Chiki's mom ) , her motherly instincts screaming out worry as she she her son's friend clamped on to Duo fro dear life, Heero following. "I heard San screaming. Is everything okay?" She asked, wanting to comfort the boy.

Duo smiled. Heero softly petted his son's head and padded towards Reta. He swiftly whispered an explanation. "Umm, San.....he walked in on us." Reta shook her head, not understanding. Heero sighed. "He walked in on us..... having sex." Reta understood, eyes widened, nodding her head. "Yah, he thought...-" Heero broke down into tears before he finished. Reta took him into her arms.

"okay, I understand Heero. I should leave him here tonight, right?"

Heero looked at Duo. "We need to tell him what really happened, hon."

"..ya." Heero sobbed.

"Not a problem." Reta smiled and walked over to Duo and San. "I'm so sorry guys. It's my fault. I shouldn't have let him-"

"No Reta, it's not." Duo interjected.

She smiled a weak smile. "Okay....well, then I'll be off. You guys have a good night."

"Likewise." Heero mumbled, and again Reta went over to comfort him.

"You did nothing wrong, Heero. It's going to be okay." Heero nodded. Reta left, shutting the door quietly.

"You're a better father than me." Heero wept.

Duo jetted his head up. "Heero, don't say that! You know it's not true." He walked towards the crying soul, San still on his hip. He forced Heero to look at him, with a hand cupping his chin up. "Our son his smart, well behaved, strong and many other wonderful things that you have inspired him to do. I love you, and he loves you."

"He thought I was hurting you!"

"He didn't understand, dear." he leaned over and kissed his koi. "San?" San looked up, and Duo peered into his eyes with veracity. "Chi-chi never hurt me, ok?" he nodded. "You wanna give him a hug, baby boy? Huh? I think chi-chi needs a hug right now."

San looked over to his other dad, sniffling back tears. Duo put him down and the boy proceeded to walk over to his ch-chi. He pulled a little on Heero's pants and he looked down at his son. San put his arms up, asking for leverage. Heero obliged, and he picked him up, setting him on his hip like Duo had done. San quickly wrapped his arms around his neck, pressing his cheek against his father's. "Don't cry, chi-chi." Heero stroked his son's hair with his free hand. "I love you, chi-chi."

"I love you too, baby boy."

San lifted his head and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Duo walked over to the viced pair and gave each of them a tender kiss on the forehead. He sighed. "Let's go upstairs. Tell him what was going on. We have never lied to our son, we're not going to start now." Heero nodded and they went back upstairs.

They sat San down and told him about the birds and the bees, then told him about the 'homosexual birds and bees'. Duo's conclusion for the talk was, "It feels really good!" And then they went back to sleep with San snuggling in between them. Curling his fingers around Duo's braid.

By the age of ten, both parents found San's gift of music. They heard him singing to the radio one night and they enrolled him into a music class. He could sing in english and japanese as well. He performed at his school and other occasions, especially at Quatre's house.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!????"

Heero and Duo sprang up from their bed from San's cursing. Duo rubbed his eyes. "I'll go and see, go back to sleep." He kissed Heero on the cheek and forced his boxer clad body out of bed and down the hall to San's room. "San? San you okay in there? Can I come in?"

"..ya-e!" the puberty stricken voice confirmed, from the eleven year old boy.

Duo opened the door slowly, and found San sitting on his heels in the middle of the bed holding 'himself'. His eyes skipped up to his father, looking for an answer.

"I....I got up to go use the bathroom......and.....and.....I dunno!"

Duo hid a smile. * My baby boy is becoming a man * He walked over to the bed. "Don't worry. San....umm.....you go to the bathroom and wash up, and I'll make your bed again ok?"

"Do I have to go to the hospital?"

"No, no, dear. This is natural, for your age. It happened to me as well as chi-chi."

"But, why?"

"Go and wash up, and I'll make your bed." He said again. "When you come back, I'll explain."

San obeyed, and with a helping hand, he crawled off the bed and went to the bathroom. Duo began to take the soiled sheets off the bed and replace them with new ones. After about five minutes, San walked back into his room and sat down at the edge of the bed with his father.


San looked up.

"Wet dreams are perfectly normal at this age. There's nothing wrong with you honey."

"Wet dreams?" San interrogated

"Yah. Umm.....did you have a dream about anything......," Duo gestured his hands around, trying to think of a word. ",.......anything, um......sexy?" He huffed out.

San looked puzzled. "ah....me and Chiki were watching this movie on TV, and their was this girl and she-"

"You don't have to tell me San! Just yes or no? Well obviously yes, now." Duo explained to San more about what goes on in the male body, and San felt more at ease with the situation.

