Okay this is a little something I've been staring at for the last two days, trying to decide if I a.) wanted to continue this and b.) if I should post it to the list. I finally decided just to post it and see what kind of response it gets. Blame it on my recent exposure and subsequent addiction to Rurouni Kenshin. So, if you want to see more of this fic, let me know.

If this seems slightly confusing at first, just keep reading and hopefully before the end, you'll see where I'm giong with this first part.

This story is a Rurouni Kenshin/Gundam Wing fusion. It's going to be an Alternate Universe fic and will definitely have a 1x2 pairing.

Rurouni Kenshin is the property of Nobuhiro Watsuki and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing belongs to Bandai. I'm borrowing the characters and situations purely for entertainment purposes, not to make any money.

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Testament (1/?)


Heero Yuy was dreaming.

He was in a house of some sort. No, a dojo, his mind supplied. Although he had never been there before, he wandered through the rooms running his hands over the boards and objects with a vague feeling of recognition. No, more than that. It was a feeling of homecoming and welcome.

He glided through the rooms, having to take it slow for fear of tripping. He hadn't understood why at first, then he realized his long strides wouldn't work with the kimono he was wearing. Fretting with the soft yellow material, his fingers plucked nervously at the deep blue sash around his waist. He had to be careful; since his father's death, the dojo wasn't making enough for him to afford a new dress every day. If he tore his clothes, it was altogether possible he might not get any more for quite some time.

Sighing, he wandered out onto the porch then paused, leaning against one of the beams. A smile played at the corner of his lips as he studied the figure bent over the wash outside in the yard. Fire filled his vision, a living fire of brilliant reds and golds meshing together in a soft messy mane of hair that his hands itched to run through. The other man wasn't a very large but he seemed so much taller in his mind. It was always startling to realize he wasn't that much bigger than himself If the other turned around, he knew he'd see clear violet eyes so very gentle and strangely wistful. Those eyes had burned into him more than any other feature. There was so much they said and didn't say, so much they hid. His heart tightened at the thought of the other hiding something from him. He already carried so much pain, it wasn't fair that he had to bear it alone. 'I'd give anything if...'


She lifted his eyes and smiled at they met concerned violet. "Hai, Kenshin. I'm all right."

There it was again--that sweet shy smile that was reserved just for her. Warmth surged through her and she felt a blush sting her cheeks. With Kenshin she wasn't alone anymore. She didn't have to be Kamiya Kaoru, heir to the Kamiyakasshinryu style of fighting, always struggling to stay one step ahead of her creditors. Kenshin didn't care about any of those things. Kenshin cared about her and that was that.

She slipped off the steps, her skin prickling as she felt his gaze on her. If the day hadn't already been warm, then it was now. Why was it his smallest gesture or word could evoke such strong reactions from her? Megumi had often teased her, chiding her for not 'playing hard to get,' but Kaoru didn't really see the point. She cared about Kenshin, why should she hide it? Now, if she could only get the point across to him. For all his skill with a blade, Kenshin's education in matters of the heart was woefully lacking. He didn't play games like Megumi and Sano did with each other and worse, he seemed to have her up on some sort of pedestal. A very high pedestal where she was something to be looked at with longing but never touched. And Kaoru wanted to be touched. 'I mean, it's only natural that after a certain point in a relationship, there's some touching involved...' She flushed at the thought. 'Kami-sama, I'm becoming as wanton as Megumi.'

"Kaoru-dono? Is something the matter?" Kenshin's violet eyes studied her, making her blush deepen.

"No, no," she stumbled. "I'm all right. I'm going into town to see Doctor Genzai. Would--would you like to come?"

There was a pause then that smile again, "Yes, Kaoru-dono, I would like that very much."

She waited for him to fall into step beside her. They walked in companionable silence for a ways. There were so many things she wanted to say to him, so many things she wasn't sure she had the right to say. Gathering her courage, Kaoru turned to him, "Kenshin..."

He was gone, vanished as if he had never existed at all. "Kenshin? Kenshin!"

Heero lurched upright, cut more by an aching sense of loss in his chest than by the lingering wail or fading images in his head. His breath rasped as cold sweat trickled down his alarmed body. He was shaking, his teeth chattering loud in the darkness. 'What the hell just happened?' he growled low in his throat, hugging his knees in an effort to compose himself. He tried to recall what he had been dreaming about, but all he came up with was a pair of violet eyes and a name. He felt it roll around his mind before he spoke, his tongue testing every syllable.


***end of prologue