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More than Darkness
by Ninjababe
part 1

Duo paused, his hamburger halfway to his open mouth. Slowly lowering his food, he turned and peered intently into the night outside the fast food joint he and his fellow Gundam pilots were eating at.

"Duo-kun, what's wrong?" Quatre asked, staring worriedly at Deathscythe's pilot.

"Trouble," the usually over-talkative teenager replied, his eyes narrowing as he watched a group of leather-clad men and women swagger through the doors.

"We're to stay out of it, keep a low profile," Wufei reminded the table of tense men.

"I don't think that'll be possible," Duo replied as the five pilots watched a few of the newcomers break off from the group now standing in front of the front counter. A few moments later, all exits were covered by members of the group.

"I love fast food," a tall, redheaded man said as the remainder of the group turned to the families, couples, and groups sitting at the tables of the restaurant.

The atmosphere of the room suddenly turned terror-stricken, and screams were heard as every member of the group in front of the counter transformed. Their faces seemed to melt and reform into nightmarish visages of ridges, yellow eyes, and jagged teeth.

"I knew it. It's a kiss, a fucking kiss of vampires," Duo growled softly. "Where's a Slayer when you need one?"


"Can you smell the fear? Isn't it delicious?" the obvious leader of the things holding the restuarant hostage mused aloud.

The five Gundam pilots tensed, all but Duo reaching for a hidden weapon. They slowly eased their hands away from the hidden guns and knives when Duo shook his head and a few of the vampires turned their way.

"But, we want to eat!" one of the creatures whined.

"In a moment," the leader snapped, glaring at the whiner, who cringed back.

One of the creatures wandered aimlessly around the room, sniffing the air at random intervals and staring at the frightened customers. "There are death givers here."

"What are you babbling about now, Jordan?" the leader asked, now watching the vampire wander the room.

Stopping at the table the Gundam pilots were sitting at, the vampire stared. "These. They reek of death and blood. Lots of it. But, they're human."

"Woopee. Can we eat?" one of the minions watching the door asked. "I'm hungry!"

Jordan sniffed the air. "They aren't afraid. No one at this table smells of fear." He stared intently at Heero and Trowa, who both glared back, Wufei, who started to growl softly, and then Quatre, who cringed back slightly at the sheer wrongness of the vampire. "Those three are plain killers." Pointing to Quatre, Jordan continued, "This one, he feels the death he causes." Turning to Duo, he stared a moment at the braided teenager before his eyes widened and his face morphed back to its human guise. He started to gasp for breath as he backpedaled, falling backwards over the corner of an empty table.

"What the hell's your problem?" the leader asked.

"It's him! The High Lord!" Jordan exclaimed, looking up at Duo from his sprawl on the floor, his face screwed up in utter terror.

"What the hell is he on about?" one of the group of vampires asked. "Who's the High Lord?"

"You've finally destroyed what was left of your brain, Jordan," the leader snorted.

"Don't destory me, please, don't destroy me," Jordan pleaded, still in the same position as before.

"Jordan, hello!" One of the vampires guarding the door said, stepping forward. "That's our food. Food doesn't destroy what eats it."

"I don't know," Duo spoke, his voice calm and ice cold. "You'd be surprised what this 'food' could do."

The vampires, except Jordan, all laughed. "Please, kid. Unless you're hiding a high powered sun lamp under that priest's collar of yours, we have nothing to fear from you."

"You don't get it! He can kill us with a word!" Jordan exclaimed, starting to crawl backwards, away from Duo.

"What the hell is he talking about?" Wufei asked quietly, but forcefully.

"Shhh... stay out of this, Wufei," Duo replied, just as quietly.

"Then, we'll just tear his tongue out." The leader stalked over and sniffed the air. "But, he doesn't smell of magic."

"This has gone on long enough," Duo said.

"I agree," the leader replied before turning to his followers. "Now you can eat."


The room descended into chaos as the vampires lunged for their first victims, and said victims started to scream. The Gundam pilots, minus Duo, pulled out their weapon of choice and started to rise from the table, ready to stop the vampires if possible.