Each parent took turns, stripping and washing San's sheets."What the fuck did those doctors pump into him!? 200% testosterone!? Heero yelled at Duo sitting on the couch, while he past him for the tenth time that week, running down to wash the sheets.

"Haha! Nah, I just think he gets it from me! Anyway, he can't sleep on dirty sheets."

"Then YOU WASH 'EM!! He yelled back.

"It's your week for laundry! Me and San are cooking and cleaning up other parts of the house."

"The boy needs to wash his own shit from now on!" Heero grumbled, coming back up from the basement stairs.

"He's not a BOY, Heero! San's a MAN!" He stuck a macho-man pose and smiled at his koibito.

"Whatever he is, he's cleaning his own cummy sheets!" He stated, walking back upstairs, leaving Duo to watch TV.

San was fifteen now, and unlike his parents at his age, fighting wars, he was the most popular boy in school, and flirted with all the girls. One day he brought his new girlfriend home to 'study'.

"Yo! Anyone home?" San called out.

"Your father's still at work!" Duo blustered back. He walked out into the living room. "But I'm here. Hey!" He pointed at San's girlfriend, Kerei.

"Hello. Your one of San's daddies, right?"

"Yup! Make yourself at home!" He gave her a wink. "I love your name. Very....pretty!"

Kerei giggled. "Hey! How'd you know my name?"

"That's all San talks about now! Kerei! Kerei! Kerei! 24/7! Don't get me wrong now! We both think it's cute!" Duo spoke for Heero.

Kerei and San both blushed.

"So um......... we need to go do some work! Come on!" He quickly grabbed Kerei's hand and they both ran upstairs.

"Kids!" Duo said to himself. He went back into the kitchen to start making supper. Before he started he thought that San's girlfriend would like to stay for dinner. He walked the stairs and down the hall. "San I'm coming in!" He called before opening the door. "DAH!"

San and Kerei stooped sucking face and she took her hand out of his unzipped pants. They both speedily sat up and looked at Duo.

"umm......sorry! Sooooo sorry! But I was just gonna ask if you would like to stay for supper, Kerei?"

She and San both looked at each other, making silent conversation. Kerei looked back over at Duo, "um. Yeah!" That'll be...um...cool. I just need to phone my mom." She nodded back.

Duo gave a thumbs up to both teens and closed the door. "Sorry again guys!"

"That's ok!" Kerei called back.

Duo went down stairs and back into the kitchen, just as Heero came in the door.

"Anybody home?"

"I'm here!" Duo called from the kitchen.

Heero took off his jacket and proceeded to the kitchen.

"San's upstairs making out with his girlfriend." He said casually.

"You're spying on them!?"

"No! I walked in on accident."


" .....she had her hand down his pants! Our baby boy is getting some Heero!"

"...oh my. Whatever. So do I get a kiss from you or no?" He asked getting closer.

" I gotta get supper ready."

"So I don't get a quick kiss?" Heero stated, raising his hands in question.

Duo looked firmly at him and leaned over and gave his mate a quick kiss on the cheek. He turned around to walk to the fridge, until Heero grabbed his arm. He pulled him back and around into a bear-like hug embrace. He crushed his lips into Duo's trying to get his tongue in. "Stop!" Duo yelled under the crush and bit down on Heero's tongue.

Heero jumped back, pushing Duo to the ground with a thud. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"

Duo didn't answer, nor get up from the ground. He just wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked up at the angry man he called his lover. "Maybe I don't feel like it, right now."

"Feel like it...?"

Duo looked down at the floor.



Heero launched himself upon the man on the floor, scraping his nails down Duo's stomach. He ripped his pants down to his knees. Duo started to cry and struggle against him, but then quickly gave up. The raged soul gazed at the helpless body below himself. He cupped his cheek and leaned against it, wet with shed tears. He whispered. "because I love you," He too started sobbing. "How could you say such a thing, koi?" He snaked an arm behind Duo's back and pulled the crying man to his chest. "Suki da Duo."

"Get off me...." Duo whispered.

"What?" Heero breathed.

"I SAID GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" He wriggled around in Heero's arms and finally escaped. He stood, and swiftly pulled his pants up.

"Duo.....I'm so sor-"

"SHUT UP!! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! DON'T PULL THAT SHIT ON ME! AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, YOU CAN GO TO HELL!" Duo stomped up to Heero and kneed him in the face, followed by a slap. "IF YOU EVER TRY TO TOUCH ME AGAIN..." He trailed off.

Heero wrapped his hand around his bloody nose. He slowly looked up at Duo, pointing a threatening finger in his face.

"I have to go, Heero."

Heero's eyes filled with sorrow again. "What about San?"

