Title: A Simple Kind of Life (1/1)
Author: Persephone_Elysian
Rating: NC-17, PWP.
Pairing: 2x1
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Author's Notes:

Okay, this is one of those pieces that more or less wrote itself. I've never done a lemon piece without a several chapter set up before, so this is a new experience for me (here's hoping I've not done too shabbily).

Further, this story is for Akuma, who's been urging me to write a 2x1 lemon for some time now... I hope you enjoy it, Akuma. ^_^

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, the characters, or the concepts therein. I am merely using this for entertainment purposes. ^_^

'...' indicates thoughts.


A Simple Kind of Life
By : Persephone_Elysian


        The sound of running water roused him from his slumber, hand searching beneath his pillow on instinct for the gun he knew to be there. Fingers wrapped around cold steel then flexed as he lifted his head, peeking at the digital clock nearby. Nearly 3 a.m. And someone was running a bath? Duo sat up, a tiny smile pecking at the corners of his mouth. There was only one person he knew with such an odd fancy, who didn't give a damn if the he woke anyone up or not. 'Heero's home,' the American pilot grinned now, toying with the ends of his loose hair.

        Heero had been called away two weeks ago for a mission and Duo had spent much of the interim alternating between drowning in paper work and aggravating Une for news about his lover. And because of the latter, Duo had found himself benched and presented with the department's casework and expenditures in the hopes that sorting through and filing everything away would 'give him something to do.' He scowled, his eyes aching in sympathy. Things had been much easier during the war... All he'd been expected to do was blow things up and kick Oz-zie ass. Now... Well, yeah he could still blow things up and he could still kick ass but he was expected to account for each bullet spent, each blow delivered. And if he couldn't or couldn't prove the necessity for any of his actions, it came out of his paycheck in some way. Preventer was already walking a thin line with the Senate even with Quatre and Vice Minister Peacecraft standing between the fledgling organization and oblivion. There were just too many politcos out there who saw Preventer as a hindrance or worse, a causation for violence such as the Mariemaia incident just... Was it really only two years ago now? So much has happened in that short time, so many changes that it seemed enough to fit into 5 years, not two.

        He had never expected to join Preventer, had gone so far as to return to the Sweepers on L2 after Mariemaia's failed bid for power. The adrenaline high after being thrust back into action was expected. What he had not expected was the sense of rightness he'd felt in the midst of the firefight and the sheer sense of being lost when he had returned to civilian life. He could deal and scavenge for scrap metal all he wanted to but the truth of the matter was, Duo Maxwell had a talent for being in a battle. He felt alive when he dodging bullets or pulling crazy stunts like the crash landing on Colony X-18999. And no matter how much he wanted to deny it to himself, he was bored silly by civilian life and indeed, colony life. He needed the open reaches of space, always moving, always just one step behind his quarry. It was sick, he tried to convince himself, worrying Hilde with his growing sullenness and his morose snappishness. The war was over, he didn't have to fight anymore.

        But the truth of the matter was, the war wasn't over. Not by a long shot. The Earth and its Colonies were at peace, more or less but there were still elements that were actively seeking to overthrow that fragile equilibrium. Members of the Senate, of interests groups, and the mafia that had taken advantage of the peace to grow fat and set down roots in the major cities. Preventer was expected to deal with all of them and any other threat that presented itself. The problem was limited funding, recruitment threadbare and with the exception of a few such as Wufei and Sally, competency was to be hoped for and not expected. They needed people, talented people and they had turned to the only pool of resources they had left--soldiers, both rebel and former OZ. It made an odd situation, fighting on the same side as the people who'd once tried to kill you and vice versa but they were managing, if not completely working.

        According to Wufei, they'd asked all the former Gundam pilots. But with Quatre now active in the Senate, representing L4, Trowa unwilling to leave the circus, his peace of mind and Heero being M.I.A. since the end of the Barton rebellion, that left Duo the only pilot left to actually accept the offer. Maybe he should have been miffed that Wufei had waited so long to approach him but the truth was, he had jumped at the chance to be of use again, needing that look of fulfillment and inner peace he recognized in Wufei's dark eyes

        So he'd joined and within six months had found himself rising through the ranks, accepting missions that made even brave men hesitate and generally enjoying the hell out of himself. That lost feeling had vanished and he, for the first time since the war had ended, had felt at home. He'd found his niche, surrounded by people who knew and felt the same way he had since the end of the fighting. He'd even found an able and tractable (surprisingly so) partner in Dorothy Catalonia. Dorothy, better than anyone else save Wufei, understood his frustrations, even shared them. They made a good team even with as Wufei called it 'their constant bickering.

