Title: They were Seven (teaser)
Author: Perotessa Detwieler
Category: dramatic, Shonen-ai, slight angst
Pairings: 1+R, 2+R, 1+2/1x2
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None. This is set in an AU world.
Warnings: Maybe a bit of rough language. Mostly though, this one is pretty mild.

Disclaimer: THEY'RE MINE! MINE! And the only way you'll get them back is to pry them out of my cold dead hands!!!

Notes: This story was inspired by an idea I've had for a while, and also Mikonekko's "Spoil of War" belive it or not. Thanks Nekko-chan for writing such a wonderful fic! I check it to make sure there is a new part almost every week! I swear I obessess about it! *your devoted reader, ~Perotessa*

Summary: Young King Heero Yuy is in need of a wife. So he travels to Sanq Kingdom to play court to the Princess Relena. However, he comes up against some stiff competition, as the Kingdom of Maxwell's young Crown Prince Duo, who is also in need of a wife, shows up also in an effort to woo the Princess.


Truth is stranger than fiction.

The Legend...

A thousand years ago, seven demons fell to earth. The oldest and most cunning of them was the demon Shinigami. He knew that with time, the humans of the planet would hunt down and kill he and his companions. To save himself, he bred with as many humans as possible, placing the greatest value in the royal family of the kingdom of Maxwell. He told the king that if he allowed his daughter's child to live, that thier line would grow very powerful and be forever protected by Shinigami. The king agreed.

This agreement brought great civil unrest to the kingdom. The members of the king's council called for the death of not only the demon, but also the princess and her child.

Shinigami had choosen the princess for her strength and strong stuborn spirit. She was fiercely independant and refused to give up herself or her child. The king also refused, and ordered that if anyone even dared to harm his child, they were to be killed.

Shinigami was true to his word, and protected the princess and her father to the best of his abilities. However in the end the opposing forces were too much even for his great strength and he was killed. His blood flowed out of him like a river, covering all of Maxwell; soaking into the land.

The attackers turned to confront the princess and to thier shock and dismay found her delivered of child. There was nothing demonic about the baby, nothing to alert anyone that his sire had been a demon. Not even his unusual blue violet eyes.

The king raised his sword and swore that no one was going to kill his grandchild. He pledged then and there, that if the boy ever exhibited demonic traits he would kill the boy himself.

Meanwhile, the princess stood by silently. She knew that it wasn't her son who was special. No, the true heir to the power of Shinigami was yet to be born...

~TBC...at a later date