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Chapter Two

That damn beeping was beginning to annoy him.

He couldn't quite place when it had begun. Maybe it hadn't. Maybe the sound had always been there, drowned out with passion only to return with a vengeance. Or maybe, he thought with a drowsy snicker, the ringing was a result of all that passion. Maybe there was such a thing as a 'mind-blowing orgasm.'

Well, whatever it was, it could wait. Right now, he didn't want to ever move again. Not too much, he amended, burrowing his head into Heero's shoulder. The hands resting in his hair twitched, fingers flexing in an automatic caress. Duo purred, a sound muted by a contented yawn and a lazy stretch of his bones before settling back into a comfortable drape over his lover.

"Duo?" Heero's voice was husky with sleep. Had he not been so damn tired (worn out was more like it), Duo might have noted with appreciation how sexy Heero sounded half-asleep or how equally alluring he was just lying there with the corners of his mouth grooved upward just a little. There was just enough of a curve to radiate a satisfied smugness while still managing to appear vulnerable. Dark lashes feathered his skin, a startling contrast to the pale dawn of flesh.

"Mhmm?" Duo murmured, nose buried somewhere in Heero's chest.

"Aren't you going to get that?"

Reality crashed down on him. Like a bucket of ice water dumped over his shoulders, those simple words, muttered in the lethargy of the moment gave him an unexpected moment of clarity. An entire world existed beyond Heero, beyond this room, as much as Duo might have wished he could pretend otherwise. A world that he was a part of, a world that consisted of that annoying little buzzing sound that was yet another one of the wonders of modern technology.

His mind righted itself, the beeping sound associating itself with the familiar chiming of the pager. His pager, the one that had been a gift from Relena, just so that she could be in touch with him when she needed. When she needed to make certain he wasn't trying to off himself somewhere.

Relena. 'Shit, shit, shit,' Duo swore, bolting upright. He scrambled off the couch, Heero yelping in discomfort as a foot caught him in the ribs. Duo paused, tossing off a guilty, "Sorry. I'll kiss it and make it better. Promise."

Heero snorted, settling back into the cushions, face drawn and tired but eyes clear as he watched Duo shifting and tossing around the clothes on the floor, searching for his jacket. He found it underneath Heero's jeans, fingers diving into each pocket, the ring of his beeper filling the room beyond his hearing. Or so it seemed. Praying that he was wrong, he dared a looked down at the screen.

Relena's number was flashing. 'Shit,' Duo sank to the floor, hair spilling out around him as he lay back, covering his eyes with his forearm. 'I am so dead,' he thought bleakly. 'If I'm lucky Rel's only called out half of the police force in New York.'

"Not that I'm not enjoying the view or anything," Heero drawled from the couch above him, "But mind telling me what the hell's going on?"

"My cousin," Duo sighed. "Looks like she's trying to find me. I knew this was too good to last."

Silence greeted his words and he immediately wished he could take them back. Heero's face was curiously blank, eyes drawn and seeing something Duo could not. Was this really it then? One night? One night of blind passion that made him believe that there was something worth living for, all gone in the cold light of day when reality banishes the haze of lust, and want . . . and need.

"You're leaving then." It was not so much a question as it was a statement. And it was a statement that left Duo more confused than he already was.

He searched his lover's face for some sign of . . . anything. Anything beyond the stoic, unreadable mask that had fallen in place. Finally, not finding at all what he longed and searched for, Duo let his gaze fall away, focusing on that flashing digital display.

"I have to call her. She worries."

"Obviously," Heero remarked, his voice still curiously void of anything even remotely resembling emotion. Then, before Duo could truly register how much that froze him inside, how much that twisted like a knife in his heart, the other spoke, his whisper almost too soft for Duo's ears, "Will you come back?"

