Title: Glimmers of Eternity 3/?
Author: Perotessa Detwieler (cearda@ultimanet.com)
Category: dramatic, Shonen-ai, dark, vampires/demons. X-over with Angel the Series
Pairings: 2x1, 4x3

Disclaimer: THEY'RE MINE! MINE! And the only way you'll get them back is to pry them out of my cold dead hands!!!

Rating: PG

Warnings: Maybe a bit of rough language. Mostly though, this one is pretty mild.

Spoilers: None. This is set in an AU world.

Notes: I've been reading a whole bunch of Angel the Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic lately. I've only found one GW/B:tVS cross over though. This one is...."different". Set in L.A. it doesn't fit in the Angel time line at all, and our Boys aren't Gundam pilots. Hope you like it.

Summary: Angel is confronted with a problem that has potentially far reaching consequences for the demon community. Will he help a "helpless" Master Vampire? Or turn his back on the whole situation?

Part Three

When Angel finally got back to the Hyperion, he found a steaming Cordelia Chase waiting for him. She glared hotly at him then leapt into a tirade about 'lots of money out the window', and 'I tried to call you', and 'leave the freaking cell phone on!'

She didn't even care that his jacket and shirt were all nicked up and had liberal amounts of blood soaked through.

He stalked past her and into the kitchen deciding that a nice heated meal would do him a world of good. She chased after him not willing to give up the fight.

"Where the hell were you?! Do know how embarrassed I was stalling him?!"

"Who?! You keep saying him and big money but you have yet to say exactly who it is that came." he snarled.

That made Cordy stop short and she fished around her pockets and pulled out the business card. "Quatre Raberba Winner of Winner Corporation. You know that huge megalopolis that owns like 60% of everything!"

She slapped the card into Angel's chest. "Now you're gonna call Mister Winner and you're gonna ask him nicely what he wanted."

Angel glared at Cordelia and swiped the phone out of her hand. "Fine!" he snapped.

"Is something the matter?" asked a apprehensive voice.

Cordelia's head whipped around. "Wesley! You will not believe what he did today! I totally blew off a potential client! A rich client! We're talking billionaire rich client!"

"I was busy." ground out Angel.

That seemed to perk the ex-watcher's attention. "Busy? With what?" he asked.

Angel blinked. Finally! Someone wanted to know how lousy his day had been? Who was he to look a gift horse in the mouth. "In the tunnels. There was...I am not sure if I should call it a vamp or not. Whoever and whatever he was, he was snooping around. When I confronted him, he pulled a black blade sword and attacked me."

"Oh. Nothing you couldn't handle then." Wesley said obviously dismissing the whole event as irrelevant.

Angel gaped at him for a moment then threw his hands up in the air, and stalked off to make his phone call.


In a large suite of the Kemayan Royale, the air was thick with tension and an underlying sense of dread. Heero glanced over at his companion Trowa Barton and bit at his lip in uncertainty, but before he could say anything the phone rang. He blinked at it. When it rang again he snapped out of his bewilderment and picked it up.

"Heero speaking."

There was a pause on the other end then a soft: "How is he?"

Heero sighed. "Wufei." he spoke the name of his older 'brother' like a benediction. "He just overexerted himself. He's resting now."

"I should have been there. Do you know who it was? Why-"

Heero shook his head forgetting in the moment that Wufei couldn't see his body language. "No I don't know. Luckily Trowa heard the scuffle and we rushed to his side. We were able to get away relatively unscathed. He's tired and won't feed."

His blood brother sighed heavily. Heero could just imagine him smoothing back his hair from his brow. It brought a slight smile to his face. "Stay with him Heero. Be with him and don't leave his side for anything. He needs you now more than ever. Tell Trowa I'll be in around 8 pm tonight; I don't need him to shoot off my head before he realizes its me."

Heero chuckled softly. "I'll tell him. It will be good to have you with us again, big brother."

"It will be good to be back. I'll be there soon, little brother."

Heero nodded hand clutching convulsively at the phone receiver. The line clicked as Wufei hung up.

The youngest of the family slowly put the phone back and stared at it for a few moments before moving into the in-suite kitchen. He pulled a packet from the refrigerator and warmed it up in the microwave and waited for it to heat.

"Who called?"

Heero started and looked at Trowa in confusion for a moment before his expression cleared. "Wufei. He says he'll be here around eight. When is Quatre due back?"

Trowa shrugged. "He'll be back when he can. I've learned not to worry about it." He tilted his head toward the microwave. "Are you going to try and entice him to eat?"

The younger of the two nodded and reached for the door as the microwave chimed. Carefully he poured the contents of the bag into a crystal goblet and placed that onto a small silver ray. Straightening his shoulders he walked past Trowa and went to the master bedroom.

He opened the door and slipped inside. The room was dim, the curtains drawn. No light illuminated the space but then again none was needed.

A pale lean form lay stretched out on the large bed. Long unbound chestnut brown hair flowed over the satin pillows and over the edge. "Heero?" asked a soft wavering voice. "Come to me, my Childe."

Heero could feel the emotions rise and fall within him. Fear for his Sire, rage at he who had laid his Sire so low, helplessness in the fact that bringing his Sire a goblet wasn't enough to stop the sickness that threatened to kill him.

Heero moved toward the bed and placed the tray on the side table. "Sire. Duo. Please you must eat." he said and handed the goblet to the striking young man who struggled to sit up.

