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The Things We Do So We're Not Bored
by Ninjababe <> and comet <>

A large, black leather chair spun around, its occupant letting out a peel of laughter. Most of other programmers, having gotten use to the behavior of their supervisor, just ignored the corner where he sat. It was safer.

However, Stephen, a new programmer that hadn't been there for very long just had to ask, "Is he always like that?"

"Nah, he's only on his second cup of coffee...we think," answered Nathaniel, one of the other programmers.

The programmers watched as their boss entered the large-open floor office just as their supervisor shouted at the computer screen, "Now she dies! Zap, zap!"

Stephen looked over at Nathaniel Asher and Jason Sims as their boss and owner of Circle 10 Games started toward their supervisor's desk, "I just don't understand how someone so young got the lead programmer job."

"He enjoys his job," answered Nathaniel.

"And he's very good at it," added Jason, looking over at his supervisor's desk.

"Mr. Maxwell," the owner of Circle 10 Games interrupted Duo's fun. "Is there a reason to why you made the villain a young woman with blonde hair?"


"Care to explain?"


"Mr. Maxwell," the owner insisted, "before we can market a game of this type we have to a good advertising ploy. Trying to assassinate a cute young woman like that," pointing to the blonde girl on Duo's computer screen, "without some type of reason will not work."

Duo looked up at his boss, he appeared to be deep in a thought for a minute then snapped his fingers, "I got it! She's the least likely suspect to be the world famous assassin on level seven, therefore she's the assassin."

By this time, two of Duo's programmers had wondered up to Duo's desk. "He's right," Nathaniel agreed. "We've set up most of the game based on what you might call slight of hand rules."

"Yeah, not everything is as it appears to be, sir," add the second programmer, Jason.

"Very well," the boss conceded. "Market testing for the game will begin next week."

As everyone walked away from Duo's desk, he breathed a sigh of relief. 'I need a break,' he thought, 'let's call Quatre at work.'

"This is Quatre."

"I love having your direct number, Q, makes me feel important."

Quatre's first thought when his personal line rang was something along the lines of a thank you that he wouldn't have to hide the bodies of the people who kept putting papers and contracts on his desk for him to read over and or sign. His second thought, 'let it be someone to keep me from that paperwork.'

Quatre laughed. "Hello Duo. Let me guess you're bored?" he quietly said into the phone, saying a silent thank you that his previous wish had come true. Turning in his chair a little, he signaled to the three people standing in his office that the meeting was over and they were to leave.

"A little," Duo sighed. "It's a bit slow today."

"Wishing you had gone in with the guys for more than just part-time assignments?"

"Not yet. You?"


"Being the head of your own business getting to you?"

"The company could basically run itself, sometimes. Other times it's worse than being stuck in an elevator with Relena. Maybe we need a vacation?"

"Ah, a vacation," Duo replied reverently, a broad grin on his face. Then, his face fell. "But, the other guys can't get away."

There was silence on the line as Quatre pondered. "I know!" the blonde exclaimed. "*We'll* go on vacation."

"Ummm, Q... I love you dearly, but I'm not spending two weeks in some far off locale without Heero."

"I'm not talking about going away," Quatre scoffed.

"I don't call hanging around our apartments very exciting."

"Well, how about this..."

Duo's grin turned maniacal as Quatre explained his idea.

- end part 1 -


A brown haired, young man wearing an expensive pair of sunglasses and dressed in casual work clothing made his way through the lobby by simply waving his white badge in front of the security guard. A second person, dressed to blend with the surroundings slipped into the building through a side entrance. And, a third figure quickly made his way into the building by the roof.

The three individuals met on the ninth floor, spoke briefly with each other, and then went their separate ways.


Heero walked through the office door to find Trowa already there and typing away at his computer. "Where's..."

"Break room."

Walking over to the conference table, the two boys looked at the objects they took out of the Blake Building. "Their security was nothing. Even Duo would have been bored with this case," confirmed Trowa.

