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Title: Raptor Duo (1/?)
Author: Perotessa Detwieler (cearda@ultimanet.com)
Category: dramatic, totally FANTASY!!!
Pairings: R+1, 2+1 and 2+H

Disclaimer: Proof of ownership?! I don't need to show you no stinkin' proof of ownership! But suffice to say....I don't own them. I am not making any profit, I am just borrowing them for a while. And maybe sneaking them off to stay with me after this project is done. :)

Rating: PG

Warnings: None really, I could get really kinky...but I am not into raptor sex :P

Spoilers: Maybe for the book "Raptor Red".

Archived: Not that I know of. I don't have a site for GW fic....so if anyone else wants a crack at it, just tell me.

Notes: A fusion of Raptor Red and Gundam Wing. If you haven't ever read Raptor Red this might be sort of confusing to you....but I hope you read it! It's got a happy ending!!!

Chapter 1 - Raptor Duo

Isla Sorna
off the Coast of Costa Rica
Genutec Site B


A pair of fierce but beautiful eyes look out from the rich undergrowth of jungle vegetation that shelters the twenty-foot long body of a young male Utahraptor. He is still and cautious; he has stumbled into the territory of an established pack of Utahraptors and previous experience with others of his kind tells him that if he's spotted he will instantly be attacked and driven out.

This male Utahraptor doesn't have a name for himself. His brain doesn't operate with words, not even with silent unspoken syllables. In his own brain the raptor identifies himself with the symbols he learned as a chick: me...raptor...red...slash slash. He has been able to recognize his own reflection in standing water. He has seen the double bright red slashes of red on his snout hence the "slash slash". But for our purposes we shall call this young male: Raptor Duo.

Raptor Duo is a strange character in his world; he is a loner. This is strange because the raptor is mostly a social and pack animal, but Raptor Duo has been on his own since he was hatched and escaped from the Genutec incubation laboratories almost eight years ago. Since then he has wandered around the island of Isla Sorna.

At first he sought out and tried to be accepted by other raptors he met. But always he was turned away; there was something different about Raptor Duo that he himself could smell but didn't understand. Something that other raptors could smell and immediately shunned him for. It sowed the seeds of confusion within the pack and triggered the fight or flight response in them. Most times they would fight and Duo was driven away.

What set Raptor Duo apart from the other raptors on Isla Sorna was a strange biological impossibility. Raptor Duo emitted both male and female scent pheromones.

He was in fact a hermorphadite; a genetic mistake and yet a reality.

The raptors of the strange pack hiss suddenly, snouts rise sniffing noisily at the air. The wind has shifted and Duo's scent is now slowly being wafted towards them. Cringing he starts to slink away careful not to make a sound as he retreats.

"SSSKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAWWWWWWKKKKK!! Sssssssskkkkkkkaaawwaaaaakkkkk!" The pack's heads now weave back and forth eyes dilate and contract as they search for the intruder.

Duo can hear them getting closer and rose up and starts to run. One of the pack screams seeing his fleeing form.

Duo hisses as three members of the pack crash through the underbrush and semi-surround him. They pop their jaws, growling low in their throats. Duo bobbed his head up and down, the red patch on his snout growing even brighter in his agitation.

"Skreeeech!" says one of the attackers.

Pheromones fill the air, the scent glands under Duo's throat open up, filling the air with a heavy musky fully male smell which is in sharp contrast to the female scent that is also emanating from him.

His jaws open and he flashes his recurved serrated teeth at the approaching raptors. He swings his head back and forth hissing loudly.

One of the pack hops forward standing tall, his crest risen at full attention.

Duo slowly retreats. He doesn't want to fight, but neither does he want to die. His body language becomes submissive-aggressive; he won't attack if they let him go.

One of the younger members of the pack snaps his muzzle forward, and bites the air a few feet from Duo's neck.


Duo continues his strange retreat. The pack doesn't attack, just herds him out of their territory. When he passes a tree which clearly is marked by one of the members, more than likely the alpha male, they give one last "Skkkaaawwwwk!"

The youngest fully attacks, his arms waving in circles, tail slashing back and forth as he runs into Duo knocking him down; sending him tumbling as he slashes at his flanks.

With one last snort at the downed utharaptor, the pack turns and trots off back into the jungle.

Duo lays stunned, bleeding, and sore. He grumbles softly to himself laying dazed in the ditch.

'Stupid...stupid...hurts. Should not have come here.' sighing he picks himself up and licks at what wounds he can reach stopping the blood flow. Slowly, carefully he moves away from the area. He is unsure if he would survive another attack. The resident pack went easy on him letting the least experienced member do all the attacking.

Being alone, Duo doesn't like to fight; being outnumbered does have it's disadvantages.

All he knows is that he's lonely. If he had a mate or even a companion, hunting would be easier and protection would be assured.

Raptors evolved as group hunters of big game. Raptor Duo however has never had a hunting partner. He mostly scavenges which on Isla Sorna keeps him well fed. He's lucky. The eco-structure of Isla Sorna is such that the pickings are very good.

His powerful olfactory sense serves him well in discovering carrion treasures hidden in places even the keenest eyes would never discover.

Raptor Duo realizes that he's now following a faint scent-trail. His olfactory nerves can just barley detect the presence, far ahead, of warm dinosaur bodies -- raptor bodies -- and the prospect of rejoining his own kind, even after the disastrous meeting with the raptor pack this morning, raises his spirits.

As he climbs over a logjam of topical tree roots, he stops and stares and sniffs, raising his snout as high as it will go, sniffs again loudly, and stares.

There are raptors, maybe four of them, close by.

Carefully he hops down from his vantage point and paces into the thick underbrush. The scent leads Raptor Duo to a steep bank in a dried tributary of the river.

Two tiny Utahraptor, only three weeks old, and an older chick stumble out of a burrow. They squeak and sniff at Raptor Duo. He sniffs back. Their scent is unfamiliar; unrelated but in an odd way comforting.

He backs up and sits down. The chicks approach with hesitating steps, sniffing, running back, coming forward, sniffing again. Their noses tell them this adult raptor is female but an underlying muskiness clearly states male. They are confused seeing only one adult and unable to understand that both sexual markers come from this one individual.

"SssssSSSSSSS." A loud threat comes from the burrow. A big raptor head comes out, teeth bared. The head abruptly stops hissing.

Raptor Red sniffs loudly. Then ducks his head and starts to wonder if this was such a great idea after all. An adult female raptor steps out. She glares at Duo teeth flashing in her annoyance. She makes a chirping sound to the chicks and they quickly scurry towards her cowering around her ankles.

The female, who will go by Hilde, swings her head left and right trying to come to terms with the strangeness that is Raptor Duo.

Duo sighs then stands up slowly. He's got nothing to loose if he conforms to proper raptor ritualistic greeting. He approaches slowly, holding his head low in a submissive, nonthreatening posture.

Hilde sniffs loudly puzzled by the conflicting scents coming from Duo.

He bobs his head in tentative greeting.

Hilde is now in a quandary. Good sense says to chase this strange one off. Good sense also says to keep....it. She has three chicks to hunt for and raise. Raising them alone is hard. If she had a hunting partner and companion for protection it might make it easier. The female scent coming from the double marked raptor before her is puzzling but in a way comforting. She makes up her mind. Maybe they'll hunt well together...

She returns his greeting performing a head-bob-head-weave in return.

It's not much, but it's enough. Duo has been accepted.