Duo felt his chest constrict, then swell with relief, air once more circuiting through lungs that had held their breath. He rolled over, slinking up to place his hands on the lip of the couch. Dark blue eyes followed him, still glinting with depths and places that Duo was only beginning to understand, that he wanted to spend the rest of his days trying to understand but at least he understood this. He leaned forward, capturing Heero's mouth with his, tasting the eagerness of his response in the dance of lips against lips. Heero's hands clutched his shoulders, holding them together as that slow waltz of tongue and teeth and lips continued, each moving in counterpoint to the other.

Duo pulled back, leaning his forehead against his lover's, one hand sliding up to trace the contours of his temple and cheek, down to his jaw and those silky lips which swallowed the gentle press he gave there.

"Of course, I'll come back," Duo replied, "I just need to see my cousin and let her know I'm all right."

Heero's eyes darkened and fearing this, Duo grabbed his chin, forcing him to glare back. "Hey," the long-haired boy chided. "Have a little faith in me. I said I was keeping you, remember?"

"I remember," Heero snapped with little force. His face had lost some of its tense edge as he placed a few kisses along his throat, moving towards his ear. "When can I see you again?"

Duo lifted his face, enjoying the cold burn moving up his skin. He shivered. "I need to talk to Rel. Let her know that I haven't done anything stupid. She'll be pissed I was out all night without leaving a forwarding address. She gets protective."

"I know the feeling," Heero murmured, before nibbling on the outer shell of his ear, Duo shuddering as his tongue slithered in and out, teeth holding down the abused flesh with gentle precision.

"Heero, if you don't stop, I won't be able to walk anywhere without disgracing myself."

"So don't go."

With a sound of disappointment, Duo used his grip on Heero's shoulders to push himself away. It wasn't easy, not with Heero's heavy-lidded, half-sulky expression staring him in the face. "Really, Heero. I have to do this. Unless, of course, the idea of the NYPD busting in on us is a turn on."

"It might be." However, Heero sat up, legs swinging down to rest on the floor. He rubbed his face, regret etched in every line of his body. "All right. Go see your cousin. There are some things I need to do anyway."

Duo sat back on his haunches, glancing around. "Should I meet you back here?"

Heero shook his head. "No, this place is a vampire's safe house and if you came here without me… No."

"Then where?" Duo urged, slipping his shirt back around his shoulders. He lifted his hair out of the collar. He turned Heero's question back on him. "When can I see you again?"

"The balcony," Heero replied after some thought. "After dark. I'll come to you. It'll be safer that way."

Duo grunted as he pulled on his pants. "Why not the front door? Don't tell me that story about a vampire not being able to come in unless invited is true?"

"No," Heero couldn't have sounded more contemptuous if he'd tried. "Any fool who thinks they're keeping us out just by crossing their threshold is in for a nasty surprise. I can come and go anywhere I please. I just thought…"

"Thought what?"

"Your cousin?" Heero offered tentatively. "Are you sure you want her to know about me? About us?"

Duo paused, feeling a flash of ire. "Do you think I'm ashamed of you, Heero? Ashamed of us? Or is it you're ashamed of me?"

"No," Heero retorted. "I was just wondering how I'm supposed to fit in your little world. Let's face it, Duo, I'm not the kind of person you drag home for tea and crumpets to meet with Daddy."

"I didn't want to be with you because I think I can make you fit in my world, Heero. I wanted to be with you because you're not a part of my world. I wanted to be with you because ... because you're you. And Relena and the rest of the world can go fuck themselves if they have a problem with it. I don't fit in Relena's perfect little mold . . . I never have."

"No," Heero admitted, "I suppose that you don't." His eyes raked over Duo's form, an action that earlier would have sent his body burning and kindled a new need, but this look was different. This one was weighing, appraising … wary. Like a creature in the wild unsure of some new thing it has discovered.

"Look," Duo knelt besides the sofa, capturing and holding that gaze. "I have to call her. If I don't --" The jarring insistent beeping of the pager interrupted him, adding emphasis to his words. For a moment, he was half-tempted to toss the thing across the room, smash it into a million pieces and forget that it even existed. But despite all her nagging and over protective whims, even Relena didn't deserve that sort of anxiety.

