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Notes: This is a *sort of* crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm using concepts from that universe, but at the moment, no characters.

WARNING: This is a prequel/sequel to 'More than Darkness'. It's a prequel because it takes place before MtD. But, it's considered a sequel because it's one long spoiler. So, if you haven't read this, this will spoil you. That, and it might not make sense :)

Summary: Duo thinking about himself.

Shinigami Desu
by Ninjababe

I can hear the dead sometimes. They whisper to me in my head, telling me secrets, giving me advice.

I don't discuss this 'talent' with people. They'll think I'm insane. Granted, those who know me, the select few (a grand total of four) that know the real me, the one with out masks... They know I'm slightly crazy.

But, that's all right.

So are they.

However, even those four would think I stepped over the line from 'loveable, crazy/quirky' to 'bouncing off the walls certifable'.

So, I don't talk about it.

Every person dead. Everyone who's body is ash or decaying, no longer breathing... You get the idea.

Every one of those, I can get information from.

And, because of my and my friend's efforts, I receive more sources of intel daily.

Then, there are those who have died, and still walk. Yes, the undead. Vampires, zombies, ghouls, wraiths, lichs, and all of the other beings you can think of. No pulse? No breathing? Deader than the moon, but still moving? Their mine. They survive by my word. I can destroy them with a thought, command obedience with a word.

To recap: The dead talk to me, and the undead are under my complete control.

I am Shinigami.

Death Incarnate.

Good thing I'm not out to conquer the world, ne?