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Title: And They Sparked 1/?
Author: Perotessa Detwieler (cearda@ultimanet.com)
Category: dramatic, yaoi, slight angst
Pairings: 2x1, R+/xOC, 6+/xOC, R+1
Disclaimers: Proof of ownership?! I don't need to show you no stinkin' proof of ownership! But suffice to say....I don't own them, except for Meo Watanabe and any other original character that pops up. Those I own and keep in small bottles in my room.
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Rating: ranging from R to NC-17 for violence, language, and gratuitous sex. (yeah, like that's a bad thing)

Warnings: Some killin', some sex, some language, but its really not too shocking compared to other stories.

Spoilers: None really. AU setting no "Gundams" per say

Author's Request: Please be gentle! I am open to feedback, but flames will be tossed in the old trash bin. You won't get a rise out of me...just crush my feelings and we don't want that now do we?Thought not.

Blurb: Meo, a banded girl, is a silent witness to murder and intrigue in an AU Sanq Kingdom where Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell are assassins of rival Houses battling for Political supremacy.


Part One

Other than the fact that I am the sole witness to a murder my name is not important.

I was being sent to the Marquis Regency hotel in my first assignment as a contracted escort for the House Darlian. My contract had just been optioned and this was my first time being sent out by the House. To say I was excited would be a gross misinterpretation of my emotions. I will admit to being a bit giddy though since this was my first time being part of a House with such blue blooded connections.

So it really is no wonder that when I got the room assignment that I totally mixed it up.

The guy at the counter told me that I was to go to Floor 8, Room 11.

I told the guy in the elevator Floor 11, Room 8.

Stupid me.

As I exited the elevator and started down the marble hallway I knew I was in the wrong place. The two thugs with guns were another tip off. I slowly backed away only to realize that the elevator car had left; the doors shut. I'd have to wait for the next one.

Considering what happened next I am really surprised that I am still alive.

I only noticed it subconsciously The lights flickered for a moment then grew dim. There was a definite heaviness to the air. Startled I turned around and looked at the two guys who were lounging in the hallway. Their hair was starting to stand up.

Then all I saw was light. White light which surrounded everything.

All I heard was screaming

Screaming . . .


Chang Wufei looked on grimly at the huddled form of the sole survivor of the Marquis Regency Hotel assassination. A girl of 22 sat with a coarse blanket around her shoulders and a mug of hot chocolate clutched in her hands. She sobbingly retold her story of the assassination; of heavy air and white light and insistent screaming.When the Preventers got to the Regency the only living creature on the floor was her, and she was the only one screaming.

Chang snorted at the emotionality of the female gender as a whole. He had seen the metallic tattoo around the girl's neck and knew what it stood for. He cursed all females who felt that they had to sell their bodies to stay alive.

Currently Wufei's partner, Sally Po, was playing good cop to Chang's sullen bad cop and slowly drawing the story from the girl. Whoever she was, she was smart and knew how to work the system. She only told the pertinent information like name: Meo Watanabe age: 22, and occupation: Contracted Banded Girl ie. Pleasure Slave.

Who held her contract, who she was suppose to meet at the hotel, and payment was not discussed.

That information was off limits.

From what Wufei was able to piece together this girl was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. An unfortunate witness to a crime that she as not suppose to see.


The sub-station of Preventers was a mad house. New perps were being brought in, other transferred. Some being booked, some being freed.

There were people everywhere.

Which may be why the assassin was able to get in so easily. He saw the girl right away and smiled a thin smile

He deftly hid himself away on a bench as if he too were just another perp and waited for a clear shot.


It was a plain clothes officer who came up to Chang and told him: "Someone's here for your girl Chang. Says his name is Heero Yuy."

Wufei frowned slightly. Sure they had given their witness a phone call and she had gratefully taken it contacting someone who would come and pick her up and drive her home.

Now it looked like that person was here and they still didn't have a lot to go on.


Wufei gave his partner a look and she smiled warmly at the girl who was slowly getting back to herself. "I'll be right back. I think there might be someone here who wants to see you."

The girl turned and looked eagerly at the people behind her looking for someone that she would recognized. When she didn't see anyone she looked back at officer Po in slight confusion. "It's ok. He's around. I'll go talk to him. Please wait here."

And with that officer Po left the still quaking girl there on her chair.

The girl sniffled a bit then began to murmer softly to herself.


The assassin moved closer ears sharp trying to hear anything that the girl said.

