Title: He's Mine; Heart and Soul
Author: Perotessa Detwieler (cearda@u...)
Category: dramatic, Shonen-ai, slight angst
Pairings: R+1, 2+1
Disclaimer: Proof of ownership?! I don't need to show you no stinkin' proof of ownership! But suffice to say....I don't own them, I am just borrowing them for a while. And maybe sneaking them off to stay with me after this project is done. :)
Rating: PG
Warnings: language, duo angst, Heero torture (I mean you'd be tortured too if you had to marry Relena) :P
Spoilers: None really. Set after the Series and Endless Waltz.
Author's Request: Please be gental! This is my first try at a GW fic. If people are OOC my bad. *bad llama* I am open to feedback but flames will be tossed in the old trashbin. You won't get a rise out of me..just crush my feelings and we don't want that now do we. Thought not.
Notes: Welcome to the wedding of Heero Yuy and Relena Darlian-Peacecraft! Duo of course is not happy, but formulates a plan to get Heero to return to him. However even he didn't know how far he would go to get the love of his life back.


Chapter One - Love and Marriage

"...I think we all admired Heero. He was a font of strength and sanity in an insane world. In a time where you didn't know your enemy from your ally; where trust was a rare commodity. We all looked up to Heero.

He was driven, competent, and never took 'no' for an answer. If he couldn't get around you, he'd go through you. Relentless and methodical, he was the consummate soldier.

'I was partnered up with him during a few missions, solely by opportunity and sheer strength of will. I knew that if he had his way, he would rather the missions be solo missions, but I am too stubborn for my own good sometimes.

He'd do anything to make sure a mission was accomplished. Anything. I think I fell in love with him for exactly that reason. I loved him then, and I love him now because he IS the strongest of us. He fought the war and he is still fighting.

Whatever ultimately is the outcome of that private battle he wages within himself, I'll wait and be there when he limps off of the battlefield. I'll love him forever.

The 'Perfect Soldier'."

--from "Confessions of a Gundam Pilot" by Duo Maxwell


Earth - Sanq Kingdom
Early Summer - A.C. 199

The day dawned beautiful and perfect. A light mist gave a surreal and mystical look to the grounds which would soon be filled with celebrating guests. It was to be the happiest day in one young woman's life, and yet it was a black day for the man who called himself the 'God of Death'. The one person he had allowed himself to love was getting married today and it wasn't to him.

Duo Maxwell had arrived two days ago via the Royal spaceport. He had been a silent witness to Heero Yuy's ascension into Sanq aristocracy. After all you couldn't have an everyday commoner marrying the Queen of the whole friggin' country now could you?

Since Heero wasn't born into "high society" he had to be inducted by the Queen herself. Therefore, Relena made him of the highest rank she was legally allowed: a duke. His new title was Heero Yuy - Duke of White Honor.

The whole thing turned Duo's stomach, but it made him realize that Heero was serious about going through with the whole thing. Damned serious. It made the braided man very sad and resigned to the fact that even though they had had almost three years together off and on, they never truly had a relationship. Something that was cultivated and tended to with love and caring and promises of commitment.

Duo refused to believe that he was simply "stress relief"; Heero wouldn't do that. What he would attempt to do "was the right thing", or what he perceived as the right thing. Hence the marrying of Relena Peacecraft.

It may be the right thing in society's eyes and for his troubled concious and for world peace, but it wasn't the right thing for Heero's tumultuous soul.

As Heero's long time partner, Duo knew that he could argue till he was blue in the face and Heero would still go through with this course of action. The only way he would reevaluate his current course of action was if his pre-deteremined goals weren't being met. Only then would be "abort his mission" and look at other options. Until that time, all Duo could do was wait and wonder; scheme and plan; cry his silent tears and rebuild his life.

So he watched as Heero went through all the pre-wedding rituals. The Wedding rehearsal, the pre-wedding dinner, and the bachelor party. He watched as on the day of the wedding, the newly appointed Duke Heero Yuy waited for his white bedecked bride at an alter in the rebuilt church that Relena's parents had married in. He watched and listened as His Grace, slid a ring onto the Queen's finger and promised to Love Honor and Cherish her in sickness and in health for all the days of his life.

