Title: Vows of Love (teaser)
Author: Perotessa Detwieler (cearda@ultimanet.com)
Category: dramatic, Shonen-ai, slight angst
Pairings: 1+2

Disclaimer: THEY'RE MINE! MINE! And the only way you'll get them back is to pry them out of my cold dead hands!!!

Rating: PG

Warnings: Maybe a bit of rough language. Mostly though, this one is pretty mild.

Spoilers: None. This is set in an AU world.

Song Info: The song: "Love is a Battlefield" By: Pat Benatar (Written by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight). I think it fits this story PERFECTLY!

Notes: After reading Reen's "Meanders of fate" I got this idea which is still weaving itself around in my head. I keep seeing Richard Burton in "Becket". I kinda wanna see Heero lead a "innocent" Duo down the path of debauchery. LoneWolf...you fiend! This is for you too and your "A Good Catholic boy" fic.

Summary: King Heero Yuy meets the sheltered and innocent acolyte Duo of Maxwell Parish. Heero vows to make Duo his, and sets about to introduce him into the "sins of the flesh".


Coventry--Northern Province
Maxwell Parish
In the Year of Our Lord 1431


/We are young, heartache to heartache we stand/
/No promises, no demands, love is a battlefield/

The day glowed golden as the sun rose over the eastern mountains. Duo of Maxwell Parish yawned and rose to greet the day as was his habit with a smile and a small prayer of thanks.

He quickly drew on his tunic, chausses, and turnshoes before dashing down the stairs to start the day's work.

Duo was a foundling. His parents and many villagers killed during an outbreak of plague ten years ago. Since then he had been brought to the Maxwell Parish and raised with an understanding that he would join the church when he came of age.

His mentor was Father Maxwell, the priest who had founded Maxwell Parish and was grooming Duo to being his acolyte in the ways of God. He was scheduled to take his final vows during winter's solstice and was eagerly awaiting his formal induction to the church.

Until that time, he was simply Duo of Maxwell Parish. Feeder of the livestock, caregiver to the other foundlings, favorite of Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, and hunter of windfall apples. Which was what he was going to do this morning. AFTER he fed the livestock.

He grabbed the bucket of scraps for the hogs as he passed through the kitchen, and out the door to the barnyard.

All was quiet in the new day. Even the animals weren't as vocal as they normally were. Duo breathed in the cool air and stretched his arms out.

Quick and efficient he fed and watered the animals. Then it was off to the orchard to gather up windfalls, a task he immensely enjoyed. It was one of the few times he was alone to think as he carefully looked over the apples deciding which ones to take with him and which ones to leave.

Maxwell Parish was monetarily poor but wealthy in love. They took in foundlings when they needed to be taken in. Sister Helen was also known around the parish as one of the finest healers and midwifes, while Father Maxwell took care of tending to the souls of people of the parish. The church was and integral part of the community even if it was set a few miles out of town. All the better... so Duo thought. It was isolated sure but that was part of the charm. It made it all the better to commune with God.


Heero Yuy, King of Coventry was having a bad morning. Oh it had started off well enough. He'd awoken early as was his wont and slipped downstairs to the stables.

He was here in the Northern Province "hiding", if truth be out. Tucked away in this little parish of Maxwell he was determined to be away from the gossip and intrigue which was his own royal court. Or as he thought of it, his gilded cage.

Quietly over the past month, he had WuFei his most trusted advisor, secure for him lodgings so that he could spend the duration of the winter out of the capital.

He had sent ahead ten of his young race horses, a few members of his own house staff who knew how he liked his linens and his meals, and his falconer. For the most part though he just wanted a holiday away from Court.

Since escape was his most pressing concern at the moment, he had dispensed with any help from the groom and saddled up one of his young racers himself, and took the colt out for early morning exercise.

It was only by sheer bad luck that the colt spooked at a shaking bramble, had propped and wheeled, dumping the young king to the ground, and run off back to the stables.

None of this would be so bad if anyone actually knew that he was out riding.

As he was walking across country back to the Manor which he had rented for the duration of his stay, he realized that he didn't have the slightest idea as to where he was. He looked around and found himself at the edge of an orchard.

Now not only was he horseless, he was lost! He couldn't help but laugh at this new development. His laughter was sharp and biting and floated through the trees of the apple orchard.

Almost instantly a bright chestnut head popped up. Heero couldn't see the face, only a long silken braid, which whipped about wildly as the owner of said braid turned this way and that trying to locate who was laughing.

<'Now what in the world is a girl doing all the way out here?'>he thought.

The girl was still turned the other way, looking for the source of the laughter. Heero snorted. "Silly girl." he said just loud enough to carry.

The girl whirled around eyes wide, and Heero felt the breth leave his body in a rush.

"I am not a girl!" the owner of the braid said the tone indignant.

Heero struggled to keep the shocked statement off his face. No this wasn't a girl. It was a boy.

And a more exquiste creature he'd never seen.

"My mistake." he said softly eyes locked on dark clad lithe form. Slowly he walked forward his cload flairing out slightly giving a peek of the clothes underneath.

The boy whoes statement was of shocked indignation began to melt away, being exchanged with slightly awed and welcoming.

"Good day sir." he said face breaking out into a friedly smile. "I throught I knew everyone who lived in the parish."

Heero stopped a few feet away from the boy who climbed to his feet and bushed stray whisps of hay off his chausses.

"I've just recetly arrived in the parish. I am staying at Alinas Manor."

The boy cocked his head and looked at Heero curiously. "We don't get many strangers here." he shrugged and then grinned. "Welcome to Maxwell Parish." His violet eyes turned sly and glinting. "Isn't it a little early to be taking a walk?"

Heero grinned slyly in return eyes roaming over the boy's form. The clothes were well worn yet not thread bare. Functional. He noted the bucket half full of apples at the boy's feet.

"Isn't it a little early to be out in the orchards searching for windfalls?"

The boy drew himself up. "Maybe for nobleman or gentry, but these are the orchards of the Maxwell Church of which I am a novice. I am soon to be a priest." he said with a touch of pride in his voice.

Heero tilted his head and studied the young man in front of him appraisingly.

"So what is a landed man's son doing walking across country this early in the morning?" asked the braided novice.

Heero smiled, ducking his head slightly, casting a chagrined look at the boy through his fringe. "I've seemed to have lost my horse." he said chuckling softly.

His smiling good will was contagious and Duo couldn't help but return his smile with one of his own.

<'Oh God Priestling! If you knew what fires you light with a smile like that!'> thought Heero belatedly.

He coughed to cover his mental lapse and asked: "So 'soon-to-be-priest' do you have a name?"

Duo blushed and looked down in embarrassment. "Forgive me. My name is Duo. Duo of Maxwell Parish." He looked up a teasing glint in his eyes. "And what can I call you, Good Sir?" asked the smiling violet eyed cherub.

Heero couldn't help but smile back, a lightness in his heart such as he had never felt before.

"You can call me-" he paused considering then said softly: "Odin. Odin Lowe."

/We are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong/
/Searchin' our hearts for so long, both of us knowing/
/Love is a battlefield/


~End Teaser~