Title: Raptor Duo (3/?)
Author: Perotessa Detwieler (cearda@ultimanet.com)
Category: dramatic, totally FANTASY!!!
Pairings: R+1, 2+1 and 2+H

Disclaimer: THEY'RE MINE! THEY'RE MINE! And the only way you'll get them back is to pry them out of my cold dead hands!!!!

Rating: PG

Warnings: None really, I could get really kinky...but I am not into raptor sex :P

Spoilers: Maybe for the book "Raptor Red".

Archived: Not that I know of. I don't have a site for GW fic....so if anyone else wants a crack at it, just tell me.

Notes: A fusion of Raptor Red and Gundam Wing with some Jurassic park thrown in as the setting. If you haven't ever read Raptor Red this might be sort of confusing to you....but I hope you read it! It's got a happy ending!!!

Chapter 3 - Reluctant "Sister"-in-Law

Isla Sorna
off the Coast of Costa Rica
Genutec Site B

He came with the body of an othnielia in his mouth. He walks with exaggerated steps, bringing his knees high, silently, like a dinosaurian mime.

Raptor Duo has been watching him for several minutes now. Heero had already completed the first act of the dance. Now he's beginning the much more difficult second act. Duo hasn't awakened Hilde, who is snoring, lying on her side because her gut is too stuffed to lay on her stomach.

Heero lowers his head almost to the ground and swings it left and right. This part of the courtship dance is the toughest. The slow-motion head and neck gestures are done with the hands pulled back against the chest. Balancing is difficult. Proper execution of the dance requires that the deadly hand claws be out of sight--there can be no suggestion of a threat.

Raptor Duo marvels at the smooth execution of the dance. He is puzzled, a little scared and unsure. He is slightly upset as well. Heero should know that he himself is male. Most of his life Duo has been attacked because of his "difference"; the female and male scents that emanate from him. And now here within a three month span he not only has been accepted by a female to be her hunting partner, now he's being courted!

It's an embarrassment of riches.

Duo hasn't the slightest interest in the othnielia carcass as a food item. It's a symbolic gift. Even if he were hungry, he wouldn't look at it as lunch. In the raptors instinctive memories, raptor males gave fresh meat, recently killed, as a gift to reluctant females. It was a courtship bribe--and a promise of parental duties that would be fulfilled.

Take this meat -- see, I can help feed you and our unborn chicks was the message.

Now, Raptor Duo is watching a gift-dance of stylized formality, the program rewritten and rewritten again by natural selection.

Duo has never been courted before. He's much more used to full on threat displays, not displays of courtship. In his eight years however not once has he had the urge to perform a mating dance, even if he had been close enough to a female to perform one before being chased off.

He is male, it is the identity that he conforms with the most, but his body size and scent clearly say 'female'. He is larger than Heero and has some feminine traits.

He can't help those; it was the way he was genetically engineered.

In nature a creature such as Duo may pop up from time to time, but they would quickly be killed. Either by parents or by siblings and never pass on. However Duo was engineered to be what he was by the human scientist who fled the island almost 8 years ago. He and a batch of twenty other utahraptors were created as hermaphrodites to test out genetic flaws in the "correct" utahraptor stock of the park. It was thought, if the female raptors of "Jurassic Park" were too aggressive, they could restock them with these double-sexed versions.

However the Park was a gigantic failure and was destroyed. Isla Sorna was abandoned and the scientists little experiment got out into the now wholly out of control site B environment. Of the twenty experimental proto-types created, Duo is one of the last survivors. The others either killed by starvation, by other raptors, or other natural disaster.

Raptor Duo knows what he likes in a dancer--slender, muscular limbs, and supple S-curves in neck movement--but he doesn't know why. He was born with a vague idea of 'male' beauty, an idea that was refined by watching other raptor packs. He doesn't know why he's attracted to the male of the species and not the female, or why he himself acts more like a female than a male. Most of it is instinctual, some of it engineered; preprogrammed into his subconscious by humans.

Heero reaches far forward and, without the slightest muscular tremor, stretches his neck a few inches above the ground, extends his snout, opens his jaws, and drops the othnielia a yard from Raptor Duo's feet.

He withdraws by walking slowly backward, facing Raptor Duo his eyes focused on the ground.

Raptor Duo cocks his head, as if he were disturbed, and in a way he is but, he lets the vague sense of unease wash over him. Also it's the response a female utahraptor is suppose to give, to make the male more nervous.

There is a long pause. Heero looks up from the corner of his eye, but doesn't move. Duo picks up the small body of the planet eater Heero has brought him and swallows it down head first.

Heero stands up, tall, and lets his hands fall straight down. He walks over to Raptor Duo and sits down next to him and begins to groom his neck lightly.