Duo Maxwell, self proclaimed Shinigami, had a sudden flash of daydreams. Of the church suddenly exploding in a blossom of fire. Of Relena's head being blow apart by an exploding bullet by a well hidden sniper. Of the huge elaborate cross on the alter suddenly falling and crushing the young queen. Such delightful fantasies all where Heero was suddenly released from his newly forged bonds and free to come with him and truly learn what life was.

His lips twitched in a smile. But then if that happened he wouldn't have the opportunity to show Relena how he got his Heero back. He wouldn't be able to show her how he was the better choice for Heero. And he WAS going to get Heero back. May be in a month or a year or ten years from now, but he would get Heero Yuy back. Because Heero Yuy loved him and he loved Heero and nothing could get in the way of that love.


The small smile that danced about his lips deepened into a more familiar grin. <'Oh yes Relena this may be the happiest day of your life but it's also the last day of your pathetic fantasies. You'll see that true love can conquer all. Even this travesty.'>


Duo wore his borderline manic grin all through the rest of the ceremony and into the reception. He grinned and laughed. He lifted his glass high in a toast to the bride and groom. He smiled for the wedding photos and danced and broke bread with the other wedding guests.

And when the time was right he boldly strode up to the blushing bride and asked her for a dance.

As the string quartet played, Duo swirled the happy new bride on the dance floor. His violet eyes were sparkling, and an easy joyful smile graced his lips. This of course wasn't what Relena had been expecting. She knew of Duo and Heero's war time affair and was now positive that since she had won, marrying Heero, that his long time partner and ex-lover would be at least a bit miffed.

A dark chuckle made her turn her eyes to him. "You really think you've won don't you, your majesty?" he purred.

"I-I have no idea what you mean." Relena stammered. She hated being caught off guard and Duo's actions were definitely knocking her off balance.

"You think by marrying Heero that you've won. Well let me tell you now, you haven't. You may have married him Relena, but Heero belongs to me heart and soul. I'll return one day and when I do, I'll be calling in my markers; Heero Yuy is mine always has been, always will be."

The song ended and they stopped. Relena's heart was beating so fast that she feared that Duo could hear it. She was afraid and quickly jerked her trembling hands away from Duo's warm ones.

<"Never let them see you afraid.">

"You're wrong Duo. He married me because he loves me. You should re-evaluate your position. This is the end of a long game and you've lost."

Duo laughed again, eyes twinkling with mirth and something else she couldn't name or fathom. "That's what you think. Just remember Relena, I will be back for him." He took her hand and pressed a courtly kiss to the back of her glove, then turned and smoothly weaved his way off the dance floor and out of her sight.


She blinked watching mesmerized by the swaying braid as it disappeared. The voice of her new husband filled with query. She turned with a brilliant smile dismissing Duo and his grave warning. This was after all her wedding day! And nothing not even a scorned ex-lover was going to ruin it for her!



Duo went back to his hotel wondering belatedly if he hadn't tossed down the glove of challenge in front of Relena too soon.

Suddenly he smirked. Well whatever hell he did get into for showing up at the wedding it would blow over. After all he'd had to go to that wedding! He HAD to watch Heero make the biggest mistake of his life and he was going to get Heero out of it...somehow. He still wasn't exactly sure how he was going to do that. Sighing he sank to the edge of the bed and put his head in his hands. <'God! What a mess! OK....so now what do I do?'> He thought for a moment rubbing at his face then flopped back onto the bed. <' What is it I am hoping to accomplish here? To get Heero back mostly I suppose. And?

To help him realize that marrying Relena is not the way of finding absolution for all the things he did during the war.

OK...so what does Relena have that I don't? Blonde hair, blue eyes, tits, a cunt.'>

He wrinkled his nose. If that's all Heero was interested in, he may as well leave him in the hell hole he'd just dug for himself. But no, he knew his partner better than that. That wasn't the only reason Heero had married Relena.

Relena was important to the fragile peace that they had here on Earth and that now extended to the colonies. Heero was the "Perfect Soldier"; he needed a mission and he had given himself the mission of protecting Relena and the peace that she represented.

Duo wondered bleakly how long that would keep his interest before he realized that Relena had a very good and expert security force who, after the Mariamia incident, had been thoroughly retrained and were even now more rabid in their surveillance and protection of the Vice Minster than ever before.

How long would it be before Heero realized that his role as protector wasn't needed? Relena had all the protectors she would ever need at her beck and call.

How long would it take for the fact that Relena loved him to hit home, before Heero realized that marrying her wasn't the answer.