"He's coming with me!"

"No! Duo, please! You can't! Duo please!" Heero fell lifelessly to the floor. Burying his head in his arms. Howling, hopelessly. "No," he looked up. ", no....stay." He got to his feet. "I'll go." He walked past Duo in a crying haze. Just as he was coming out of the kitchen, San and Kerei were running down the stairs.

"What's going on? I heard yelling!" Heero looked up at his son. "Holy crap! Dad your nose!!" he ran to comfort his father, picking up a tissue on the way.

"I'm okay, San. Don't worry." He said looking down, in his tedium voice.

San looked at his other father, standing in the door frame to the kitchen. "What happened?"

Heero looked away and Duo said nothing. Then Heero looked up at his son. "I need to take some time....away."

"I don't understand."

"I need to go away for a while." he sighed walking up to san. He went to go hug him, when the boy stopped him, holding a tissue to his nose. Heero took it and gently placed it under the bleeding perforation. "You take care of your dad for me." he said looking back over his shoulder, at Duo. He patted San on the back, and looked up at Kerei. "I'm sorry about this." he murmured. "There's no point in introducing myself, because your not going to see me around here anymore. But I don't want to be rude. My name is Heero, San's other father." He reached out to shake Kerei's hand.

She closed her two small hands around his. Heero smiled. "I'm Kerei, Mr...?"

"Yuy. Heero Yuy."

"Maxwell! San said. "Yuy-Maxwell!" he looked over at Duo, who's eyes were tearing up again. Duo shook his head in spite.

"I have to go!" Heero stated, and walked to the door.

"Wait! You need clothes and everything, an-"

"No.....I don't..." Heero opened the door. He glanced back at Duo, with a tear drop filling his eye. "....Goodbye." He closed the door softly behind him.

Duo looked up at San. "I...I'm sorry....San."

San shook his head. "No you're not." He jumped down the stairs and to the front door, hoping to catch his father. He opened the door, fining her was already gone.

From then on of that year, San would stay at Heero's on weekends or whenever he wanted. Heero hadn't seen Duo in five months and was getting lonely fast. All he did was go to work, eat, sleep and work out.

One day when he drove San back to the house, hi son asked him a question that made Heero's heart skip. "Why don't you come in?" Heero looked over to the garage and saw Duo's motorcycle in the drive way.

"Um.....I don't think-"

"Only for a sec? Please?"

Heero inhaled deeply and looked at the house he hadn't been in inside for the longest time, he could imagine. "Okay.." he said blankly. The two guys got out of the car and walked to the front door. San opened it and they both crept in side.

The furniture in the living room was moved around a little, but other than that it looked the same.

"You home, kid?" the sound of Duo's voice made Heero's heart choke his throut, and he found himself backing out of the house. San grabbed a hold of his arm.

"Yah, I'm cool!" San shouted back up the stairs.

The hidden man that claimed the voice that set Heero's stomach turning, cam into view at the top of the stairs. "Hey! What did I tell you about bringing home strays!?" he chuckled to himself and walked down the stairs. "Nah, just foolin. Who's your friend?" Duo didn't recognize Heero. The reason mostly because of his chin length hair and unshaven face. "Hey bud. I'm Duo!" He stuck out his hand in front of the man he did not identify.

"Hello, Duo." Heero looked up.

".....Heero?" Duo questioned, still looking into the Prussian blue eyes. Shocked.

Heero gave him a weak smirk and ran his fingers through his hair.

Duo focused on his muscular torso, more potent then he'd ever seen his ex. "Um, you're looking good for a thirty-five year old, these days."

Heero looked Duo up and down. "Likewise."

"I'm gonna go finish some homework." San said, passing Duo up the stairs.

"Yah, I should get going myself." Heero turned around.

"Wait! No.....stay for a bit. I need to give you some things anyway." Duo mentally crossed his fingers.

Heero turned back around. He nodded his head. "...ok..."

"Good..... well ..... they're upstairs. You wanna come up?"

"I suppose." He said, following Duo up the stairs. He watched as his braid swayed from side to side. "You haven't cut your hair."

"Look who's talking. You know you should really start tying it back."


"To keep it out of your face."


Duo casually opened the bedroom door. "Come on in." Heero entered. He looked around, only to find that nothing had changed. The dresser was in the same spot as expected. Their bed was still against the wall near the window. Their bed. Heero walked over to the king-size canopy and leaned against one of the bed posts. He looked within the depths of the bunk. He started to remember and flash back. All the times they cherished one another. How they cried out each other's names and professed their love for one another. Heero frowned.


"So what?"

"Do you want me to tie your hair back.?" Duo said, elastic in hand.