Every vampire froze when Duo softly said, "Freeze," even though his command was barely audible beyond the table he was still sitting calmly at.

"Why aren't they moving?" Trowa asked, glaring at the vampire he had shot three times without affecting it.

"I don't know," Wufei replied, shaking his head.

"Move away from the doors," Duo whispered.

The vampires covering the exits shuffled forward and to one side, leaving the doors clear and causing the Gundam pilots to whirl to face the only moving creatures. A few moments of silence, then the humans ran from the building, helping those who had been attacked, until only the vampires and the Gundam pilots were left.

"Duo," Quatre asked, looking warily at his friend. "What did you do?"

"What are you talking about?" Heero demanded. "How could he have done this?"

Quatre pointed Jordan, who was frozen in his crumple on the ground. "You heard what he said. He seems to think Duo has some sort of power over vampires. Then, the vampires attack was stalled."

"Can we just get out of here, guys?" Duo asked, standing up from his seat and stretching. "I think I need a shower after this."

"What do we do with these?" Wufei asked, glaring at the still frozen vampires.

"What can we do?" Duo said with a shrug. "They're frozen. It's not like we can kill them with our guns. Then again, I guess we could round up a few pointy sticks and stake them. That, or just blow up the building with them inside."

"What did you do?" Heero demanded, adding all the pieces together and coming to one conclusion.

"What makes you think it was me?" Duo asked innocently. "Maybe someone passing by froze them."

"And if we leave them like this?" Quatre asked over Heero's increasingly deadly glare, moving to stand as far away from all the vampires as possible and still be in the same room. Trowa wrapped an arm around the blonde man's shoulders, earning him a blinding smile.

"Don't know," Duo replied, head cocked. "They'll either break free and run off, or be destroyed when the sunlight streams through the restaurant windows. Unless, we can blow it up?" The last question was asked wistfully.

"How do you kill a vampire?" Quatre asked.

"Not with bullets," Heero replied, disgusted at having wasted rounds against the undead.

"Sunlight, beheading, wooden stake to the heart. And, they don't like holy water or holy symbols," Duo rattled off distractedly, peering into the face of the vampire nearest him.

"And, how would you know that?" Wufei asked scathingly.

"I can read," Duo replied as if the answer was self-explanatory. "We better decide what we're going to do soon, someone was bound to call the cops."

Heero nodded his head. "How long will it take to rig the building up to explode?"

"With C-4, thirty minutes. Twenty to retrieve the explosives from the safe-house, five to install, and a five minute cushion," Trowa replied softly.

"Six minutes, tops, if we just use the gas range," Duo said off-handedly, moving to a different vampire to peer at. "Pull the gas line, turn it on full, wait three, four minutes, and throw a lit match behind us before we leave. If there's anything that can be used as an accelerate in the back, we splash a bit around each of the vamps, and we have no worries about them all being dust."

"Duo, why are you staring at them?" Wufei asked, worried.

"Seeing if any of them are kids of someone I know," the braided pilot replied distractedly. "So far, they're all unknowns." He turned to Jordan and crouched down to stare at him. "This one is interesting though. Sounds like he was some sort of psychic before he was turned. Too bad... Fell in with the wrong crowd." Brushing imaginary dust off his thighs with the palms of his hands, he turned to the other pilots. "We going with the gas 'leak'?" Seeing the nods of agreement, the American grinned his maniac grin. "I'll get started."

The other four watched as Duo jumped the front counter. After taking the cash from the registers, he went into the kitchen to find something for accelerate, whistling a jaunty tune.

A few minutes later, he returned, carrying a bottle of cleaning solution, reading the label. "'Caution: Extremely Flammable'. I say that will work." Still whistling, he splashed some of the liquid on each of the vampires, then dumped the rest of the bottle on the floor.

Quatre shuddered slightly at the mad grin Duo gave. "Gas main is on full, we've prepared the site. I say we throw the match and skedaddle."

"Won't they move when the fire starts? Whatever is holding them in place, is it stronger than their need to survive?" Heero asked.

"They'll stay where they are, even when they catch on fire," Duo replied knowingly.