He reached out a hand, running his fingers through his lover's hair. Duo felt tension he hadn't known he was feeling leave his body as Heero did not avoid or shy away from that touch, but rather leaned slightly into it. Duo swallowed, reluctantly withdrawing his hand before he followed through on the urge to let his fingers roam in other places … across cheekbones and collarbones and muscled planes.

"We'll talk tonight?" Duo offered.

Heero nodded. With his face so solemn, he seemed so impossibly young, brow furrowed and worrying his lower lip absently. Only those eyes gave any inkling as to his true age and right now they were somewhat less than sparkly. Duo gave into the impulse and darted a quick kiss to his nose, watching in tender amusement as his nose wrinkled, eyes crossing as they attempted to follow Duo's motions.

"All better," Duo announced, wishing he felt as if everything were made all better by those playful acts. "So I'll see you after dark, my place?"


'Good enough,' Duo thought. He rose to his feet, snagging his jacket and shrugging it onto his shoulders. He forced himself to turn around, half-afraid that if he stopped long enough to look back, he would find more excuses to stay. Before he went though, there was one last shade of doubt he needed laid to rest.

"Heero?" he called over his shoulder, lingering in the doorframe.


"I'm not going anywhere," he glanced at the vampire out of the corner of his eye. "Don't you try and bolt on me."


Once outside, Duo allowed himself to release the somewhat shaky breath he had been holding. It was taking a lot not to turn around, walk back into that dingy room, and dismiss the rest of the world. He couldn't do that, he knew. Life just didn't work that way. That didn’t stop him from wishing.

'God, I must look a fright,' he thought, running a self-conscious hand through his unbound, disheveled hair. He caught a few curious glances, sliding between him and the seemingly abandoned building behind him. He smiled weakly at a couple of staring kids, their mother leaning down to whisper something in their ears before she yanked them down the street. 'Do I look that bad?' Duo wondered, taking in his rumpled clothes and noticing for the first time how strongly he smelled. Of Heero. Of sex. Of Heero and sex and not necessarily in that order. Strange how it hadn't been as noticeable in that tiny room or in Heero's arms. Now that he was out of both, he found scent a sharp reminder of just how much his life had been turned upside down in the last twenty-four hours.

Funny thing was he didn't mind in the slightest.

'Let's see…' He dug around in his pockets, wishing he'd had the foresight to pack his cell phone. Then again, he thought casting a sour glance at his pager, maybe it was for the best, after all. He loved Relena dearly but if she'd interrupted things earlier… Well, to say he might have been cranky would have been an understatement.

His luck held as his fingers closed around a few coins and he sighted a pay phone not more than a few steps down the street. "Now if I can just keep Relena from going completely ballistic on me," he sighed, loping towards the phone booth with all the enthusiasm of a Dead Man Walking. He smirked at that, thinking of Heero. Dead man walking indeed.

Pocketing his pager, he threw a quarter into the machine, punching in the apartment's number, shifting from foot to foot in dread. Relena was a sweet girl most of the time but when she went off on a tear… Duo winced, wondering if he should hold the phone away from his ear. He got through one ring before the muffled sound of a receiver being yanked upwards reached his ear. 'Here it comes,' he thought bracing himself.

"Hello?" A woman answered. Duo frowned. The voice was rich, far deeper than Relena's with a hint of irritation in its brisk cadences.

"Dorothy?" he hazarded. What in the world was Dorothy doing at his place?

"Duo!" There was a trace amount of relief in her half-growled snap. "Duo, where are you? Where the hell have you been?"

"Umm… That's kind of a long story." 'And not one I want to have over the phone,' he thought. "Why are you answering the phone? Where's Relena?"

"Relena's asleep," she informed him. "She's been up half the night, worried sick about you. I finally got her to bed about two hours ago and I very nearly had to knock her out to do so."

