Please forgive me! *bows low* this is SSSSSOOOOOO Short! it's not a teaser's as long as I wanted the first part to go. Makes for a "great" cliff hanger. Second part will be out today sometime...dunno how long that will be...hope you like it!

Title: Glimmers of Eternity
Author: Perotessa Detwieler
Category: dramatic, Shonen-ai, dark, vampires/demons. X-over with Angel the Series
Pairings: 2x1, 4x3
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None. This is set in an AU world.
Warnings: Maybe a bit of rough language. Mostly though, this one is pretty mild.

Disclaimer: THEY'RE MINE! MINE! And the only way you'll get them back is to pry them out of my cold dead hands!!!

Notes: I've been reading a whole bunch of Angel the Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic lately. I've only found one GW/B:tVS cross over though. This one is...."different". Set in L.A. it doesn't fit in the Angel time line at all, and our Boys aren't Gundam pilots. Hope you like it.

Summary: Angel is confronted with a problem that has potentially far reaching consequences for the demon community. Will he help a "helpless" Master Vampire? Or turn his back on the whole situation?


Part One

In the bowels of the city known as the City of Angels, a vampire with a soul sloshed his way back to his home and base of operations. No matter how much time went by, things stayed the same. Or so thought Angel, agent for the Power That Be.

He sighed in disgust. Then he sighed again feeling guilty for sighing in disgust. He sighed a third time for sighing because he sighed because he felt guilty.

Shaking his head he mused that Spike was right. He really was a poncy git.

He stopped short and tilted his head listening with keen hearing. Something was off. There was an intruder in his sewer tunnel kingdom.

A lithe form was poking about one of the junctions; a conduit where four tunnels intersected. It wore a long brown cloak with hood which conveniently hid it's form.

"You don't look like a city worker. Who are you?" asked the besouled vampire.

The form jerked with a start and whirled around. Angel blinked. A boy. And not just any boy a small boy. Angel towered over him.

The boy said nothing but stared at the vampire. Angel got the distinct impression he was being sized up. When the boy's hand went to his side the vampire noticed the scabbard.

Thin pale hands gripped the hilt of the sword and in slow almost theatrical movement drew it. Angel's eyes widened considerably when they fell upon the blade. It was black with no specks of silver to mar it's pristine beauty.

The boy grinned wickedly and assumed a guard position. There was no hesitation on Angel's part. He studied his opponent for a few moments, his last thought was: 'No heartbeat; vampire?!" The boy sprang forward.