This is a lemon, meaning graphic sex. And, as noted in the pairing above, this is a Heero x Duo, which means graphic yaoi sex. If this makes you uncomfortable, please delete this now.

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Notes: I've always had problems writing sex scenes. Some stories I have that are unfinished have stayed unfinished because I just *can't* get myself to write the sex! And, when I *do* write sex scenes, I always get 'out of the mood' because of the euphemisms. That, or I literally write it while I'm staring at the ceiling so I don't have to see what I'm typing (Hey, I'm weird). In stories I write that I intend to lead up to sex, it either 'fades out' or veers off into new directions.

Anyway, a friend of mine gave me some advice. She said to either write a bit at a time then go away for a few minutes to write the next bit, or to just write sex scene after sex scene until *finally* I can write them without cringing.

I've decided to take her advice. This is for you M! :-)

Comments and criticisms greatly appreciated.

Getting that out off the way, onto the sex!

Stealing Kisses
by Ninjababe (

Putting a hand on either side of Heero's face, Duo leaned over and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips.

"What was that for?" Heero asked.

Shrugging, Duo stepped back. "I felt like it."

"Hn," was Heero's only reply before turning back to the map he was studying.

Duo wandered around the room, fiddling with an item for a few moments before moving on. Finally, he turned to Heero and grinned. "Heero, I want to go to bed."

"Fine then."

"I mean, I want to *go* to *bed*," Duo repeated, putting extra emphasis on his words.

Heero glanced up at his partner and raised an eyebrow. Returning his regard to the map in front of him, he replied, "I have work to do."

"But, the mission isn't for days!" Duo whined. Grabbing the other pilot's arm, he tried to pull Heero away from the table "Come on, Heero! It'll be fun! It always is."

Heero casually pulled his arm out of the American's grasp and ignored the words.

"Fine! I'll go have 'fun' by myself!" Duo stomped out of the room and slammed shut the door of their shared bedroom.

Heero fully expected the other pilot to return within a few minutes to try enticing him again. When fifteen minutes passed with no re-emergence of Duo, Heero sighed and stood up.

The sight that met him when he opened the bedroom door made him freeze in amazement. Duo was sprawled across the bed, naked, and he was slowly moving the palms of his hands up and down the planes and contours of his body.

Heero was pulled out of his surprised stare by a low, throaty moan. Duo had curled the fingers of one hand around his shaft and was slowly pumping his cock while the American's other hand was grasping and bunching the sheets in tandem to his thrusts.

Taking a deep, calming breath, Heero slid into the room and softly closed the door behind him. He kept his eyes on Duo, who had started to speed his hand up, arching off the bed. Heero slipped out of his clothes and stood over the writhing figure on the bed. After taking another moment to imprint the image currently on the mattress before him to memory, the pilot reached out and pulled Duo's hands away from his body and the bed.

"Wha...?" Duo asked in shock, his eyes slamming open. Seeing Heero standing over him with the American's wrists in one hand, Duo snarled. "Let go."

"No," Heero replied before stretching Duo's arms towards the headboard. Letting the wrists go, he crawled onto the bed and hovered over the other pilot. "Mine," Heero growled, wrapping one hand around Duo's cock and pinching the American's right nipple with the other. He then latched onto Duo's left nipple with his lips.

Duo thrust up, trying to intensify the sensations assaulting him. He grasped Heero's head with both hands, weaving his fingers through the short hair.

Pulling back, Heero abandoning his onslaught to Duo's body. Glaring, he grabbed the other pilot's hands and tugged them loose. He pulled the captive wrists above his head again. "Stay," he ordered.

"I'm not a fucking dog," Duo ground out even as he grabbed the edge of the mattress above his head.

Nodding in approval, Heero returned to lavishing attention to Duo's body with his hands and mouth. Laying his palms flat on the American's abs, he pressed his hands down slightly and slowly slid his hands up, kneading the flesh below him. When his hands reached Duo's nipples, they stopped. He sat there for what seemed an endless moment, pressing the palms of his hands over the sensitive nubs of flesh. Releasing the pressure, Heero slowly moved his hands in circles over the other pilot's chest, his skin a feather light touch.

Alternating between hard pressure and feathery caresses, Heero started to drive the braided man crazy. "Hee... Heero..." Duo moaned, his knuckles white on the mattress. "Will you *do* something?!"