Duo felt guilt flutter and settle in his chest, its sharp beak hammering at him. It was silly really. He was an adult, and he didn't need Relena checking behind him at every turn. Still, he felt terrible to have caused her so much concern, especially since he hadn't given so much as a thought to her or what might have been running through her head when he hadn't come home last night.

"Where are you?" Dorothy asked. This time her voice sounded a bit kinder, as if she picked up through his silence how he was feeling. "Do you need someone to come pick you up?"

"If you could, yes, that would be great. I'd like to let Rel sleep if you don't mind and I don't have any cash for a taxi," he replied. As altruistic as it sounded, Duo also knew he wouldn't mind letting Relena get her sleep for the simple reason of forestalling a lecture or worse, a spate of worried and semi-joyful tears.

"Just give me the address and I'll take long enough to write Relena a note before I come get you. And Duo?" "Yes?"

"Don't think you're getting out of a lecture."

With a sigh, he gave her the address, then hung up before walking back to Heero's safe house, stealing a seat on the battered stoop. Knotting his hands around his knees, he let his eyes roam up and down the streets, taking in everything and seeing nothing except for the movie playing in his head. It was one of those erotic pictures with he and Heero in starring roles. He felt a blush rising to his cheeks. Why the hell couldn't he put Heero out of his mind for five seconds? He hugged his body tighter, trying to think of something… Anything, that wouldn't make his body tingle and his groin harden in response. He needed to get his act together before he embarrassed himself or someone else.

It didn't take Dorothy all that long to reach him despite the lanes of traffic beginning to build as the hours crept closer to lunchtime. In fact, had he not seen her gold Jaguar, he would have heard the screech of its tires streaking down the cracking macadam. He scrambled up the steps as the car hurtled towards him, the people on the sidewalk scattering as errant pigeons before a stumbling human. It was lucky for all of them, Dorothy included and especially, that her shiny car had such good breaks, he thought as she jerked to a halt in front of him.

The tinted window of that glittering chariot lowered and a familiar pale blond head stuck itself out. "Need a lift?"

He stepped gingerly around the car, eyeing it with wary caution just in case that purring engine roared with life anew and decided to mow him down in its restiveness. From her seat, Dorothy was watching him with ill-concealed impatience and amusement, her lips tipped in a smug smile. In the seat behind her or rather, taking up the entire backseat behind her was that gigantic wolfhound he'd met earlier. Tongue lolling, the dog flashed Duo a toothy warning grin, rising up to lay his head against the side of Dorothy's neck. Those dark eyes stared at him as the girl reached up to scratch the ruff of the animal's neck then upward towards his ear. The implication was not lost on Duo; 'mess with Dorothy,' it said, 'you mess with me and if you're lucky they'll find pieces to stitch back together later.' It was enough to give even the most foolhardy pause.

"Are you going to stand there gawking or get in?" Dorothy drummed her fingers against the steering wheel. "I'd like to get home before your cousin wakes up and starts bawling again."

Duo gave up, yanking the door back and sliding inside, the whisper of leather against the fabric of his clothes filling his ears. "Nice car," he grunted, struggling with the small, tight seatbelt as he tried to ignore the rather large dog now breathing in his ear.

Dorothy shrugged. "It's serviceable."

He found himself gripping the seat as the car lurched to life, shooting to a start at sixty and climbing up. "Let me guess," he said, "You were a race car driver in another life?"

Dorothy laughed. "I wish. But I just have the patience to drive that slow."


The dog growled at the catch of accusation in his tone, bristling. Dorothy gave the animal a light smack to the neck. "Hush, Yeats. Sit down and stop that. You're distracting Mommy."

Duo wasn't sure which disturbed him more at this point, the disgruntled wuffling of the wolfhound in the back or the fact Dorothy had just addressed herself as 'Mommy' to the dog. He rubbed the side of his eyes. "Why Yeats?"


