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Chapter One

His scalp tingled as a cool knuckle grazed him, fingers digging into a circular slow moving massage that made his body purr and stretch before he was even conscious of the action. Hands were sifting through each lock of hair, the touch so gentle and light that he was only aware of it when those marvelous stroking fingers had moved to another area of his head. And when they reached that area just above his ears... Well, had he been a dog, Duo would have rolled over and shown his belly in surrender.

A chuckle, soft as a leaf's caress, fell upon his ears, far sweeter than any music ever had. And still those wondrous touches continued, ringing his vulnerable ear and over the edge of his jaw. Duo slitted his eyes, twisting his head upward just enough to meet smoky sapphire orbs edged with a hint of hunger, a hunger that Duo felt himself respond to as he lifted himself and surged those precious few centimeters forward for their lips to meet.

The passion was still there; Duo didn't think that would ever disappear. It had changed though, less burning now but infinitely more consuming. He couldn't taste or feel Heero enough to sate that cresting hunger, even now as he ran his tongue underneath Heero's, body slipping and shifting so that he could touch as much of the vampire as possible. He slid lower, breaking away with a breathy gasp as their erections grazed, a sweet kiss of movement he felt all the way to his toes.

"Morning," Heero smirked at him.

"Morning," Duo managed just before attacking that smirk, delving into that cool mouth and running his tongue along ridge and teeth and gum, one hand slipping down Heero's chest to twist his exposed nipple. Heero whined into his throat, body arching upward and hands seeking their way over rolling flesh of arm and shoulder and neck, drawing Duo's head down harder. Duo understood his silent plea and gently bit down on those swollen lips before stretching backwards, sliding down his lover's body, filling his mouth and nose with Heero's salty skin before he found that dark half-erect nub of flesh he had teased just seconds earlier. He nipped then closed his mouth over the nipple, applying just enough suction to tease that rosy island surrounded by a sea of dawn-colored skin. Heero whimpered, the sound dying away into a sigh as Duo straddled him, still intent on the exposed breastbone and muscle before him. He ignored the throb of hard flesh beneath him, ignored his body's own equally impatient twitch.

"You taste good, feel even better," Duo murmured. He tilted his head to the side with a grin. "I think I'll keep you."

Something caught in those September eyes, a feeling, a moment that stilled in surprise then splintered. Heero slid his hands around Duo's waist, lifting him enough to give the other some idea of his intent before guiding him back down again. Air fluttered away in a rush as he felt Heero's cock sheath then dig deeper inside of him. Even though he was still stretched from their previous bouts, there was just the tiniest bit of pain. He didn't mind though, not if it meant being able to feel Heero like this. It meant this was real, and not some half-remembered dream on a balcony. He was here and Heero was here.

"Mhmm," he sighed, wrapping his arms around Heero's neck, "Yea, you're definitely a keeper."

"Should I take that as a compliment?" Heero husked, thrusting upward as he rubbed his cheek against Duo's.

"Oooh," Duo moaned, the feel of silk above and below driving him nuts. He clenched his muscles, squeezing Heero's cock and loving the rewarding startled grunt he got for his efforts. "Yeah, you can. Unless of course you wanna punish me for a remark like that?"

Duo leered and twisted just a bit to emphasize his point. "Want to spank me, Heero?"

"Don't tempt me," Heero gasped, his hands slipping down Duo's back, just above his backside with a hint of threat. "I just might take you up on your offer."

"Tease," Duo mock-sniffed. The sound hitched as those marvelous, marvelous hands drifted from his back to search his front with Heero paying especial attention to every inch of skin he could touch. He closed his eyes, unable to stop the trembling of his limbs each caress, each taste of his skin by Heero's fingers, wrought. He keened when those callused, cool fingers found his arousal, ringing the tip then brushing downwards with light strokes, so light that he almost didn't feel them but what he felt drew his blood into something boiling and molten.

"Me?" Another light pass, his body stirred to a new level of excitement but left unsatisfied.

"God…yes," the word came out a hiss through partial clenched teeth as he tried and failed to twist his body towards those ever elusive touches.

His lover's laughter trilled through him, a purring vibration that accompanied the sharp, deep thrusts. Duo clamped down with each thrust, hoping to hold the other there, clinging to the throbbing, stroking rhythms of Heero's movements. Heero's hands moved again, a firmer grip this time upon Duo's straining member, thumb and forefinger encircling and rubbing the tip. Then downwards, with a firm, sure grip as Heero thrust upward, strokes of body and strokes of hand echoing one another.

Duo shuddered and gasped, as possessed of a will and mind of its own, his body began to move in rhythm with Heero's ministrations. Hips rising up to pump into the cool, practiced and skilled hand, and then pushing down again for the deep, perfect drives from below. Eyes closed, head tossed back, his breath escaping only in short, sharp gasps, Duo let himself ride that wave of dual sensation.

