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Picture This
by Ninjababe and comet

Wufei opened the door to 135 Security to find Louie Rafael of the Jean Claude Security Agency sitting at Heero's desk. 135 Security had been assisting the other agency on fixing their security leaks ever since 135 had successfully broken into the Blake Building weeks earlier. The Jean Claude Agency wasn't exactly happy with the assistance, but the assistance was part of the contract and would insure that the Jean Claude Agency's lax in security...never happened.

Passing Heero's desk, Wufei nodded at both Heero and Mr. Rafael and continued on toward the back of the office and the conference table where Trowa sat with several blueprint roles scattered around on the tabletop. "How long have they been at it?" he asked.

"Since half an hour after you left," replied Trowa, looking up from where he'd been taking notes on a particular blueprint. "How was lunch?"

"Interesting as ever, but that can wait until after our guest has left. Is this," Wufei indicated the papers, photos, and blueprints on the table, "for the Folken Complex?"

Trowa nodded. Wufei sat down opposite Trowa and began looking over several of the documents and photos. Pulling over one of the legal pads Wufei began taking notes on the differences in the photographs. Noting the stack of photos and what Wufei was doing, Trowa commented that they
obviously hadn't paid Ronnie enough. The photos however would help prove who the suspected insider-trader was and give the company the physical proof they needed to prosecute.

Wufei sensed more than saw Heero leave his desk to go to the file room. Trowa pointed his pen at Heero's desk and Wufei turned around to see Mr. Rafael pick up an object that was sitting on Heero's desk.

"I'd put the cow back on the desk," Wufei said quietly. "Heero doesn't like people touching the things on his desk."

"Why a winged cow?"

Wufei shrugged and said something about it being an inside joke with the person who had given it to Heero. Mr. Rafael put the winged cow back on the desk, pointing at the picture sitting there he commented that it was a very unusual shot. The picture was a reflection shot of Duo looking through a window. However, only the reflection in the glass was in color, the rest of the picture was in black and white. Wufei only smiled and said that the photographer was a friend of theirs.

Heero returned to his desk with a file folder, handing to Mr. Rafael who was getting read to leave. The two shook hands and the meeting finally ended. Heero hoped that this would be the last one, he just wasn't the people person in the office.

As soon as the door closed behind Mr. Rafael, Heero moved Zero back into place next to the picture of Duo, then walked over to the conference table to join the other two pilots. "You were waiting until our guest left," he said.

"Picture this," started Wufei.

"You and Duo are up to something," interrupted Trowa.

"Not exactly," Wufei began again, only to be interrupted by Heero asking if this had anything to do with the vidphone message from Quatre to return his call.

Wufei sighed, "Probably."

Wufei waited for Heero to join he and Trowa at the conference table before he started to recite the events that occurred before and during his lunch with Duo. He made sure he mentioned what an ass this Stephen fellow was and how Stephen had declared that Duo had lied and that he and his friends would win the tourney, not a bunch of "kids." When he finished, Heero looked deep in thought.

"We'll need a trial run," Trowa pointed out.

Before anyone could answer, the vidphone rang. A few moments later, the three men were talking to Quatre. "We need a trial run," Trowa repeated.

"We can do that," Quatre said with a nod. "We can turn our floor of the apartment building and the roof into the testing area. Possibly Ronnie's floor too. She's checking for us."

"That will work," Heero replied, nodding thoughtfully. "But, we need a sixth player for the tournament. And, they need to be at this practice run."

"Well, we can't grab Ronnie," Wufei said, also deep in thought. "She'll be taking photos at the tourney. Too bad, she's a good shot."

"She'd have to be, in order to work for the Preventers," Quatre pointed out. Waving a hand across the vidphone screen, he grinned. "Don't worry, I have the sixth member covered."

"Koi," Trowa looked at Quatre evenly, both eyes visible to the blonde, "what are you up to?"

"Me?" Quatre replied innocently, "nothing."

"Why don't I believe that," Wufei muttered, resisting the urge to hide his head in his hands.

"I heard that," Quatre smirked. "Oh, and Wufei," Quatre waited until he was sure he had Wufei's full and undivided attention before he finished his next statement. Wufei looked at the small blonde and indicated that he was listening and that Quatre should continued. Quatre smiled, knowing that Wufei wasn't exactly going to like what he was going to say. "Duo informed me that the new office rumor at Circle10 is that someone is trying to move in on Stephen's girlfriend."

"And this interest me, why?" asked Wufei.

"Oh, because according to the rumor, and Duo believes that Stephen started it, Stephen's dating Ronnie."

Wufei stared at Quatre for a moment then started to laugh. "Anyone told this to Ronnie yet?" Walking towards the breakroom he added, "She's going to enjoy this one."

Heero nodded. "About as good as the one about her and Zechs."

- end -

End note: The reference to Zero, the stuffed winged cow, was comet's idea and refers to one of my other stories, So I Wasn't Dreaming.