"Why did you name him Yeats?"

"Because he's Irish."

Duo couldn't deny the somewhat twisting logic to that. "You take him everywhere with you?"

"More or less. He's good back-up."

"For what?" It was an idiotic question. Given what he knew about Dorothy, he could well guess for what.

She glanced at him, her face scornful. "You know damn well for what, Duo Maxwell. Why ask such useless questions?"

"Just to hear myself talk, I guess," he admitted.

"Are you all right? You seem…" she pressed, "Nervous."

He laughed, trying to sound light but hearing the taunt string of unease in himself. Damn, she was right. He did sound nervous. "Why would I be?"

The car veered to the right without any sort of warning. Duo closed his eyes, nearly forgotten 'Hail Marys' leaping off his lips in a quiet, frantic litany. Horns blared and chortled in an angry hive around them as the car rocketed down the road, his body swaying with another sharp turn. It was almost disappointing when the vehicle stopped. Duo pitched forward as the momentum of the car struggled to catch up with the ride's end. He kept his eyes close a little longer, hands clenching and unclenching the edge of his seat, thanking whatever deity listening for the invention of the safety belt.

When he did finally open his eyes, he found a very intense pair of pale eyes boring into his. Dorothy had unbuckled her seat beat and was crossing her arms, "All right, Duo. What the hell happened to you last night? And don't try to tell me nothing. You're not winning any Oscars here with the dumb act."

"I'm not sure--"

"Oh, yes, you're not sure what I mean. Well, then let me spell it out for you, dearie. You've," she jabbed a finger in his direction, "been missing for over twelve hours and when you do show up, you have me pick you up in a part of the city you have no business being in, and you're acting like a nervous rabbit. Do not try to tell me that you don't know what I'm talking about. I'm not an idiot, Duo Maxwell. Don't insult my intelligence by lying to me."

"I'm not trying to insult your intelligence. Besides, I don't see what business it is of yours where I go or how long I've been gone," he retorted.

Those forking brows lifted. "Excuse me, but when your cousin comes knocking at my door in the early morning hours and drafts me into searching for you and I spend most of the night on the phone… I damn well think that makes it my business."

"I didn't ask you or Relena to worry about me," he snapped. Her dog sat up, ears flattening. "Oh, stop that, right now."

The dog cocked its head then glanced at Dorothy. 'Probably wanting to know if he can tear my throat out now,' Duo thought grimly.

"Easy, boy," she soothed, not shifting that diamond cutting glare. "If you start biting rude people now, there will be no end to it."

Duo rolled his eyes. "You're not going to give up, are you?"

"No," she replied, almost cheerfully. "Best to just come clean."

"I was with someone last night," he replied carefully before allowing the damning, "I wasn't doing anything wrong."

'Shit,' he swore. You never said something like that unless you were defensive and being defensive meant you usually were guilty of something. 'Shit, Maxwell, why don’t you get a neon sign saying 'I slept with a vampire' and paste it over your head. It might be more subtle.'

"Right," she answered, skepticism tinting her husky voice. "And this someone you were with, anyone I know? Anyone Relena might know?"

He shook his head.

"Mhmm. Duo, I know you're a big boy, but please tell me you used protection if you picked some cheap whore up."

"I didn't pick up a whore," he said hurriedly. He rubbed his neck in mounting embarrassment. This was going to be much harder than he'd thought…

…Or maybe not. Dorothy's hand shot forward, catching his arm and squeezing it tightly, her eyes narrowing. Without preamble, she tugged at his lowered shirt collar, face blackening with dark, churning emotions. Her fingers were gentle as she touched the fresh marks on his throat.

"What are these?" Quiet, mild, and about as warm as an arctic wind, the words hit him and left him staring rather stupidly at her.

She shook his arm. "Duo, what are these? What have you done?"

He wrenched away from her, protectively covering the bite marks on his neck. "Dorothy--"

"Don't fuck with me, Duo," she very nearly growled, "Not about this. Never about this."