Maybe he had accepted the fact that Heero was a vampire or maybe he was just too far gone now to care. Whatever the reason, the sight of Heero straightening the forearm wrapped around him, crooking it at an angle so that his dark head run his tongue so easily along the inside of it, gave him no pause at all. His skin prickled, the hairs lifting erect all over his body as that rasping tongue painted his flesh, coming to the hollow of Duo's upper and lower arm, sucking at that delicate valley enough to bruise. Then the tongue pulled back, just long enough for Duo to become aware of the sharp hit of teeth against him. He cried out, using the angle of his arm to lock around Heero's head and pull him closer. He didn't take more than a mouthful at most but just that much was enough to send Duo careening over the edge of sanity and release. Heero was just at his heels, his body growing warm with those few drops of blood he had taken.

Duo wasn't sure what was more erotic--the sight of that darkly angelic face, eyes jewel-like with preternatural luster, contorted in pleasure or the realization that it was his blood running Heero's system, warming him, feeding his hunger and starving him for more.

"Does it ever stop?" Duo panted in his ear, Heero's dark hairs planting millions of kisses there as they passed between his lips. He continued rocking against him, wanting, wishing, needing to prolong this joining of flesh and the feel of Heero moving so very deeply inside him.


"This wanting. Does it ever stop?"

He couldn't see Heero's face but he thought he detected a troubled note as he replied, "I don't know, Duo. I honestly don't."


Outwardly, she was the picture of calm. Not a hair out of place, nor fingers' twitch. No whitening of the knuckles to betray the slow fire he felt building, gathering embers and banking them as she listened. Her expression never changed as she contemplated the pair of chopsticks twirling between her fingers, the scrape of wood against wood a rough note in comparison to Trowa's low sweetness. He wondered where she had gotten them. Vampires had no need for solid food. Indeed, their body rejected it except in the smallest amounts. So it was highly unlikely she had gone out for Chinese… unless, she really had gone out for Chinese. It wouldn't have surprised him. Hilde had always enjoyed the taste of the Orient.

There was only a glint about the eye but for Trowa, who knew her moods so well, it was enough. He eyed the wooden implements warily, careful to keep her hands in sight at all times. Hilde had quite a temper when she let it get away from her and he had no wish to spend the next several weeks re-growing his eyes just because he had the misfortune to be her messenger.

Her eyes narrowed as if she sensed his attention wandering. Following his gaze, she noted the chopsticks clinched in her hands and threw them down with a snort of disgust. Hopping up onto the desk in front of her, she let her legs dangle, kicking them back and forth. “So he’s fucking his meal,” she shrugged as he finished speaking. “Nothing wrong with that. I’ve been known to indulge myself a time or two.”

He knew her better than anyone else, perhaps better than herself and he could see a shadow in her dark eyes struggling to belay her careless denial. And he recognized the sight of a woman trying to lie to herself.

“I think it might be more than that,” Trowa observed, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall behind him. He closed his eyes, listening to the sound of her feet lightly thumping the metal of the furniture upon which she sat. Thump, thump, thump. Such a steady rhythm, almost like a heart beat.

Hilde laughed, a scornful bell of sound that cut and pleased the ear. “So the boy’s a good lay. He’s pretty enough from what I saw. Why shouldn’t Heero enjoy himself with this one? It’s what they’re there for, after all: our enjoyment. Heero will get bored soon enough and then the boy will just be one more by-product of the food chain.”

“I don’t think so,” Trowa said. “You didn’t hear what I did. You didn’t—“

Something whizzed at him and he moved his head just a fraction to the right, the sound of glass shattering rough against his ears as it struck the wall. Water dripped down, seeping into the green fabric of his turtleneck. He kept his head tilted, opening one eye to peer bemusedly at the remnants of a vase on the floor then back up at the vampiress who had thrown the object.

Hilde was beautiful as all vampires were but there was something about her rages that stopped him, made him stare with open awe and something not too far from worship. Cold fires flared up inside her, consuming as black eyes expanding to swallow all light, and pale skin growing chalkier. Her hair glowing blue black under the harsh florescence of modern lighting, hands clenched with the fingernails digging brutally into her palms. Had she been mortal, he might have heard the speeding of her heart in anger or the harsh breathing that accompanied such emotional outbursts. She was not mortal and she was silent. And he had learned to fear such silences more than all the noise in the world.

“What are you trying to tell me? That Heero is in love with this mortal? Is that it, Trowa?” her voice was low with a thousand promised deaths—each one invariably more painful than the next.

“I only know what I heard.”

“Then your ears are liars,” she bit off. “Do birds love insects? Or fish, worms? They love them for prey, Tro, for food. They love the hunt but they don’t love the creature. A hunter cannot love its prey. Not ever.”

“If that’s true,” he remarked softly, “Then why do vampires love at all? Why do we bring mortals across?”