At first none of it made the least bit of sense to him, but he was nothing if patience and waited.

"...all that light...and the air was so heavy." Shiver

"what could do that? I've never felt anything like that before except...and they sparked! There was nothing left they said. Nothing! Like they were vaporized. I don't understand what's going on." She hissed tugging the blanket tighter around herself shaking her head.

The assassin frowned slightly taking all that she had said in and turning it around in his mind. He didn't know of anything that could do what she had just described. Whatever the hell it was it had to be strong. Considering who the hit had be on he had a strong suspicion as to who was behind it too.

Well speak of the devil. He grinned again yet ducked it head as to escape notice.



The girl turned eyes wide surprised to hear her name.

She looked up into a face commanded by cold cobalt eyes; framed by tousled dark brown hair.

She knew her part.

She rose from the chair, blanket falling to the floor behind her. She threw herself against the hard body. "Heero!"

She hugged him and sobbed into his chest.

Stiffly he put his arms around her and gave her a comforting hug

"Are you ok Meo?"

She nodded and looked up at him with large tear filled eyes. "I wanna go home Heero. Please take me home."

The cold blue eyes flickered towards Wufei. "So officer, can I take her home now?"

Wufei grimaced then nodded keeping his mind off of questions such as why such a cold looking bastard was escorting a high class concubine around.

Meo sighed, gathering up her things. "Thanks for everything." She said to officer Po.

Heero moved out of the girl's way and followed her as she threaded her way past desks and people. Suddenly her companion put his hand on her shoulder. She stopped looking at him with quizzical eyes. Heero's eyes had gone flat yet his expression never changed. He looked like a wolf who had just caught a scent. Seemingly satisfied he placed his hand on the small of her back and pushed her forward.

Wufei watched the couple with a sight frown. "Now can you tell me why a House assassin is hanging around a high class Banded Girl?"

Sally Po walked up till she was even with Wufei's shoulder. "Banded Girl?" she asked somewhat puzzled. She hadn't worked vice as long as Wufei and was sorely ignorant when it came to the Elite's play things.

"Yeah you know a paid escort."

"Oh you mean a prostitute."

Wufei grimaced.

Sally shrugged. "I call em like I see 'em."

A chuckle made them turn slightly. Wufei rolled his eyes as he recognized the maniacally grinning figure who stood up from a bench. "Hell. Maxwell what are you doing here you two bit hood?!"

Maxwell smirked, his long chestnut brown braid swaying behind him as he swaggered over to the officer who had in the past arrested him more than a few times. Just one of the hazards when it came to being a thief.

He shrugged. "Oh you know me Wu-chan. Gotta stay on top of things." He watched as the girl, Meo, car being driven by the ever so helpful Heero Yuy pulled away from the curb; his Prussian blue eyes assessing."You're right though. What is House Darlian's assassin doing with a pleasure slave? Never seen her before...must be new."

Wufei blinked. "And how do you know which house he's with?"

Maxwell rolled his eyes. "Oh come on everyone knows that Heero Yuy's contract was picked up by House Darlian a year ago."

Wufei snorted. "Only those who work in those circles would. So who are you working for?"

The violet eyed thief chuckled. "Hell at least I am working. Really working unlike you." He stuck his tongue out. "Well it was nice chattin' with ya, but I gotta jet. See ya Wu-chan."

And with that, the most notorious thief on the east side sauntered out of the station.

Sally watched the young man go shaking her head. "So, do you think we should have told them Kushrenada wasn't in that suite?"

Wufei turned and started back to his desk. "Why bother. If they are part of House Darlian, they already know."


Meo stayed close to Heero until the car went around a corner, then sat back on her side of the seat head tilted back.

"I SO Fucked up!" she wailed.

Heero smirked. "Don't worry about it. We'll both get other chances."

Meo blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Kushrenada wasn't in his suite so the attempt was in vain."

Meo's gray eyes blinked. She drew a lock of her ebon hair around a finger whispering softly. "Oh...Heero."

His shoulders twitched in a shrug. "We'll get other chances."

Meo didn't say anything for the rest of the trip home.


We returned to House Darlian's city townhouse on the good side of town; the north side where all the elite have their homes. I've been a been a pleasure slave for almost 6 years now and it still amazes me how far I've been able to come since I started the business. They say the truth will set you free, I say it just chains you down.

