Sleeping Shinigami
By: Nikki White
Disclaimer: The Gundam Wing characters aren't mine. I just use them for my own sick and twisted purposes. '^_^' So don’t sue.
Pairings: 3x4
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: YAOI! LEMON! YAOI! LEMON! also a mysterious voyeur...


Part Six


Quatre’s eyes closed tight, as Trowa’s tongue invaded his mouth. He lived for these precious moments when the two of them could be alone. He gasped, as Trowa pushed him onto the bed, and landed on top of him, grinding their erections together. Trowa began kissing a path down his neck, and Quatre’s head fell back, giving Trowa better access.

“Trowa,” Quatre groaned, begging for more.

Trowa smiled to himself. He loved the effect he had on his blonde lover. He swiftly untied the laces on Quatre’s shirt, before yanking it off over his head, and attacking Quatre’s chest with his lips and tongue.

Quatre’s breathing increased, as his hands began pushing up Trowa’s shirt impatiently. Trowa paused in the pleasure lathering of his love, to let Quatre wrench his shirt off. Then, he was tugged back onto his lover by very insistent hands, which roamed Trowa’s back, down to his ass, pulling his arousal closer. Trowa continued his path down Quatre’s chest, pausing to pinch and nibble on his nipples, before heading downward. He kissed a trail along the front of Quatre’s breeches, causing Quatre to writhe.

“Stop teasing me, Trowa,” Quatre moaned out the sentence.

Trowa smiled, before complying with his husband’s wishes. He removed Quatre’s breeches, and began stroking him. Trowa leaned down, gently blew on the already hard member, and licked it.

“More,” Quatre whimpered, already out of his mind with desire.

Trowa began sucking on the member, drawing it slowly in and out of his mouth. He drew it all the way into his mouth, and swallowed, causing Quatre to lurch upward.

“Trroo-ah!” Quatre slurred.

Just when he was about to orgasm, Trowa’s mouth released him. He was about to protest, when Trowa began un-doing his breeches, unleashing his own neglected shaft. Quatre’s eyes greedily devoured the engorged member, before being gently flipped over. They didn’t have much time, and this way was much faster. Trowa grabbed a small jar of oil, and smoothed it generously on his finger and around Quatre’s puckered entrance. He plunged one finger into him, searching for the one spot that would make Quatre scream. Trowa stroked it again and again, as he added two, then three fingers, to stretch him.

Quatre almost sobbed when Trowa’s fingers left him alone and bereft, before being replaced by something much bigger. Trowa slowly entered his love, not wanting to hurt him, letting his body get used to the entrance. It didn’t take long, since they’d been lovers for years. Trowa sank in up to his balls, before pulling out and plunging back in. The two began the rhythm very familiar to them, before neither of them could take much more.

“Trroo-ah!” Quatre begged.

Trowa reached under Quatre, and began pumping the aching organ. Soon, the two cried out, as they climaxed together. They lay motionless for a few moments after, before Trowa pulled out of him, and rolled him over, holding him on his chest.

“Aishiteru (1),” Quatre sleepily whispered.

Trowa gently kissed his nose.

“Aishiteru,” he answered, as they both fell asleep.

Neither of them noticed a lithe figure scampering down the tree outside their bedroom.

* * *

Note: (1) I love the sound of that word, much better than the English, so I'm going to use it. It'll be a cultural thing where there are different levels to saying "I love you"...probably in different languages, with the English "I love you" being the first level, meaning friendship.

Archivistist Note: Aishiteru denotes a soul deep love, and is rarely used as it tends to sound very clingy