Her fire flickered, dark eyes widening as she gripped the sides of the desk. The dark goddess disappeared and in her place, he found a woman, struck down with a wound he had dealt with no malice but that of truth.

“You don’t understand anything,” she retorted. “What are you but a brain-sick vampire I’ve been saddled with for the last three hundred years. I should have let the Master destroy you when I had the chance.”

The words were ugly and harsh, spoken in anger. His entire life both mortal and undead had been filled with such voices and words. No matter how much he stopped his ears or tried to run, those voices followed him, sometimes sprinkled with threats or blows. So he had stopped running or fighting at all. What good did it do? The strong preyed upon the weak and the weak had to endure or survive.

And Trowa was very, very good at survival.

He kept his eyes closed, even when he heard her, felt her, draw nearer. He kept still, face half-ducked but steeled for whatever damage she chose to inflict on him. Inside, his stomach clenched. It was happening again. This was why he stayed away from people, why he had wanted to stay at his planetarium with nothing but the stars and a doddering old security guard for unwitting company. The stars didn’t inflict pain on purpose; people did and he seemed to be everyone’s favorite punching bag.

The air shifted as she moved and he tensed. Instead of a stinging slap or worse, he felt her smooth hands trace his face, then cup it, a cold pair of lips pressing against his. He flinched then peeked out from lowered lashes to find her studying him with a half-angry, half-sad expression. Shaking her head, she pulled him to her, his head resting at the hollow of her throat.

“Oh, Trowa,” she chided. “I shouldn’t have said that but you’ve made me very angry. You know how much I want Heero with us. And what you said… It isn’t true. You don’t know Heero as I do.”

‘Perhaps it’s you who doesn’t know him,’ he longed to say. “Maybe,” he spoke up. “You should ask him yourself.”

“Maybe I will.”


Drifting, Heero found his hands once again picking through Duo's silky tresses. Faun and sunshine and river browns twined together in those lengthy strands and when the light hit them just right... It was a sunset of colors with the highlights made more precious because of the darkness. His hair was complimented by those twilight eyes, eyes that Heero found himself half-believing had bewitched him.

He rubbed a lock of hair absently between his thumb and forefinger, taking just enough care not to tug and wake the boy sleeping against him. ‘Heero, what are you doing?’ He asked himself. This was not where he needed to be. He wasn't sure where that place was but it wasn't here with this boy.

If he could just make himself leave...

That was the problem, wasn't it? He didn’t want to leave. Duo with his soft, burning skin and riverbank hair was too sharp an enticement to simply abandon. He buried his face in that unresisting neck, a flavor there reminding him of the sky after a rainstorm and underneath that, a musk that was purely male and purely Duo. He pressed his lips at the wound he had created earlier, no pressure of teeth, just a gentle sucking at the bruised area. Duo snuffled, tightening his hold around him with a sleepy murmur before subsiding. Heero listened to him breathe, felt it rise across his skin like a fire. He had never felt anything like this. Never felt this incessant need, this hunger. It wasn’t enough to have had Duo… He wanted him still! He could no sooner leave his body than he wanted inside again or drink a mouthful of blood without wanting to take it all. That rich blood with its honey of life and death, rising to flush his pale skin or thudding through that strong heart of his. It worried him. What if he couldn’t stop? What if he killed Duo because he lost control? The irony was not lost on him; he had spent so much of his Immortal life fighting for control, asserting it over others, and with one taste, this boy had enslaved him. He had never longed for the taste of a mortal as he did this one. Nor had he ever met a mortal who confused him and aroused him more.

Beyond that lay the fear of the others; Duo was beautiful and alive and so very intriguing. It wasn’t a stretch to see him as someone’s pretty plaything. Among his kind, it was quite common to do such. Either you brought a mortal across or you used them—as a servant, companion, or bed toy. You didn’t make a mortal your equal—they simply weren’t equipped for it or so he had been brought up to believe. Only another vampire could serve in that capacity, could be a true lover. So far as he knew, Treize and Zechs had one of the few relationships that was not an unequal balance and that was because Treize wanted it that way. Zechs was no use to him, or so he had explained to Heero once, broken or subjugated. It was his spirit that had drawn the vampire and to do either to him, would kill the thing that attracted Treize the most.

It was a fascination that Heero found himself in empathy with each moment that passed in his company. He could kill him or break his mind, but it wouldn’t be Duo he held then or Duo he tasted. It would just be a thing, a thing staring out of him with violet eyes and a curtain of hair that clothed and blanketed the boy. What he wanted from Duo, he was startled to realize, was Duo. He wanted Duo’s smiles and his sighs of pleasure and his pain—he wanted everything. It was no longer simply enough to drink him… He needed the emotional ties beyond that. Without that, everything was meaningless. To have that bond, he would have to protect it…from the others, from himself.

“You’ll be all right,” he whispered in the sleeping boy’s ear. “I’ll make sure of it.”

***End of Chapter One