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by Ninjababe (nagisa@millenicom.com) and comet (comet@ao.net)

Zechs leaned on the back wall of the elevator as the car carried him to the fifth floor of the apartment building and his destination. He wasn't sure how he ended up making this delivery, other than the fact that he wanted out of the office and the delivery seemed to be as good a chance as any. The chime of the elevator doors opening brought Zechs out of his thoughts. He walked the few feet to the hallway but before he could turn left he heard voices coming from one of the apartments on the right and saw that the door was open.

'Ah,' Zechs thought, 'they're in the communal room.'

Knocking on the open door, Zechs entered and the conversation stopped. 'Why do I have the feeling this is not good,' Zechs thought.

"He's perfect!" exclaimed Duo.

'Oh, I was right.'

"Preventer Wind, how would you like to help us." Duo continued as Zechs started to slowly back pedal out of the room.

"It's not as bad as you think, Zechs," commented Quatre. "As a matter of fact it could be a lot of fun."

"And this way we can have two teams of three," Trowa added.

"Teams for what?" asked Zechs.

"Well," Duo began to explain, "my office is getting ready to have this laser tag/capture the flag tournament. We entered and we just happened to need a sixth member. This is our practice run."

"The delivery was a set up," muttered Zechs. Duo's grinned widened.

Zechs sat down on one of the bar stools. "How do I get myself into these things?"

"Sally said you needed a break," Quatre said, noticing that Zechs was dressed in easy to move in street clothes. "Call this a way to relieve tension and stress."

Zechs just rolled his eyes. "Okay, explain."

Heero started with the rules while Quatre handed Zechs the gear he would need to participate. Heero explained that there were two teams and that the idea was to capture the other team's flag. The laser tag system would register the shots received. There were two direct kill shots were the participate was out if they got hit in those two spots. There were ten walk away shots, three hits to those places resulted in death and the player was out. The system the players wore would keep tabs on the shots fired and received.

The explanations continued for another fifteen minutes, then the pilots divided into the two teams. The blue team would be Heero, Duo, and Zechs; while the red team would be Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei.

Heero looked around the communal apartment's main room. "Everyone have the parameters?"

"Yeah, yeah, we stay on this floor, Ronnie's floor since all her neighbors are away or out, the roof, and the stairways and fire escapes in between. Leaving that area constitutes a forfeit," answered Duo.

Wufei looked over at Duo. "Did you just say 'constitutes'?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Big words, Maxwell."

"Hey! I know big words!"

Grabbing Duo by the braid, Heero dragged him away from Wufei. "Let's go make plans," he said to Zechs, still holding Duo's braid.

"Hey, I'm not done talking to Wu yet," complained Duo. "And, let go of the hair."

"Yes you are...you're not going to make this a free for all," Heero replied.

"But..." Duo pouted.

Zechs smiled. "If it's a free for all can I leave?" he said jokingly.

Five voices answered in unison, "No."


"Nice try though," commented Trowa.

"Remember you have fifteen minutes to get into positions and form strategies with your partner, from" Quatre looked down at his watch, "mark."

"And, Maxwell," Wufei turned to look at Duo, "remember, the flag has to be visible!"

"It was visible last time!" Duo answered, poking his head back through the door to do so.

"Only if you were nine feet tall," replied Quatre.

Fifteen minutes later, in four different locations on two different floors six watches beeped in unison. The game had officially begun. Duo turned to look at Zechs. "This is it," he said and sprinted down the hallway.

Zechs stared after the younger man but said nothing. Instead he shrugged and moved off in the opposite direction.

The red team was already in motion, with Quatre carefully making his way to the fourth floor in search of his target.


Trowa ducked through the stairwell on the fourth floor and ran to the fire escape, only glancing behind him once. He climbed the fire escape to the roof, but didn't actually climb onto the roof. He lined himself up with the stairwell access door and waited.

Meanwhile Quatre was attempting to sneak up on Heero, only problem, he couldn't find Heero. "Damn it," he muttered. "Where'd he go?"

Heero was exactly where he wanted to be, and if he had been on the fourth floor, he would have won the bet on who his stalker would be. Lucky for Quatre, he wasn't Heero's target.

Quatre for his part spotted his secondary target and quietly followed Zechs up the fire escape.

Wufei slammed into the stairwell on the fourth floor and started running up the stairs. On the platform between the fifth floor and the roof he literally ran into someone coming down the stairs. Lucky for him it was not someone from the opposing team. Unluckily for the person he ran into, the camera in her hands went flying into the air. Only Wufei's quick reflexes saved it from crashing to the floor.

"Let me guess," she said with a smile, "your game has started?"

"Yes," he answered. "Why were you on the roof?