However, I will explain a few things if only to keep it all straight in my own head. I started out at 16 after running away from home and then realizing I had no way of getting and keeping a real job. So what else was I suppose to do? I began hanging out with the wrong girls, bought myself one of those satin black ribbon chokers and set up shop on a well lit corner.

Just my luck I guess that I caught the eye of a real high class Master. For those of you uneducated, Masters are like Madame's but male. They occasionally cruise the streets looking for girls to add to their stables. The guy who saw me could tell I was fresh, new, and hadn't ever turned a trick in my life. I dunno what he saw in me but whatever it was, he liked it . . . a lot.

He asked me if I wanted to get off the streets. Hell yeah I wanted to get off the streets! But I didn't know this guy. Was he a pimp? A cop? A wacko who would kill me once we got into a dark alley? I didn't know. I wasn't in much of a hurry to find out. He gave me his card and told me that when I was sick of turning tricks to call him up. If I still had "the look" he'd make sure to give me a high class job.

After two weeks of working the streets I'd had more than enough and decided to call that guy. Good thing I did I guess. Before I knew it I was picked up in a nice car and taken to a rather nice apartment building. There were girls all over the place! Damn the guy was running a harem or so I thought, little did I know. The guy, David was only one of a team of two. His partner was a well known Madame who ran a legal business of contracted banded girls.

Yeah I know, now you're wondering what a contracted banded girl is. Well, first of all we have contracts which binds us to our Madame. She then options or sells contracts to people who are interested in having a professional escort on their payroll. Most of the girls either live with the people who have bought their contract or here at the apartment. As for "bands", they are tattoos.

Your every "night" street walker may just buy a choker to wear around at night. A sign of what her profession is. For those who want to make a bigger impression and may not be contract material, they may get a black tattoo around their neck. But for contracted girls, high class professionals like myself we went all the way. Our tattoos aren't just ink, they are metallic silver works of art. The more elaborate the tattoo work, the higher in price and status you are.

So here I am, a sixteen year old greenie straight off the streets. Madame Alicia looked me over with a fine tooth comb. I think she liked what she saw and saw a lot of room for improvement. She praised David for his "fine eye" and ordered the works for me. If I had known then what I know now I dunno if I would have called David.

The works consisted of plastic surgery to make my features more striking, physical enhancements, physical fitness, lessons in etiquette; I had to learn everything all over again. How to walk as a lady. How to talk as a lady. How to eat as a lady. When to talk, what to talk about, when not to talk. How to look and how to change my look. I learned how to become a dark haired sultress with black eyes and then change it to a blonde haired blue eyed innocent within 24 hours so as to give my customer variety.

Oh but that wasn't the worst of it. No, the worst were the mental "enhancements". They did a thorough job and turned me into a beautiful doll who craved human touch and wanted nothing more than to give physical pleasure and to please her partner in anyway she could.

I learned all I could and when I turned 18 I got my band. Madame Alicia was extremely pleased with me. She and her surgeons and her tutors had sewn a silk purse out of a sow's ear. To show her appreciation of their time and work and my own willingness to learn everything that was taught to me, she commissioned a band which was the most elaborate piece of art work that she could afford. She was spending a lot of money on me; I was an investment and she was expecting me to pay it all back with interest. With such a band and polish that had been hammered into me I wouldn't disappoint her.

I am 22 now and considered the best. The rising starlet, Meo who can change her appearance like a butterfly. All my lessons came in handy and I was soon drawing in income for Madame Alicia at a frightening rate. I never went anywhere looking the same way twice. Some of the older Banded Girls, or rather now, women had experience and sophistication on their side. I was still able to fool those who would option my contract into the illusion that I was fresh, new, untouched.

Anything a contract holder wanted, I would do. Anything. Which is why I think my contract was optioned by Relena Darlian and her brother Millardo. You don't live in the Sanq kingdom without knowing about House Darlian.

I am a contracted Banded Girl; a professional LEAGEL escort. I don't have to have sex with anyone I don't want to. I am suppose to have sexual relations with people I am told to though. The enhancements help to amplify the experience for me and my partner. They also help to shorten my recovery time and make me eager to go again quickly. The enhancements also make me more susceptible to physical touch and wanting to touch another person.

Performing sex acts is done in the most arousing sensual way possible all thanks to those damn enhancements.

So this is what true prostitution is huh? I may have been better off on the streets...or dead.


After dinner, Millardo took Meo into his study. She docily sat on his lap while his hands roamed over her breasts, on her thighs, over her back. He was engaged in some rather heavy petting when Heero came in. To his credit the house assassin didn't even blink at the almost obscene act in front of him.