With a cup of hot tea, Wufei walked into the room. "I'm not sure they had security," he commented. "I basically walked in through a service door."

"They're paying Jean Claude's Agency for something."

Any response that could have been offered was interrupted by the ringing of their business line and Heero picking up the phone. "135 Security, can I help you?"

"Sure you can! We're bored!" exclaimed Duo and Quatre through the phone.

Wufei shook his head as Trowa sighed and Heero rolled his eyes.

"How are we supposed to help with that?" Trowa asked.

"Funny you should say that," Duo replied, a wide grin evident by his voice. And sure enough, the grin was there as Heero put the phone on the vid link and the screen showed a split image of Duo and Quatre.

"We have a business proposal for you," Quatre added.

"I refuse," Wufei stated automatically, memories of past antics he had been pulled into still fresh.

Quatre cleared his throat before speaking again, his voice serious. "It has come to my attention that security measures at one of the corporations that Winner Industries has just acquired is very lax. Therefore, I wish to hire 135 Security to reviewuate the company's security and make recommendations for improvement."

The three men that made up 135 Security looked intrigued. "The particulars of the contract?" Heero asked, also businesslike.

"Are arriving by courier and should be there shortly," Quatre replied.

"This will be a large job," Trowa pointed out, having seen the building in question.

"And, coincidentally," Duo replied, "Quatre and I are going on vacation for two weeks! Have anything for us to do?"

"Sweet Nataku," muttered Wufei.

"I heard that," replied Duo.

A chime from the front door alerted the four boys speaking on the vid phone that someone had just entered the office. Trowa was already moving before the chime had sounded, he took the document pouch from the courier, and signed the datapad.

"That should be the courier," commented Quatre over the vid line.

"It was, koi," responded Trowa.

The three boys who made up the main force of 135 security scanned over the documents. "Standard contract?" Heero asked, not looking up from the documents. A standard contract included surveillance of the building and employees, breaking into the building if possible, bypassing the current security, and then a report with how the break-in occurred.

"Yes," answered Quatre. "With a secondary contract for a new security system and security plan for the building."

"Let me guess," added Wufei. "you two want us to hire you for this job."

Duo's grin widened, "You got it, Wu."

Blocking the vid phone with his body for a moment, Heero looked at Trowa and Wufei. Both gave a slight nod with their head. Heero turned back to look at the vid phone. "Contract accepted."

"We have to finish the report on the Blake Building," started Trowa.

"And we need to finish up at our offices," added Quatre.

"Three days from now?" Wufei asked.

"Agreed." answered four voices.

- end part 2 -

Three days later, the five men stood or sat around the conference table at 135 Security looking over the blue prints for the Damian Corporation.

"The building blue prints were easy to get a hold of," Quatre explained. "Granted, it was just a matter of going down to city hall."

"True." Duo looked over the second set of plans and made the observation that the security system plan was too easy to get, but that the designer of those plans, a Richard Edward, did plan an excellent security system, ten years ago. Duo passed the plans down the table to Wufei, and with a grin added, "If nothing has been thrown in since then it'll be a snap to get in."

Trowa looked up from the files he was reading, "And if the system has been updated?"

The grin on Duo's face disappeared as he turned serious. "It would depend on which systems have been modified or updated, and how far the previous security company took those modifications. If the ground systems have are newer but the lasering system appears to be based on the Zerbrowski alignment scale..."

Seeing a few blank looks and a couple of surprised looks, Duo started over, slowed down, and tossed in a few more explanations about the security system on the plans. After Duo finished, Heero observed that someone would need to be sent in to check out system from the inside out.

"Guess that would be me," commented Trowa.

The five finalized their plans and decided that the break-in would occur in two nights time.


"Zero three, we're ready," Heero said into the thin microphone resting against his cheek. He, Duo, Quatre, and Wufei were all outfitted in form fitting black clothing, and each had a small communications headset resting on the left side of their face. Duo and Wufei also had black backpacks resting on their shoulders.

