Title: Glimmers of Eternity 4/?
Author: Perotessa Detwieler (cearda@ultimanet.com)
Category: dramatic, Shonen-ai, dark, vampires/demons. X-over with
Angel the Series
Pairings: 2x1, 4x3

Disclaimer: THEY'RE MINE! MINE! And the only way you'll get them back is to pry them out of my cold dead hands!!!

Rating: PG

Warnings: Maybe a bit of rough language. Mostly though, this one is pretty mild.

Spoilers: None. This is set in an AU world.

Notes: I've been reading a whole bunch of Angel the Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic lately. I've only found one GW/B:tVS cross over though. This one is...."different". Set in L.A. it doesn't fit in the Angel time line at all, and our Boys aren't Gundam pilots. Hope you like it.

Summary: Angel is confronted with a problem that has potentially far reaching consequences for the demon community. Will he help a "helpless" Master Vampire? Or turn his back on the whole situation?

Part Four

The sleeper's amaryllis eyes opened with a snap. They were muzzy with sleep but still they moved around the room looking for whatever it was that woke him.

Duo blinked confused for a moment, his eyes quickly adjusting to the low light. He sniffed the still air and caught a familiar scent.


A shadow detached itself from the others and moved towards the bed solidifying into the form of Duo's eldest Childe.

Chang Wufei, the only survivor of a massacre which wiped out his whole village including his wife, had given up his life to become what he was; turned by the demon Shinigami to walk in the darkness at his side as his childe, companion and lover. He now stood as his family's defender and a warrior of great renown.

Duo gazed at his firstborn and smiled slightly. Curled up next to him, Heero slept on oblivious. He raised a hand which Wufei took into his own, falling to his knees next to the bed. Duo could feel the cold tears splash onto his skin.

"My Childe. My dear, sweet Childe. Why do you weep?" he asked softly.

"I should have been here." choked out his eldest. "I should have been here to protect you. It's what I do. We could loose you and it would be all my fault."

Duo made soothing shushing noises and drew Wufei onto the bed so that he lay stretched out next to him.

His dark eyes flickered over towards his younger sibling. "Heero?"

His sire shook his head grinning. "For all his maturity, he is still just passing out of fledglinghood. I've pushed him into sleep. He won't be waking up anytime soon. He needs his rest and so do you, but our bond isn't as strong as it was and I don't think you'd really appreciate me making you sleep."

Wufei tilted his face up and stared into Duo's bemused face. He frowned, giving his sire a good glare which very clearly told of his opinion in the matter, and then settled back down.

He decided instead to asked the question that was screaming to be asked. "So, what happened? It's not like you to run pell mell into danger like that. Did this attacker ambush you? Were you out of position and he was able to get the drop on you? What-?"

The older demon sighed, his soft hands ghosting over his Childe's form stroking, soothing, trying to reassure him through touch. "It's my own fault. I separated from Trowa and Heero and went to explore on my own.It was just sheer dumb blind bad luck that I had to fight the Ensouled One. Actually I didn't "HAVE" to fight him....truth be told I am the one who attacked him." Duo chuckled. "You should have seen the shocked look on his face. It was if he'd never been challenged before. However, you're right, I should have known better. Especially with me in the condition I am in. And considering the fact that we are going to need his cooperation in finding a cure for this virus, it was a stupid thing to do. But I've was feeling better, and I am just so tired of waiting. No one will spar with me; I needed to let off some steam." Duo shrugged.

Wufei blinked at his sire for a moment then rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Only you would think of risking your life as letting off some steam. Sometimes I wonder if you're really as old as you say you are because you certainly do not act like it sometimes."

His violet eyed sire chuckled softly and kissed the knuckles of Wufei's hand.

"No matter how long the time passes that we are apart, you are always able to put things into perspective for me, my dragon."

Wufei gave a rueful smile and snuggled close. "I am glad that I am with you now though. I was able to speak for a moment with Quatre. He has an appointment with the Ensouled One tomorrow at ten in the morning."