        His life had been jarred again almost a year to the day he'd joined Preventer by the re-appearance of a certain Japanese pilot in his life. He and Dorothy had been grumbling over the write up of a case they'd just come off, and heading out for the night when Heero had pushed into the office, leather jacket slung over one shoulder, his cool eyes scanning the office before landing on the two of them. Duo still remembered the shiver of emotion that had shuddered through his system at that probing blue stare. He didn't remember much else aside from Heero skirting past them, towards Une's office and Dorothy waving her hand in front of his face with a smart-ass remark he couldn't even recall. Wasn't really that important anyway. What was important was that the next day, he'd come in to work and found Heero seated at a desk close to his, all decked out in Preventer uniform and scowling at him as Duo bounced over.

        Things had progressed from there in a fashion so quick it still staggered him. Of all the things he'd expected in his life, having Heero Yuy as his lover was not one of them. Oh, not that he was disappointed... far from it. Duo could no more give Heero up than quit breathing but to be honest, he'd never thought Heero would see him that way. Hell, he never thought Heero would see anyone that way. There had been times during the war with Romefeller where Duo had not only questioned the Japanese pilot's sanity but the existence of his libido. After all, Relena had thrown herself at him at every opportunity and Duo... Well, Duo had to admit he was not the subtlest person concerning things he wanted and he had wanted Heero badly during the war. There had been nights his teeth had positively ached from hormones and the need to make Heero feel something, anything that related to him being high up there. And when the war had ended and Heero had just left, Duo had figured he'd lost his chance. There weren't enough words to express how pleased he was that Heero had proven him wrong.

        Determined not to miss any more chances, Duo stole off the bed, silent steps taking him towards the half-cracked bathroom door. Pale strips of light peeked around the corners at him before exploding into a full blossom, steam rushing out to meet his cool skin as he stepped inside, eyes blinking as they adjusted to the light difference.

        "Hey," Duo made his voice low, out of habit if nothing else. He let his eyes drift over the feast before him making no attempt to hide his appreciation.

        Heero was draped over the ancient tub, one leg swung over the side as he lay against the back of the tub, a book resting against his stomach. Damp brown hair curled around his face, very near hiding his heavy-lidded blue eyes. His tawny skin glistened, water rivulets caressing muscle and sinew. Duo licked his lips as one droplet in particular trailed down his neck, down his chest where pink nipples engorged by heat stared at him, just begging to be suckled and pinched. His eyes traveled further down, to that dark nest of curls and half-hardened cock lying against his lover's thigh, his breath picking up in response.

        "Duo?" Even his voice was husky, thick with pleasurable comfort. Although he would never believe him, Heero had a bedroom voice when he wanted to. There was something damn sexy about that cool voice thawing, melting to whisky-like tones.

          He slipped out of his t-shirt and boxers, loving the way Heero's eyes followed his movements, then moved back up in much the same predatory fashion Duo had displayed moments before. Toeing the clothes out of his way, he padded across the damp tile then leaned across the space to pluck Heero's book out of hands, giving it a quick glance before he tossed it aside.

        Pratchett. Yes, there *was* a God. Heero's reading material was a good indicator of the mood he was in. Of late he'd been in the mood for satires and Duo had very quickly learned to pick up his moods from what he read. If Heero was curled up with Terry Pratchett and the wacky inhabitants of Discworld, all was right with the world but if he had something like Jonathan Swift or Alexander Pope in front of him, you could watch out.

        "Mind if I join you?" Duo slid down to sit on the side of the tub, near Heero's wandering eyes, reaching down to brush his lover's hair back and plant a soft kiss on his sweat touched forehead. Heero lifted his face, allowing Duo the opportunity to move down, lips tasting the soft folds of his eyes, then the strong line of his nose, and that delicate flesh just above his upper lip. He nibbled there, enjoying the shudder it sent through Heero, then kissed his upper lip, once, twice, before he covered that tempting mouth, tongue slipping through parted lips to tease and taste.