"What is it you want me to say, Dorothy?"

"Were you attacked again? Or," the word came out as an angry hiss, "Duo, did you let yourself get bitten?"

He turned her earlier words back on her. "Why ask such useless questions?"


Heero shucked his t-shirt, nose wrinkling as the reek of sewer and sex hit him. 'Not exactly the most palatable combination,' he thought. With day already broken, he'd had the choice of staying at that abandoned shack, surrounded by Duo's scent to drive his hormones quietly mad or he could take the sewers back to his place. He'd opted for the second, in spite of the smell. Well, some soap and shampoo would remedy that and after his shower, he'd try to catch a bit of sleep. After all, he hadn't snatched much, if any, with Duo either last night or this morning.

Immortal stamina was a good thing, he decided with a smirk. And if his reaction had been any indication, Duo most definitely agreed.

Of course, there was a great deal to be said for Duo's stamina as well. While Heero had never had the opportunity to be with a mortal before - hell, before meeting Duo he had never imagined that he would want to be with a mortal - he had always imagined that mortals were frail, weak things. Easily damaged and broken, never to be put back together again. Yet, Duo had proven him wrong; there was nothing either weak or fragile about Duo that much was certain. He met and matched Heero's hunger and intensity in a way that it had not been matched . . . in a very long time.

With a shake of his head, Heero headed into the bathroom determined to push all thoughts of Duo and their night together out of his mind. At least temporarily. He knew that he wouldn't be able to forget for long. Already, the time between now and sunset seemed like it would stretch on for infinity. But if he allowed himself to think too long and too hard about Duo, he would probably find himself doing more than washing away grime in the shower.

The hot shower felt good on his skin, the pinpricks of water working to massage and relax his muscles. Not quite as good as Duo's hands, or the heat of his lover's mouth . . . if he closed his eyes, he could almost imagine that Duo was there with him, those perfect hands roaming across his body, warm hands encircling him . . .

Another shake and a frustrated groan, Heero turned the water to ice cold.

Ten minutes later, and questioning the person who wanted the world to believe that a cold shower could satisfy any amount of sexual frustration, Heero stepped out of the bathroom and padded barefoot towards the bedroom.

Halfway there, he stopped, a definite chill that had nothing to do with the after effects of his cold shower, crawling up his spine. He could feel eyes on him, boring into the back of his skull and burning into his soul. Heero sniffed the air slightly, and his entire body stiffened in response to the almost forgotten scent.

Heero turned, slowly, hesitantly, until his eyes came to rest on a pair of midnight blue orbs shining at him from the corner. She was a shadow made brighter by the coldest light, her gamin features frozen into perfection forever. Her hair was shorter now, still a raven's wing of dark curls, framing her face and giving her nothing so much as the appearance of a waif. A very dangerously appealing waif.

"Hello, lover. It's been a while, hasn't it?" All the rolls and gentle curves of cadence were still present in that well-remembered voice. His chest tightened with the remembrance of words spoken, with tinkling laughter or throaty in passion. His and hers.

That had been such a long time ago and yet she still held the power to move him as no one else.

"Hilde," The word left his lips, tasting of a benediction and a curse. "What are you doing here?"

She smiled, her full lips sweetly carnal and completely hungry as she drew closer to him. He found himself unable to move, as caught by her grace and preternatural beauty as he had been the first moment he'd laid eyes on her. So very different from Duo; Duo was life and death in one vital, gorgeous package. He had a radiance about him that emanated out of that warm, flush body and elegant, careless movements. Hilde was death, death and destruction and sex and everything in between. With her came the ghost of emotions and people long past, with her came himself and all the parts of himself he had tried to let go of. He could feel that other self stir, beating against all the restraints he'd been forced into and with that he felt the first pricklings of an emotion it took him time to identify.


"I'm here for you, Heero. Just like old times."

***End of Chapter Two