"We're having a talk when we get back to the safehouse, Maxwell," Wufei ordered as the five walked out the door.

"About what, Wu?" Duo asked cheerfully. "You want some advice on flirting with women?"

The sounds of the arguement drifted back into the restaurant where Trowa, being the last one out, drew out a disposable lighter and used it on a paper placemat left in a tray above the trash bin before hurrying to catch up with the others.

Fifty-five seconds later, there was a loud 'WUMPH' as the flames hit the gas in the air. Three minutes after that, all of the vampires were piles of dust. None had so much as blinked during the whole process.


The five pilots split up and returned to the safehouse using separate routes for safety reasons. Duo was the first to arrive, and he immediately retreated to the bathroom. After undressing, he stood, motionless, under the lukewarm water. "Damn it," he muttered. "That was way too close. And, of course, the guys will demand an explanation. 'You might want to sit down, guys. You want to know how I knew so much about the vampires, and why they did what they did? Oh, that's easy!'" Duo grinned maniacally to the shower wall. "'You see, I'm not fully human. Well, physically, I'm one hundred percent, grade A homo sapien, but mentally, oh boy.' Oh yeah, they'll believe it."

Giving himself a shake, he quickly washed up and exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel, his braid dripping behind him. After a quick glance around, he darted down the hall and into his room. Twenty minutes later, he was in his boxers and his hair was only damp. After locking his bedroom door and wedging a chair under the doorknob, he dived into bed and pulled the covers over his head.


"Morning," Duo said with a yawn as he wandered into the kitchen and grabbed a coffee cup.

"I want an explanation, Duo," Wufei replied, glaring at the braided pilot from his spot against a wall.

Duo blinked, still half-asleep. "About what?"

"Explain last night, Maxwell," Wufei demanded.

Sighing, Duo peered into his coffee, hoping to find a way out of this conversation in the steaming liquid. "What first?" he asked when the coffee refused to show him a way out.

"Let's start at the beginning," Quatre replied as he sat at the table. "They entered the restaurant, and you muttered something about a 'slaver'?"

"Slayer," Wufei corrected, still standing. "But, you knew they were coming before they entered. How?"

Salvation appeared in the nick of time in the form of Trowa entering the room. "We have a problem."

"What?" Duo asked, hoping for something big enough to distract the others long enough to disappear.

"Heero was captured," Trowa replied tonelessly, standing rigid in the doorway.

"Shit!" Duo exclaimed, mentally hitting himself for wishing for a distraction.

Thirty seconds later, the kitchen table was cleared, and Trowa laid the maps and print-outs he had carried onto the cleared area.

The base Heero was currently being held was the reason the five were in that particular town. It wasn't a very big base, but high security. The location was one of only two bases that had the capability to create the alloy the Alliance and OZ needed for space travel.

The pilots had a limited window to grab Heero. Once he was moved, it could take the pilots days to track him through the paper trail. 'By that time,' Duo thought, 'he would be dead or... No, he would be dead. Torture and drugs don't work on Mr. Yuy. So, he'd be dead. Probably by his own hands.'

And Duo wasn't giving him up yet.


The plan was simple. Sneak in using the codes they had gathered in the last week, grab Heero, put as much of a permanent wrench in the factory's workings as possible, and disappear.

If the factory had been in a normal OZ base, this situation wouldn't have happened. The five would have simply used their mobile suits and blown up the base.

But, this base was below ground. Below a city. And, at ground zero of any possible explosion was an orphanage and a hospital.


"Don't think this is over, Maxwell," Wufei warned. "We're going to get answers."

Duo ignored the threat as he entered the code needed to get to the medium security levels. The panel replied 'invalid password' for the second time.

"Fuck," the American pilot muttered. "They changed the lower level codes."

"Time for Plan B," Trowa replied from where he and Quatre watched opposite ends of the hall.

"Got an OZ officer up your sleeve?" Duo asked Wufei before moving away from the locked door.

"Follow me," Wufei replied with a sharp nod.

Three hallways later, Wufei opened an unmarked door and walked through the now open doorway.

