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Notes: This is a *sort of* crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm using concepts from that universe, but at the moment, no characters.

This is side story to 'More than Darkness'.

Rated: R for disturbing after imagery.

Summary: The local vampires get a mission,

Warning: I just want to say that I icked myself out thinking about what would happen *after* this ficlet ended... <shudder> It's... disturbing.

Mission Accepted
by Ninjababe <ninjababe@ondragonswing.com>

The vampire glared at the hooded figure sitting calmly in front of him. "Well, human, what do you want?"

"To hire you and your little gang," the figure replied, an enigmatic smile the only visible part of his face.

"And, what's stopping me from having you for lunch?" the vampire growled, baring his fangs at the man.

His smile widening, the man leaned back in his chair. "Shinigami protects me."

The vampire scoffed. "The God of Death is a myth. And, if you're talking about that Gundam pilot, why should I be worried? He's as human as you."

"Feel the tightness in your chest?" the man asked, waving towards the torso of the still looming vampire. "Just a little push, and you're dust. Now, will you do my job or not?"

Trying to ignore the pain where his unbeating heart resided, the vampire nodded. "What are we doing and what's the pay?"

A data disk was slid across the table. "Use this disk to get into the local OZ base. Then, make like sharks. And payment? Why, all the people you can eat there."

"Why? And, what do you mean, 'make like sharks'?"

"Payback for something. And, you know... sharks... feeding frenzy..." the man's tone was one used when talking to a small child.

The vampire grabbed the disk and stifled his growl. "Very well." He then left the club, leaving behind the hooded man.

"Diversion taken care of," the hooded man muttered to himself. "Now, for the main part of the mission." His violet eyes glinting under the hood, he left the club.