"Taking pictures." Wufei stared at her, a bit perplexed to why she would be taking pictures from the roof, but after two years of working with Ronnie and having her for a neighbor he shrugged it off and handed her her camera back. A noise from below alerted Wufei and Ronnie that someone else had come into the stairwell. "Best get going before whoever that is catches up with you," she said to Wufei.

Wufei smiled and bowed to her before running up the rest of the stairs to the roof. Shaking her head at Wufei and taking a hint from the run in a minute earlier, Ronnie backed herself into a corner out of the main path in the stairwell as she heard someone running up them.

Running past her, Duo let out a "hi Ronnie" as he tried to catch up with Wufei. "Hi, Duo," she yelled up the stairwell as she started back down the stairs.

From his position, Trowa heard the access door open and bang close, a whistle signaled that it was Wufei. Wufei for his part sprinted across the roof toward the other fire escape. Just as Wufei started down the stairs, he heard the access door bang open.

As soon as the door opened, Trowa leaped over the edge of the building to land on the roof, firing off two shots as he did. The first shot missed, the second hit a mark.

"Damn it!" barked Duo, as he backed back into the stairwell. The second shot had hit his left shoulder. "Fancy flips and jumps," Duo muttered as he started back down the stairs.

"I can still hear you," Trowa called after Duo.

"Good!" Duo yelled back.

While Wufei was leading Duo on a merry chase into Trowa's waiting crosshairs, Quatre had followed Zechs to the fifth floor, then lost him. "Not again, damm it," the blonde quietly said.

The stairwell door opening brought a smile to his face. The smile only lasted a second when the sensor on his shoulder blinked. "Next time, Quat," Duo said, going back into the stairwell.

Quatre growled and backed up toward the fire escape and directly into Wufei. "Where the hell is Heero?" Quatre asked, not having to turn around to know it was Wufei.

"Haven't seen him, saw Ronnie in the stairwell though," Wufei answered.

Quatre shook her head. "I'm going back down to four," he said.


Trowa and Wufei's trick worked again on Zechs and from across the roof the two smiled at each other. Seeing the a thumbs up from Wufei, Trowa backed down the fire escape to the fifth floor.

As Trowa passed the elevator on his way to the communal rooms Heero opened the doors and fired off two shots. The first shot hit Trowa in the thigh, the second missed.

"Guess we know what was left out of the rules," Trowa said quietly, disappearing through the door.

Duo came around the corner to see Heero hanging from the cables in the elevator shaft. He shrugged and asked, "Seen Wu?"

"Down on four," he said, as the elevator doors began to close. "I'm going up to the roof."

While Duo was going down to four to find Wufei, Zechs was once again being stalked by Quatre. The two blondes came around opposite corners to face each other. They backed up on instinct then fired, the systems they were wearing registered the hits. The two looked at each other and growled, then started laughing.


"Come on, Wu, stand still!" Duo called as he chased the Chinese man back up the stairs. Technically, Duo was taking the stairs, Wufei was using the fire escape.

Which was good for Trowa who was coming down the fire escape and headeding for the fourth floor to avoid Heero.

A few minutes later, Wufei and Duo stood in the hallway, guns drawn and pointed at each other, both targeting kill spots, however, neither was looking at the other. No, they were both looking at the two blondes sitting on the floor. "Time out," they said in unison, lowering their guns, but never taking their eyes off the two on the floor.

"Explain," stated Wufei.

"We're dead," answered the two blondes.

"How?" asked Wufei.

"We're not supposed to talk," started Quatre.

"We're dead," finished Zechs.

"Heero! Trowa! Game's on pause, get over here," yelled Duo.

Heero slid out of the shadows to stand behind Duo, his arms loosely wrapped around Duo's waist and his head resting on Duo's shoulder. "Why?" he asked. Trowa appeared next to Wufei just as Heero finished his question.

Quatre looked at the four boys standing in front of Zechs and himself, then turned to look at Zechs. "They don't seem to get it."

"I'd have to agree with that assessment," replied Zechs with a small nod.

"Let's try this again," Quatre said. "We're dead." He continued to explain that he and Zechs had basically come around the corner exactly the same way Wufei and Duo had, both had fired, both had hit their targets. Therefore, both were dead, and that the four remaining players should continue to play. Zechs concurred.

Trowa looked at the two blondes and shrugged. "Half an hour then call it quits," he suggested.

The four remaining players agreed that they'd take five minutes to re-coordinate, and then if no one was successful in the following twenty-five minutes, they'd call it a tie and go out for dinner. As they disappeared from sight, Zechs leaned over to Quatre and whispered, "Think we should have told them we had the flags?"

"No, this is too much fun. They're having a good time."

- end -