One sided love wouldn't keep thier marriage alive. Being married wasn't just putting a ring on the fool girl's finger. It was a committment. It was work that both parties needed to do. It was love. Something Heero had the barest understanding of.

Duo seriously doubted that Relena could understand how deficent Heero was in the basics of human emotion, accepting, and expressing them. He had trouble sorting them out and emoting the proper emotion in the proper situation. All thanks to his training and reconstrustion he tended to avoid situation where emotions were previlent.

What worst situation than a lifelong bonding to a person you could barely stand? Heh.

Oh yes, Heero, no matter how honorable his intentions had been, had choosen a path toward self destruction that was long, lingering and painful.

So what would he, Duo, need to get Heero back?

"I need a purpose. A mission..." Duo rolled over onto his stomach frowning. "How much time will it take for him to realize that Relena doesn't need him and that I do." <'Now if that isn't the most pathetic thing I've ever heard of I dunno what is.'>

Sighing he curled up into a fetal position nuzzling the bedspread in dejected manner.

But even bouts of depression didn't last long with one Duo Maxwell.

Blowing his bangs out of his eyes he rolled over again and bounced off the bed. "But first to call Quatre."

Quatre Raberba Winner had had the good sense NOT to come to Earth and attend Relena's wedding. Instead he was still on L4 doing who knows what! Sleeping most likely if he was smart. Oh well...it had been a while since he'd heard from his friend and really didn't see the harm in calling him up.

"Hey Quat!"

A blurry voice muttered: "Duo?"

"Hai! Hai! Hey Q-chan how are things hangin'?"

"Duo? It's 4:30 am Colony time! What in the world would possess you to call at this hour?!"

There was a slight pause then Duo said softly: "Heero got married today. I just got back from the reception."

There was a pause. "Oh. I see." said Quatre quietly.

"What can I do for you Duo?"

Duo smirked. Sometimes laying on the guilt was a good thing. "Heero's made the third worst mistake of his life Quatre, and it's up to me to help him realize that. I need you to help me manage my money."

*blink blink*

Clearly Quatre wasn't expecting this. "Duo...if you need a job all you have to do is ask-"

"Nah I am not that hard up for money that I have to go around asking my friends for hand outs. Besides, before he left, Heero made sure none of us would really ever have to worry about money ever again. He squirreled away enough money for me to live comfortably for the rest of my life. No what I need from you Q, is help in making it last."

That grabbed Quat's interest. Suddenly the video panel lit up and Duo could see the golden desert prince. His hair was tousled and he was bare chested and he was most assuredly in bed.

Duo grinned upon seeing the somewhat shell shocked look on Quat's face.

"Duo, if you have money why do you need my help? Especially when it comes to matters of the heart?"

"Quatre my old friend," sighed Duo "I am off to become famous, and I need to be able to have liquid cash around so that I can accomplish my goal."

Quatre's golden brows turned down in a frown. "Famous? How?"

Duo winked at the puzzled ex-pilot of Gundam Sandrock. "Why by capitalizing on my 'Fame' as a Gundam pilot of course. I guess I'll write a book or something." he shrugged. "But first I think I need to regroup and to do that, I need to go home to L2."

Quatre blinked. "Duo, you know in all my time of knowing you, that's the first time I've heard you refere to L2 as home."

"Well I guess there is a first time for everything. Anyways, when the time comes for me to make it big, I'll tell you and you can help me out ne?" he started to cackle evilly.

The golden prince sweatdropped. "Sure Duo whatever help you need you know you can count on me."

"So I figured....thanks Q. Uhmmmm about the money guys?"

"Don't worry Duo, just give me the information tomorrow and I'll have my people start to work on it."

"Great Quat-chan! I really owe you for this!"

Quatre smiled. "Not to worry Duo I would pull out my still beating heart from my own chest and give it to you if you needed it."

Duo blanched. "That was a little gross Q."

"Heh! It's not everyday I get the chance to gross you out. And Duo...?"


"If you EVER call this late again I will personally hunt you down and beat you to a bloody smear on the pavement. Do we understand each other?"

Duo gulped. "Sure thing Mister Winner, sir!"

"Night Duo."

Quatre disconnected and the vid screen when black.

Duo blinked at the black screen then slowly put the phone on the handset. He sighed and bonelessly settled back on the bed. Well that was taken care of, good.

Tomorrow he'd settle the last of his business here then it was off to L2.

It was time to go home.