Duo's violet blue eyes were horribly blood shot. His pale skin held an unhealthy chalky cast to it, and he was still breathing. He sighed as he took the crystal from his Favorite's hand and sniffed the contents. "I am so sorry, my love." he mummered softly and took a quick sip. He grimaced as the fluid rolled over his tongue and slid down his throat.

"There's no need to apologize to me, Sire." whispered Heero. He crawled up onto the bed and waited for he who had created him to drink more.

"Have you heard from Quatre?" asked Duo.

His companion shook his head. "No. But Trowa says not to worry, that he'll be back soon."

Duo nodded absently and finished off the rest of the glass. He stuck his tongue out and handed the goblet back to Heero, who placed it on the tray on the side table. "Well that was most unpleasant. But then again micro waved blood is definitely not the way to go." He lay back down and patted the spot next to him. Heero eagerly curled up next to his Sire tucking his body into Duo's. Duo placed a soft kiss into Heero's hair, the darker vampire smiled. "I love you Shinigami, you know that right?"

Duo flicked an errant lock of hair out of his face. "How could I ever doubt it. Our love is eternal Heero. I've been fighting this illness for five years now. I have no intention of letting it kill me off any time soon. The Powers will see to it that a cure is found here in this city."

Heero snuggled closer pressing hard against Duo's slight frame then easing back slightly. "Like they made sure you found me in Chiyoda?"

Duo smiled slightly and stroked Heero's bangs out of his eyes. "You were the Lost Soul, and I had been searching for so long. So I am selfish and wanted to insure that you never left me ever again. If I had it to do all over again would I change anything?" he paused and thought it over carefully. "I don't think I could live like that anymore; searching for you, finding you, just to loose you again. I need you by my side, with me here safe. I love you Heero." He kissed his beloved softly, wrapping his arm around his waist. "I will never let you go."


Trowa tidied up the kitchen a bit. He knew that he probably wouldn't see Heero again for the rest of the night. It disturbed the green eyed vampire that the patriarch of his family was so ill.

Duo was a very old demon and yet he only had the three Childer. He was sire to Trowa's own beloved Quatre, and had been gracious enough to allow Trowa to join his small family. Trowa himself was treated as a Childe, allowed to feed from Duo at least once a month. Well he had been. They all had.

But now with the illness...

The Shinigami's blood was tainted. Whatever vile poison was in his system it was slowly killing him. A feat Trowa never would have thought possible. For three years the family had searched for a cure. For three years they had escaped with their lives or....unlives just missing traps set up by the Hunter.

It had been Wu Fei's responsibility to keep the Hunter away from them; stymie him in Asia while they made their escape here to Los Angeles. It was here that they would find a cure to Duo's mysterious illness. Or so said Quatre, the visionary of their little group, and Quatre was rarely wrong.

As if thinking about him conjured him, the sound of a card key and the door opening reached Trowa's ears. He turned to see the golden haired second 'born' of Duo come into the suite. Even from a distance, Quatre looked tired. He tugged at his tie and shrugged out of his jacket before walking up to Trowa and slipping his arms around the tall vampire's waist.

Trowa returned the embrace, burying his nose into his little love's golden hair, breathing in his scent. "Welcome back love. Hard day?" The golden head nodded and yet the young man said nothing.

Trowa fought hard to keep the smile out of his voice. "Lets sit down,and you can tell me all about it." He said as he pulled himself and his lover onto the sofa.

Quatre sighed and snuggled into the green eyed vampire's taller frame. "How is he?" he asked softly.

"He'll be fine. Heero took a goblet in earlier. I don't know if he ate or not, but Wufei told Heero to stay by his side until he got here which will be tonight sometime. His flight comes in at eight."

"That's good. He's probably thinking that Duo's set back is all his fault. But if it wasn't for Wufei and his minions there is no way we could have escaped Japan so thoroughly." Quatre sighed pulling away from Trowa slightly. "I got a call from the ensouled vampire. He was apologetic that he was unable to meet me today. We made an appointment for tomorrow at ten."

Trowa chuckled. "Won't it be a surprise when you show up in sunlight."

Quatre nodded but seemed unwilling to speak about it and changed the subject.

"It will be nice; all of us together again. We haven't been all together since" he paused thinking "....we found the Lost Soul." Trowa chuckled thinking back to that episode almost thirty years ago.

"That was an adventure wasn't it? I got to really understand how this family works and we brought in a new Childe. A great time was had by all."

Quatre pressed a kiss to Trowa's throat then nipped lightly at his jugular. "We found Heero. Yes I would say it was a great time. And I had you. I am so happy that you decided to stay with me. That's not to say I don't love my Sire, I do. It's just....he and Heero. They...complete each other."

Trowa nodded. "I know. When I see them together...it seems so heartless to keep them separated from each other. I can understand why Duo did what he did. If I had to search the world for you for centuries like he had to do for Heero... Sometimes I don't know how he stayed sane."

His golden haired companion snuggled closer humming in contentment. "They found each other though. That's what is important; they found each other. The Shinigami found the Lost Soul, and they were reunited even if it is on this side of Death. It's better than nothing."

"Won't mean much if we don't get a cure to whatever it is ailing Duo." pointed out Trowa.

Quatre frowned, his nose scrunching up. "We'll find it. Or....rather the vampire with a soul will find it. It's been decided. The Power that Be will have their champion find the cure for us. All we have to do is hide how sick Duo is and what exactly Duo is from him. He must not know that he is the Shinigami. And that will be harder said than done."

"We'll find a way, my love. We'll find a way."

They fell silent thinking of what the future would hold for all of them.