Millardo's pale blue eyes sparked with a twisted humor. "Ah, Mister Yuy glad to see you; punctual as ever."

Heero nodded his head, once.

"So, report..."

On Millardo's lap, Meo writhed.

"There was a slight miscalculation. Apparently Kushrenada decided to stay down in the casino in the high stakes parlor rather that going up to his suite."

The girl gasped arching her back.

"And you Meo?"

"Wrong floor" she panted.

"Wrong floor?" Millardo purred pinching her. She squealed, stiffened then sobbed her released against his shoulder. Weakly she nodded.

Lazily, Millardo withdrew his hand licked delicately at his fingers then offered them to Meo who sucked on them greedily. He smirked and brought a glass of wine to his lips with the other hand. "I see. Well not to worry. We shall still prevail in this struggle. Yuy, I've explicit faith in you and your abilities. Your newest assignment has been sent to you. I nor will my sister get in your way. Dismissed."

Heero nodded and left the room.


Heero left the townhouse later that night and went down to one of the mid-line casinos. He knew who his target was and decided to go case him out. Heero, once known as the "Perfect Soldier" now the "Perfect Assassin", had yet to fail in a mission or a hit. He was one of the elite assassins in Sanq; one with a 100% kill ratio. Which was a big reason why the Darlian's had optioned his contract in the first place. Their philosophy was to get the best, use them, and keep them out of the hands of their rivals.

His mark was a junior aide to one of the Darlian's opposition leaders. A weasely little man who spoke a lot but didn't say anything. The Perfect Assassin found his victim working the slots. Just sitting there eyes glazed over plunking in coin after coin. Heero smirked slightly. Maybe he wasn't such a fool after all.

He took a machine a row back and started to watch. After thirty minutes though he was working with his last couple of coins and on his last nerve. The guy was a lump! A lucky lump, as he now had credit in the machine, but still not exactly mister excitement.

Sighing, he slid his last coin into the machine and hit the two of a kind, wild card jackpot. Snorting, he collected his winnings and giving his mark one last look, threaded his way to the cashier.

After pocketing his money he started for the door then stopped, the hairs on the back of his neck rising. He continued out the doors knowing that he was being followed.

Being perused wasn't anything new. If he wanted to, he could loose his pursuer in a heartbeat. But something about this felt strangely familiar and thrilling.

"Orders suck don't they?"

Heero made no sudden moved; indeed didn't move at all.

"Those who give them never seem to consider the consequences."

Heero didn't turn and spoke to the darkness. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

A chuckle. Movement to his right, a dark form detached itself from the shadows, materializing as a young man who was slightly shorter than himself dressed entirely in black.

He moved past Heero and leaned against a guardrail. "Don't you? You're like me, working class. If the powers that be get their way, then there won't be a place for us anymore."

Heero snorted. "I am nothing like you."

The figure turned stepping into the light, his features being revealed for the first time. Large cobalt blue eyes set in a face with high cheekbones and a wide generous mouth which was quirked up into a grin gazed back at him. In their depths he could see faint amusement and unshakable confidence.

A thick twisted rope of hair was drawn over one shoulder; its tip ended at his waist.

"Are you sure?"

"Who are you?" hissed the house assassin.

"Get us a room, and I'll tell you."

Heero's eyes narrowed and raked up and down the slim black clad figure and began to deliberate. Who was this guy? What the hell was he talking about? What does he know? And would it effect his mission in any way?

I could always kill him. A quick snap of the neck or a knife to the heart; end of problem.

He came to his decision. "Sure. We'll go over there." He pointed with his head to a hotel across the way and walked off not caring if his new found "friend" followed or not.

Getting a room was no problem; using one of his aliases and alternative credit card. He hooked up with his "informant" at the elevator and rode up silently.

The door to the room had barely clicked closed when he found himself smothered by a lively hot mouth on his. Swiftly and brutally he pushed his would-be seducer away and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he demanded. "That's not why I brought you here!"

His "guest" smiled a small wicked yet resigned smile. "No I suppose not. But maybe later?" he chuckled "So shall we talk?" he purred. "Yes I think we should."

The darker of the two crossed his arms over his chest. "That's the first smart thing to come out of your mouth thus far. Who are you?"

The violet eyed man shrugged his shoulders and looked about the room with open curiosity. "Can't tell you yet. Soon though."

"Who do you work for?"

"Can't tell you that either."