Heero forced his eyes away from the bed and into Duo's. "Sure."

Duo walked up to the well built man. "Could you turn around? Please?" Heero assented, staring at the bed again. And ever so softly, he felt Duo brush his finger tips across his neck. For five months, he hadn't had contact, physical or vocal, with this man that he knew he still loved. Duo grasped the silky brown tresses carefully and secured it with an elastic, at the nape of his neck. He stared at the broad shoulders and every time Heero moved a touch, the lines curving the hard muscles shifted. On reflex, Duo lifted both his hands to Heero's back. He carefully, with feather light stokes, grazed the powerful shoulders.

Heero melted into the touch, lowering his head. He savored every moment that this Duo's body touched his. He felt his long lost companion start trying to slide the arm bands off his shoulders.

Duo didn't want to make him uncomfortable, so he left the urge to see this individual's upper body. See how much he's changed and catch up on the things that were forgotten for those long months.

Heero knew what Duo wanted. He slide his hands down his own body and under the hem of his tank top. He lifted it over his head, causing his bangs to come out of the elastic and mold to his face again. He dropped it on the floor and reached out a hand. Duo slid his palm into his found love's and nuzzled Heero's back.

"I missed you.... so much."

Heero raised his hand entwined with Duo's and tenderly kissed the back of his hand. "I missed you too.....koibito."

Duo unclasped his hand and stepped in front of Heero. Violet mixed with blue as they breathed in each other's scent. "I need you." "Suki da.."

They merged their lips together and Heero bent his head down to the side for Duo. He didn't want to force anything. He just wanted to take things slowly. He let his hands raise up to duo's sides and his fingers urging Duo into his bare chest. The smaller man leaned in closer and ran his hands down to Heero's pants.

"No!" Heero breathlessly claimed.

"Hmm?" Duo looked up at him.

"No, no we can't do this."

"Why no? We haven't been together for so long."

"Yes I know. Together. But I don't want sex Duo," He made sure Duo was looking into his soft eyes. He lifted his chin with two fingers, "......I just want you."

Duo smiled.

"I have loved you since the day I first laid my eyes on you. Heard your voice. They way you move. The way you move me. Duo, I will always love you." He gave his, now again, partner a soft kiss. " I don't care if we never make love again, as long as I'm with you."

"You're not serious..." Duo smirked being sarcastic. "Isn't my body good enough for you? Huh?" he turned around, displaying himself.

Heero bit his lip to stop himself from laughing. "I really did miss you, a lot."

"But what have you done to your body?" Duo asked pointing at Heero's stomach.

"Working out....why?"

"Cause I've never seen you so....so...like, um, thick!"

Heero blushed and ran his hand over his stomach. "Well, I had nothing better to do."

The violet eyed man giggled. "Can I touch it?" he reached out a hand.

"Knock yourself out!" Heero laughed.

Duo started to touch the well built chest, prodding around. "I haven't touched this skin in so long. I miss the feel of your softness under my finger tips.." He continued to explore the surface of his mate's torso. Staring directly at the skin that his digits brushed against.

Heero just gazed at Duo's face. Grinning when the other man did the same. He felt Duo's hand pass over the middle of his chest, and he quickly grasped the hand over his heart. Duo looked up into Heero's indulgent vision. The blue eyed soul stretched out an arm and pulled Duo into a powerful hug, still clutching his hand over his heart. "I'm sorry about all the horrible things I've done to you."

"I don't care about any of that shit anymore. I just need you. I need you with me. I should be the one who says 'I'm sorry.'"

"So we can pick up where we left off? One big, happy family?"

"Yah right! I refuse to live in Suburbia!" Duo looked into the heavenly midst again. "So when can you move back in?"

"As soon as possible. I can go home now if you want."

"No. Take it easy. I can't stand to see you walk out of that door again. Not tonight."

Heero nodded. "Anything for you." He sighed a bit. "Can I help with supper then?"

"Of course. I didn't have anything planned. What would you like?"

"Well I have missed you cooking....a lot! I was stuck with take out most of the time."

"Poor baby!" Duo curved a lip out. "Well come on, let's go speak to San first."

"Right." Heero picked up his tank top from the floor and slipped it back over his head with some help from Duo. They opened the door, and surprisingly San was there, falling face first into the room. He quickly got to his feet.

"I HEARD!" He shouted with a grin on his face.

"Snooping were we?" Heero said.

"I don't care! Chi-chi's moving back in!" He moved at full blast and hugged both of them. "So everything's cool?"

"It's all cool." Duo said, and they family walked down the stairs to get supper ready. Together. Daddy, Chi-chi, and their 'musuko'. San Yuy-Maxwell.

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