Title: Raptor Duo (2/?)
Author: Perotessa Detwieler (cearda@ultimanet.com)
Category: dramatic, totally FANTASY!!!
Pairings: R+1, 2+1 and 2+H

Disclaimer: Proof of ownership?! I don't need to show you no stinkin' proof of ownership! But suffice to say....I don't own them. I am not making any profit, I am just borrowing them for a while. And maybe sneaking them off to stay with me after this project is done. :)

Rating: PG

Warnings: None really, I could get really kinky...but I am not into raptor sex :P

Spoilers: Maybe for the book "Raptor Red".

Archived: Not that I know of. I don't have a site for GW fic....so if anyone else wants a crack at it, just tell me.

Notes: A fusion of Raptor Red and Gundam Wing with some Jurassic park thrown in as the setting. If you haven't ever read Raptor Red this might be sort of confusing to you....but I hope you read it! It's got a happy ending!!!

Chapter 2 - The bonds of "sisterhood"

Isla Sorna
off the Coast of Costa Rica
Genutec Site B

Late that same afternoon, a 3 ton Maiasaurs is making contented leaf-munching noises as she feeds on low-growing cycad fronds.

The maiasaurs has modest powers of self-awareness. She feels happy and complacent and content. She feels efficient in a vauge "I am doing what I should be doing and I'm doing it well" sort of way.

Still maiasaurs is alert. Her sense of smell is superb. She keeps track of the rest of the herd a few hundred yards upwind. Her large, clear hazel green eyes sweep a full 360 degrees every second or two.

A faint crack in the bush makes her stop chewing. She focuses her eyes and ears forward. It's totally silent now. She can't detect a scent -- the sound came from the left downwind. She starts backing away, toward the herd.

There's another crack of dried twings being stepped on.

She hears a soft patter of feet on wet meadow, coming from the right, obliquely downwind, between herself and her herd. She tries to turn.

Whummp! A half-ton weight, moving fast, hits her body high on the right side. She falls. Another heavy weight falls on her neck, pinning her to the ground.

The two utahraptors kill their victim efficiently, cleanly, with a flurry of slashes, hindclaws and foreclaws together.

Raptor Duo stands up and makes sure that the rest of the maiasaurs herd isn't massing for a counterattack.

Not this time. A few maiasaurs stand tall and sniff and stare. But then the herd begins to wander off into the opposite direction.

Hilde begins to remove meat and pieces of liver.

In the evening Raptor Duo huddles close to Hilde's chicks, keeping them warm and dry in a den of brush. He sits up most of the night alert, guarding these raptors he is beginning to think of as kin.

The evening is unpleasant, with a light drizzle and enough breeze to make Raptor Duo shiver now and then. But it doesn't matter. He's enjoying a sound he hasn't heard before. Hilde is snoring.

The youngsters and their mother fall asleep right away, aligned one next to another, heads and tails facing the same direction. Raptor Duo lowers himself carefully between Hilde and one of the youngsters, gently displacing the row of chicks.

They make gurking noises but don't wake up. Raptor Duo leans just a little bit against the female raptor he's quickly starting to consider as a sister.

Hilde opens one eye so she can see what woke her up, growls softly, shifts her weight around, closes her eye tight, and resumes snoring.

Raptor Duo coos softly in contentment.


The island of Isla Sorna is a small and almost uncomfortable ecosystem for smart predators like utahraptors. In the years since their escape from the Genutec incubators and holding pens, the dinosaurs have taken over the island. However nature didn't create this wanna be dinosaur utopia, man did. And if the truth must out, he did a piss poor job of it.

Humans created dinosaurs which would attract attention and hopefully draw in repeat customers to their jungle park. What they didn't count on, were the dinosaurs, especially the predators, being as smart as they were. Nor did they take into account Mother Nature, who doesn't like to be fooled with. And she screwed them over royally.

Therefore, when the dinosaurs did gain their freedom from man, and the last human left the island there were more predators than there was food for them.

