Here's a short fic for your enjoyment. It's quite short, shorter than the other two, but a fic none-the-less. I hope that those of you who take the time to read will like.


Title: He Made Life Happy
Author: NoirAnge
Part: 1/1
Archive: Those of you who are archiving any of my other work, feel free to take it. If anybody else wants it, just ask ^.~
Pairings: 1+2
Rating: G
Warnings: death, POV, sad, introspective. might be fluff, but I'm not sure
Spoilers: none
Notes: Heero's POV. This takes place after the war. I said above it might be considered fluff.. I'm not at all sure about this. I'm just not sure what category to put it under. Bittersweet, perhaps??
Disclaimers: nothing of Gundam Wing belongs to me in any way. I'm not making any money from this, so I don't think there should be any complaints...


He Made Life Happy
by NoirAnge


Here I sit, silent beneath the trees he loved so well. Poplar, aspen, birch and ancient oak. So long ago it was, when he sat here beside me in this very spot. The birds singing every once in a while, occasional rustle in the underbrush from some unknown creature. A squirrel perhaps. We would sit and listen to the forest in its near-silent splendor and mystery. We didn't need to talk - words were no longer so important as they had been in the beginning. We understood each other, and that was enough. Being together was what mattered.

I remember well the quiet walks, hand in hand by the small lake hidden in that forest. Sometimes during the day, other times by starlight. Occasionally he or I would comment on a certain cloud that looked just like a swan - no, a moon, I think, the other would reply. The weather is nice today, or see that flower there? I haven't seen that one before. Nothing overly important or of real relevance to anything at all; it was the simplicity that made those times so enjoyable, so memorable.

It might be considered odd, after what our lives had been before. But that past was the very reason we chose to live as we did. You see, after years of confusion, hurt, anger, years of complexity, all we wanted was to leave the fighting and the horror behind. We needed the tranquility and separation from society we found in this forest. Our lives had been tangled with the affairs of the world for so long, we just wanted to get away. And we did.

The haven offered by these trees is more than I had expected to find, and I am eternally grateful to this sacred place. We lived together, in happiness, for a good long time. It was hard when he passed away, but I've been able to cope. His death was peaceful, he even smiled as he silently closed his eyes. "I want to be buried in the forest, love. You know the spot. Don't cry too much for me. I love you and I always will." Those were his last words to me as I sat next to him, clasping his hand in mine as the tears trickled down my cheeks. I knew the place, it was his favorite. Here, where I sit.

So I buried him, here, just as silently as we had walked together, just as silently as we had sat in this place, right here. I didn't pant flowers; I knew he would be happier to have the forest grow around him, honoring him in her own way. No fancy funeral, priest and assembly and all. Just a simple stone to mark the grave of the man I loved, carved lovingly with my own hands. As I finger the gentle lettering, I look back and remember all those times we shared together, so sweet and simple. Just like the marker, which tells no date for others to read, nor anything else found on the headstones in church graveyards.

'Duo ~ He Made Life Happy' it reads. No more than the simple truth. And that was all that mattered, anyway.




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