"One moment, zero one," Trowa replied from the unmarked van they used as a mobile base. "The guards are leaving the area now. Go."

The four men climbed a ladder and entered the basement of the Damian building through the sewers. Heero entered first, keeping an eye on the plumbing filled area they were entering. Quatre came next, and watched the area Heero wasn't covering while Duo and Wufei ascended.

"Whew, am I glad to get out of that smell," Duo muttered, wrinkling his nose.

"Team Alpha, the stairway to the computer room is clear. Team Beta, you're clear for the elevator."

"Let's get started," Quatre said as he and Wufei headed for the elevators and Duo and Heero went for the emergency stairs.

Team Beta walked into the waiting elevator and pressed the button to close the doors. Cupping his hands, Wufei boosted Quatre to the ceiling. The smaller man quickly pushed the access hatch open. After climbing through, he reached down and pulled up Wufei's backpack.

Wufei turned and hit the button for the twenty-fifth floor of the building, then jumped up, catching the edge of the hole in the ceiling with one hand, and Quatre's extended arm with the other. After hoisting himself through the opening, he replaced the access cover and retrieved his backpack.

"Zero three," Quatre whispered. "We're in the shaft, on our way to the top."

Wufei handed Quatre a pair of climbing gloves before replacing the backpack on his back and putting on his own gloves. The elevator glided to a halt as the two were readjusting their gloves.

Giving a nod, Quatre started the eight foot climb to the roof access grate for the elevator shaft. Reaching the grate, he grabbed the electric screwdriver Wufei handed up to him from his position directly below the blonde. Wrapping his leg around the elevator cable, Quatre held on with one hand and leaned over to unscrew the bolts holding the grate in place. A few moments later, he handed the screwdriver down again and pulled the grate in. Holding onto the grate with one hand, he waited for Wufei to climb down the cable a few feet before handing the square of metal down.

After the Chinese man had gotten a firm hold of the mesh in the middle of the grate, Quatre let go and grabbed the edge of the opening to the roof. Taking a deep breath, he slowly transferred his weight from the hand and leg holding him up on the cable to the hand holding the opening. After hanging by one hand for a few moments, the Arabian swung his other hand up and pulled himself through the opening.

A few moments later, Wufei joined Quatre on the roof and the two rested for a bit.

"Zero three, we're on the roof, proceeding to the stairs," Wufei said as he got up and brushed himself off.

Quatre heard the elevator whine softly as it started to descend. "Got here just in time."

Wufei gave a curt nod before turning to the roof access door. Deactivating the alarms on the door took but a few moments and the two descended the stairway to the office of the company's president.

- end part 3-

Duo and Heero climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, both quiet and on the look out for security guards. They traveled in a staggered pattern, with one of them going forward to the next landing and then waving the other forward when it was evident no one was around.

On reaching the fourth floor, Heero cracked open the stairway door and peered into the hallway.

"Here," Duo whispered, handing over a small mirror, the back tapped to a rod.

Heero grunted his thanks and extended the mirror along the hallway floor, using it to look in both directions. "We're clear."

Duo took back the mirror and returned it to his backpack as Heero silently entered the hallway. "We're on the floor," he said into his open microphone as he followed the Japanese man.

"Roger," Trowa replied. "Alpha, it looks clear."

The two stalked down the hall toward the computer mainframes, keeping a sharp ear open, and listening to the updates from the other team.

Hearing that the elevator had been put into use did not alarm anyone, since the security guards used the elevators to go from floor to floor for their security check, almost never using the stairs.

Quatre spoke up as the two were about to turn the last corner before the computer room. "We've reached the president's office. Locating the safe."

"Roger," Trowa replied. A few moments later, he added. "Alpha, incoming."

"Back up," commanded Heero. Looking around quickly, he pushed Duo into a dark corner and turned his back to the hallway, grabbing the braided man for a very deep and passionate kiss. As the entourage the two infiltrators were hiding from passed them and disappeared around the corner, the two boys relaxed.