        Heero tasted so good... If sunshine and wind and rain could have a flavor, then that was what Heero tasted like. All the elements of nature exploding on the taste buds and like those elements, there was something raw and untamable and sweet about Heero's kisses. And there was something heady about the way he submitted, almost as if Duo was mastering that uncontrollable wildness.

         Mouth met mouth, tongues caressing and stroking as Duo gripped one of Heero's water-slicked shoulders, swinging his legs over the side, toes stroking lazy circles up and down his lover's shin. Heero exhaled, his mouth breaking contact as he shivered, those swollen lips mouthing more than saying the word, "Tease."

        "Mhmm. You always sound so surprised when you say that, too. You should know me by now, love," Duo purred, slipping into the water to sit between Heero's spread legs. "Now isn't this interesting?"

         To emphasize that point, Duo touched Heero's knees, fingers lightly skimming the soft flesh between those thighs, smirking as Heero groaned, his reddening cock hardening further. He was gentle, those caresses mapping the delicate veins and pale gold skin but never going higher, even when Heero bucked his hips upward in obvious impatience. Instead, he rose to his knees, nearly lying across Heero as he re-sought possession of those full lips. God, so good, he thought, rubbing against that strong, firm body underneath his, reaching up to touch those nipples he'd eyed moments earlier, twisting each nub with sharp, claiming brushes of his thumb and forefinger. Heero's hands dug into his shoulders, gripping hard enough to leave bruises, probably ten fingers each. Duo shrugged. It came with the territory. It wouldn't be the first time and certainly not the last. Not the last by a long shot if he had anything to say about it.

        "Ooh," Duo moaned as Heero's mouth left his, roughly nipping his cheeks, then chin and down to his neck where he raked his teeth against the vein pulsing in Duo's neck. He felt his pulse jump...felt it all the way down to his aching sex. Heero repeated his action, those teeth scraping against the tender skin just under his ear then replaced by a suction of lips and teeth rolling flesh around. He caught his breath as Heero moved, alternating between nips and sucking down his neck, biting down on the junction of his collarbone. Heero's hands were no less busy, threading thorough his loose hair, then smoothing down his back, tracing the ridge and bumps of his spine until he reached the tapering curve of buttock. Duo pulled back then, meeting Heero's questioning eyes with a mischievous expression as he waggled a finger at him.

        "Uh uh, Heero. Not this time. You're all," Duo's hand dipped down, dragging over his chest and stomach to snug his hand at the base of his lover's testicles with a gentle squeeze, causing Heero to gasp, his head falling back, eyes fluttering, "mine."

        He rolled the twin sacs between Heero's legs together, drinking in each incoherent mutter and whimper, watching the shaft twitching above his grasp tear up then seep. With his other hand, he caught the trickle with his index finger, bringing it to his lips and sucking, even as he continued to touch Heero, those coarse dark hairs surround softly rough to the touch. The taste lingered on his tongue, salty, almost tangy and he wanted more, more of it, more of this taste so uniquely Heero. He let his partner go, hands sliding around Heero's slim hips, lifting him until Heero's legs fell off his shoulders and he lowered his head to the prize thrusting upward restlessly just inches below his mouth.

        "Duo!" That hoarse sexy voice strangled as the American licked him, toying with that dewing slit, then backed up a bit to let his tongue laze up and down Heero's shaft. Using the rough of his tongue, he moved slow, making sure to touch and taste every inch of Heero's skin, enthralled by the helpless sounds coming falling from his lover's lips. His lips nipped and mock-bit down on those balls he had stroked with his hands moments before. The hips in his hands tensed, muscles tightening through out Heero's fine tuned body. Not long, Duo noted and moved his head back, catching Heero's eyes a split second before he dropped his head, swallowing him as far as his throat would allow, letting the muscles there tighten around Heero's spasming cock. He bobbed his head up, slow, so very slow then down, teeth teasing as he applied suction. It didn't take much. Heero was already teetering over the edge and he came, hard and fast, sliding down Duo's throat as the long haired boy continued to suck, lapping at any straying juices, feeling the hard muscle in his mouth softening, the tension in Heero's body relaxing. He smiled, chuckling and sending a shockwave through Heero's sensitive member as he did. As much as he loved the Perfect Solider in the afterglow, he wasn't about to let Heero lie back and catch his breath. Not yet anyway.

