Pairings: 1+2, 3+4 shown in series. 1+2 in this part.
Warnings: Contains light shonen ai. Relena is not portrayed in a favorable light in this series.

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Notes: This story is co-written with comet. I'd say she wrote a good 2/3rds of this one. C&C is greatly appreciated to either (or both) of us...


A Moment of Quiet
by Ninjababe and comet

The incessant knocking on one of his neighbor's doors finally caused Wufei to pull open his door and yell, "Woman! What the hell are you doing? They're not home. Give it up!"

As soon as he said it, he knew it was a mistake. 'She's going to talk to me,' he thought. 'Why didn't I just continue to ignore it? Oh, because she's been at it for fifteen minutes.'

Hearing a voice, the girl turned around. "I'm here to see Heero," she answered with a sniff of disdain. "And if he's not here, then where is he?"

Wanting to answer with a "how the hell should I know" or "none of your business," Wufei took a deep breath. Getting the glimmering of an idea, he replied, "He left on a long business trip to one of the colonies in L4."

"Oh," the girl looked down at the expensive watch on her wrist. "Thank you." With that the girl quickly headed back toward the elevators muttering something about having just enough time to make it to the spacedock and
hoping that her shuttle was prepared for departure.

"Gullible." Wufei shook his head and smiled. "I'm in the mood for a workout now." Locking his door he headed to the communal rooms, and then to the weapons rack. "One swing. Head rolls right off her shoulders. Granted it's
not accidental... Unless she just walks in at the wrong moment."


Wufei paused in the process of unlocking his apartment door as he heard a sound that didn't belong on this floor of the building. Pulling his key from the lock, he silently paced the hall to determine the source of the noise.

Pausing in front of Heero and Duo's apartment, he noticed the faint noises were louder in that area. Wufei crouched down and pressed his ear against the door. A baby crying?!

The Chinese pilot stood up and sharply knocked on the door. After making sure he was standing in view of the security camera, Wufei crossed his arms and waited for the door to open.

"Hey, Wufei!" Duo said brightly after opening the door, a bundle of crying blankets cradled in his arms.

"Maxwell." Following Duo into the apartment, Wufei asked, "Care to explain?"

By his tone, Duo knew it wasn't really a question, but more of an indirect order. Looking down at the crying bundle and back up at Wufei, the American grinned. "A baby," Duo replied as if that explained everything.

Wufei signed. "I know it's a baby, Duo. Whose? Why do you have it? And where is Heero?"

"Denise's in 302. So she can get a nap, little Anne here has colic. He's at work. Here, Wufei, hold her for a second while I get her bottle." Duo's answers were just as abrupt as Wufei's questions, his grin still firmly in
place, and slowly becoming wider.

Before Wufei realized what was happening he had little Anne in his arms and Duo had disappeared to the kitchen. Then, both Wufei and Duo noticed something. It was quiet. Duo stuck his head out of the kitchen. "Wow, you're a natural with kids."

"I am not." Wufei said loudly. Anne started to cry again, but stopped a few moments after Wufei stopped shouting.

"Of course you're not when you're yelling," commented Duo as he came out of the kitchen. He handed Wufei the bottle and pointed at the couch for him to sit down.


"Quietly, Wu."

Wufei started again, this time is a slightly quieter version of his speaking voice. "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"Feed Anne."


"Tilt your arms like this." For the next few minutes Duo instructed Wufei on the proper way to hold and feed an infant. Then he simply sat quietly in the overstuffed chair and just watched Wufei interact with Anne.

"Hello, little woman. Are you giving your mother a hard time? And it would appear that you were just getting started with Maxwell before I came along."

Anne finished the bottle and Wufei looked to Duo for what to do next. "You have to burp her, but be careful. She's colicky." Seeing the blank look on Wufei's face, he explained. "Acute abdominal pains, that's why she's been temperamental lately. She's much better, but I figured I'd give her mom a break. Now to..."

After the burping came a diaper change, and Duo again instructed Wufei on the proper procedure. Then, Anne was soon asleep on the couch next to Wufei.

"All right, Maxwell," Wufei started in his normal tone of voice but quickly returned to a quieter voice so as to not wake Anne, "how do you know so much about kids?"

"I grew up on the streets and in an orphanage, Wu. The big kids took care of the little kids."

"How long will she sleep?"

"Don't know, could be anywhere from twenty minutes to a couple of hours. Then the whole cycle starts over again."

Almost an hour later, Anne began to cry and fidget. Duo smiled over at Wufei. "Told ya. There's no rest for the wicked. I'll get her next bottle."

Wufei picked up Anne, whose cries quieted down but didn't stop. Duo returned with the bottle and handed it Wufei, mentioning that Anne had managed to sleep a little over an hour this time, which was about half an hour longer than she had been sleeping.

Once again, Anne was asleep on the couch next to Wufei when a slight noise at front door caused both pilots to start. They looked down at Anne, who only shifted in her sleep. "Oh thank Shinigami that he's quiet when he comes through the door," Duo muttered.

The American put a finger to his lips when Heero walked into the apartment. "Welcome home, koi. We have company." Duo quietly explained the day's events to Heero, who had taken up residence in the other overstuffed chair.

"Oh, speaking of today's events," Wufei said casually as he looked up at Heero, "Relena was here."

Heero growled and Duo's eyes widened. "She... she knows where we live?" Duo muttered. "Just great. I am so not moving."

"We just have to get better security," answered Heero.

"Good idea. And, this should make you happy... She thinks you're on an extended business trip to L4. And I still think we could make her losing her head look like an accident... if the staging is done right."

"Too much set up," Heero replied with a shake of his head.

"Pufferfish poisoning?" the Chinese man asked wistfully.

Duo grinned. "She'd probably just wake up after a few days."

"Candlestick in the library." Wufei suggested, a gleam in his eyes.

Duo snickered. "No more Clue for you."


Several hours later, Denise, who looked like she had gotten her much needed rest, came to pick up Anne. Heero answered the door and motioned her inside and towards Duo, who was packing up the baby's things.

"How ya feeling?" Duo asked.

"Much better, thanks. I hope Anne didn't cause you," Denise talked quietly, looking around at the three boys, "too many problems."

"No, none. I think she's getting much better. Slept about ninety minutes the last time," Duo replied with a shake of his head as Wufei handed over a still asleep Anne to her mother.

Denise smiled down at her little girl. "Thanks again. You don't know what that meant for me."

"Not a problem." Duo waved his hand negligently. "Anytime, just knock on one of our doors."

As she got on the elevator Denise could be heard saying, "Such sweet boys, much better neighbors than the people before them."