Heero felt his temper start to rise. "What can you tell me?" he hissed.

<'You damn fool braided baka!'> he thought.

The braided baka in question shrugged and prowled around the room stopping at the honor bar. "Do you want anything? Oh cool! Macadamia nuts! I love these things."

Heero stalked into the room and threw himself onto the plush sofa. "I want answers." He growled.

His guest turned smiling, eyes shining. "Ask me questions."

"You've yet to answer a single one of them!"

A bark of laughter. "You're asking the wrong questions."

Heero used the soon to be patented Yuy Glare of Death. "What should I be asking?"

The glare didn't seem to phase his visitor at all; in fact he seemed to shrug it off and sauntered toward the sofa the small jar of nuts opening with a sucking sound as he broke the vacuum seal. "If what you're doing is the right thing to do. If who you are working for is strong enough in heart and ideals to lead. If you can live in the world they are planning on creating out of the mess that they have already made."

Heero's deep blue eyes narrowed as he studied the smooth faced braided man in front of him. What the hell does he know? I live to fulfil my contract! My mission that is given to me by my employers. "What do you want from me?"

The black clad braided stranger shrugged. "I want you to question why you're following your orders." He put the jar of nuts down and settled next to Heero on the sofa.

"I want you to realize that the road we are both traveling on leads to a dead end." He unzipped his jacket and turned toward Heero his eyes large, liquid and yet burning with emotion. "I want. . ." Heero was now visibly shaking. "you."

A warm hand cupped his cheek as the other man stretched closer his breath feathered over Heero's suddenly overheated skin. "Who the hell are you?" House Darlian assassin choked out.

"I'll tell you...afterwards." The violet eyes fluttered closed as lips brushed against Heero's. House Darlian's assassin froze, then wrapped his arms around the temptation who was so gleefully throwing himself at him.

<'An assassin uses every available weapon in his arsenal.'> thought Heero dimly; old advice suddenly coming to the forefront of his mind. He pushed the violet eyed stranger away from him by the shoulders and glared at him.

"You will tell me now." he gritted.

Panting the lithe man flicked his tongue over his kiss swollen lips. "Fine...fine..." he drew himself up in a huff and curled up beside Heero a serious glint in his eyes. "Has it ever occurred to you that the Parliament only has two voices?" Heero blinked. Politics? Trying to get into his pants was all about politics?! Who the hell was this guy?!

"There are more than two voices-"

The black clad figure waved his hand in a dismissive gesture. "Sure sure but are they ever heard over the noise of House Darlian and House Kushrenada?"

Heero's eyes narrowed. "What are you implying?"

The braided man chuckled seeing where Heero's thoughts had jumped too. "I don't mean it like that. I'd NEVER dream of trying to take on the houses myself. It's too much work and I much rather relax and have fun than actually work any day of the week. No, what I am trying to say is...maybe the world that House Kushrenada and House Darlian want isn't the type of world the people want. Whatever happened to the world the people want? I am sure it's not this. This decedent world of high class casinos where the only good paying job for the uneducated is taking out the trash. Whatever happened to the schools that were promised? What happened to the shelters and the jobs full of promise and advancement? What happened to cracking down on crime? The Preventers are overwhelmed by the leavings of this new society. Its simply my opinion that things should be shaken up, these little petty power struggles by the two most powerful Houses in Sank really are adding up to nothing. Just more pain and suffering for those who supposedly put them into power. And now that they ARE in power there seems no way of getting them OUT of power. That's what I want to talk to you about...Heero."

House Darlian's assassin stiffened and his hand shot forward grabbing the seductive young man around the throat. "Who told you that?" he hissed.

Calmly the violet eyes regarded him without a hint of fear. "I am not stupid. I asked around...it's a well known fact that you're House Darlian's Assassin. I saw you at the Preventer's sub-station when you came to pick up the pleasure slave."

Heero glared at him for a few moments then let him go slowly. "What do you want from me?"

"For now? Nothing more than your company...your body...I do so get lonely at night." he simpered.

Heero rolled his eyes. "And in the long run?"

Black clad shoulders shrugged. "Don't know yet...I am sure I'll think of something. Besides it's not every day that a guy like me can say he got to be with a House Assassin and lived."

"What makes you think I am going to let you live?" asked Heero gruffly.

The mobile face shifted into a sly smirk. "Oh you'll let me live....I know your type. I know you....probably better than you know yourself." he shrugged then pinned Heero with a very intense look, his violet eyes having gone hard and flat. "But for now I want you. Here. In my bed for the remainder of the night."