The lone occupant blinked up at the four young men standing in his cramped office. "Can I help... you?" The pause in the officer's sentence was due to the loud 'click' of the door locking.

"We want to know how to get to the prisoner," Duo replied calmly, an inviting smile on his lips.

The officer squared his shoulders. "I won't talk."

"We don't have time for this," Quatre pointed out, glaring down at the OZ officer.

"He's right," Trowa added. "By the time we torture out of him the codes and other intel needed, Heero will either be dead or relocated."

Wufei looked frustrated. "Any ideas?"

After looking pensive for a moment, Duo nodded. "I have one."he replied calmly. He then aimed his pistol at the officer's chest and fired once. The man toppled from his chair, dead.


"How the hell's killing him going to help?!" Wufei screamed. "He was our only source of intel!"

"Still is," Duo calmly replied, crouching down to touch the corpse's bloody chest wound. Ignoring the others disgusted looks, he raised his hand, sniffing the blood. He then growled out, his voice seeming to resonate, "Arise. Obey."

The corpse's glassy eyes widened as he snapped into a sitting position.

Wufei and Trowa took a step back while Quatre gave a short scream.

"Maxwell, what the fuck?" Wufei exclaimed.

"Something else for me to explain later, Wu," Duo replied with a boyish grin towards the Chinese pilot. His face turned cold and expressionless as he turned back to the reanimated corpse. "Location of the prisoner?" he snapped.

"Level five, corridor three, cell E," the corpse promptly replied.

"Passwords for entry?" was Duo's next question.

The corpse pulled a card from his pocket, his movements slightly jerky. "The code for the elevator is 5-2-3-6. My keycard will get you to that level, Master. But, it won't get you entry past that."

"That won't be a problem," the braided pilot replied, taking the card. "We'll just kill a guard down there for his card."

"What's going on," Quatre asked, having regained some of his composure.

Duo shrugged. "No time now. Let's get Heero." Turning back to the zombie, he said, his voice again resonating. "As I made you, I unmake you."

"Master!" the corpse exclaimed. "No! Plea..." His plea cut off mid-syllable and he fell to the floor, motionless.

"Let's go," Duo said, stepping out of the office and into the darkened hallway, the other three pilots following cautiously.

Trowa watched as Duo seemed to flow in and out of the shadows, as if he was a part of them. He raised an eyebrow and filed the observation away or later.

After punching in the correct code, the four entered the elevator. Duo swiped the keycard through the proper slot and pressed the button for five, then stood near the door as the other three took their places against the opposite wall. The braided pilot shifted his weight from one foot to another and kept glancing at his fellow pilots.

When the doors opened on level five, Duo was the first out after determining the coast was clear. Finding a guard and lifting the needed key card from his body took a matter of minutes. Soon, the four had arrived at the corridor Heero was being held in. Opening the cell door, they found Heero hanging from chains hooked to the ceiling and an OZ soldier in the middle of an 'interrogation'.

The soldier, who had been whipping Heero's back, quickly dropped the whip and pulled Heero's head back, holding a gun to his temple. "Back off, or he dies."

The four pilots, still crowded around the doorway, backed up a step and lowered their guns slightly. They were now positioned with Wufei and Trowa in the front, Duo and Quatre half seen on either side of the open door.

Seeing Heero's glare, Wufei gave himself a mental shake and began to raise his gun again.

"You shoot him," Duo hissed, "and I'll make you beg for death."

"Then what do we do?" Wufei hissed back.

"Wait for me," the braided pilot replied from his side of the doorway. He then strode down the hall and into a patch of shadow, into which he disappeared.

"Drop your guns," the OZ soldier commanded. After the pilots did as he commanded, the soldier started to gloat. "Now, we'll wait here until my relief shows up. I can't wait for my reward for this!"

A gunshot reverberated through the cell and the soldier fell to the ground, dead.

Duo walked out of the shadows behind Heero and rifled the dead man's pockets for the keys to the manacles chaining Heero to the ceiling.


The escape from the OZ base and the following explosions were routine, and the five pilots were soon situated back at our safehouse, patching up Heero.