Raptor species are smart. Weather consciously or unconsciously the different individuals quickly realized that they were overpopulated. Fighting broke out, serious fighting.

Nests were destroyed, loners if found by a pack killed, and breeding was pretty much at a stand still. It didn't make sense to bring offspring into a world where there may not be food for them. After all the main goal of any species is to bring healthy live offspring into the world. To only breed when there is enough food to make their contribution worth it.

After a few years though, things settled down. The raptor numbers leveled off. The herbivores numbers rose to a more comfortable level and hunting for the super packs was good. So good that the super packs began to break apart.

Where there used to be five super packs there were now ten to twenty smaller packs of ten or less individuals. Normally an alpha breeding pair, their offspring, and their siblings. Siblings were encouraged to go out find their own mates and start their own packs.

Raptor Duo isn't sure why Hilde is out roaming around the island with three chicks in tow. He's just happy that she's accepted him enough to help her. By helping her raise her chicks Duo is also insuring his own continued survival. He now has protection against established packs and a hunting partner and can now attack much larger game than previously. Hise now a well fed utahraptor.

The two raptors move along the eastern edge of the herbivores territory. For some odd reason the dinosaurs have divided the island almost equally amongst themselves. Herbivores roam a huge expanse of land on the interior which is lush with enough vegetation for all of them. Not to mention a continuous fresh water supply.

Surrounding this Eden are lush jungle forests which make the perfect home for utahraptors, Dilophosaurs, and young giant predators of which there aren't many. However Isla Sorna is home to two breeding pairs of Tyrannosaurs, and two "Spinosaurs".


Raptor Duo and Hilde are just getting into a superb ambush position, hidden in deep reeds by a spring, when a head pops up abruptly a few yards away and stares at them. It's a raptor head--with a red muzzle.

Two more red-muzzled raptor snouts poke up. Duo and Hilde realize that they aren't the only pack trying to ambush hadrosaurs. There's no noise. Neither pack wants to spook the hadrosaurs.

Raptor Duo is confused. His sense of smell tells him that these new raptors are young males--and not close blood kin. He does detect faintly the scent of a female nearby however. Two of the males start forward in a non threatening manner. They lower their heads in a quiet head-bob-head-weave. It's a tentative greeting and a prelude to courtship.

Raptor Duo blinks. *Court…Hilde?* He glances quickly at his hunting partner. She seems agitated. She rises her upper lip and growls softly in warning.

One of the males advances and begins a more formal courtship dance. He's lithe and graceful and healthy, with smooth motions and not a hint of injury or disease to mar his performance.

No, this male isn't trying to gain Hilde's attention. He's trying to gain…Duo's!

The double sexed raptor hesitantly greets him, noting the clear single red stripe which runs from between his eyes down his snout. The only red mark on him. For this reason this male shall be named Heero.

"HhhhoooonnnnnnKKKK." The hadrosaurs stop feeding, turn their heads, and bellow alarm sounds. A stampede begins.

"HSSSSSSS." Hilde holds her body high, making exaggerated strides toward the males, flicking her curved hand-claws in and out.

Raptor Duo blinks again. Hilde is making a full-fledged threat display. He should know, he's seen more than his share of them. She wants to hurt the two males.

The older chick, who was hiding some distance away, wanders up behind its mother and tries to imitate her hiss-ing malevolence.

Heero looks surprised; his pupils dilate at the sight of the chick. He lowers his body as far as he can and starts to back away.

Now Duo is pulled by conflicting emotions. He wants Heeo. He is the first male to ever try a courtship dance with him before. Duo can not join Hilde's attack.

But he can't leave Hilde's chicks either. Raptor Duo watches as the males withdraw. Hilde returns, still visibly agitated.

Raptor Duo and Hilde resume hunting late in the day and kill a plump callovosaurs. As they sit down to eat the best parts first, Raptor Duo can smell Heero nearby, hiding in a ravine. Later on, his scent gets fainter and fainter.

Hilde comes over to Duo and lies down. Raptor Duo looks at her. She nuzzles Duo and starts to groom him behind the ears, making delicate little bites.