A companion piece to 'Ode to Heero's Ass'.

Pairings: 1+2

Disclaimers: Belong to Bandai, no money, for fun only.

I forced Heero to do this <g>

Warnings: I'm hyper again, this was the result. There's a self-insertion on this too, since I had to prod Heero along. And, it's short... <sigh> He just doesn't get the concept! (I'll try again later, maybe <g>)

Archiving: Why would you? No, really, if you have previous permission, go for it. If not, please ask. Will appear on my page as well.

Ode to Duo's Hair
by Heero Yuy
Transcribed by Ninjababe <nagisa@millenicom.com>



Ninjababe shook her head. "Heero! We need a *poem*!"

Glaring, Heero replied. "That *is* a poem. Why are we doing this?"

"I need a companion piece to go with 'Ode to Heero's Ass.' Duo wrote a poem, so can you. So, describe his hair in detail."

"'Pretty' and 'soft' *are* details, baka," Heero replied, rolling his eyes.

"Try this again, and do it right this time!" Ninjababe ordered, pointing to the laptop.


Ten minutes later, Ninjababe wandered over with a mug of tea in her hand. "Well?"

"I'm formulating my response."

"You mean you have writer's block."

Heero glared in reply.

"Oh, forget it, I'll write it."

Whipping out his gun, Heero pointed the weapon at Ninjababe. "Write this ode and die."

"Eep! All right, All right! I'll just leave it to you." Ninjababe took the smart route and scampered off.

Getting up, the Japanese pilot gave the room a thorough search, checking to make sure there were no surveillance devices hidden in the room. Finding none, he sat back down and started to write, a half smile on his face.

Ode to Duo's Hair
by Heero Yuy

Long silk

Touch it