        He gently let Heero's lower body slide back into the water, watching his lover's chest rise and fall with breathless pants. Then he let his eyes drift over the various bath products surround the tub before grabbing a nearby can of shaving gel, smoothing the pearly white foam over his fingers. He tilted his head towards Heero who nodded, still looking a bit winded as he lifted himself again, allowing Duo to catch his lower body again, this time with a very different intent in mind. Soap-slicked fingers ghosted over Heero's semi-softened shaft, then down lower until he found that tight ring of muscle, working one finger inside. It was a slow process, one he took care to prepare Heero for. Normally, Heero was the one who did the taking in the relationship and he was on the receiving end. His lover's body was tight, that hot sheath clenching around his finger as he strove to add another, studying Heero's face for any sign of discomfort.

        Far from discomfort, Heero seemed to be enjoying himself, his mouth ajar, face straining a bit as he thrust back against Duo's invading fingers, trying to adjust to the tattoo the American set. Duo concentrated, searching, delving deeper until he felt Heero's body stiffen, then shove harder against his touch. He grinned, removing his fingers one by one, teasing Heero's inner walls before reaching down to lather his cock with the remainder of the foam, then lifting to his knees, sliding inch by frustrating inch into Heero's trembling body. He nearly howled as he felt himself filling the other boy, those strong muscles clamping down then letting him pass in a little further, holding and clinging to him.

        He let his hands rest on either sides of the tub as he thrust once, almost experimental in its touch. Heero responded immediately, moving counter to him, face screwed up in pleasure... But Duo needed to see...Needed to know... "Heero," he rasped. "Heero, look at me."

        The sight of those beautiful blue dark eyes almost undid him. He thrust again, harder, claiming the willing body beneath him. Heero mewled, such a strange wonderful sound from the normally reticent boy. Duo set about making him mewl again, each stroke of his cock coming harder, faster. He lowered his face, capturing Heero's mouth, tasting those sounds before he made them, feeling them radiate through his skull and down his back. He slid his hands underneath Heero's arms and back, lifting him up until he was leaning not against the back of the tub but against the sweating walls, as much of their skin pressed together as he could manage as he plundered that wonderful cavern, his pelvis thrusting below. Heero's legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him in and holding him steady as he moved.

        "God... Love you," Duo groaned, his back straightening, almost arching backward as he moved, needing to finish the crescendo he felt building. "Love you, love you love you love... Oh God..."

        The words were broken, couldn't possibly begin to encompass everything he felt for the Japanese boy but they were all he could give, that and the hard thrust of his body, possessing and being possessed in turn. For this he would die, for this boy, for this feeling. He'd spent his life half-alive and not even known it. Not until Heero. Not until those blue eyes, the most expressive part of this non-expressive boy had sparkled and glistened for him, all the feelings that couldn't be said and expressed waiting right there for him to see. It was the culmination of their lovemaking for Duo, it transcended everything that he felt or thought. That one moment, that one moment of perfect understanding that might be buried or hidden in the dawn but was so naked and open now... This was what he lived for, it was what he craved and was addicted to. There was no help for it, there was no weapon that could save him. All he could do was surrender.

        His body tensed, pausing then jerking as he felt his release, filling Heero, marking him. He thrust still, body caught in a piston reaction and teeth chattering as he shuddered, his lover's arms wrapping around him in a secure embrace. I love you, Duo thought, burying his face in Heero's neck. Even if you can't say it, even if you don't ever tell me... I know... I know you feel the same.

        Heero was kissing him, the side of his face and the curve of his shoulder. Duo turned and met his lips in one last searing touch before sliding back and up, Heero wincing just a bit as he pulled out. Duo surged forward, splashing water onto the floor as he wriggled between the space of the tub wall and Heero's body, catching him and hugging him tightly. "I love you," he whispered again against that perfect ear, Heero's hair wet and light against his lips.

        Heero's response, not in words as he molded his body to Duo's, his mouth seeking and giving, told the American more than he needed.

        'I love you, Duo.'

         It was enough, it was more than he'd ever hoped for.