Title: Of the Sea
Author: NoirAnge
Part: Prologue/?
Genre: Fantasy, multipart
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Pairings: eventually some 1+2/2+1, but nothing for this fic
Rating: although it may change, this will be PG for now
Warnings: none for this part.. well, AU. definitely AU. and original characters.. will be shounen ai.
Spoilers: n/a
Disclaimers: i do not own gundam wing in any way, nor do i own the story "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christen Anderson. yes, this is kind of a crossover with that story. my own take on it though, with the g-boys of course. you'll see the similarities immediately, im sure.
Notes: "The Little Mermaid" was my favorite movie (disney of course ^.~) as a child, and still is. ive always loved it, and thus my inspiration to write my own version using the gundam boys. i know other people have written stories like this, ive read some, but this is what ive come up with.

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Of the Sea Prologue
by NoirAnge

"Oh, tell us the story about the stars, Nana! Tell us about the stars!" Duo asked excitedly. Ever since he could remember, the little eight year old had loved hearing stories about the world above. Nana smiled lovingly at him while Lylie sat beside him, sucking her thumb.

Nana was old, her hair and tail both silvery white, in contrast to Duo's tail's deep, deep blue, almost black, and Lylie's tail's dark purple. They were sitting in Nana's room, Duo and Lylie together in a giant oyster shell with Nana across from them on a stone chair.

"At night, when the sky is darker than the ocean depths," Nana began, "it is lit up by thousands of tiny lights, sparkling brightly. These stars are the souls of humans dead long past. We merfolk don't have souls; when we die, our bodies melt into the foam of the sea. The only way a merman or mermaid can get a soul is for a human to love them and with that love, share their soul. When a merman who has a soul dies, his body becomes foam like all merfolk, but his soul rises to the sky like a human's, and it shines the brightest of all. Now, would you like me to tell you any more stories?"

"Can you tell us about the birds, Nana?" asked Lylie. Nana told them about the birds then, and the sun, the shore, the trees, and many other spectacular things in the world above the waves. Finally, she said, "Duo, Lylie, I'm getting tired, being old as I am. Go play in the gardens like good children." Duo and Lylie nodded their heads before saying goodbye and swimming off.

Duo reached the garden first. "Hey, lets play tag! You're it!" he called to his sister.

"Wait!" she said.

"What?" Duo replied, turning around.

"Duo, how old are you?"

"I'm eight."

"Oh.. how long until you can go to the surface?"

Duo thought for a bit before answering, "In seven years I can, when I'm fifteen. Why?"

"Duo.. promise me you'll tell me everything you see? I'm not gonna be able to go for so long.."

"Nine years," Duo put in.

"I want to know everything, please?"

"Of course I'll tell you about it, Lylie, I'll tell you everything I see. I promise," he said and hugged her. Then he pulled back with a wink. "You're still it, though, come and get me!!" With that, he swam off, closely followed by his sister.

Seven years later...

Duo sat on his bed while Lylie, sitting behind him, braided his hair with flowers. "I'm so excited for you Duo, you get to go see everything tonight," she said.

"But I'll tell you everything, so it'll be like you're seeing it too. And when you're old enough, we can go together." Lylie grinned as she tied off the braid with seaweed.

"I'd like that Duo. Okay, your hair's done, can you do mine?" They switched places and Duo began braiding her hair, exactly like his own except not quite as long.

"Do you ever dream about what it would be like to have a soul?" he asked.

"Yes..." she whispered, "all the time. The story about the stars has always been my favorite too." Duo finished braiding, tied it off, and said, "Wait right here, I want to get something."

He swam into the garden and, pushing aside some reeds, delicately lifted the two crowns he had made off the sea floor. They were identical, woven of seaweed with small flowers and shells from the garden tied on. He hurried back to his room, cradling them gently in the crook of his arm.

"Close your eyes, it's a surprise," he said, peeking inside. As she did, he swam inside, placed one on his head and then one on Lylie's. Then he led her over to the looking glass and whispered, "You can look now."

She gasped. "They're beautiful Duo.."

"I made them just for today. We are royalty after all." He winked. "I wanted it to be special for you too, so you wouldn't feel left out."

"Oh Duo," she said as she threw her arms around him, "you're the best brother any mermaid could ever ask for." Duo hugged her back, thanking her.

"Do you know, Lylie, you're so beautiful I know you won't have any trouble getting a human to love you," Duo said, and Lylie blushed.

"You're handsome enough that it'll be easy for you too. We'll both get souls together, and when we die, we can be right next to each other up in the sky." Duo smiled at his little sister, wondering if it really was possible.

Nana swam into their room, and seeing the crowns, she said, "It looks like you two have been busy."

"It was Duo, Nana, he made them for both of us," Lylie put in.

"That was kind of you Duo," Nana said, smiling warmly. "It's time for the party to begin now. Then comes the ceremony. You know what you need to do, right?" Duo nodded. "Alright then, follow me." Nana swam gracefully out of the room towards the palace's Grand Hall, followed closely by Duo and Lylie.

Closer to the hall, the low buzz of conversation grew slowly louder until it overpowered even the endless whispers of the sea swishing through the plants and rocks. As they entered, almost all the faces turned to welcome their prince, soon to come into adulthood. Duo smiled a cheeky grin back at them. Many laughed and they all turned back to their conversations. Duo grinned at Lylie, who rolled her eyes, then grabbed his hand and pulled him further into the great room.

Duo spotted some once and started to pull Lylie toward him. "Hey, Wufei! What's up?"

"Hey Duo, Lylie. You look excited," Wufei replied with a slight smile on his face.

"No, of course I'm not, I'm bored out of my mind.. duh I'm excited!! I get to see the stars tonight."

Wufei rolled his eyes in response.

"And you're gonna tell me everything about it, right Duo?" Duo nodded.

"Yep, never break a promise. Hey, this is a party, right? That means there's food..." Duo said as he started towards one of the tables, but Lylie caught his hand.

"You know you're not allowed to eat tonight Duo, it's part of the ceremony." Lylie reminded him.

"Oh yah.. well, I guess it's worth it, for what I get to see tonight."


to be continued..


so, how was it?? feedback, please!! i already have more of this written, so it shouldn't be too long before i get the next part out. thanks to everyone who read it. see you later, ne??