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Warnings: First off- To all those expecting sex, I offer my appologies. This contains- Yaoi, sap, hinted sex, refrences to certain bodily fluids, idiocy, and a line stolen from my favorite fic. I'll dedicate it afterwards.

Pairings: 4x3, 2x1, (mentioned) 5xM & 13+5 (Wow. My most yet)

**I do not own these charecters. None of them. I do not own the show, Gundum Wing, from which these charecters come. I am unsure as to who does. Poor me.**




The sweet euphoria swept through him. He lie, limp and sated, below the warmth and weight of his new lover. It was a sweet feeling. To lie in peace with the one of his dreams. To feel their physical link slowly slip away, to feel the deeper bond remain. To lie listening to the soothing sounds of his lover’s panting breaths and feel the echoing rhythm of his heart beat. He was in his own personal heaven. How he wished for it to last forever…

“Hey, Heero?” That sweet honeyed voice wafted through the thickness of his muddled brain, like the welcome chime of angels in his ears.

“Hai.” He expected perhaps words of love, adoration, excitement. Perhaps compliments on a ‘job’ well done. Instead he got the air knocked from him as his lover jumped suddenly up to sit on his stomach.

“Look!” Heero’s eyes quickly followed to where his lover pointed, to a large white-ish spot splattered lovingly on Duo’s flat stomach. He arched a brow in questioning.

“You see it?” His lover wore a manic grin, more sincere than his daily fair but still containing that classic Duo flare.


“That’s your cummie on my tummy!”

“Oof!” Duo suddenly jumped up and Heero watched in a daze as the lithe boy threw on his boxers and went running from the room.

“Duo!” He quickly put on his crumpled jeans and made chase after his over zealous new lover. Soon, he caught up to Duo in the sitting room where he stood proudly proclaiming his newly acquired spot to the other three pilots.

“-his cummie on my tummy!!”

Wufei blushed and quickly retreated from the room. Quatre and Trowa seemed surprised and faintly amused. At Heero’s hurried entrance, the two exchanged a glance and smiled to he and his giddy lover.


“Hee! That’s your cummie on my tummy!”

His temper quickly warring he grabbed Duo’s shoulder and starred him down, hopping to sober him.

“Yeah. It is. So?”

“Hee! Don’t you see what this means!?!” The boy was near frantic struggling to keep still, wanting so to leap and celebrate but needing to tell his message. Heero looked from Quatre to Trowa and back to his fidgety love.

“What?” Duo suddenly stilled, joyous tears gathering in his eyes.

“We just made love…”

His loves excitement suddenly spilled over to him through that smile. He grasped his Duo close, a smile cracking through his own solemn face.

“Yes. We did.” He lifted Duo into his arms and nodded his good byes to the two observers. “And so we will again.”

Quatre and Trowa watched as the contented new couple climb the stares, Duo’s pleased coos and laughter drifting down to their ears.

Turning to each other, both smiled to the sound of a door shutting and the following creaks of bed springs. Quatre rose and offered his hand to his own lover.

“Shall we?” His hand was take and the offer rewarded with a kiss.


And so, once again, a fic is ended with a content house hold of love making adolescent young men. With the exception of one Chang Wufei, who sat in solitude, dreaming of an onyx eyed love long lost and a ginger haired lover never to be had.

*The End*

Note: The line "That's you're cummie on my tummy" was taken by the most wonderful of fics "The Room Where the Light Won't Find You" by the lovely authoress The Queen of Blueberry Toast. Go to her site http://aoichan.users4.50megs.com/hello.htm And read it! It's wonderful and long! Really long! Has the oddest Duo I've ever read...

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