Hissss..HSSSsss. Hilde wakes up and stares angrily at Heero. She tries to get up, baring her teeth. The chicks get alarmed and retreat to the top of a tussock. But Hilde's belly is just too full. She doesn't have the energy to generate a full-scale threat.

Laboriously, Hilde drags her bloated body over to where the chicks are and lies down in front of them.

She sighs--as if to say: All right, if you insist, I won't bite him--but keep him away from me and my chicks.


Heero stands dead still in the shade of a cycad's palm like leaves. Usually he has the fearlessness of a young adult. He's pumped full of hormones, and he has confidence in his muscles, his athleticism, his senses. He's not afraid to attack strange plant-eaters three times his size. He has little reluctance to challenge a mature male Utahraptor a hundred pounds greater in bulk.

But now he's afraid of the color red. He is unnerved by the mass of red-purple objects hanging from bushes and low trees a few hundred yards away. Here is more red in one place than he's ever seen before. The six-foot-high wall of crimson stretches for a quarter-mile, and when the wind blows, the red objects undulate in a threatening manner.

Heero's brain can not cope. He can't deal with the scarlet overdose -- there's not programmed instinct to make the proper choices when faced with so much color.

The young male becomes aware that he is not alone. The red flowers have acted like dino-magnets, drawing in Utahraptor packs from all over. The big raptor species is usually more spread out. Its small clans stay scattered as much as they can in the environment that Isla Sorna provides for them.

Heero jerks his snout up involuntarily. His nostrils flare as he draws in air in explosive bursts. It's the flowers. They smell. They smell very strong--they smell...Delicious!!

He marches with deliberate steps, pausing to cock his head and examine the bushes. He examines a patch of flower-heavy shrubs. The flowers smell like overripe meat and liver mixed with fresh maiasaurs dung.

He marches with deliberate steps, pausing to cock his head and examine the bushes. There are three flower species growing together -- one deep purple-red, one pale lavender, one white.

He nips at the white flowers. "Bleachhh!" The flowers are bitter. He spits them out, disgusted.

He's learned a new lesson and files it away in his memory bank: Meat-smelling plants = fraud. He won't be fooled again.

Raptor Duo has been watching the flowers too, following Heero's every movement. Duo is anxious. He doesn't' like the mass of unknown red substance. He's not intrigued with the carrion aroma. Something else has taken over his mind, an emotion stronger than confusion and inquisitiveness -- jealousy.

Duo lifts his head very high, half closes his eyes, and makes short, loud sniffy noises. He sucks in air around the very front of his snout. It's an instinctive action that most back boned animals use. It's a way of evaluating potential mates and potential sexual rivals.

Just a few pheromones molecules tell Raptor Duo that he's in danger of losing Heero. The breeze coming from the direction of the flowers carries the distinctive pheromones of three different female Utahraptor, and all three are in a state of sexual aggressiveness.

Duo strides forward, directly toward Heero. The smell of the flowers is almost suffocating, but his brain filters out the scent molecules. His whole sensory being is focused on two groups of female raptors who are approaching his young male from the far side of the thicket.

Heero is squatting down, his nose buried in a deep profusion of pink petals. His brain refuses to accept the notion that there is no dung down there.

He pops his head up, and sees that he's surrounded by Utahraptor femininity. A strange female, much large and older than he, is making head-bobbing movements of greeting. Another strange female, younger, taller, thinner, is making mock-charges, spreading her arms outward as she lowers her head. That's a more intense courtship greeting, and it scares Heero.

He backs away

"Sssssssssss-rrrrRK!" The older female smacks the younger one with her tail and bites. For a second there's a violent barrage of strikes and counter strikes, as arms and feet, tails and necks slash back and forth.

The younger female retreats, crying loudly. Clumps of skin, ripped off her back, drift down onto the flowers. The older female turns toward the young male and repeats a courtship dance three times, getting closer and closer to him.

Heero forgets about the manure-scent flowers. He's scared of the big female. He hasn't been fought over before. He's engaged in courtship dances--six times last year he tried out his mating choreography, and six times he was rejected by assorted females. Each time it was a one-on-one situation. He performed and a single female reacted.

This year he tried once, with Raptor Duo. He gave him equivocal responses, his enthusiasm damped by Hilde and his own uniqueness. Utahraptor courtships between first-time breeders can last for months, since it takes a long time to cement the pair together in a pair-bond.

Raptor Duo isn't the ideal mate. First and foremost is his ambiguous sexuality. He is a hermaphrodite emitting both male and female pheromones. Not only that he is incapable of breeding; a sterile male. Still, Heero is captivated by him. Something about Raptor Duo makes him want to hang around to try to make the pair-bond firm. Raptor Duo has been gentle in all his responses to Heero's advances, and he finds that attractive.