Duo nodded. "That's good. one less thing to worry about."

His childe snorted. "Don't you mean just one more thing to worry about? It's not going to be easy to keep his nose out of our business."

The Shinigami shrugged. "No matter. He'll most likely be too busy running around the city looking for a cure to do much research on an almost extinct and obscure sub-species of vampire to really bother with us. We are as safe here as we are anywhere else in the world. Especially with you taking care of the Hunter."

His childe tensed the old festering hatred between himself and he who was their hunter an open wound. "I hate him." spat Wufei petulantly.

"I know you do. One day you'll get your Justice, but until that time comes he'll always be like a hornet buzzing around."

"You forget though, Sire. Hornets can sting." A pale hand stroked Duo's shoulder. "I should have been paying attention. He was able to infect you with that arrow because I had let down my guard. I should have-"

A cool finger pressed against his lips silencing him.

"Hush my little one. 'Should Have, Could Have, Would Have.' It's in the past and we can not change it. I would do it again if I had to Wufei, he threatened my Childe, my firstborn. I would throw myself in front of that arrow again if it meant it would keep you safe. I cannot die Wufei; you know this. The Powers will not allow it. They need me." Those violet eyes flicked over to Heero's sleeping form and traveled down his body like a caress. "And him. You worry too much; everything will be fine, you'll see."

They lay together in silence, the Shinigami gently stroking his Childe. Hesitantly Wufei spoke, his voice soft as if not to disturb the stillness that had come over the bed.

"I wasn't with you in Chiyoda. Tell me the story again?"

Duo quirk a brow, tilting his head at Wufei. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you'd want to hear a bedtime story. However I know this not to be true. What would a warrior need with bedtime stories." he chuckled. "Oh very well. Let me think." He settled onto his back; on his right side was curled up Heero, back pressed up against his flank. On his left cuddled Wufei, head on his Sire's chest listening to the comforting sound of his voice reverbating.

Duo smoothed his hand through Wufei's hair, his voice soft in the deepening gloom. "It was 1973. After a good fifty years, I had returned to Japan in my continuing quest to find the Lost Soul. My search led me to Chiyoda, a ward of Tokyo. I was alone. Not exactly by choice mind you but it's just the way things had worked out.

"My youngest Quatre was in Tokyo, but not with me. It just so happened that the Winner clan needed their only male relative back within the fold. So Quatre Raberba Winner, the mysterious reclusive Winner from Asia suddenly was found and re-en stated as head of the family. The family explained his extremely youthful appearance as a dreaded blood disorder, which made him look to be around seventeen years old, when in 'fact' he was over forty. They told the investors that he would die an elderly man who looked as if he was just reaching his twenties. They of course were leary, but Quatre is competent and knowledgable of the family's assets; he is after all the one and true heir of the whole corporation. They had no choice but to allow him to step up as CEO.

"My first born, you." he pressed a kiss to the crown of Wufei's head before continuing. "were off in the highlands of China training your minions to root out and destroy anyone who claimed the Kushrenada name. With no way of contacting you I was left to my own devices.

"I found housing with Chikako Sendo, granddaughter and proprietress of an apartment complex. Chikako was told by her grandmother that if a boy came to her with a meter long braid and violet eyes, to give him anything he wanted. I don't think she honestly thought I would ever show up within her lifetime, but when I did she was shocked. She was also a little put out when I told her I wanted the suite at the top of her building.

"It didn't really matter to me, one human's discomfort...not really. I was only going to be there for what really amounts to not even a fraction of a blink in my own lifetime. She would deal with it; she would have to.

"Since I physically look fifteen, after I had secured my lodging, I changed and went down and began to search the city. The feeling that the Lost Soul was very very close kept nibbling away at my awarness. It was here, somewhere and I would find it. Afterall, such was the Destiny which Fate gave us."