"How did you know I wanted to do that?" breathed Duo.

"What is she doing here?" muttered Heero in reply, glaring down the hall Relena had gone down.

"Hopefully falling down an elevator shaft," Duo said.

"She can't. Already used that one," Wufei said over their com units.

Duo pouted. "Damn."

"Do we abort?" Trowa asked.

"We've already located the safe," Wufei replied.

"I'm almost in," Quatre added.

"We continue," Heero ordered.

"I'll keep an eye on MO," Trowa replied. "She's far enough ahead for Alpha team to proceed."

Duo and Heero arrived at the computer mainframe room and Duo pulled his lockpicks out. After entering the room and closing and locking the door behind them, the two moved forward in unison and sat at different stations.

"We're in," Heero stated as the two began to hack into the system.


Trowa continued to watch the security cameras from the back of the van. The security camera monitoring station was off-site, which meant that the pictures were sent via cables to the station, making hijacking the picture simple.

"We've photographed the contents of the safe and are beginning extraction," Wufei stated.

"Roger that, zero five. Alpha team, status?" Trowa asked, transferring his focus to the security camera that watched the mainframe room for a moment before going back to his scan.

"Seventy-five percent accomplished," Heero replied.

"Ditto," Duo added as the two waited for the files to finish downloading.

Quatre and Wufei retraced their route up in reverse, and were soon back in the basement.

"Beta, you're clear," Trowa said, looking at the cameras for the lowest floor.

"Files copied, on our way," Heero said.

"Alpha, hold your position," Trowa replied, leaning forward slightly. "MO is standing in the hall a few doors down."

"Damn that girl," Duo growled.

"Actually, it may be a good thing she came to this company," Quatre said. He and Wufei were now in the sewers and heading for the exit and the van.

"Oh, pray, do tell, zero four," Duo replied.

"Winner Industries now owns the Damian Corporation, and it's obvious MO is using it for her inquiries on the whereabouts of a certain someone," Quatre hinted. "Think about it."

It took a few moments for Duo to realize that, as head of the new company, Quatre could order the detectives working on Relena's case to give false information.

"Zero four, I could kiss your feet!" the braided pilot exclaimed softly as he grinned at Heero, who smiled in return.

"Alpha, coast is clear. MO is on her way down to lobby," Trowa interrupted softly. "Team Beta is now back at base."

Acknowledging the statement, Heero and Duo crept down the hall and returned to the sewers, using the way they had entered.

"OK, can we go home now?" Duo asked as he and Heero climbed into the back of the van.

"Let me reconnect the security measures," Trowa said, taping a few buttons on one of the computers in the van. "All right, Wufei."

"You know, Wu-man," Duo said, coming to sit in the front passenger seat, "We need to talk about your obsession on always driving."

"I'd rather make it there alive, Maxwell," Wufei replied.

"Hey! That was only one time!" Duo exclaimed, a look of innocent indignation on his face.

Quatre decided to steer the conversation in a different direction and turned to Trowa, "How did you bypass the security so it showed Relena as being present, but not us?"

"Easy," Trowa replied, a small smile on his face. "I only had the cameras on the floors the two teams were on taken over. When I saw that the car was stopping on the fourth floor, I alerted you, then turned all but the cameras you were near back on. After you two had hidden, I turned all the cameras on and retook control after Relena had passed you."

"At last, peace and quiet!" Duo exclaimed dramatically before turning to grin lecherously at his lover.


By the end of the week, 135 Security had started the upgrade and enhancement of the Damian Corporation's security. Duo and Quatre convinced the other three that a week off would be a good thing, and that the three could inspect the system after the instillation was complete.

So, Duo and Quatre did get their vacation in a far off locale, even though, they didn't see much of it, being busy doing other things.

- end -

End Notes:
(1) Ninjababe has watched *way* too many action and spy films.

(2) Yes, we know we gave a lot of characters names, but since most of them will be appearing in at least two more stories, we wanted to get some of the introductions out of the way.