TITLE: Duo-centric Ficlets

AUTHOR: Ninjababe <nagisa@millenicom.com>

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NOTES: I have writer's block. Massive, ugly writer's block. I want to work on my stories, damn it! (Especially More than Darkness. I have part 6 done, but have to finish the second half of part 4 and all of 5 before that <bangs head against table>.

So, in the hope of breaking the block, I started writing scenes. Basically, whatever came into my head. So, the following are some ficlets I've written during that mood. They're all centered around Duo (surprise!), and I seriously doubt any will become a full story.

In fact, if anyone wants, they can take one of the snippets and expand it. Just go for it.

WARNING: #1: Discusses suicide, dark

#2: None really...

#3: Oh man... Very Dark. Implied violence, death, evil tendencies.

Pairing: Only in #2. That's 1+2/2+1

I hearby state that I did not ingest, sniff, smoke, or slather onto my body any illegal or regulated substance while these were written.




Funny, the chatterbox craving silence.

But, not yet.

There's still so much to do in this war.

Someday, this war will be over. Then...

I'll bask in the silence.


Duo raised his eyebrows as he was cornered by three of the most popular girls in the current boarding school he and the other pilots were using to hide from OZ.

"We choose you," Tiffany, the leader of the three, said breathlessly.

"Um... Okay..." Duo replied after blinking a few times. "But... I'm not a pokemon."

Brenda, the second girl, giggled softly. "No, silly."

Carly, the third girl, moved even closer into the braided pilot's personal space. "You've been chosen to be a member of the elite."

"Go to Yealy dorm, room 20, at six pm. Don't be late," Tiffany added while smiling seductively.

"Oh, okay," Duo said as he watched the three saunter back into the crowd.

"You lucky dog!"

Turning, Duo saw an unidentified male student. "What?"

"Those three are notorious," the student said. "You go to the dorm room, and you won't be coming out until early tomorrow morning. You'll be disheveled and have a silly grin on your face. You're lucky. They don't extend the invitation to just anyone. They're young, nubile, and, I've been told, full of inventiveness."

Duo nodded as the student wandered off.

"Probably full of diseases as well," a low, gravelly voice said into Duo's ear. "And, if you go to that dorm room, disease will be the least of your worries."

Grinning to himself, Duo leaned his side against the wall, facing away from the person behind him. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, you'll kill me. But, why do I need them, when I have you?"

"Good boy," the voice replied, even huskier.

"Well, Heero," the braided man said as he pushed himself off the wall. "I have to go do my homework. Want to help?"


Staring down at the broken, bleeding, and fear-stricken body at his feet, Duo shook his head. "Are you still wondering why I did this? It's simple." Pausing to take a deep breath, the braided pilot continued. "There were many ways I could've gotten the intel I need to conclude my mission."

Crouching beside the man, who wore the tattered remains of an OZ officer's uniform, Duo rested his forearms against his thighs so his hands hung limp between his legs. "I could have drugged you, then this would have been a dream to you. Or, I could have seduced it out of you."

Cocking his head, the young man snorted. "You think that I would have failed if I had tried that, don't you?" A sensual smile bloomed across the American's face. "I have never failed using that route. But, back to my list. I could've tricked you into revealing the codes, but that wasn't feasible with my time restraints. So, that left pain."

Reaching out a hand, he tapped his prisoner on the nose with one finger. The man tried to recoil from the touch, but was unable to move far before the pain from his wounds made him gasp.

"Now, you're wondering why I continued after I had the intel, aren't you?" Duo stared into the terrified man's eyes. "See, I have a bit of an aggression outlet problem. I let it build and build until I get very violent. So, you were handy. Usually, I just trash a hotel room or, when it's really bad, I hurt myself or start a bar brawl. You were here, you were going to die anyway, so, why not?"

Shrugging, Duo noticed the renewed struggles of the man. "Yes, that was the only way this situation could end, in your death. You saw my face.

Duo's eyes turned cold, his face impassive, as a knife appeared in one of his previously limp hands. "Time to meet your maker."

A few minutes later, the gundam pilot had finished removing any forensic evidence in the room and stepped out of the mini-storage unit he had rented over the phone for the month. After locking the door behind him, he walked through the empty building and outdoors.

Crouching down, he removed the small device he had used to disrupt the surveillance cameras in the building. He then removed the latex gloves he had worn and stuffed them into a pocket before walking calmly down the street.

By the time he had reached the current safehouse, Duo's jester façade was firmly in place even as he mentally plotted the next portion of his mission.

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