"I am," Heero replied, his voice even, even though Duo could see the evidence of his desire through the slits of his eyes. "But, I can do something else."

Duo growled. "If you leave now, I will kill you. Painfully."

Snorting, Heero drew his hands back down Duo's body. Clamping down on the other pilot's hips, he leaned down and blew air over the taut stomach below him.

"HEERO!" Duo exclaimed, trying to arch up, but the hands holding him down were too strong.

Grinning, the Japanese pilot leaned down and lapped at Duo's navel. After circling it a few times, Heero plunged his tongue and stabbed at the center.

Deciding that he had teased enough, Heero bent down further and licked the tip of Duo's cock.

'oh!' was Duo's only breathy comment.

The short haired boy grinned before plunging onto Duo's cock, enveloping him in heat and wetness. The American gasped, trying to thrust up again, only to be stopped by Heero's vice-like grip on his hands.

It didn't take long for Heero to make Duo loose control. Alternating long licks with plunging the cock into the warm recesses of his mouth soon drove Duo over the edge, and he came with a wordless scream.

After swallowing everything Duo had poured into his mouth, Heero finally let go of the American's hips and gave a kiss to each in silent apology for the probable bruises there in the future. Rolling to one side, he watched Duo come down from the orgasm he was savoring.

Blinking his eyes, Duo noticed Heero watching him, lying on his side with his head propped up under one hand, his face expressionless. After glancing down and seeing Heero's cock standing tall and proud, he reached out and drew one finger slowly down the shaft. "What shall I do about that? Hmm?" Duo asked, a grin forming when Heero's eyes half-closed.

"Hn," was Heero's only answer.

"Let's see... Could that be 'hn', nothing?" the American asked, teasing. "Or perhaps..."

Duo was cut off as Heero pulled him close and entwined their lips together. After kissing deeply, Heero sprawled across the bed, looking to all the world as if he didn't care *what* Duo did.

The American nodded before going back to lightly trail his finger up and down Heero's cock. "You know, I've always wondered how long it would take you to come if I did only this. It would be interesting to find out."

Curling his hands into fists, Heero gave the other man a hooded glare.

"Or, I could see how sensitive you are to other stimuli," Duo continued, unabated. "In the name of science, you know." Reaching behind him, he pulled his braid over his shoulder and trailed the end up and down Heero's manhood. "This could be interesting too."

Heero started to growl.

"Or, I could just do... this!" Duo paused, dropping his braid. As he said the word 'this', he suddenly wrapped his hand around Heero's cock and began to pump vigorously. The Japanese pilot arched off the bed with a startled gasp at the sudden change in sensations.

Duo continued to stroke the shaft, stopping at random intervals to rub a thumb over the slit at the end and to blow air along Heero's cock.

Heero's breath started to speed up and he curled his hands into the sheets. His knuckles white, he arched farther into Duo's hand and came with a yelp.

Fascinated by the emotions passing over the Japanese pilot's face as he orgasmed, Duo didn't move from his sprawl halfway down the bed. It took Heero to stare down at him with raised eyebrows for the American to shake himself out of his contemplation and reach over to grab a towel he had put beside the bed for clean up purposes. After cleaning Heero up, he wiped off his hand and threw the towel against the wall.

Heero, in the meantime, reached up and turned the lamp off, plunging the room into darkness.

"See," Duo said, a smile evident in his voice. "I said it would be fun."


Ninjababe: Well, that went differently than I thought it would. Who knew Hee-kun could tease so well!

Heero: Hee*ro*. It's Heero, not 'Hee-kun.'

Ninjababe: Uh huh... Whatever you say, Hee-kun.

Heero: I'm going to kill you.

Ninjababe: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but anime bullets will never hurt me. So, nyah!


Further Author's Notes (Or, Ninjababe bores people even *more*!): Wow... I did it! And, I only snickered over euphemisms twice! Wow... I like it.

And, M was right, it does get easier over time. I was actually able to read this while I wrote it!

This story was actually inspired by a song on the radio. The song, 'Steal My Kisses' by Ben Harper, always gives me ideas when I hear it (It's also in my current top 5 favs on the radio.), and is also where I got the title for this story.

And, on to the next story! Charge!