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Title:None as of yet. (open tah sugestions)

A lone figure walks among the devastation. This landscape, once ablaze with great battle, now lay still, dead, but for the flickering of flames and the soundless steps of this lone soul. His path is silent, never disturbing the wreckage at his feet. The folds of his clothing, the locks of his dark hair, remain untouched by the harsh winds. His image aglow from a light foreign to this dark panorama. He stills at the edge of a great crater.

With saddened eyes he peers down at the empty remains of this once proud suit. Eyes earlier ablaze with green fire now lay hallow. A silent sigh escapes him. Looking down to the edge at his feet, a bittersweet smile plays across his face. He kneels and extends a pale hand. Another hand, like wise pale, likewise translucent, reaches up and takes hold of his own. He helps this other soul to rise from the crater. The new arrival stands, tossing his long braid over his shoulder and looks down at himself to straighten his clothing.


Duo stares with growing fear in his violet eyes at the specter before him. The boy reaches forward as if to offer comfort. His blue eyes sadden as Duo flinches from his touch. Those sad eyes slowly drift to the crater at their right. Duo follows his gaze and gasps.

/Deathscythe... no.../ His hands rise to cover his mouth, shuddering with silent sobs. /oh god.../ He looks down into his hands hoping to see the familiar solidity of his flesh, only to see on to the ground below him. The boy takes this sobbing angel in his arms, soothing his tears.


*Heero...?* he responds in a shaky voice. *I’m...Am I...* another sob and his voice is lost.

*We are, love. We are...* Heero holds him close. *I promised, Duo.*

*Yeah... You did didn’t yah.*


*Forever then?*


*Life wasn’t too great, Heero... Maybe death will be better...*

They stood in that embrace, both locked in their eternity. And so it is.

The two souls forming the only light of peace among the dark destruction. So is the way of true love...To shine on like starlights when all hope has set.


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