The big strange female is growing agitated. The presence of so many Utahraptors in one spot is heating up emotions. The sight and scent of the flowers have caused an unnatural concentration of unattached females.

Heero finds himself in the unwanted status of Most Desirable Male.

"SKKKAWWK!" An even larger Utahraptor now interrupts the scene, cutting in on the older female who's been displaying to Heero. This newly arrived female is stupendous--six hundred pounds bigger than he is--and is totally buffed, with huge muscles in her shoulders, thighs, and calves.

He tries to look away, to avoid having to give a response to the dance. She wheels around, coming at him sideways.

"Skrrawk . . . skrrawk . . . skrrawk."

She is insistent. She repeats the beginning moves of the courtship routine, demanding that he reply.

He steps sideways. There's another strange female, more slender than the dinosaur Valkyrie in front of him. She has an exceptionally bright red snout-patch. He nods to her.

She nods back and commences a low-key dance.

"Sssssss." The big female lurches, half dancing, half threatening, her mouth wide open. She turns toward the young female, then back to Heero, then back to the young female.

The young female looks away, avoiding eye contact. She turns and slides sideways, putting distance between herself and the Valkyrie.

The giant female advances fast, in a series of runs. He can't avoid looking at her massive muzzle.


He's bumped very hard. This female is very insistent--and pissed off that he refuses to play his part in the ritual. The raptor dance is a duet. One partner makes a moved and the other must respond, inducing the first partner to continue. Either partner can break off the ceremony, but usually the breakup comes after the two partners have danced for many minutes, checking each other out, evaluating size, vigor, health, and athletic prowess.

Thnk! He gets another forceful nudge from the monstrous female. Her behavior is becoming uncontrolled--stoked by unnatural levels of competitiveness.

He still refuses to join the duet.


He flinches. He can see a tiny red spot at the base of his shoulder. She's bitten him. Love and hate are adjacent emotions in the mating season.


A flying object sends the huge female sprawling twelve feet. She slides on her back into the flowers, looks up and emits shrieks of rage, beating the branches with fury. An avalanche of pink flowers cascaded down from the tree and gradually hides her from view.

Heero draws himself up to full height and stares at the object that collided with the giant female.

It's Raptor Duo.

The giant female lying on the ground puffs out her chest and hisses. She contracts her finger-flexing muscles so that Raptor Duo can see the tendons, thick as pine saplings, bulging at the wrist. The female Goliath looks awkward and clumsy sprawled out on her backside, so Raptor Duo advances, making his own hissing threats.

But with one quick push-off from her thighs, the female rolls over, throws her torso four feet into the air, and lands on her feet. It's a marvelously graceful motion. Raptor Duo takes a short step backward. The giant female bobs her head in a slow, exaggerated movement, as if to acknowledge the unspoken admiration for the move. And then she turns to Heero and makes a low, hoarse cooing noise.

Duo half closes his eyelids and jumps forward, howling a threat-call that makes Heero cringe. But the giant female doesn't move and inch. Heero sees the giant female's eyes locked with Raptor Duo's and he takes the opportunity to move out of the way a few yards to the right. The giant shifts her gaze for a half second, gives him an eyelid threat that means: "Now don't YOU move!" and returns her stare to Raptor Duo.

Duo begins to wonder if this isn't the smartest thing he's ever done. Afterall he knows what he is; a freak. It would be safer if he just let this female take Heero and get out of this whole altercation with his life. But seeing Heero so meek, confronted by this behemoth just seems wrong. Mind made up, he won't back down. Heero choose him and he won't just give him up without a fight.

The two raptors make a slow half-circle, the giant advancing to Duo's left, Duo slowly retreats to his right. And then Raptor Duo sees a slight flutter in the giant's eyes, a contraction of the pupil. The big female holds her breath for a moment, exhales noisily, and moves her weight back on her right foot and tail.

Raptor Duo feels the hot breath of another dinosaur behind his left shoulder. He doesn't have to turn around--he knows from the musky scent that it's his consort. Heero starts to hiss, louder and louder.

The giant hesitates, then very slowly backs up. Raptor Duo is now shoulder-to-shoulder with his consort, and they raise and lower their heads together, smacking their jaws open and shut. Heero snaps his muzzle forward and bites the air a few feet from the giant's nose.

The female Goliath knows she's beaten. These two Utahraptors work as one double-headed adversary, and their demeanor shows that they will attack in another step or two.

The big female sighs, her head lowers, and her body language becomes submissive. With her body held low, the unhappy giant walks away, not looking back.

Raptor Duo bumps his forehead against Heero's, and they make cooing noises. Heero grooms the nape of Duo's neck with his small front teeth, then leans against him in a comforting manner.