Well, Trowa and Quatre were patching him up. Wufei glared at Duo and demanded explanations. "Now, Maxwell!"

Duo sighed, the air ruffling his bangs. "All right. Ummm... it'll seem weird..."

"Duo," Quatre pointed out, his calm voice tinged slightly with hysteria. "We saw you kill a man then get information out of him. We saw you disappear into one shadow and appear in the next. What the hell is going on!"

Pulling the chair away from the desk, Duo straddled it before beginning his story. "I've always had an affinity for death and the dead." Duo shrugged. "It never bothered me to see the corpses that littered the slums, to be around the dead and the dying. Then, I lived in a Church run orphanage. That is, until everyone there but myself was massacred. That's when I 'woke-up'. I heard the dead, they told me what had happened, how they had died, who had killed them, what they regretted not doing with their lives."

"You hear the dead?" Quatre whispered, pausing in wrapping Heero's arm in a bandage.

Duo giggled. "Not just that. I can make them do what I want. Why do you think those vampires stayed where they were when we torched them?"

"So, you want us to believe that you're some sort of necromancer?" Heero scoffed.

"No, something worse," Duo replied, shaking his head with a small smile.

"What?" Trowa asked.

"I'm getting to that," Duo's smile turned slightly evil. "Anyway, I 'woke-up'. It turns out that before I was born, I was a member of the upper echelons of gods. I did something unforgivable, and until I'm forgiven and/or work the problem out, I'm to live my life as a human. Luckily, they allowed me use of some of my powers, which is how I've been doing everything you guys saw."

The four started to shout questions at the braided pilot, who sat calmly and waited for them to calm down. Finally, he yelled, "I'm not done!!" The four quieted down and he continued, in a normal voice. "That's better. Now then, you want to know what I did? Eh heh heh." Duo scratched at the back of his head and blushed slightly. "That's the problem. I don't remember what I did. Just that I didn't follow the rules."

"What god are you?" Quatre asked.

"That's easy," Duo replied with a shrug. "I don't lie, I only run and hide. I'm Duo Maxwell... Shinigami." Duo paused and looked thoughtful. "Well, actually, I don't have a name in this plane of existance, but I like Shinigami. It has a nice ring to it."

Looking at the stunned faces before him, Duo unstraddled his chair and nodded. "There, I gave my explanation. Now, I'm going to go disappear for a week or two, let you guys think it over. Decide if I'm crazy or telling the truth, if you still want to be my friend, or if it's just too freaky. Hell, you need to decide if you can even work with me."

Pausing at the doorway, he turned and looked at each face of his friends for a moment before adding, "Just remember, you are my friends, and youare also the only four in this whole cosmos that know my secret."

With that, Duo ran from the room, and the other four pilots heard the sound of Deathscythe blasting off from the hidden hanger.


End notes:

1) Kiss: A kiss is the technical term for a group of vampires. Like... A herd of buffalo, a flock of gulls, a kiss of vampires.

2) For the Buffy 'impaired': A Slayer is a teenage girl who travels the world, stopping the vampires and demons and general supernatural evil from taking over the planet. There is only one at a time, and when one dies, another is 'called'. They're stronger, faster, more agile than normal humans. Even though, there are now technically two of them because Buffy died for about three minutes before CPR brought her back.

3) I suddenly got another idea that I'm giving to anyone who wants to tackle it (I have enough of the suckers). Duo's not only hiding that he's a girl from the world and the other pilots, but also that he's the Slayer. I like this idea, but I'm not going to even try to do it with all the other ideas I have running around in my head... I know the girl one has been done to death, but the Slayer bit? I haven't seen it...

OK... I think More than Darkness is done. Time to write the side stories, sequels, etc etc etc.

And, I posted yesterday (day before that?) that I had a sequel/prequel that I wouldn't post because of the spoilers. Well, expect that in your mailbox in a few moments <g>. And, the one side story I have written.

Another story finished! And, I'm now figuring out in my head how the others are going to take the bomb dropped on them. Well, after they finish freaking out, that is.

Oh, this is *so* much fun!