Heero narrowed his eyes slightly. "Why?"

"Call it a fetish; an obsession? Call it anything you want to, but whatever you do don't discount it. So...do you want to play?"

Heero studied the vibrant violet eyes, the open smiling face then nodded once sharply. "Sure I'll play...but on my terms."

A wicked smile spread slowly over the braided man's face. "Cool..." he breathed as he leaned in and pressed his lips to Heero's.

The Darlian house's assassin wasn't going for that though, and grabbed his associate by the base of that ridiculous plait and jerked him up close. No fear flickered in either his eyes or his face. Heero didn't know weather he was pleased with that reaction or not and crushed his mouth against his.

Warm hands slid over his shoulders, under the lapels of his jacket and eased it down his arms. Not breaking the kiss, Heero reciprocated tugging lightly at the black silk shirt which was tucked into the waistband of the dress pants. Finally getting it free and smoothing his hands over warm pale flesh of the assassin's abdomen.

His companion groaned and broke away shivering with desire. He opened his eyes and stared at Heero for a moment then in quick efficient motions rid himself of his own jacket, shoulder holster, and shirt.

Heero's eyes narrowed slightly and he smirked. He mirrored the "braided baka" and shed himself of his clothes.


"Hn" he grunted in affirmation. The violet eyes shinned in amusement and he scrambled to his feet. Heero rose swiftly and easily, bending down the scoop up the shoulder holsters and brought them into the bedroom.

Seeing Heero enter with the guns the violet eyed lovemate mock whined: "What is this? Business before pleasure?"

Heero looped his holster over one of the bedposts and then grabbed the wanna be gallant, hauling his slim body up against his till they were pressed tightly together only the flimsy barrier of clothe between them. "I thought pleasure was your business." he said gruffly

The braided baka opened his mouth to reply, but was quickly silenced as Heero claimed his lips again.

Heero treated this exchange like all other business exchanges: direct, to the point, with only as much force as necessary to get the job done.

His bedmate wasn't complaining at all if the whines and whimpers were anything to go by.

Their coupling was fast and rough. Heero sheathing himself into the pale body swiftly with one powerful thrust; forcing his bedmate into a subservient position on his hands and knees. He didn't complain and moved against his consort in primal rhythm.

When the climax came Heero let it sweep through him with total abandon, clutching his bedmate's manhood in a tight grip delaying his own release he would only allow him to cum on his terms. Maintaining control of the situation, even subconsciously, paramount in his mind.

Feeling the last of the tremors wrack his body, he pumped the braided man's erection roughly causing him to gasp, and involuntarily thrust and spurt his seed into Heero's callused hand.

Heero groaned falling forward then rolled over onto his side taking his partner with him.

The braided baka panted shivering slightly. "Oh...that was nice." he panted softly.

Heero chuckled faintly and withdrew from his body. "Hmmm...So do we talk now?"

"What? and shatter the effects of afterglow?" the violet eyed stranger rolled over onto his back.

"I'd like to know who you are. Someone with such views is indeed interesting." said Heero softly stoking the damp wisps of hair that framed the heart shaped face.

Those dark Prussian blue eyes opened and focused on him. "My name is Duo." he said softly. "But I am known as Shinigami."

Heero stiffened and moved away staring at the man next to him, an icy bullet of stark ill-concealed fear streaking down his spine. Slowly he rose from the bed trying to get distance between them, he retreated to the window and gazed out over the city his mind racing.

Shinigami. The name was almost legendary. He had a one hundred percent kill ratio as well, and was another of the six elite assassins who made the Sank Kingdom their home.

He was extremely elusive; there weren't any reliable pictures of him. Heero's eyes widened slightly as it dawned on him that he had just had sex with he who was considered one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

He gazed at the young man sprawled on the bed.

"Come" Duo murmered, hand reaching out towards him. "The bed is getting cold."

Heero watched him for a few moments then padded back to the bed. He loomed over the pale skinned form, looking down into drowsy sated violet eyes. <'An assassin uses every available weapon in his arsenal.'> he reminded himself; the use of sex was just another weapon. Whatever it was that this Duo wanted he would have to use a bullet to the brain to stop Heero Yuy from finding out, sex wasn't going to do it.

Smirking slightly he pressed his lips to Death's reaffirming his existence in that brief moment. Duo twined his silken limbs around Heero's neck and drew him down into the sheets.